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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-18
  • New version: 9.2.0
  • File size: 246.35 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.2 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Video Star

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Video Star is an iPhone and Android Photo & Video App, made by Frontier Design Group. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Frontier Design Group, with the latest current version being 9.2.0 which was officially released on 2020-09-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 46,990 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.93699 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Video Star is your #1 video editing app — there’s no other app like it! Create incredible fan edits and amazing lip-sync music videos with Video Star. There's thousands of effects to color, animate, enhance, warp, combine, and re-time clips ... creating pure magic from photos and videos. Video Star includes TONS of free features or get an All Access Pass to unlock everything, including your mad editing skills! We update Video Star regularly with new effects and features. Be sure to join our daily #VideoStarApp community challenges on Instagram and TikTok! Video Star Pro Subscription - A Pro subscription provides unlimited access to ALL current and future Power Packs in Video Star and VideoFX Live - Subscriptions are $4.99/month, $12.99/three months, or $29.99/year - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period - You can read our privacy policy at: - You can read our terms of service at:

Top Reviews

  • good, but needs improvements.

    By 𝖈𝖚𝖙𝖊𝖛𝖔𝖎𝖉𝖘🧚🏻‍♀️
    Good app, but the stuff that cost money is too expensive, some people don’t have that type of money, you know? for me, i don’t have that type of money, and it’d be helpful if less things were costing money. because i don’t have money, and even if i did, i wouldn’t cost that much money on the app. i thought this app would be way easier to use, but most of my edits take 2 days because i still haven’t tried to use keyframes. people say my edits are good, but i only sometimes use qr codes because it’s easier than being confused for hours trying to make an edit. please change the prices! i don’t have that type of money, and neither do a lot more people. it’s really expensive, and i’m planning on buying it, but that’ll take a long time. whenever there’s a new update, mine doesn’t update! it stays as the old one & it’s annoying. i’ve been looking through the bad reviews, and other people have been saying the same thing. other than that, it’s kind of easy to use, especially qr codes. i’ve been using video star for 3 years, and i’ve been using it free. i’ve learned how to edit on the app, and i’m so proud of how good i can edit now. i’ll purchase the paid stuff maybe later. but thank you for making an amazing editing app! i hope this review was helpful to other people who are willing to download this app <3 🧚🏻‍♀️💕
  • Great! But difficult

    By dum00nd
    Videostar has worked well in the time I’ve had it but there are a few major and noticeable flaws that make the app extremely frustrating and hard to use. The biggest part is,, for the love of god PLEASE add an undo button. I can not express how annoying it is having to restart and entire clip because I messed up an effect and destroy all the transitions and effects and motions on that clip just because my finger slipped. An undo button would save me and a lot of other editors time. Another thing I noticed is when I first got videostar I didn’t use it for months because it’s really confusing? Mostly nothing has directions or labels and the tutorials didn’t help me at all,, there is also just a lot of stuff crammed into small spaces on screen especially for iOS,, scroll bars and pages would be a nice thing to have and tool bars/easy access buttons for certain packs would be nice. Note this is coming from somebody who has not bought anything in this app and probably won’t in the future cuz I’m broke- But other than those few issues, I’ve had a lot of good outcomes when using videostar, and since I started using it I’ve improved in editing and gained some popularity! So overall a good app!
  • overall pretty bad...

    By randomoji
    the interface is really confusing and messy to use when you’re editing on your phone like i do. you have to keep scrolling though so many transitions and effects just to find the ones that are actually free. and that’s another thing, i would much rather have access to more transitions and watch more ads than pay. i understand that you guys have to make money but that can be done through ads and i think people would much rather prefer watching ads than having to pay. also, there should be an undo button, because it gets really annoying when i screw up a transition and have to start all over again. pls also just combine your FXapp to make things easier for people. also when you insert a video to use as an audio, uploading pictures will just ruin the audio. you should make a separate area for audio based on video, then another section for the actual images than a viewer might see. it would also help to clean up the interface more... at first it seems minimalist with only a couple buttons but really it just makes everything more cluttered. i’m going to be honest, i extremely dislike this app and i’m so frustrated with it but it’s the only option i have as it gives relatively unique transitions. however, if you want more people to be interested in downloading this app, you most likely have to change your design and the way you market yourself.
  • I’m in love!!

    By Kinzgirl119
    This app is amazing!! I have been using it for nearly a year now and my edits have improved a ton. I’ve really started getting noticed on Instagram since I’ve started VS and a lot of people think I use Ae?! I see some complaining about how confusing it is, but honestly once you get used to it, the app is super easy to use and very fun. However I do suggest making it easier to mask. This option in Video Star is very tedious and I’ve recently started using a separate app to mask photos. Other than that this app is great once you make all the payments you need. Totally worth the money. Edit: K so a lot of people are suggesting making all the packs free and uhhh...they can’t? How else will VideoStar make money? If they don’t make money there will be no way for them to pay their employees and when they don’t pay their employees, they won’t be able to make the app better and cooler than it already is. “But they should be doing that with their own money and not money from their customers.” Excuse you, but that’s how businesses work? Businesses make money from consumers and use that money to improve their product. Where else will VS get money if they do as you suggest and “use their own”? Makes no sense.

