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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-21
  • New version: 7.7.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.4 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Taco Bell - Food & Rewards

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Taco Bell - Food & Rewards is an iPhone and Android Food & Drink App, made by Taco Bell. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Taco Bell, with the latest current version being 7.7.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 440,933 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.63504 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

With the Taco Bell App, you can order and pay ahead, skip our line, get access to new deals and offers, and more. App Features include: 1. REDEEM REWARDS & OFFERS - Get exclusive rewards and offers only available on the app. 2. MOBILE ORDER & PAY AHEAD - Place your order and pay ahead, select your pick-up method, let us know when you’re here, and skip our line. 3. CUSTOMIZE FAVORITES - Satisfy your cravings any way you want by customizing your favorite items like tacos, burritos, and nachos. 4. EARN POINTS - Make your tacos count with our new beta rewards program. Download the Taco Bell app to start collecting points and earning rewards. 5. TRACK YOUR ORDER - See when your order is being made and ready for you to enjoy. 6. FAVORITE YOUR GO-TO MEAL - Save your go-to meal and quickly reorder with our “Fast Favorite” feature. Terms and conditions apply.

Top Reviews

  • Way, way better now. Solid app.

    By Argembarger
    I wrote a snarky review about how much the app would lock up, and how buggy the checkout process was. I’m really glad to see that the new version of the app is *far* superior on both fronts! I still have to knock a star off for the fact that certain screens—especially the Customize screens—can appear to fail when you open them. They are actually just loading, and dutifully populate the views after they’re done, but they are not reporting any status or progress and it makes it feel like the app is frozen or has hit an error, which isn’t great. Also, this is just an opinion, but I think it’s odd that ordering for in-store pickup indicates that they start preparing the order right away, but ordering for drive-thru indicates that they wait for me to be on-site and check in before the order is prepared. It seems like I’d always want to choose in-store pickup, so they can prepare it while I’m driving there, or at least have advance notice of the order to save a little time on both sides, and I’m confused why the drive-thru doesn’t use the same logic... Maybe the higher likelihood of being forced to wait for a long drive-thru line...? Only one transaction-spot to receive the food in the drive-thru, versus potentially multiple points in-store? I assume it was a deliberate choice. Just interesting, I guess. Other apps use GPS to detect when you’re nearly at the restaurant for that kind of thing, could be a good feature.
  • Ordering made 10x more difficult

    By Liza1276
    I've tried using this app 3 times. The first two times I selected which location I wanted it at and somewhere along the way it chose a different store across town and I didn't find out until I was at the one I wanted to order from. I even payed special attention the second time to make sure it wasn't user error and it still somehow changed it. I waited in a 30 minute line twice both times because the service was slow and I didn't find out that it wasn't at that location until I was at the window. That's 2 hours of waiting overall for a taco! If it wasn't too late to have gone inside to get it but at that point only the drive thru was open. The third time I tried using it wasn't as bad but I like jalepenos so I tried adding them to my order and the option was there but every time I tried selecting it, it either didn't even show that I tried adding them but every now and then it would show it checked off for a split second before unchecking itself, I tried it with multiple different food items to make sure it wasn't just that my item couldn't have jalepenos added to it. It wouldn't let me add it to a single item. And I can't find any explanation for it. This app is supposed to make ordering easier but it's done nothing but add 10 times more stress to trying to get food. The restaurants weren't at all helpful when I explained the situation. At this point in about ready to give up on taco bell altogether and use the mcdonalds app next time.
  • Great App if stores were notified.

    By BritneeRae
    Husband just went to pick up our order and they don't have tomatoes, sour cream, red sauce, avocado sauce, or the "double chalupa" which was "new featured item" or the box (combo) in association with it so basically he asked for a regular chalupa instead of double; they couldn't substitute and couldn't refund b cause they didn't have the detailed order of the cost (extra cheese, ect) so once I called him and asked why she couldn't just pull up the order number and see the details... basically she eventually figured out how to refund (I think/hope) but I keep trying to give it another shot and because of the inconsistency and inconvenience I won't be attempting again. Sad part is I still love the app but my store never knows that I've placed an order and ALWAYS has issues like they are regularly out of things (beef?!) that are on the menu and once The app allows me to order off lunch menu my store still won't make it until 11:00 even though the app says lunch is available before then.... so basically a good app doesn't mean much if the stores aren't in sync with the app. (Previous review from 2 years ago..... I love that I get to take my time and order without feeling rushed and it's ready when I arrive!!)
  • Good, but still needs work.

