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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-17
  • New version: 9.1.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

AE + Aerie

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AE + Aerie is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by American Eagle Outfitters. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - American Eagle Outfitters, with the latest current version being 9.1.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 540,281 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8559 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

• Link your Real Rewards account to earn points toward fast, flexible rewards while you shop! • Shop now and pay later in four interest-free installments with Afterpay. • ShopRunner members get free 2-day shipping and returns on orders $50 or more • Buy online and pick up In-Store or Curbside! Choose “Free Store Pickup” at checkout. Available at select stores. • Shopping from outside the U.S.? You can now select the Canadian or international version of the app in App Settings to see pricing, sales, and promotions tailored to your location! Plus, Canadian customers can translate the app into French. • Love it so much that you just CAN'T WAIT? See whether an item is in stock at an AE or Aerie store near you • Use Favorites to save the styles you love in one place. Shop them later or share with friends and fam! • Snap & Scan uses your phone's camera to scan barcodes in stores and to show you styles similar to anything you see and love with the snap of a picture! • Find tons of #OOTD inspo, trends and more under the Inspiration tab • Get instant notifications about sales and other awesome events • Use Voice Search to find exactly what you’re looking for • Tune in to our in-store AE + Aerie playlists, curated just for you! • Get up close and personal with our latest styles thanks to full-screen photos • Use Siri Shortcuts to check an order status or access your AEO Connected® account

Top Reviews

  • This app is amazing but I have some suggestions (:

    By Josie_meeks
    Everything about this app makes it easy to shop and order things online. It works smoothly. I’m on it a lot! The one thing I wish I could do is organize my likes/favorite clothing. It’s difficult to find a certain shirt or whatever because I may have liked it a long time ago and have to scroll all the way down. It’s just hard to find and is sometimes faster to just go look. For it on the regular page. I also hate how when you’re in your likes and you press on a piece of clothing then go back it takes you all the way back to the top of the page! I also think another great thing to have is a notification when one of your likes/favorites go on sale!! I would absolutely love this. One last thing, I wish you could save the size of a likes/favorite piece of clothing. I’ll sometimes try it on it store and decide that I’ll wait till it goes on sale or order some online only clothing with it for a better deal and I don’t always remember the size I tried on! It would make it easier to save a size also. Overall great app, but I think these things could make it even better
  • Annoying Glitches/AE app for iPad/ Shop Runner for app

    By LoyalButLosingPatience
    Ever since the update to the website (which caused the inoperability of the website for several weeks) there are noticeably many glitches that need to be fixed. The update resulted in my older order history to be wiped. I can’t understand why AE would think that would be okay and that customers wouldn’t notice. I can no longer look up my historical orders, which has been frustrating and all my points were lost/wiped as a result! Please bring back order histories. Also, the app doesn’t retrieve my order details for ALL my orders when using the app, does for some but not all (appears to retrieve on the website though). Also, I noticed the deadline on pricing for sale items for west coast customers are disregarded, really frustrating when you think you’re getting the sale price but then, bait and switch. It appears the algorithm doesn’t factor in Pacific time zone customers. Also, it would be helpful if there was an app for iPad users. Annoying that there isn’t one yet and we are in the year 2020 now. Additionally, it would be extremely helpful if there was an interface to login to Shop runner from the app! I’m a loyal AEO and AE customer but these issues and my wish list are long overdue and my patience is wearing thin. Thanks for reviewing and considering my request for updates and fixes.
  • Great!!

    By awesome/suggestions
    I love the app! You can find more stuff and higher sizes in everything, Jeans, shirts, shorts. then you have more in clearance section that you wouldn’t find in Store like accessories. The app is easy to use, you can add to bag or put in favorites to save later. The size charts are easy to use, as long as you’ve bought or wore AE before. If not you will prob def get wrong size. Cause I wore a 10-12 in jeans but in AE I was in a 6. And this was before the new flex stuff came out. But when it comes to bras & undies they are true to the size chart. The app u can choose to save your info if you have an account so if I’m signed in (even with my finger print) when I place a order I hit order button, put any promotional codes I have (if any) then hit submit & your done. Only issue I have is I wish you could use more than one card to pay. Like if u only had so much $ on one card & some on other & u wanted to use both to pay for it, like split the payment. You can use your card & a gift card like that but not a different reg credit card.
  • What Did You Do To The App???

    By Aytrot
    Let me begin by saying that my rating has NOTHING to do with AEO, the quality, or selection of their clothes! I’ve been a customer for years and have shopped via app on countless occasions. I recently updated my app and I am less-than-thrilled with the bugs and glitches that I ran into during my last purchase. Most of the functionality was fine, but during the checkout processes, it took three tries to complete the transaction because an “item couldn’t be shipped to the country selected” (the US)- this happened twice, and then after clearing that up, I try to complete the transaction and now I’m told that one of my items is no longer available. That should have been addressed three steps ago. Okay, fine, try again, go to complete my transaction for the third time and the total jumped up $10. Turns out, it takes some time for tax to be added... This was more irritating because while I browsed products, when selecting an item of interest, an error would display telling me that no information could be found for that item. Huh? I love AEO and will continue to be a customer, but please fix the app. It’s not the end of the world, but it is frustrating.
  • Can’t login or see cart.

