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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-01
  • New version: 8.0.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sprouts Farmers Market

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Sprouts Farmers Market is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Sprouts Farmers Market. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Sprouts Farmers Market, with the latest current version being 8.0.5 which was officially released on 2020-09-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14,868 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.58514 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Good-for-you grocery shopping has never been easier, more affordable and fun with the Sprouts Farmers Market app! Browse your store’s amazing array of products and view the latest specials to build a personalized shopping list. Then, clip, scan and save even more with digital coupons and Checkout Challenges. See What’s on Sale Save big with Weekly Ad savings, exclusive digital coupons and Checkout Challenges. Clip, Scan & Save More Redeem “clipped” coupons and Checkout Challenges instantly with one simple scan of your barcode at the register. With product look-up, find out if there’s a qualifying digital coupon or add it to your list. Plan Ahead Build your personalized shopping list from our complete product catalog, weekly specials, digital coupons—you can even add products to your list from recipes! Get Inspired Enjoy thousands of recipes and experience the convenience of a step-by-step recipe cooking mode. Plus, discover hundreds of educational resources to support your healthy living journey.

Top Reviews

  • What does this app do?

    By Mrs. OIII
    We have a new Sprouts in my area- I’ve just left from my fourth visit. The first time, I found out at the register that I would have paid less if I had downloaded the app. The second visit, I found out that I had downloaded the app and nothing I purchased applied to the discounts. The third time I deleted the app and was told that with Sprouts bags I would have received a discount and that the reason I didn’t get a discount last time was because I hadn’t created a list in the app. This fourth time I took the time out to scan every single item in my basket on the app, then proudly had them scan my barcode as I waited for the prices to tumble. Imagine my surprise when absolutely nothing changed. This time they told me that I had created a shopping list, rather than clipping coupons. Now I will need to go through the store’s inventory on my phone to clip coupons for the items that I may or may not want to buy, then walk through the store and go through the store’s inventory to find the items. What on Earth does this app actually do? Why would I follow through on this process? This is not the way I shop. Unfortunately for those of us without time to peruse the store’s inventory online, then battle through the tiny aisles to hunt for the bargains, it looks like we’re destined to overpay or go to the grocery stores with loyalty cards.
  • Found a couple bugs

    By PassedMyPrime661
    I’m an employee of Spouts and every so often we’re given mobile coupons for free items. Normally after we clip the coupon and have received the item through check out the coupon is taken off of the app. Recently that has not been the case. The coupon remains in my list as of it hasn’t been used at all. The other bug I have discovered is again in the mobile coupon part of the app. When clicking at the bottom of the page to go to the next page it only refreshes the first page. I figured leaving a review was the easiest way to let you, the developers, know of these issues as I see that you’re fairly good at responding to those who have left a review. One suggestion I would make is that you include the location an item could be found within the store. It may seem like something redundant to include but the way Sprouts chooses where to stock some of their items is really quite out of place for most things and a lot of customers have difficulty finding stuff most of the time. It might be more trouble than it’s worth on your behalf but it’s just a suggestion.
  • Some QOL improvements needed

    By LV2TX
    This app is ok - a HUGE improvement over what it was a year ago. Love that the coupons tell you if you’ve got the item on your shopping list or not, and that you can add the associated item to your list from the coupon screen. However there are still some things that aren’t super convenient. There’s no way to clear your whole shopping list at once. Each item has to be tapped individually, twice. Once to delete, and again to confirm the delete. That’s 50 taps to get rid of a 25 item shopping list from last time, just so I can start the new one. Just no. It’s enough to make me not want to use the list. As for making a shopping list, being forced to choose how many pounds I’m picking up of individual produce is irritating. Just give me a button to “add to list,” default it to 1 lb (with ability to change it if you want to) or qty 1. Basically as a user you want to have to touch an app as few times as possible to get your task done, and in this area they’ve missed the mark. A couple hundred taps just to make a shopping list is A LOT. I’m sure it’ll get better with future updates.
  • Absolutely the BEST food store shopper app!

    By Appreciative music lover
    Loaded with shopping features that do not exist on other food store apps. The Shopping List is the best. You can keep your weekly routine food purchases stored there and Sprouts revises the price if its on or off sale- now that really works for any dedicated shopper. If so easy to search items, individually or in each department. This allows you to shop sections in the store and no exactly what is available and on sale. Super easy and amazingly cost efficient. No other food store app (conventional or healthy focused) offers these features This app clearly show Sprouts shoppers that the Sprouts coronation cares enough for their shoppers to provide them with a great shopping app. By the way - I was not paid or do I work for the company.
  • Visual Design and Accessibility

