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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-11
  • New version: 20.11.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Lowe's Home Improvement

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Lowe's Home Improvement is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Lowe's Companies, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lowe's Companies, Inc., with the latest current version being 20.11.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 154,426 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.69295 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Doing It Right for Less is Just a Tap Away. HOME IMPROVEMENT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Whether you’re a Pro or a have a DIY project on your mind, you can search and shop thousands of products like kitchen appliances, paint, lumber, tools, outdoor power equipment, grills, outdoor furniture, flooring and more— anytime when you’re on the go. We’ve also included larger, zoomable images and 360° spins so you can see every last detail. WHAT YOU NEED- FASTER We have clearly marked aisle and bay information right on the list page, so you know right where to go when you’re in a store. Plus, check the “in-stock” box to only view items that are available for pick up. If it’s not there, no problem. Check other stores with just a tap. STORE FINDER Locate the store that’s nearest to you along with the phone number, address, directions and drive time estimates. Then, select your choice to get accurate inventory, product locations and pricing*. *Remember to allow location services to get the most optimized experience possible. INBOX Messages with special coupons, deals and exclusive promotions come right to your Inbox to help you get the best price, every time. WEEKLY DEALS We’ve always got great deals. Check the weekly ad for your selected Lowe’s store right on your phone. View the flyer page by page or by department, it’s that easy. CUSTOMER RATINGS AND REVIEWS Read what others are saying. See reviews and star ratings for thousands of products. Plus, you can write your own reviews and upload images right in the Lowe’s app. COMMUNITY Q & A Before you buy, make sure a product is right for you. Ask questions and get answers directly from manufacturers or previous customers. You can also browse questions or answer ones for others. FAVORITE LISTS Add any product to your Saved Items List and never forget what you need again. Tap the heart on any product page, scan a barcode in the store, or add notes to your list—no sign in required. ORDER HISTORY & DIGITAL RECEIPTS We make paper receipts a thing of the past. Search order history for specific items you’ve purchased and access entire transactions right on your phone. APPLE WATCH OPTIMIZED Add your virtual mylowes card to your digital wallet, keep track of your favorites on your Quick List and find your closest Lowe’s store.

Top Reviews

  • Decent - Needs UX Improvements

    By WD409
    On my iPad, I can tap “Shop > View All Departments” and then I can tap into a specific department. If I need to go back two or more levels, I have to swipe from the left edge of the screen or tap the “Back” button. Doing this goes all the way back to the beginning. So if I’m looking through categories more than 2 selections deep. Example = I browse to: 1) Outdoors > 2) Outdoor Tools & Equipment > 3) Lawn & Garden Hand Tools > 4) Rakes & Pitchforks > 5) Lawn & Leaf Rakes. I don’t see what I’m looking for, so I want to go back and select “Digging Tools” (level 4), I have to select “Back” and start all over and go back through the entire navigation path to get to “Digging Tools”. When I select “Back”, it should back up to one level higher in the navigation not start over completely. This makes browsing the different categories VERY difficult and non-intuitive. The app seems to be more designed for someone that KNOWS exactly what they’re looking for rather than someone who is browsing to see what Lowe’s offers. I’d also suggest making the setting “Available Today at ” a sticky toggle switch so that a customer doesn’t have to keep turning it on in every single category. It just gets annoying to have to keep turning this on over and over again.
  • There is no functioning feedback or contact options

    By Lucky Little 13
    When you place an order in the app, they sell your order information to an offshore company in India called XPO. Your order will tell you Lowe’s will call you at least 24 hours prior to your delivery date to schedule a time. Instead XPO calls you late at night to tell you your delivery will be there in the most inconvenient 4-hour midday window possible and to call them back if you need to reschedule. They give you their number to call for reschedules. You call them right back to reschedule and they tell you they cannot and you have to call the store. You call the store that was selected during your online order, they say they’re pulling it off the truck and they’ll call you back in 20 minutes. You lose patience after 4 days and call them back and they tell you your order is now with another store 70 miles away and you’ll need to call that other store. You call that other store and leave 8 messages over 6 days only to have XPO call you back again with your now 10-day overdue order being inconveniently delivered midday tomorrow. The system tells you to call XPO to reschedule.... queue vicious cycle. Lowe’s has become utterly ridiculous. It’s illogical to order from them as they no longer are willing to work with their customers at all.
  • Items not in stock

    By MartiniOnions
    I almost never write reviews, but there is one flaw in this app that drives me nuts and has compelled me to write this. I do a lot of home improvement projects and Lowe’s is the only game in town. I do find the app pretty useful overall, and the ability to find and pay for items on the app and have them ready for pickup is really handy. My HUGE problem with the app however is the little toggle that says “Available today at (your city’s) Lowe’s.” When you toggle that on, it filters all of the online only items out and only shows you the items that are sold in the store. It even says what aisle the items are in. Super cool, right? Except that you don’t really know if any of those items are in the store unless you click on each one and scan through the entire description to see if it is actually in stock. Yes, if it’s out of stock, there’s a line somewhere in the description that says that, but why do I have to click on each item to see that. Again, the toggle is labeled “Available today!!” This should be fixed so that out of stock items are filtered out.
  • Was a great app.