    By bryyyhgkfddjjd
    I have never had any problems with the app and I absolutely love it and I buy stuff alllll the time, but I am quite frustrated with it right now. It has not let me sign in for WEEKS now. I’ve emailed customer service and no response. I can’t look at my saved, my cart, or my points. I’ve re-downloaded the app and even tried going on through my computer and still nothing. I gave up and just started putting things in my cart in the app (still not signed in) and I put at least 200 bucks worth of stuff in my cart and the icon says I have items in my cart, but when I open it tells me it’s empty and won’t let me see anything. It also won’t let me check out at all, signed in or not! AE is my absolute favorite brand and I’d like to keep it that way, but this is beyond frustrating. I understand that apps have bugs and problems happen but it’s been weeks and I have look online and there are other complaints like mine and AE has not publicly said anything or responded to me.
  • Good App for Smart Shopping

    By Apwhite51
    I am big fan of shopping! I also love AEO due to their very comfortable, casual yet stylish clothing. However I’m not a fan of crowded malls, and stressful parking situations. Since AEO is my first stop for anything trending, as well as jeggings, leggings, and wardrobe basics, the app allows for convenient and easy to navigate online browsing including hard to find items that are sold out in stores. Some other great customer centered features are the rewards coupons that allow you the ease of applying them upon checkout. I also love the no fuss returns process. The AEO smartphone animated stickers are also super cute. Nowadays, it’s just more efficient and smart to shop online first before physically going to a store. Online shopping apps at our favorite stores allow us to see what’s in stock, reserve items, and find deals online we wouldn’t normally find in stores. This app has all the things I love about shopping! (Except when something I really like is out of stock!! :-()
  • I love American Eagle

    By Jtaacneyna Bryant
    I have been wearing Hollister, Aeropostale, Express and Abercrombie most of my life. Well I was shopping with my stepson this summer and he said the way you like Hollister you’ll love American Eagle. Now the week before this Hollister had just had a $25 Jean sale and I bought 9 pairs!!! Needless to say, after I tried on a pair of American Eagle jeans I realized he was correct. Now I have seven pair of pants just sitting with tags on them because nothing compares in comfortability to American Eagle jeans. American Eagle is my new favorite store, and my hubbys too. We haven’t shopped anywhere else since, especially for jeans. Ordering online is easy and every store I’ve been in I’ve had good customer service. I am completely happy with my purchases, and with my app. The only thing I can say is for some reason we can’t save favorites, they just disappear over and over. If I could fix that it’d be perfect.
  • Mostly Love It but...

    By Hyperhamster101
    I love how this app lets me instantly access my AEO reward points and by having my favorites all picked out on the app, whenever I enter an AEO or aerie store, I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I used to be because I already have ideas of what I want and I know the sales/deals. WITH THAT BEING SAID THOUGH, I have 1 pet peeve about this app: when I’m on the favorites tab, after scrolling down that page and then tapping on a specific item that I’ve favorited, and then returning to the favorites page in general, rather than going back to where I left off scrolling, it goes back to the top of the favorites page everytime. It gets super annoying after a while, especially when you’re deep down in you’re favorites page looking at old items you favorited a long time ago.
  • Could use some small tech improvements

    By Janet852794
    It's not very responsive, you have to wait til it's ready to tap something like your cart or it won't get it. Find myself waiting a lot in the app. Also wish pressing the X in the search bar didn't exit the search bar, and you could swipe right to go back instead of reaching for the back arrow. And it would be great if you could start zooming in on a pic without having to click into it first, like in other apps where the zoom counts as the click, takes out an extra step and extra time, and makes it that much more integrative and easy to use. What really annoys me is how your favorites page refreshes every time you click on something, and then takes even more time to load back to where you were. Oh, and of course as everyone says, the inevitable crash. Overall the app has some useless time-consuming qualities and renders me impatient at times, but I look forward to using it with improvements.
  • App never works properly

    By ChrisCMitchell
    I try to pay and order, and it always an issue!!! Literally this is the third to forth time I have placed and order since October 16, that something has not worked properly when I’m trying to pay. (It’s not November 29). I am so annoyed! The majority of what I’m ordering is for my teens. If they didn’t love your products, and fit them so well I would not make further purchases. I don’t have the time to drive to the store. Online ordering is how I get things done, I have a family of 6. Please make it easier for me to sign in during purchase. I am also further annoyed as I am signed up for rewards. All four times I have tried to make purchases this way, I literally have had everything in my cart on the app, and have been signed in. I checkout and I am told to sign in again after confirming my order; I am signed in though so what is going on here?!?!?! Ae/Aerie you need to get your app in better working order as I KNOW I cannot be the only one having this issue and I gaurentee most are just ordering elsewhere, and your loosing out on a lot of sales and $$$!!!

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