    By DOGZ146
    Exactly a month ago, I used the Taco Bell app to place an order and had some problems. Tonight, I decided to use it again...and had less problems. I didn’t have a problem with picking my items or simply browsing and it getting stuck loading as I had before, but when I went to Checkout, that’s when the issues began. I had to close and re-launch the app several times to actually submit and complete my order for Drive-Thru pick-up. It was either getting stuck with the loading icon for a restaurant location to choose or not being able to choose between In-Store or Drive-Thru for my method of pick-up as it wouldn’t allow me to actually tap and choose one. My persistence paid off around the 6th or 8th time of attempting to successfully submit my order. Other than that, everything went really well and I was satisfied with my experience. It’s small things, but once those are addressed and fixed, this app’ll be undoubtedly amazing and convenient to use for much future business. For the record, I’d still recommend this app, but I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic of it when suggesting it just yet.
  • This app is useless

    By timesupTB
    There is no reason to upload this App as it simply has no point. I bought $40 of gift cards to get an additional bonus and am unable to use them. You can’t pay with the e-gift cards you buy through at a Taco Bell as they don’t have the capability to type in the gift card number. So you have to use the App to mobile order, and that is slower than any other App on Earth. Oh and once you get a couple things in your cart to checkout, you absolutely cannot pay for them with the gift cards you bought through Taco Bell. So it was a complete waste of money and I’d like my money back. DO NOT bother using this App and definitely don’t buy gift cards from Taco Bell. UPDATE 3/28 All I’ve wanted to do is use the App enough to use the balance I had left on the gift card. But still it only works 1 out of 4 times and I end up having to go inside and start the order over. Today was the biggest thievery of them all. After getting the order to the cart after 20 minutes of starting and restarting, my bill was 37 cents higher than the balance of my gift card. So I had to put in a credit card for the 37 cents and afterwards noticed the whole $20 order was charged to my credit card. So I still can’t get rid of the App because it’s literally STEALING money from me. Please don’t get this App. You will be sorry. How it gets such a good rating when all the recent ones are always awful I will never know. Taco Bell must be deleting them.
  • Failure after failure

    By iThaiger
    The interface is very touchy and the screen jumps all over the place. It finds my closest Taco Bell. I eventually manage to order my food. It takes my email, phone number and credit card. It tells me my food will be ready in 10 min. My credit card is charged but no email receipt. So I wait. Nothing. I arrive more than 15 min after the charge hit my credit card. No order. No food. An employee tells me I need to log into my account to show her the order. I showed her the app. It does not ask for a password or name, just email, phone and credit card. Only the email can be used but a password is needed. The manager tells me I cannot get food because I have no receipt and I cannot get a refund because I ordered through the app and not his store. I have to take it up with customer support. Fine. It’s at this point when I realized if I reopened my app, as if to start a new order it saved my info. But it shows no order. Whatever. I’m hungry, I’m here. I go to the register and repeat my order to the woman at the register, she stops me and tells me one of the meals I ordered doesn’t exist. In the app, for this particular store, there was a meal containing 2 chalupa supremes, a taco and a drink. So I asked about it again as it is also offered on Taco Bell’s website. The cashier’s words were “that combo does not exist in any Taco Bell anywhere””there is no Taco Bell where you can order that.” So I left without food that I already paid for.
  • … wish I could have used the app.

