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  • Last Updated: 2021-02-23
  • New version: 10.9
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Michaels Stores

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Michaels Stores is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Michaels Stores, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Michaels Stores, Inc., with the latest current version being 10.9 which was officially released on 2021-02-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 182,044 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.78775 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Made by you™
 You make us more than just glitter and googly eyes. More than yarn, paper, canvas or clay. You— the Makers— make us matter. You make us Michaels. We’re made by you. 
 Shop thru the app to get what you need. Locate the closest Michaels store. Find items in the store using the new Voice Search, a major time-saver!
Check the availability and prices for products wherever you are.
Save your favorite project ideas and products to a shopping list.

 See the weekly ad (woo-hoo, savings!) and get coupons for your local store.
Check out faster by scanning your coupons in the app.

Access hundreds of project ideas and everything you need to make them.
Browse upcoming events like Kids Club®, fun-for-the-family MAKE breaks and more. 

 Sign up in the app for Michaels Rewards, our free perks program! Members get exclusive offers, receipt-free returns, event invites, early sales alerts and more. Michaels is the largest arts and crafts retailer in North America, with stores across 49 states and Canada. We’re here for the makers, providing inspiration and crafting supplies across the following product categories: 

 Art Supplies
 Baking & Party
 Beads & Jewelry
 Crafts & Hobbies Custom Framing
 Floral & Décor 
 Frames General Crafts
 Kids’ Toys & Activities
 Knitting & Crochet
 Scrapbooking & Papercraft
 Sewing & Fabric Storage Tech + DIY Teacher Supplies

Top Reviews

  • Great products, but phone CS....

    By TheGarz82
    Placed an order, was missing a set of beads, 1st rep very understanding and sent out replacement, which has yet to arrive. Noticed 2 days later that some of the other beads of a $96 order were now on sale. Called back and was told that they could not refund difference because I missed calling by one day. What? You can clearly see when I ordered and when the sale started. Ok... So, I had placed another order on Saturday and the item that I ordered had gone down by $2.40 and I had ordered 2, so I called back again, and was told that I had to wait until I received the items and if it were still on sale I could call back and get an adjustment. Oh heck no! So I insisted that he put in for the adjustment, that it may take well over a week to arrive. So then he takes his time verifying the difference, adding the difference because I ordered 2, but informed me that he could NOT refund the tax on that amount! ??? I REFUSE to go into the store as I am severely compromised and highly susceptible to this CoVid, or so I am told. So I have not left my house since last March, so I rely on everything being delivered. But if this is the kind of thing I can expect as far as customer service, then there are other stores that would be happy to have additional business.
  • Good but not so good

    By kperchal
    I actually really love this app and have used it often in the past. However today I went on to the app and add items that say they are I stock at my pick up store so I loaded them to my cart and attempted to pay. I received an error that said card cannot be verified. Thought I did something wrong so I tried to cash out several more times and then was kicked and my cart emptied of all my items. I called like the error message told me to it didn’t specify a number or where to call so I called my store and was rather rudely told to call the 800 number for help. I then called the 800 number and was asked about 15 times to (slight exaggeration) repeat my email address so they could look at my account. Then I was told that the reason my card couldn’t be verified was that items in my cart were not in stock. Really? That’s an odd error message for out of stock items. And why does the app/website tell me that these items are intact in stock at my location?? What a waste of my time!!! She kept telling me the same thing and I finally just said thank you and hung up. Don’t waste my time. If the items are not in stock then be sure your site it up to date. And if that’s really the reason I couldn’t purchase my items then say that. Don’t give a random error that makes me think something is wrong with my card!
  • Unsatisfied customer

    By #BabyHiss/Meowzer
    Horrible!! I tried to cancel an order five minutes after I ordered it, and they have nothing on the app to be able to do this. Even on the website for Michael’s, there’s no place to cancel an order. I even called customer service five minutes after I placed the order, and they could not cancel it as well. They say they can only cancel curbside pick up, but cannot cancel an item that’s going to be shipped, even after five minutes that you place the order. I explained to them that I thought everything was coming from curbside or pick up from the store, and I didn’t realize a portion of the items were being shipped. Then they told me that you can cancel the order within an hour after placing it. I explained to them that within the hour I did cancel it, and they would not allow the cancel to go through and that it was not possible for items that are being shipped. I even called the store that’s shipping it, and they said they cannot cancel the order, even though they have not even packaged it. I have been on hold for over an hour calling back-and-forth, and still no results. Horrible app, horrible customer service for the 800 number too! Horrible horrible horrible!
  • Preview of its Grading!

