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NBA: Live Games & Scores

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NBA: Live Games & Scores is an iPhone and Android Sports App, made by NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC, with the latest current version being 110721 which was officially released on 2021-07-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 10,083 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.46583 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Welcome to the official NBA app and the ultimate home of NBA games! Never miss a moment with the latest scores, highlights, stats and news. NBA League Pass is now better than ever, with access to live basketball games, on-demand videos, and much more. All fans get access to: - Official NBA schedule, scores and stats - In-game and post game highlights - Game previews and recaps - Live access to select press conferences and events - Personalized content about your favorite players and teams - Editor’s picks for the hottest news and updates from around the league Want even more? We’ve got you covered with NBA League Pass and NBA TV, now with more ways to watch NBA games than ever before. NBA League Pass subscribers get access to: - NBA games live and on demand* - Multiple package options to match your personal preferences - Mobile View game streams customized for phones and tablets - More custom language streaming options - Multiple condensed game formats - Download games and other content to watch offline when you’re on the go - NBA Archives: access to classic games, documentaries and more** NBA TV includes a 24-hour live stream of exclusive features:*** - NBA TV live games - Studio coverage and analysis - Curated documentaries - Select classic games available with NBA TV * Blackouts and restrictions apply in the US and Canada. ** Available for select subscribers in select markets ***NBA TV is sold separately in the US. Not available in some markets, including Canada, China, Italy, Japan, and Spain Current NBA League Pass and NBA TV subscribers can access their subscription by logging into the app. Purchase NBA League Pass or NBA TV and you will be automatically billed through iTunes every 30 days (monthly packages) or every 365 days (annual packages) until you cancel your subscription. Refunds are not available after subscriptions have been activated. Please visit to contact the support team if you are experiencing any issues. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

Top Reviews

  • Old app is better and last season league pass is better

    By The Luke24
    I purchased league pass during preseason. Was only able to watch live games. If I was to go back and watch an old game audio was two to four plays ahead of game play was able to watch a game for about 10 minutes then a video playback error pops up. Went to to talk to live tech support no one was available. I sent an email for help no response. I thought to myself this issue will get taken care during regular season. Big shock! I was wrong. Regular season starts and I finally was able to talk to a live person on tech support. He wasn’t able to help me. I had to send another email and then I received a response. They still can’t fix the problem. This has been going on since November! When I ask for compensation they tell that can’t because I purchased the league pass through iTunes. When I talk to iTunes about guess what happens? That’s right they tell me it’s on NBA league pass since they are the developers. Go back to the league pass “We are unable to give compensation or a refund since you purchased NBA league pass through iTunes”. They don’t care. I have talked to 8 different people about my situation and are asked the same questions when a new person “try’s” to help me. Also when I ask a question does it get answered. Nope! DO NOT GET LEAGUE PASS THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!
  • Good, but I miss the old layout

    By #TheComeback
    Hear me out, this new update is mostly good. The Stories feature is really nifty, the videos play without trouble, and it’s easy to access content and interviews from the league. But the thing I used the old app for the most was checking box scores of games the next morning. And that’s my issue. This is my main complaint: When looking at the box scores, I find it really difficult to digest any of the stats. There is a ton of white space spreading everything apart, making it impossible to get a full box score without scrolling and swiping multiple times. There are also no separation lines drawn between categories or players. The box score viewer is clunky, I’ve accidentally swiped it down and hidden it a dozen times when I meant to swipe right to see stats like BLK and FGA. The old box scores seemed to be sorted by position, but now it’s sorted by minutes played. That tends to confuse my brain while quickly flipping through the games to see how players did. I would like an option to choose how to sort. I’d like to see the box score feature become more streamlined and like the old app in that manner. Overall, it’s a great app. I hope this feedback can be used.
  • A step in the right direction...

    By Not taken oops yes it is
    I feel like the devs for this app have grand ideas that are either being bottlenecked or overridden by execs. I like the new UI, but it seems like it’s trying to glitz and glamor us when all we really want is access to data and analytics. The single item I used the most, written recaps of each game published by the Associated Press every night a few hours after the games end, seems to be missing in favor of video recaps. Call me a boomer but I don’t want to watch a video to know how a game unfolded. If I want to see a play or an injury or a highlight, I’ll go look for it elsewhere in the app. Overall, the app performs admirably on my iPhone XS, and seems to be less buggy overall, but there are clear issues that need to be addressed (why do I have to scroll through the entire league of players to access Westbrook’s stats?) and a more cohesive index of the plethora of content needs to be readily available on start-up. And PLEASE tell me whoever was responsible for copy-pasting the AP recaps wasn’t fired or deemed unnecessary; I’m not kidding when I say those recaps were 90% of the reason I open the app every morning. :/
  • Paid for NBA League Pass, doesn’t work across multiple apps live

