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Interval Timer - Seconds

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Interval Timer - Seconds is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Runloop Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Runloop Ltd, with the latest current version being 3.18 which was officially released on 2019-12-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14,421 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.68954 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Seconds is widely recognized as the best interval timer for HIIT & Tabata training for mobile devices. As well as being featured by Apple, it is recommended by celebrity and personal trainers to their clients all around the globe. BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD: Non-paying users may create as many timers as they wish, but once an interval timer is started it may not be used again. Upgrading to the full version removes this restriction. INTERVAL TIMER FEATURES: • Large, full screen, color coded display that is easy to read from a distance. The display works in either landscape or portrait. • Templates for HIIT, Tabata and circuit training. A custom template to create every interval. And the compound editor where you can combine many interval timers into one. • Speaks your interval names so that you can follow a workout without seeing the screen at all. Seconds can even provide prior warning of the upcoming interval. Other alerts including beeps and bells are available. • Coordinate your music with your Tabata workout. Each interval can have its own music assigned allowing you to match the intensity of your music to the intensity of your HIIT workout. • Seconds runs in the background allowing you to either have your display off, or use other apps while the HIIT timer is active. • Export and import. Share the Tabata timers with friends or download them from the web and install them in Seconds. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • Stopwatch that works in landscape and portrait, highlights best and worst lap times and syncs with Apple Watch. • A quick access countdown timer with 5 preset durations (only first 3 on Apple Watch). Upgraded users may configure their own preset durations. Countdown syncs with Apple Watch. APPLE HEALTH: • Seconds can use Apple Health to: save workouts or mindful sessions, read body measurements and year of birth to calculate calorie expenditure in conjunction with a heart rate monitor.

Top Reviews

  • Excellent timer app

    By SQLguyJPS
    This is an excellent app for anyone who does high intensity interval training during their workouts. Almost every aspect of a timer is customizable. Definitely worth the price to buy a pro license. My only two gripes are that timer beeps can't be selected separately for each part of a timer. You can only set a beep pattern for the timer as a whole. That makes it impossible to know what part of a routine you're on without looking at the phone, which can be distracting. Also, the option to disable music volume "ducking" within the timer settings doesn't work. The volume goes down with every beep pattern except the single long beep, even when it's switched off. Hopefully the devs will fix that soon, but until then, you can achieve the same result by going into the app settings menu and changing the ducking volume slider to full. A wider selection of beep styles would be a plus, but the existing choices get the job done. If none of those issues seem important to you, then chances are, you'll love this app.
  • Instead of upgrading from free app, do this

    By Blaisd
    For apple users: if you want to be able to share the app with family, do this: don’t upgrade the app in response to the ads. You won’t be able to do family sharing if you upgrade because apple sharing is not available for “in-app purchases”. Instead, purchase the Seconds Pro interval timer from the App Store. That way, the app can be shared with your family. This is a great app, as many others have described in great detail in prior reviews. I won’t repeat the great features here, read the other reviews. I do a variety of circuit training and HIIT workouts and enjoy making up my own routines. The timer has helped me keep on time, which made my workouts more intense and efficient. I am very happy with this app and would buy it again. As it turns out I will buy it again since I can’t family share the upgrade. My daughter and husband both want the timer.
  • Great for repeated short workouts

    By dkorz
    I have been using this app for over a year. I started with the free version to be able to set up run walk intervals that my running partners could hear. The free version was fine for a simple interval that I didn't mind setting up each time. I now use the paid version for more interval strength workouts. In the training plan I am using, each week we have a new short strength workout with 4 exercises that I need to do for a minute each. I can program these in using the voice prompt to remind me of what is coming up next. Now that I am going through the plan for a second time, I even have all of these workouts already set up and ready to go. I even set up a prompt at the beginning and end reminding me to start and stop my Garmin recording! It even works when I am listening to podcasts or music while doing the workout. It has been well worth the small investment!
  • Worth every penny for pro upgrade

    By Mateyasx
    This is an awesome interval app. So many features that may overwhelm you initially, but there’s a well laid out manual in the app. With a little bit of time and patience you’ll create custom intervals and alerts and tabata workouts. Now he’s even included a stopwatch feature! if interested, he’s even got a workout app called Heavyset that is also quality work for if you’re interested in logging your workouts. I know he just implemented the stopwatch, but in the future it would be awesome to be able to save and log my lap times to track my progress (like in his heavyset app). I understand its not really the focus of this app, this is more of an hiit app, but I envious a track and field or swimming focused app where you can keep track of how your mile splits and lap splits improve over time. Would be an invaluable tool for coaches as well. I would buy it in a heartbeat from this dev.
  • Just buy the full version

