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  • New version: 8.4.0
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Menards® is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Menard, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Menard, Inc., with the latest current version being 8.4.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 148 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.68243 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Download the Menards® Mobile App today to shop, access your account and take advantage of helpful and convenient tools! Save BIG Money ® anywhere you go! • Create and edit your personal or business account easily; switch from a personal account to a business account right in the app • Add and edit your payment methods securely • Apply for, view or make payments on your Menards® Big Card account in the Credit Center • Quickly check your Menards® gift card balances • . Find all the information you need and shop smart with Buying Guides • Scan barcodes to see product details fast MY LISTS Keep all your project, wish and shopping lists organized. Create and edit lists to help make your projects and shopping experience faster, easier and more convenient. ORDER TRACKER Keep an eye on the shipping progress of your store and online orders. STORE DETAILS/MAPS Find all store information and use the product locator maps to plan your trip to any Menards® store location. WEEKLY ADS View Menards® flyers full-screen and shop our deals with ease. It's as easy as browsing the weekly specials in your local newspaper. PRODUCT CALCULATORS Estimate the amount of a variety of products you will need for your project with handy product calculators. RAY’S LIST Browse Ray’s List to score the best bargain deals for unclaimed special orders, store display models, slightly dinged and dented products, and clearance merchandise. DOOR VISUALIZER Visualize a wide variety of Menards® doors and other products in your home before you buy. You can save and compare your options until you find the perfect product to complement your home’s existing decor. GIFT REGISTRY Take advantage of the Gift Registry Center to easily find or manage registries. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Stay in the know with notifications pushed directly to your device. You can receive notifications on order statuses, new weekly flyers and flash sales, and events happening online and in-store. HOW-TO VIDEOS Learn how to complete a variety of projects with our large archive of How-To Videos.

Top Reviews

  • Stop force update!

    By WhiteRavenMN
    I like that you can search and locate items in a store with this app. In fact, that’s my only reason to use the app. And I HATE, HATE, HATE that every time I’m in the store, looking for an item, I have to update the app to use it. And there goes my data... and for what? Minor UI update? Why do you have to deprecate the previous version and force us to update every dang freaking time?! I don’t get it: did you ship something earlier that is compromising the integrity of my phone? Either you did, and shame on you, repeatedly, or you did not and NOT every single update you post is so important that I absolutely need to update right here right now on my data plan just to find an item in your store. Please think of your users.
  • Takes forever to load results

    By Busy Mom 999
    Searching for 32 x 20 basement windows it starts it’s spinning deal and it spins an spins then then errors out and says try again later I tried again later and did the same thing. Also don’t spell a word wrong search results come back zero. Another thing is Menards item descriptions are usually different then Home Depot and Lowe’s and you can’t use the same description or comes back with zero results or something you didn’t even search. Whether at home or in the store have same issues. Only reason I keep the app on my phone is to find out if it’s 11% off week an then after the rebate it’s the same price or close to Home Depot or Lowes everyday price.
  • Waste of Time

    By AppleChucker
    Why type anything? It would be redundant. So many others have echoed the complaints that are seemingly ignored...or worse, the concerns app users have mentioned so often in those complaints, are left unchanged “for a purpose” (not too hard to “figure out”). “NO PRICES DISCLOSED INTHE SEARCH RESULTS* LIST” “PRODUCT REVIEWS ARE DISTURBINGLY OMITTED” “SEARCH ALGORITHMS SHOW ITEMS OUTSIDE OF THE SEARCH PARAMETERS” Speculation. Which is worse? -If they don’t know how to program search algorithms? Or if “slow sale items, elsewhere in the store” show up in search results. “Hypothetically, of course...”! -Prices in cart only. No different than not knowing in-store until the cashier is scanning your purchase. -No reviews. Are shoppers “suckers” if there is no disclosure that some items have complaints about common defects and/or repairs/returns and they don’t find out until they buy it and take it home? Is it CONVENIENT during these recent days of restrictions and “shelter at home” TO EVEN MAKE A RETURN TRIP TO THE STORE?! (...listen. Crickets. That’s all we hear after typing these..)
  • Search function is hot garbage

    By Sterling757
    Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the app to search for a product and confirm that Menards carries it for making the trip over? Well, that would require search functionality that this app has never been able to muster. It’s almost like the search purposely brings up randomized product results. Searching for galvanized deck screws? Here’s 3,246 results - 6 are screws (not galvanized) and 42 are galvanized items but not screws but hey, are you sure you didn’t mean aluminum rivets, spray paint, birdseed or 6” PVC pipe? Trust me, it’s faster and less confusing to just drive to the store and take your chances.
  • Needs Dark Mode

    By Waterfish333
    Overall, good app that shows products in the store, and their location. Have this app open pretty much every time I go to Menards. One glaring omission is a lack of night / dark mode. I know it sounds dumb on the surface, but more of us are realizing staring at a white background isn’t good or easy on the eyes, where as a black background with white / gray text is much, much nicer. So many apps have that feature now, please implement it on this one and the app is pretty much perfect.
  • Okay

    By Samquebe
    If you want to know if it’s in store, this app is great. But if you want to find it in store... hit or miss. Most other stores’ apps tell you the aisle and bay the item is in. Menards gives you an approximation of where it’s at on a map. And it’s wrong sometimes.
  • Not so great.

    By Motorola User
    This app is difficult to use unless you know exactly what you’re looking for WORD FOR WORD. If not, you’re going to find everything you don’t need. As for the shopping cart, if you close the app then come back is multiplies your items by two. So if you’re not careful you’ll pay twice as much for your items, and have fun with the return process that kills anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour of your time.
  • Not Available

    By Goldie Ret.
    I shop at the Findlay store and at least half of the items I am looking for is never available at this store, example FLY TRAPS, it tells me to check another store when I could go down to Walmart and get the same item, SO WHAT GIVES, I can’t even get the lumber that I need but Lowe’s has it. The company has gone down hill over the last few years and there Tech. people don’t know how to build a web site that works.
  • Not sure what everyone is complaining about

    By 👨jake
    Has a lot of useful tools like item location in store, the ad, and you can also make lists. It’s not totally perfect, but exceeds my expectations.
  • Location of products is terrible

    By My company recommends this?
    I love Menards but the app drives me crazy. I can’t stand wandering around the store looking for items I already picked out on the app. As often as not, I have to give the sku to the employees so they can look it up on their computer. Your competitors’ apps show the aisle and bay and I can walk write up to it. Your app gives a “general location”.

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