    By Casey Adamo
    Have tried to watch multiple games from the app on my mobile and from the app on Apple TV. Neither work consistently. Have taken the time to confirm login details, uninstall, reinstall, confirm internet connection. Everything setup correctly, just poor low quality apps. In the middle of the game, they will cut to adds, skip around and have unwatchable playback. I have never been able to watch an entire live game with the app working correctly and it always causes me to just turn it off. Have had this happen multiple times now and finally upset enough to leave a negative review because I’ve had such a bad experience. Super disappointing specifically when it is extremely hard to justify the expense. Will never make this mistake again and will look into paying for NBC Sports app or any other alternative in the future. Buyer beware, these apps don’t work and you can’t watch the games in real time without issues. Update 4/5/21 - Submitted request to troubleshoot issues per comment to response. Will report back if anything comes of it.
  • Downgrade

    By kcwerkme
    I should preface this review by saying that I use this app primarily as a way to look up player stats and watch league pass. I would assume that this is the case with most people, and that is why I am only going to talk primarily about those two features. This used to be a really great app.... I say used to be because the developers took everything that made the old app good (player profile page, ease of use, clean look, etc) and completely screwed it up. The player profile page used to be great. It had all the important stats, age, height, alma mater, etc. Now it’s a 1 inch line of useless junk followed by a bunch of spammy looking ads and videos all of which is showcased on an ugly white background that looks like something you would have considered second rate back in 2004... like first of all, after charging 200$ a pop for league pass that only has half the games on it, getting $2.66 billion a year from tnt, and charging ungodly amounts for in person tickets, I know there’s no way you needed to destroy this app just to sneak in a couple ad spots. NOBODY HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE OLD APP...
  • App only good if you pay NBA directly.

    By Primetimeprim
    I pay for league pass though my cable provider and year after year I have issues with the app. If I want to watch any game this season I have to press the watch button over 6 times before it will let me watch the game. I am greeted with an error message that says the video can not be played. I pay through my provider because I usually watch at home but traveling with the app I may as well not try. I have friends that pay NBA direct and they have no issues with the app at all. I wonder why? It’s beyond frustrating that the app or their ecosystem hasn’t been more well integrated for those who use a cable provider. You are still getting paid please fix this. It’s Beyond frustrating especially for a loyal consumer of your product. I can imagine there are quite a few others with my issue. This would mark the 4 year with the same issue. Also I understand that you have blackout issues but is there no way to integrate local network sign in so that I don’t have to leave league pass app?
  • My first App Store review

    By 1Millhouse
    Congratulations! This has to be a genius level scam. You charge a subscription fee and then block all of my teams games. Wow... just wow! The amazing team that developed this app must have had some crazy brainstorming sessions. “Hmm... what can we do to drive away our paying customer base. Let’s release an app that doesn’t work properly. Yup that should do the trick!” Great job you guys. Give yourselves a pat on the back because this fantastic new update is causing me to cancel my NBA league pass subscription. You disabled the ability to use a VPN and for some dumb reason you also disabled the mirror/airplay function. Who the heck wants to watch a game on their phone after paying for a premium subscription. If I’m paying for the service I should have the option to either watch on my phone or on my tv. But none of that matters because now that I can’t use a VPN, I can no longer watch home or away games because they are all blacked out. So what’s the point in paying for a service that you blocked all access to. The answer is none.
  • Overall ok, but needs a lot of work.

    By santos93
    Specifically the player profiles. There should be no reason why I click on a player’s name to find out their info and only their picture and one small line of their current stats shows up and the rest is a random ad + huge list of random NBA videos. I liked the old way where it gave you all of their information: height, age, DOB, school, career stats + current stats. etc. I have to click on Advanced Stats, then find their “Profile”. There is nothing “Advanced Stat” about their height and DOB. I should be able to see that information on the first page. I understand putting their advanced stats on a separate page, but there shouldn’t be a 1 inch section dedicated to their whole profile and the rest is an ad and videos . The second biggest thing is searching for a player. Scrolling through an entire list of 400+ NBA players is exhausting.
  • Pretty but not an improvement

    By Faub0831
    I hate that there’s no search or way to find players other than scrolling through the entire list of NBA players. How about at least an a-b-c on the right side? Especially during trade season, I want to look up players quickly & easily as they are added to my teams. I also hate the new player profile. I want to see height, weight, age, previous/college team, season stats on the first page, not click another button & then hunt through a bio to pick out what I was wondering. I’ll just google players in that case. The old layout was nearly perfect for looking up players. Stick with what works. I don’t like the new look of the standings, too much white space & not much to separate headings from teams plus so spread out. I’d like to see as many teams as possible on one screen. It’s the little things. Tighten it up. Maybe one tab for each conference instead of having to scroll through the eastern conference to get to the western.
  • Some improvements, some downgrades

    By keyvon23
    There are some improvements in the new design. There are some big downgrades too. Most of the reviews have covered the same flaws I have noticed. The one thing I wish you guys would bring back is the paid version. You used to be able to pay 10 bucks to remove ads and get audio to the games. Even if it was 10 bucks to remove ads I would do that in a heart beat. Ads makes the user experience pretty poor and pretty much botch the ux designers efforts to make a nice app. Also instead of overhauling the app every couple of years why don’t you just make the improvements everyone is asking for. I wouldn’t be hard to go through and pick out all the features everyone is requesting. Isn’t the app for US anyway? Not everything is negative, so thanks. Please listen.

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