    By Kiki 302
    This app comes alive with the full version. If you are just getting into fitness, you’ll be more likely to stick with it if you pay for it. I was skeptical about paying this much for the full version but after a week of use I know it was worth it. I used to always have to fiddle with my phone in the middle of a set, mentally taking my focus off of what I was doing. This app solves that. It is the best one I’ve tried thus far for two reasons: 1. READABILITY- the screen is super easy to see and read at a glance while working out. The color backgrounds are completely customizable so you don’t even need to read. You can also have the app announce which circuit you’re starting. 2. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE- there are ENDLESS options. Like soooo many. Use them, or don’t, but I have never seen this many options.
  • The only timer you need

    By Ziipppp2
    I've had dozens of timers on my phone over the years. But this is the only one that has the power, flexibility and simplicity to have earned and kept it's position on my phone's landing screen. Seconds has dozens of features that I now have taken for granted and wonder why no one else has all of 'em. Eg create folders for all your different timers for easy context and access (workout timers vs cooking timers vs boardgame timers etc). Fully flexible speech so that you can be easily prompted what's next in a sequence. And talking of sequences you can easily set up loops of time to repeat (eg Sprint/rest - do this 10 times) without having to enter it all manually. If you really want to get creative you can set a timer within a timer within a timer etc for nested loops (I actually need this for one application). But you can quickly do something as readily as set a 3 minute timer for brewing coffee. Creativity allows easy color coding. Pragmatism shows with large easy to read displays that can be stopped/started/reset/repeated with easy pushes - nothing fiddly. Support from the developer is amazing (as is his other app, Heavyset). All in all - this app does amazingly in a world in which literally hundreds of other apps simply fall short. Invaluable.
  • Best Interval Timer

    By eldamien1981
    The only reason I'm giving this app four stars is due to the wonky integration with Apple Watch. Everything else about this app is easily worth the price of admission. It's one of the only timers that uses built-in voice prompts so you don't have to look at your phone or even remember what the next workout is. It also allows for many custom workouts to be inputted - so I can easily just tap on my daily workout and get going without having to set up a new timer every morning or evening like other apps. While Seconds does integrate with Apple Health I've never fully been able to get it to pull data from my Apple Watch. That's not a deal breaker but I consider myself reasonably tech savvy so it's a little baffling the integration isn't easier to pull off. Other than that this is the only app I'll recommend to anyone looking for HIIT or Tabata timers, hands down.
  • Worth the money!

    By AlbeeCakes
    I never write reviews on apps.. And here I am, writing one. Not only that, but I decided to write this the day after first using it. This app is fantastic. I decided to take up jumping rope. I found a solid workout online where you have a four set warm-up, alternating between three exercises.. Followed by an eight set workout, alternating between different exercises. Sound confusing?? So I write it all down on paper.... Annoying, but whatever. Then I realize that I need to search for an interval timer because I don't have a clock in my jump rope space. I didn't want to use my phone stopwatch because I wanted it to be easy to listen to music. I'm sure that doing all of that would have been possible, although pretty inconvenient. When the whole circumstance to starting my workout is too complicated, that's the best way to make me quit. I'm lazy. So I spent ten minutes, setting up my customized interval workout for my new jump rope routine - pairing each type of exercise with a new song. And now I get to save this timer, along with any workout I challenge myself with in the future. What easier way to keep my workouts interesting and challenging!! In short, Seconds is likely going to lead to a fitter version of myself. Thank you for making it!
  • Great; a few suggestions

    By ptotheatsign
    Seconds is a great app, one of the best I’ve ever used;, and well worth the small price. It’s a very powerful app created by a developer who has thoroughly thought out what a user would want to do with such a program. It allows me to easily set up several complex timers to use for an elaborate physical rehabilitation program. Without it, using a basic stopwatch or the built-in iPhone timer app would be a major inconvenience and impediment to successfully following such an exercise. Seconds is not without a few issues, though, which I will highlight in the hope that the app’s developer will see them. 1. There is no ability to run an entire folder of timers with one button press. Such a feature would treat the folder like a playlist of songs in iTunes. This would be highly useful, and it seems like it would be easy to implement. 2. Sometimes the app will not save changes to timers, such as modifications to the timer's name or duration. Eventually, if I make the change several times, it will often stick, but there sometimes seems to be no rhyme or reason behind this. 3. A phone call, and probably other interruptions, can cause a timer’s alert tones to stop sounding for the remainder of the timer.
  • Quality feel

    By R-dot.
    After my first try, I’m pretty happy with this app. The minimal but colorful designs and the animated transitions between the different timers give it a feeling of high quality. Editing workouts is a little repetitive, but that’s true of every interval training app I’ve tried. I’d like the timing of the voice cues to be a little earlier - if it said the name of the next exercise, then “3...2...1...” that would be more useful than 3...2...1... and then the name of the exercise, which doesn’t give you time to set your starting position. On a similar note, an option for a slight delay when you’re doing an exercise split between left and right sides would help with exercises like side planks, where changing sides takes time. I appreciate that the app can be downloaded free and tried once before asking you to spring for the paid version.

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