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Nordstrom is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Nordstrom, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nordstrom, Inc., with the latest current version being 7.66.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 542,297 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.89035 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get the latest in fashion and gifts from Nordstrom while shopping from the comfort of wherever you—and your phone—might be. Plus, get free shipping and free returns, all the time! • Request Contactless Curbside Pickup at selected stores and we’ll bring your online order out to your car. • Turn on notifications and we’ll let you know when an item comes back in stock or goes on sale from your Wish List, Shopping Cart or your Saved Items. • Get a Nordy Club dashboard that lets you track your rewards easily, plus redeem them quicker when you use the app. • Experience convenient shopping like you find in our stores. • Enjoy a personalized experience with items tailored just to you. • Find trustworthy ratings and reviews from customers with verified purchases. • Get notifications about your orders and track your purchase history. Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retailer, offering customers one of the most extensive selections of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women, kids and the home. Since 1901, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and improving it every day.

Top Reviews

  • APP HAS IMPROVED, still needs work

    There has been many upgrades to the app, including the Rewards section, which Nordstrom decided to water down, which I am none to happy about. There still needs to be better product/inventory management by Nordstrom as a whole also. Items will say sold out in the app, but I can call customer service and they will locate those same items in stores across the US. ALSO, the app shows items in my history that I purchased as returned, even though I have not returned those items, which is a problem, because what I’d do plan on returning the item. The thing that I would like to see the most upgraded in the app is the ability to make a “One Click” purchase. I like to keep items in my bag because it’s easier than accessing the saved for later or wishlist areas, which also do not always show last prices if an item is sold out. It’s frustrating to have to clear my bag out and move those items to save for later and then add them all later, when I want to purchase one item. I would think that would not be a very complicated feature. Also, I have two Nordstrom cards saved in the app, Nordstrom Retail and Nordstrom Debit. When I go to make a purchase in the app, both cards are listed as Nordstrom retail. Please correct this to display as Nordstrom Credit and Nordstrom Retail, as this is a pain to have to look in my wallet every time to verify I am using the card that I intend to use on the purchase.
  • My “Go To” Online Store (& In Person When Possible!)

    By Colorado Graduation Mom
    The NORDSTROM APP is fabulous. I love how easy the search engine allows me to find exactly what I want, but THEN, suggests other related items I might enjoy, just as if I were actually browsing in the store. When I have the time, I very much enjoy investigating the suggestions to learn about new items! Often I’ll end up adding something to my purchase, which I’ll be extremely excited to receive, because the item will be something new to me. Most APPS aren’t able to offer me that ‘browsing’ experience to the degree NORDSTROM does. I love the Women’s Looks offered up, w/ each individual item easily accessible. And of course I am thrilled w/ EARLY ACCESS to the SALE; browsing first, then access to purchasing. All in all, when it comes to the items I most care about getting high quality & value in—NORDSTROM is “my store” for myself and my family, and the APP makes shopping from the ease of my home, and driving less than 2 miles for curbside pick-up!! Perfect!!
  • Feature Loss, Background App Support

    By Devon B.
    Hello! I just wanted to leave a quick review of this Nordstrom iOS app as a whole. UI and UX wise this app is definitley on par with a shared and abrupt positive experience especially when going back and fourth between your website and the app on a daily basis as I do. There is however on main downfall of this app that often causes me to use your website instead. And I honestly think that here we are in 2018 and this should’ve been dealt with awhile ago. Background resuming.. Essentially all apps these days support this feature however whenever I leave the Nordstrom app and return my current search, view, anything is removed and the app restarts a fresh. This is incredibly annoying. I could be knee deep into a style exploration and I get a text message that forces me to leave the app. Once I do not thinking bam my search and what I was looking at is now gone. I get that inventory is constantly shifting and things need to be updating in the background but every other app out these days can manage this appropriately so there must be a way. I think if you really want this app to truly be world class as your shopping institution is as a whole this is something that needs immediate revisiting and support from your development team. I hope that this will at least go into consideration as it really is a heck of a feature loss at this point. Thanks for hearing me out!
  • Working with a flawed system and ok with it.

    By 2543578753345
    They recently have had their 25% merchandise online. I ordered a pair of Dior sunglasses retail $495, discounted 25%. Extremely excited for my order I waited, and waited, and waited to see my order ship. After 5 days of “getting ready” I receive an email that states that basically their system does not interact with their inventory stock and therefore we have canceled your item. OK. I then call customer service which they pride themselves so much in. The associate calms me and tells me that as soon as the item is restocked they will price adjust and allow me to purchase them again. I of course check the app everyday multiple times a day (really wanted these sunglasses!) they became available so I repurchase again. Well guess what! They CANCEL my order AGAIN. I write in to customer service, and get a response that whoops, sorry our system doesn’t know how much inventory we have so please stop ordering and reordering. Even when the item shows up on the app we might not have it. And when it does show up we will not honor the discount price you purchase the first time. What a joke! I needed up ordering from a site called CETTIRE for 35% off. Ha! Taking my business elsewhere. Nordstrom, this cannot happen! Fix your system. Or when this does unfortunately occur, make it right! I’m extremely disappointed in how this was handled! (They filter out all their reviews, so hopefully the loyal customers see this).
  • Annoyed for some time now

    By Keka90
    While I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom and will continue to do so, I really hate the fact that items are not reserved for a specific time frame while I continue to shop my other selections. It is totally unfair that I have taken a long time to find my items and size through the long list of items, more specifically when it’s the Anniversary Sale, and ultimately my items sell out if I dont purchase in a millisecond. Is this Nordstrom Im shopping at or a Swap meet get it fast before it’s gone place? Nordstrom should definitely have these accommodations for its customers since we’re not exactly shopping at just any store. ( I know Nordstrom rack has it) Also, I agree with a previous review posted; there should be an easier way to manage items in cart! It’s frustrating and the whole process needs to run smoother. Update on review: Well, happy to see that a service team rep answered to my concern, vaguely, but answered. Felt a bit acknowledged up until I kept reading down the rest of the list of reviews and saw that a service team rep answered another review prompting the customer to send them their info in order to give them the VIP TREATMENT for a simple concern they had on their Wishlist display/ order of items? SERIOUSLY? VERY DISAPPOINTED TO SAY THE LEAST.
  • Unfair treatment of web clients!