    By Dillon The Villain
    Dear Michael’s, I have a favorite route I always take while visiting and going through you as well as finding all your products ideal and on sale every once in a while! Your business is as greatest as ever! I wonder if you could also sell murals, postcards, greeting cards and pictures of any type just like the puzzles. There can also be paint of every color for automobiles; for a wedding couple, for favorite characters and for a catchphrase! Do you ever sell the normal-sized canvases single-amounted? I guarantee there might be a machine that can allow anyone to create anything just like Photoshop. There may also be props for a train table (I am starting one already)! Would you also be willing to make images on clothing with a string weaver and applier? You can even make a brand icon with yourself on it! I enjoy new experiences! Your greatest customer, Dillon Parker Johnson.
  • Do not buy online, Their return policy is completely unrealistic

    By disapointed online buyer
    Do not buy online from Michael’s even if it’s an item that is only available online. If you make an error on your online purchase they will not do anything to assist you and say their system cannot change or cancel an order unless you contact them within 30 minutes. Yes 30 minutes of your order. Because of their app being difficult to use I purchased for Christmas trees online which were not available in stores and only found out that I erroneously ordered four because we checked the bank statement a couple hours later. Upon calling them the same day they told me their system would not allow them to cancel the order because I did not call within 30 minutes. This is not customer service whatsoever. Given the current state that we are all dealing with Covid, financial stresses, Christmas stress, etc. You would think that a corporation as large as Michael’s would have some flexibility in order to satisfy customers who clearly made an error in their order and it was not a situation of buyers remorse. Never and I repeat never buy online from Michael’s unless you are sure within 30 minutesThat your order is 100% correct.
  • Great store, bad app

    By Jaldcnajaowkdnzsn
    I want to love having Michaels at my finger tips. I want to be able to spend way too much on crafts and get in trouble with my partner. Instead, I find the app so frustrating I almost never make a purchase. I like to favorite a bunch of items and then go through at the end to decide what to purchase. To favorite an item, I have to click on the item listing (I love apps that have the favorite option on the corner of the product thumbnail for convenience), scroll down after waiting for the product page to load, and select favorite. Then it takes me from the product listing to my favorites page. If I hit back to return to the product page and continue my search, it automatically removes my favorite and thus undoes all of my work. If I want to keep my favorited selection, from my favorites page I have to re-enter my search parameters and begin my search all over again from page one. Please, for the love of crafters everywhere, just make the app more user-friendly. I taught myself how to design websites and this is the very first thing I have to work out for clients. The easier customers find your website or app, the more money they will spend.
  • Poster a frame issues

    By Smurfetteforlife
    I had to drive quite a distance( 30 minutes) for some poster frames that you had on sale. I bought 3 online no problem. The store had them waiting for us. However one of the frames they gave us had a broken corner which I would have thought would have been checked. While there my husband and I went to see if they had another particular size which they did. The problem was it was in the wrong price slot and not even part of the sale. The cashier was extremely friendly and tried to be helpful but the manager she was communicating with was not wanting to be helpful at all. After all of the issues came to a head the manager finally came up she came across as very put upon to have to help us or make any concessions with us. At the end I took the frame with the broken corner back to her and explained I wanted to swap it for one not broken. I even apologized for the difficulty of the pricing issues and she basically told me I was wrong and blew me off. I don’t think I will ever return to that store again. I would not ever recommend the Shawnee Mission store to anyone.
  • I love Michaels!

    By Kat Time
    I have shopped at Michaels for years. You have a wide variety of products. I can always find inspiration for my next craft. Your sales are great as well your coupons. I really appreciate the fact that you offer curbside pickup during covid. Many of us are at home more or quarantining, and being able to keep busy working on something has made this all of this easier and more bearable while keeping safe. . I have used curbside numerous times since March. The process time is very quick. And the workers are always very courteous when bringing things out. Hobby Lobby unfortunately does not offer curbside, and it feels they are not appreciative of their customers or in tune to the value they could be offering. Thank you so much for being the craft store we can count on.
  • Online order wrong

    By valekenna
    I guess theyre struggling to keep up with other stores that offer pick up or curb side pick up because it really needs a lot of work. Theyre inventory is wrong because when i tried ordering a cart in a color that it said they had the after being in the actual store that same day and seeing they didnt have it, it said that they did in fact have it. After waiting 3 days for my order to be ready for pick up i get there and they just gave me whatever color that they did have and not the one i ordered. Then after asking if i wanted to do a refund and me saying yes she told me to wait for her to check out the next two people in line even though i was in front of them?? The whole process was a huge waste of time. I asked if i were to try again after they get their truck if they would give me the wrong color again if they didnt have it still and she said yes. Whats the point of trying to order things online then id rather them cancel the order if they dont have it instead of making me think they have what i actually want.
  • Pretty handy, but has issues

    By Popatop15
    I'm currently running iOS 13 on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the app constantly spams an alert stating there was an issue that had occurred. It pops up several alerts layered on top of each other about 10 times. It will do this every time I open the app, and it is not fixed until I completely reinstall the app. After I reinstall the app it is fine for a few days, and then it starts again. This is particularly annoying because I work at Michael's and use the app quite often to help customers locate something I'm not sure if we have or not. Finally, the pop-up that thanks you for shopping at Michael's is annoying considering it waits a good minute before actually appearing. I'll be in the middle of searching something, it's just like "boom in your face." Load times are also a bit slow. Other than that I love the fact that item locations are included on the app with a map. That's amazing. The app has a lot of potential!

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