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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-27
  • New version: 5.9.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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PacSun is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Pacific Sunwear. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Pacific Sunwear, with the latest current version being 5.9.3 which was officially released on 2020-10-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 43,814 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.73248 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The easy-to-use PacSun app elevates your shopping experience and provides you with the best selection of shoes, clothing, accessories, and home items. Download the app now to: - Skip the lines and shop our online store with ease - Be the first to know about new arrivals and exclusive collections that you won’t find anywhere else - Manage your PacSun Rewards points, rewards, & activity - Get notified of rewards and offers right on your phone - Gain access to offers delivered exclusively through the app - Add your favorite items to our convenient Wishlist feature - Review your order history - Locate your nearest PacSun store Save while you shop by joining our PacSun Rewards program. Members enjoy these benefits: - $5 reward just for signing up - 10 points for every $1 spent - $5 reward for every 1,250 points - Earn extra points for things that you already do - Exclusive offers and products—download now to learn more! PacSun is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth. Curated just for you in Los Angeles, we serve up the latest styles for men & women from coveted brands including PacSun Denim, Pac Cares, FOG Essentials, Guess, Playboy, Kendall & Kylie, Lottie Moss, LA Hearts, John Galt, The North Face, Brandy Melville, adidas, Champion, Converse, Kappa, Vans, and more. We want to hear from you! To send us your feedback or suggestions on ways to improve our app, please e-mail us at

Top Reviews

  • website/ app needs lots of fixing.

    By jkburden
    let me start off by saying i absolutely love pacsun, it’s one of my favorite stores, might even actually be my favorite. i’ve gotten a lot of things from pacsun, and in-store theres never a problem. however, both the app and the website have some issues that are very frustrating for me. on the app, it won’t let me favorite or “heart” any of the items at all. i’ve been using it for a long time and it used to let me only do a few, but now it will not let me do this at all. recently, almost every time i’ve used the app i’ve had a problem checking out. a lot of times a sale won’t apply (that’s been advertised on the opening page of the app) and even more than that it will let me put items in my cart, and then as soon as i go to check out it will say they are out of stock. i know that they didn’t just run out because i tried to take them out of my cart and put them back in multiple times and it always says the product is unavailable. for example today i wanted to use the buy one get one free which is very limited time, and went to the shorts. i had about 4 or 5 pairs of shorts that the app let me put into my bag and none of them were available. the same thing happened when i tried on the website. these problems have been occurring for a while, i LOVE this store the app and website just need some fixes and they have for a while:(
  • Bad bad JUST BAD

    By iloovvefortnitee
    I really love this app they have good and nice styles, while I was shopping on here I saw some playboy sweatpants and playboy shirts and everything. I was gonna buy it but I waited like 5 or 6 days to buy it. Then on the 7th day they ran out of playboy clothes that I wanted. I was really disappointed because I wanted these clothes for my birthday since my birthday is coming up so I waited 1 or 2 days for the clothes that I wanted to restock hopefully they would restock. The next day they had all of the clothes that I wanted I was super excited to buy it so I tried to put some clothes that I wanted in my shopping bag but it says product unavailable I was a little mad but whatever it’s just a shirt so I moved on to the next thing I wanted it says product unavailable again then the next thing it says product unavailable I was mad and I tried to put all of the clothes that were out of stock the last time into my shopping bag then it says product unavailable I tried to contact them but they wasn’t answering it seemed strange because my sweatpants that were in my shopping bag said that they restocked them. I was really disappointed that all of the playboy clothes that were restocked said it was unavailable. Please fix your app. Thank you.
  • I don’t think I will ever shop here again.

    Don’t get me wrong.. I loveee the clothes and style they have!!!! I recently made my first order over Black Friday weekend and it said I could get everything so I checked out. As a few days went by I got an email saying 2 of the shirts I got were out of stock.. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to these clothes and the app should have told me it was out of stock before it let me buy it 🙄 The email said it will discharge me from my card and give me back my money... it didn’t and it’s been a few days. AGAIN yesterday I got an email saying a hoodie and another shirt are out of stock and no longer will be shipped to my house. I was okay with having two shirts not coming BUT havingg 4 things being out of stock AFTER 6 days of already buying it isss annoying. I decided to call customer service about this and their service is horribleeee... they claimed that a lot of it isn’t in my order when it’s clearly on my list of items I ordered. Overall, I don’t recommend buying online and I’m really disappointed because I was excited for my purchases. The website and app needs MAJOR fixing and I don’t think I will ever purchase anything from here again.
  • Bad ordering system