    By Kawaii_Hime_Ceres
    I decided to open up my Taco Bell app and give it a try. I’ve had it for a long while but just didn’t use it. First things first… completely new app. No big deal. I wasn’t to familiar with the old app. I knew I had an account. Go to sign in and it says access denied. Go to recover my password and it says something similar. So I thought maybe new app new log in. Go to create, email is in use. Delete the app and reinstall. Now it’s working and we’re logged in! I use a lot of apps to order but this one didn’t feel user friendly to me at all. I finally found the coupons. There’s one for 15% off. Great! How hard can this be… we’re just ordering some food after all. I clicked on the grande box. The one with tacos and burritos. Get the burritos in, everything’s going smoothly. Go to the tacos. Soft tacos. I needed these to be customized three different ways. Put the first one in. Go to start the second specialty set. It’s lumping those with the first soft tacos I set up. I deleted and tried again. I repeated this process several times before showing my IT boyfriend the issue I was experiencing. I wanted to make sure I was doing it right. Yep. I was doing it right. Again and again. After about the sixth try I gave up. We aren’t a family who will all eat the same type of soft taco. So no 15% off for me. Nope. Why you ask… because I went through the drive through. Coupon states only good for mobile or online ordering.
  • Major Flaws

    By Brian W. II
    Let me start by saying I have used many different apps through the App Store for food services and restaurants. This app, by far, has caused me the most headache for trying to figure out what I want to eat. The first thing that happens when opening the app is it displays an error message stating “Oops! Well this is embarrassing...” the message goes on for longer. It leaves me with a button to go to the home page. I press the button and does just that. At the home page, or menu as it takes me to, if I click on any category of food so I can figure out what I want to eat, it displays the same error and takes me back to the menu. The only way I can get to see the menu is the top slide bar with the categories. By the time I figure out what I want, I could have ordered at the drive-thru and paid. Since I have been experiencing this flaw since installing, I have never used the app to order food. Other apps have given me such great results and streamlined the ordering process, unfortunately, this app is an inconvenience. I truly refuse to use the app as I have been having many issues. If this is how a more personalized experience feels then it is a disgrace to have this app anywhere near my phone. Two stars for a review is being generous. The reason for two is I was able to still find what I wanted to eat, but nothing else redeems the rest of the stars.
  • Useful but not always reliable

    By Buckeyenut33
    First, the app isn't optimized for iPhone 6 or 7 plus models and the widescreen resolution is kinda annoying. Second, submitting an order vs. "checking in" at the pickup location don't always sync well. It tells you to wait until you arrive, but there's often 10+ min delay between my check-in time and when the order finally queues at the restaurant. Kinda defeats the purpose of the app's supposed convenience and time-saving abilities lol. Third, there is nowhere in-app to add special instructions or requests for the order (i.e. extra sour cream on the side). You have to make those requests at the restaurant, but adding a simple instruction at TB is like asking them to perform brain surgery. And when you tell them you want the extra items on the side (which you already paid for in-app) 99% of the time they charge me AGAIN at the window. Lastly, the app should decrease the odds of TB screwing up the order since I'm placing it myself and making sure it's correct. And yet they NEVER get it correct lol don't seem to have this issue at other restaurant apps (chipotle, subway, etc.) & I've tried at numerous TB locations, so it's super frustrating. The app works well for most part but the human element in-store is still a massive problem.
  • No pickup times available

    By therealmgchan67
    I have tried to place an order several times and found that the store i was trying to order from had no pick up times available, so I cannot complete the order. On several occasions, I am sitting in the parking lot of the store because it has taken the entire drive time to try and complete my order on the app — the store is obviously open, but still no pickup times are available. When I questioned one manager about the app, he said, “I didn’t even know we had an app” — I guess corporate needs to work on pushing out information to their stores and franchisees. Another frustration is that when you try to choose a pick up time, you have to choose an option in 15 minute increments. So, usually, I will be 5 minutes late or 10 minutes early to a location. Then, it seems that they don’t make the food until you get there and talk to someone, so what is the point of ordering ahead? I also don’t like that you have to choose your pickup method before you get to the store. So, if I choose drive-thru and then arrive at the store and there are 15 cars in the drive-thru line, I am stuck. So far, only the McDonald’s app lets you choose when you get to the store. Overall, the Taco Bell app has been a frustrating experience — and that is only for the 2 times I have gotten it to work. For the other 5 times where I couldn’t even place my order it was worse.

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