    By Harry Potter madness
    This app is absolutely amazing, I made loads of edits on my instagram account and people loved them even though I only got the free version. People are complaining that is confusing but it’s really not when you get the hang of it! But I have one problem is it possible that can you make the all access pass free? I understand that you need to make a money of it but my parents won’t allow me to buy the pro some people can’t afford the pro anyway. Even though I can make really great edits with the free version I would love to edit on multi layer, and you already make enough money from people that download the video star so don’t understand why you would need a subscription? This app would be utterly amazing if it was completely free. But other then that is a wonderful app! I absolutely love using video star I got so many compliments on my edits! But the only problem I got is that the all access passes are to expensive so I’m asking nicely that if it’s possible for you to make them free. It you can’t then I would rather prefer to use funimate or alight motion and all that other stuff that I don’t really want to use. But other then that is a great app that I love to use!💜
  • Expensive

    By JulietSamoyeds
    I’ve tried looking up “free edit tutorials” because for the LIFE of me I cant find a decent free transition. This app from what I can tell is almost completely USELESS if you don’t want to sell your soul for decent transition, or just make getting pro less expensive or a one time payment. Plenty of people use this app and is probably the most popular editing app on the App Store. I spent hours looking up tutorials on how to use transitions in free mode because my parents won’t let me get the pro mode. With how useless this is as free I’d be better off using apps like funimate or something like that. I’d be fine with there being a pro if you actually gave some INTERESTING things to people who can’t pay for pro. Every transition I tapped on said something like “you can have all of these for the CHEAP price of 5.99 a month!” Or something like that. You can get a one-time payment bitzen account on BitLife for less then that and playing that doesn’t promote their app even more, while pro is expensive here and since the people who are making the edits are forced to have pro, they all look good and are posting them, making people want to get that app, making yalls customers grow even more. I guess it’s just kinda annoying that I can do absolutely nothing with this app, when I’ve used it in the past on friend’s phones and such and had good experiences
  • Good app but a few problems

    By Unicorn1skylar
    So video star is a really good app but I have two problems with it and that is the in app purchases and the song choices. So first of all the in app purchases there are really cool effects that will cost money and I understand that they need to make money, but it gets really annoying when you click on an effect and then realize that you need the plus membership and that costs money. I am not saying that they should get rid of the in app purchases but they should move them into a separate category so people know that it costs money. The second problem is the song choices. Now they have pretty good song choices but they only post to them once a week and it gets really annoying if you don’t have iTunes songs you can’t do it but I’ve seen that on musically/TickTock that you can search up a song and they will most likely have it because they have almost every song so I was hoping that they could do the same thing that musically/TickTock does and have almost every song because it will make it much easier to use this app and a lot more fun for the people to use it. I hope you guys read this review and fix the problems that I have suggested. Thanks
  • My rating!

    By lay lay😂
    Hi I am an editor on Instagram! And I am here to tell that what I like about Video Star and what I would change. So, I really like the cool features it comes with and how you can add a song from your videos. I also like how there is no water mark! I used to edit with PicPlayPost until a professional editor gave me tips and advice and what app to use and I stumbled across this app. The things I would change is I personally think that all of the packs should be free and u don’t have to pay for most of the effects. I would also recommend like a message telling you how to use the app because I had to turn to another editor to help me figure out the app as I was struggling and confused. So I just really wish all of that was provided or at least there to help me instead of turning to another editor that was probably busy with an edit. I hope one of you editors see this and probably feel different or that this is similar to what you thought. From ~ Layla To ~ Video Star
  • Good! but couple things

    By peanut butter pup
    Hi ! I just came out here to say that I have been using Videostar with one layer for over 2 years. I haven’t gotten any better because you can’t add overlays, colorings, more then 1 layer for the free version. I have asked my parents multiple times if I can get it for Christmas my birthday or some day. They think it’s a waste of many and I can’t participate in the All access pass giveaways either :( please please put into consideration to have QR code’s that involve multiple layers and have more then 4 or 5 layers. I have watched videos after videos on how to make your edits better with overlays, but some of them require a ton of overlays. I really want to make my edits better by QR code’s with multiple layers and just using more layers, because I cannot get Videostar multilayer pack in any other way. Please put these thoughts into consideration. I get that you need to get money off of the app from packs but all I am asking is the multilayer with working QR code’s that have more layers for FREE. You can get money off of Videostar by more adds of other packs as well, I just want Videostar, multilayer pack for free, or I am afraid I can’t use it very well. :( please please put these things into consideration, know that probably lots of people are thinking the same.
  • Needs some changes...

    By lps.Ghøst
    Hello! I’m a fellow user of this awesome app! It’s pretty good, and I recommend it for editing and such. I feel like there’s just a few little changes that would make this app greater!!!! 1. The music choices. The music choices you have are not popular, known, or just really catchy at all. I think you need to add more.. popular songs, like Billie ellish, Melanie Martinez and etc. that more people around the world could enjoy! 2. You have to pay for SO MUCH stuff. I think that you have to pay for almost everything. Although some of it might be cheap, it’s really hard to pay for it. Like edits, and using QR codes . Just the stuff people might really want to use cost money. Even the littlest things too.... like, one day I just gotten QR codes that actually worked! It filled up most of my storage too, I got my hopes up SO high!!! BUT to merge clips, and use QR codes cost money! This made me SUPER mad, and even sad!!! I got my hopes up for nothing?!?!? I think you should make people pay for less stuff, if not... people will stop using this app. This whole paragraph wasn’t ment to be mean, or let you down. Just my honest opinion... ~Ghøst

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