    By FIXorNIX
    If you see something you like. Try to look for it somewhere else and order it there instead. I wouldn’t place orders on the app. And Like other reviewers have said they cancel 99% of your order saying it’s not available. I got one out of four things I ordered. The rest were not available. Why was I able to order them? I would have preferred to cancel the entire order if they would have let me know first. Shows different availability on app and via computer of products. After two weeks they let me know I was not getting three of the items. It is now three weeks and I have heard nothing of the fourth item. If it’s coming. If it’s canceled. Nothing. This place is a mess with online ordering. Not worth it!! Now that I am going to contact them if I am getting the last item which I’m sure I’m not. I need to wait 30mins to chat with someone and the app keeps closing the chat option. I do a lot of online ordering and pacSun is not close to being at the level of other stores. And in what world is it okay to wait in chat for over 30mins. They need to hire more workers for right now. Duh!
  • Trial and error

    By horchatapapa
    As I added certain items to my bag, I did so with the intent of buying it, not to find out if it was available or not. When I was done with my order, I was stopped and told that I was unable to check out. I had to go to the actual website and find out that some of my items were unavailable for check out. After moving things around, changing sizes and finding alternatives for items that weren't available, I went back and forth for about three times. It'd be helpful if we were told in the app if something was unavailable, or if the app was updated to remove items that were unavailable. I'm excited for the products I've ordered, I have trust in this store's quality but ease of use is also a strong value. Have a beautiful day, Vinny.
  • Not reliable, ordering doesnt work

    By jerry mcsendersen
    I have tried numerous times to order on the app, i check the order closely each time i try and the order never goes through. it does work on the website, but PLEASE PACSUN, PLEASE fix the app. im not sure whats wrong with it, but the websites isnt accepting coupons unless its with the app, but i cant even buy anything on the app?? most of the time, the app wont even open without my phone crashing. it wouldnt be possible that it would be my wifi since other shopping apps work fine and open quickly. I absolutely love their clothes, but the app does need some serious work. i also recommend to add apple pay😔😔 also whenever i try to purchase something on the app, i will select the shipping option and then it will take it out before i push place order and then it just pops up with a notification saying “Please try again later” from this, i have never been able to buy ANYTHING on the app 🥺
  • very good... sometimes

    By 1938571'cba
    so PacSun is an amazing app with really good offers, and amazing style. some downsides too it include that you have to have an almost perfect connection to access it quickly/efficiently. if u have a good connection it works amazing, but if u don't its very slow. another problem, is it is constantly logging me out. i log in and it should KEEP me logged in, but it frequently kicks me out. its not a huge deal to log back in, but its a bit of a pain sometimes. now with all those cons, there are a lot of pros. with amazing style and great offers you can easily access your cart to find everything you've saved for later purchases. when this app is working fine, it offers one of the best shopping apps I've ever used. so all in all i recommend this app, but there are a few flaws with the day to day access of it.
  • Very glitchy app

    By EddyGraphic
    The clothing selection is excellent! but this app is garbage, I bought a sweater and my PayPal account was charged and my item was never added to my order history, still waiting for customer service to return an E-Mail with an answer. Edit: My money was returned, thanks PacSun! Hopefully the app improves, I'm now skeptical about stuff using this app, I’ll have to use the website and see how it goes.
  • Not too bad but frustrating

    By ri071
    I like being able to favorite clothes for later and they have that on the app but half the time it doesn’t work, it’ll click and then the heart will turn black but then just go back white, I don’t know if that means it’s out of stock or what but still. They need the app to tell when things are out of stock more because sometimes there will be things you think are available because it doesn’t say anything about it not but then you click to add to cart and it says unavailable then. And another thing is I’ve ordered a few things that I’ve never received and never got an email saying anything about them being out of stock or anything. Even if they did send an email being out of stock, I shouldn’t be able to order something if they don’t have it
  • clothes & swimsuits

    By Abc123_chubs
    I love the clothes at Pacsun. I also really love all of the swimsuits they have. There’s a so many to choose from and so many different styles. The problem is, is that whenever I go to add them to my bag to buy them, it says that they’re unavailable. And I understand that items can sell out, but I’ve been trying to buy a few swimsuits for about a month now and it happens every time. Not just to a couple suits, but it happens 9/10 suits that I try to add to my bag. I’ve even tried filtering it to only show my suits that are my size and it still tells me that they’re unavailable. It’s just very annoying because I have intentions of spending a decent amount of money on swimsuits. This also happens with clothes, just not as often.

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