    By yeetleyeet
    I love what the sprouts app does, but I don’t I don’t really love how I have to get there. It’s a little difficult to navigate. Design really should be reconsidered. No drastic change to the concept, just maybe more easily discernible buttons and tabs. Also having to scroll to the right to get to the digital coupon button is slightly annoying. The side bar is a little strange because you could easily put all those options on the front. I would highly suggest if you did place all buttons on front for the option to be to scroll up and down not left to right. This is what most people are used to when using the most frequented apps like Facebook and instagram. Lastly, the handwritten-like font is not quick to read. I get the whole farmers market vibe, but for an app it needs to be something a little more simple to the eye. As far as use, it’s kind of awesome. I definitely find myself looking for and using new coupons and the hello savings offers. Never use the grocery list option though. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
  • Not Customer friendly

    By Acusimm
    Disappointed that the one thing we came for tonight - you didn’t have - have asked - for the turkey & they had none - asked for a little less than $10 worth & was told that if they gave me less of the turkey - - the turkey - that I didn’t take ~ they would have to throw it away⁉️ - thst was last time - another time - I pointed out that they had the wrong price - on our favorite ice cream that’s only made with coconut - & no dairy & I’m told - they will fix the price - tomorrow - & I’ll have to pay more for it - that evening - or come back tomorrow⁉️🙄 to get it - after they fix the price‼️ Really⁉️ I wanted them to order a flavor of yogurt & was told that’s what they have - unless I want to order a case of it - like 24 of them⁉️ just Not very customer friendly⁉️‼️ very disappointed - when I went to use the App on my phone - & have it be scanned ~ the manager asked me ~ if I had clicked on anything - I said -“ No” & he said then Don’t bother - you aren’t getting any discounts - don’t waste my time - just not a nice attitude‼️ if you call it sprouts - how come there are no sprouts to buy⁉️at least have some growing in the front of the store or something⁉️
  • Most frustrating app ever

    By dancebarns
    I have tried to use this app twice. Every time I go to a new page I am told I need to sign in. I started shopping and hadn’t signed into the app. There was a coupon available and when I tried to use it I was instructed to sign into the app. I signed in, and my shopping list was lost. I started the shopping list over, and I was able to select items I had purchased before. I selected the items I wanted, and went to the SHOPPING section of the app so I could add to the list. I was now instructed to sign in again with Instacart. I can’t seem to get in there, and now I don’t know where my current list is. I give up. It’s a shame because I really like Sprouts but with COVID only do store pickup and since I can’t seem to get the app to work I will just forgo shopping here. Also, the last time I was actually able to finish shopping-it took at least three tries then too-I found the search engine extremely difficult to use. One time I could find the Frozen Foods search area, but later when I tried to find it the app wouldn’t go back. So disappointed because I really love Sprouts selection.
  • Lots of improvements

    By aprkasinova
    I feel like the app developers are really listening to its users. It’s much more effective and easier now to navigate through the weekly ads, and the “Home Store” feature no longer asks me what my preferred store is every time I revisit the app. Still not in love with every flavor of every everything listed one by one...it’d be great to have items with multiple flavors perhaps listed on a new page or pop-up window, if you were to click on that item, if that makes sense. Since I know absolutely zero about app development, that very well could sound ridiculous. Also...I usually don’t need to know how many pounds of anything I’m buying, so I wish I could avoid adding the quantity when populating the list. It’s a nice feature to have and I can see the value if you do need a specific quantity, but it just adds extra work to the task so I’d love to see it be optional. Still, great job! Thanks for listening to us.
  • Disgruntled about your App

    By Shutterullz
    I’ve tried emailing you guys so that I didn’t have to write this bad review but I can’t seem to get my point across with emails so let’s see if you take care of the app now. The save $10 promotion is not working properly. I had initially emailed you about the app not keeping track of my purchases so that I could use the $10 savings. I did receive a response and the issue was resolved; the app worked temporarily. Now my app always shows that I’ve earned a $10 credit which is great for me but not for Sprouts. I don’t spend $100 every time I shop at your store. I don’t believe you intended for me to be able to take $10 off every time I shop at Sprouts. Unlike before now the app is not resetting back to 0 after I use the credit that I’ve earned. I also sent an email about this issue on 10/8. On 10/16 I had to email asking for someone to respond to my email from the 8th. The response I received today, in short, says that the promotion is working correctly... so I guess I will continue to use my $10 credit.
  • Digital Ad link not working

    By MimeX2
    Normally this app works well, a little glitchy sometimes but does what I need by pulling up a digital weekly ad and I can create a shopping list easily from it. The last 2-3 weeks, the digital ad link has not worked regardless of the device I use (iPad 6thgen or iPhone XR both running up to date OS). Also tried taking the long way by using the regular ad, clicking on an item to get to the digital ad button there but an individual item’s digital ad button is also not working. It appears the digital ad hasn’t been loaded at all. I would like to see the digital ad be a default setting and/or a choice to automatically display. Couldn’t care less about seeing the regular ads since it takes multiple steps from there to add it to a shopping list. Hope the digital ad gets resolved soon or I will likely skip my regular trips to Sprouts. I do my shopping lists religiously to prevent over/under buying and this is a deal breaker for me.

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