    By Missing IDs
    I did enjoy using this app. But there are two issues that need to be addressed. Wi-Fi needs improvement. Always having problems connecting while in the store. And when I am able to connect the speed is extremely slow. My cellular data speed is 50 times faster than your Wi-Fi I see other reviews with the same issue. It makes it hard to use your app while in your store. I do not get a good cellular signal while inside your store so I try to use your Wi-Fi The other issue is the in store map location. The app used to show a map of where the item is located. Now it doesn’t AND the aisle numbers have changed on your app and they are WRONG. I looked up an item and it said aisle 98. Aisle 50 is the highest number in that store. Store #35 is the store I am talking about. Someone needs to wake up and join the rest of the world. You have the potential of having a great app but you need to fix your store Wi-Fi speed and connection issues along with your item locations and in store maps. The later used to work great. Not anymore.
  • After latest updates to app, lost ability to add to a list

    By Teckwizz
    Everything has been working fine until a couple of recent updates, I can no longer save an item to favorites (♥️ feature). I do a lot of shopping on my iPhone 11 and prefer to save it to my favorites list and then use my Windows desktop computer to purchase online. However, I can't do that now and have to send a link via email to myself, open the email on my desktop computer, then add the item to my favorites list. The favorites list option is supposed to be a timesaver, however, it now takes me a long time to add to my favorites, and then put together an online order, or shop in store. Could someone in programming take a look at this bug and fix it please? I tried searching for a way to contact the iOS app development team through the app store, but it tAkes me directly to the Lowes website, without and active links to report a problem. Please fix this! Thank you!
  • Very Helpful APP!!

    By charleigh23
    Whenever I am working on or about to start a project and am in need of supplies then this is my go to app. It’s super helpful before you go to the store to see if they have the item you need in stock, how many are in stock, exact spot your item is in inside the store and the price of the item. I always use this as a guide to find what I need when I go to Lowe’s so I’m not walking around forever trying to find what I need, to make sure which Lowe’s store has what I need and to know the price I’m looking at when I checkout. So I highly recommend this app to people who want to save time, save money, do projects on a budget and for people who like to plan/price projects before going into a store. This is by far my number one APP when starting a home project and when I need a replacement item for my house.
  • Horrible

    By Matt K33
    Nothing has gone right with last three orders, one taking months to resolve. People at the stores are helpful when you talk to them but apparently there is no role designed to own an issue through completion. The next time you call you have to start all over again. Worst repetitive customer experience I’ve had with a company in a long time. This last experience i had an online order cancelled but was not notified at all, when I asked why they said reason was “other”. They asked that I resubmit as they had the stock so I did. I drove 35 minutes to pick up and the order was left outside on a cart, completely soaked from rain with the paperwork now falling apart. Still showed full charge but was missing 7 of my items and 3 other items that were the wrong size. If I hadn’t gone through the order myself I wouldn’t have been told. Store workers have been very polite and willing to help but the rest of the process is broken. Absolutely no communication or escalation resolution even when you call in to their call center and talk with a Supervisor. I’m done
  • Home Improvement Stores

    By Deep South Mike
    Lowe’s vs. Home Depot’. Is it a toss up? No difference? Well, for me there is a definite difference. The service. Home Depot does okay but more often than I’d like I have to go hunting for a store associate to help me only to be told “It’s not my area, try over there.” At Lowe’s most often an associate is the next aisle over. If it’s not their assigned area they will go out of their way to help find the right worker to help. I have never been left to find someone on my own, they will go with me until the right person is found. Service is the difference for me. I shop at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.
  • Poor Customer Service

    By Jennifer Black from Jersey
    Online orders with curbside pick-up are the responsible thing to do during the COVID 19 pandemic yet online orders are backed up 7-10 days and customers are not notified of this. The only thing the confirmation email says is “please wait to receive confirmation that your order is ready to be picked up before heading to the store.” No timeframe whatsoever is provided. I assumed it would take a few days. When I called to check the status, that’s when I found out it’s 7-10 days. And the staff member just said, “There’s nothing we can do. We are short staffed and have over 500 orders.” Why doesn’t corporate let people know that? Why don’t you provide an actual timeframe for order processing? Why are you still taking orders if you are backed up by almost two weeks? This is just causing people to come in the store...which is NOT a responsible approach to social distancing. I get there is a delay. I understand you are short staffed. But let your customers know and stop putting your frontline employees at greater risk. Communicate!
  • Still Waiting

    On the Memorial Day Weekend my wife and I bought a new over the range microwave and a new slide in stove. We didn’t care about waiting a month for the delivery. So the day before the delivery we called and confirmed that we were on the list of delivery’s the next day. To get ready for the new product’s my son and I removed the old and put them into the garage. The next day we didn’t get our new appliances and we didn’t even get a phone call . So we called the next day and found that LOWES had sold our stove and microwave. And they didn’t have anymore in stock . So the sales person said they would up grade us on the stove but downgrade us on the microwave. We were okay with that and the sales person said it would take another week. A week goes bye and today we get NO PHONE CALL! We have no stove and no microwave. Thank goodness I have a BBQ . But my family is getting really tired of hamburgers and hot dogs. We are STILL WAITING. I CAN ALWAYS GET MY MONEY BACK. BUT I WILL STILL HAVE NO STOVE AND MICROWAVE! And NO PHONE CALL!

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