    By Fashionable in MI
    I opened a new account at Nordstrom and have never been treated as poorly as I have been by this company! I have shopped at other high end department stores using their websites and no other store has canceled my orders as many times as this store. Even when I call and speak with customer service to make sure there’s nothing wrong with order and am reassured that everything is alright the order gets canceled and because nobody bothers to notify me, I lose the merchandise. My emails were ignored. This has happened on several occasions and when I try to get an explanation from customer service I get treated disrespectfully and nothing is done to help me replace what I lost or some how compensate me for the poor service I have received! My recommendation is if you want a particular item try to purchase it someplace else if you’re using the web because web purchasers are not respected by Nordstrom. I guess they would prefer to sell in their stores where their salespeople hold on to merchandise so they can get a commission rather than release items to web customers where they get nothing. This is very disappointing to somebody like myself who because of bad health does a lot of her shopping on the web. I hope this helps others so they are not disappointed when they lose merchandise they truly wanted!
  • Share my wishlist! Make reviews easy!

    By JDCBF
    I LOVE shopping Nordstrom’s and I do 99% of my shopping through the app but I have two major issues. Leaving reviews; why on earth don’t you make leaving a review as simple as creating a link on the item in the “purchases” section and name it “leave a review”? You know I bought the item, you see I’ve received my item. For me to leave a review I have to go to my emails, search Nordstrom, search for “review your item” in the subject and then, because the item isn’t listed in the email subject....I have to open every single email, follow a link, leave a review, return to my emails and sift through the “leave a review” emails to see which email belongs to which item. Frustrating! I buy 20-40 items a month from Nordstrom’s...that’s a lot of email searching. Secondly; it’s my birthday month and everyone wants to know what to buy me. Why can I not share my wish list?? I cant even share my shopping bag items. There’s the arrow link to share on each item in my cart BUT when I share the item the color and size does not travel with the share so the recipient just see’s that I like a particular sweater but no idea of the size or color. These are really basic capabilities, I expect better from Nordstrom’s. I had to share my wish list items from another app.
  • Extremely disappointed

    By Mayao16
    I placed an order when the anniversary sale went live to cardholders and then 3 days later one item was cancelled and then another two days later EVERYTHING in my order was cancelled. I don’t understand a) what the benefit of being a cardholder and having early access does and b) why you list items on the site and say they’re available and then you oversell and can’t fulfill your customer’s order. It’s just so frustrating as a customer to have to deal with this. Other retailers had some of the same items but i didn’t purchase thinking that my order was confirmed by you guys via the confirmation email that i received and now the items are sold out everywhere. I did end up purchasing a pair of shoes that you guys did not have my size in from Macy’s and they were the same price and arrived on my doorstep in 2 days. I’m extremely disappointed in how you guys handle the sales during your anniversary sale as well as the customer care representatives that i spoke to. I spoke to a total of 4 different ones and was basically told that they were sorry but that there was nothing they could do and the items were now sold out. It will definitely make me re-think shopping any sale you guys have in the future.
  • Rewards Stopped Working With Nordy Club Rollout

    By TeKeTiNi
    Let me start by saying the app used to be amazing. Sadly, Nordstrom updated their rewards program and app approx. a year ago and renamed it the Nordy Club. Since that time, the app no longer tracks my rewards. For all you long-time Nordstrom shoppers, I was a Level 3 in the old program and now Ambassador level in the new Nordy Club program. The app permanently thinks I’m a Member level with zero benefits. That means i can no longer view or use rewards while shopping online. Based on a another review I just read, I’m now wondering if I’m even earning points while shopping with the app. I have no way of checking that. I have spent DOZENS OF HOURS of my time both in-store with customer service at the downtown Seattle Flagship store and on the phone with multiple levels of tech support trying to get this issue fixed. My information is current and my phone number linked. Tech Support gave me a ticket number and escalated my issue back in December 2018. Nothing has changed. I have been shopping at Nordstrom for 35+ years but now feel that Nordstrom no longer values my business. Consequently, I’ve all but stopped shopping there this year and will likely cancel my Nordstrom account altogether in the near future.
  • Abysmal customer service

    By furiousinmke
    12 hours after I spent $1500 online Nordstrom announced a $50 for $250 deal. I called Nordstrom to see if I could get the deal. The associate said only if he put some items on a new order. He moved $500 more than necessary to get the promo, causing me to lose most of the triple points I had arranged for the day before. He also - without telling me - lost items I wanted because they were no longer available. I did not understand how badly my order was screwed up until I looked over the written documentation. I wrote an email to customer service with no response. I called customer service just now and the solution was to let me use another points day that I had earned. When I said this is not a solution they suggested escalating. I gave up after 6 minutes on hold waiting for the manager. What happened to Nordstrom’s legendary customer service where associates are empowered to solve problems within reason? You have lost a great customer.

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