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  • New version: 5.3.7
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Clover is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Clover Network, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Clover Network, Inc., with the latest current version being 5.3.7 which was officially released on 2021-03-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 35,978 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.88223 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Clover lets you earn rewards at your favorite local businesses. Visit a participating spot, introduce yourself, and collect points to earn perks. Skip the line and place mobile orders for pickup right from the app. How it works: We designed Clover to be fast, friendly, and out of the way. When you check into one of your favorite spots, Clover lets the merchant know that you're in the house. Just mention your first name when you make a purchase, and you'll be on your way to earning perks — no scanning of codes or fussing with gadgets at the counter. We've recently added mobile ordering capabilities, so you can skip the line and pick up your order. Look for the "Order Ahead" tab or shopping bag icon at participating businesses.

Top Reviews

  • Works without many bugs, but lacks some basic functionality/explanation.

    By Earth Versus Soup
    There doesn’t seem to be a way to “favourite” stores or set one as your default location. This means that *even though I only visit one store that uses this system*, I have to search for the shop every single time I use the app. If there is a way to do this? Hell if I can find it. The system is often slow to sync, the interface is obtuse/counterintuitive, and there is a limit with how many points you can earn/redeem in a day that legitimately messes with my ability to use the account correctly. Basically... I use this app because I *have* to, not because I *want* to, and I find it to function reasonably well but also so lacking in what seem like they should be very basic features that I cannot recommend it. Some manner of tutorial is lacking and ESSENTIAL for an app as counterintuitive as this one, for example.
  • Avoid this app & any retailer that uses it

    By Kitty cat2
    Prepare for the shock of your life! This app is horrible and so is the customer support. They never tell you the app can be used either when you’re signed in or not. I accumulate points not signed in. They are “registered” I see the tickets accumulating. One day the cashier at my smoothie store says you really should sign in. Ok, I go create an account AND IT DOESNT INCORPORATE ANY OF THE POINTS I HAVE ALREADY ACCUMULATED! I complain to the establishment and they are no help. They call Perka on my behalf, put me on the phone with a woman with a severely nonchalant attitude who swears she has no idea what I’m talking about. The only retailers who would use this app can’t afford to be connected with better service apps which are out there. Perka is the pits. Deleting off my phone and finding a new smoothie place.
  • Recent Improvements are Great

    By OhioGuyShaun
    As a retailer I began using Perka about a year ago. At the time it was unbelievably terrible and I had published an awful review about the entire program. Over the last six months they have made significant advances. There are still some glitches, but Clover is continuously working to improve and I’m so happy that we stuck it out through the rough patch. This tool has proven to be very valuable to both us and our customers. I’ve gone from one star to four stars. I am optimistic that soon I’ll be confident enough to say this is a 5 star program!
  • Watch iOS no longer works

    By TzTerri
    Opening it on my watch gives the message “Please open clover on your iPhone” and it is open. Tried deleting the phone app and reinstalling it. That fixed it for a few minutes and now it’s back to the error. Tried force quitting the watch app. Tried removing and reinstalling the watch app.
  • No support for Apple Pay via app

    By Seattle30
    At the store I can use Apple Pay to purchase but through the clover app I am required to store my CC. Believe it's 2020, and still they use the archaic methods of taking payment that aren't really as secure. Can I trust them to not lose my CC number and info? Probably not. Not sure why, but they should allow Apple Pay and Google Pay like Square. Wish they were as tech savvy as other payment systems. Given that we are more remote shopping these days, makes me less inclined to purchase goods from the vendors that requires me to use this old idea...
  • Make check in automatic please!

    By RedByrdRider
    Clover rewards is great except the app must be front and center before it registers at the merchant . Why can’t it be backgrounders where it shows me checked in anytime I enter a merchant for a minute or two. It helps clients by not missing points and also merchants by seeing who came in and either bought or didn’t ..
  • Wonderful

    By Reggie-ATL
    Finally open where u get to try this spot. Very open and clean! Kitchen area fully visible! Excellent they have the option of fried wings or oven roasted! Plenty of flavors for me to try ( and I plan too). Another wonderful thing is that they aren’t trying to kill there customers, by having the hot wings, melt styrofoam. They provide wings in a paper material box, wonderful!
  • Worst app I use

    By terrible@pp
    I hate this app. I only use it because my local coffee shop gives you points you can redeem for cash off your purchases. First of all, I had a lot of difficulty being able to put my codes in and would go round and round thru the app just trying to find where to enter it. Then, with the newest upgrade, it lost all my points and it says that they have neither my phone number nor email! I am so mad! How the hell did I have an account without my phone number or email?! I will definitely be giving my feedback to the coffee shop about this.
  • Great APP

    By MrWThompson68
    The APP works great, the ability to use part or none of your points and the ability to use receipts when you do not have your phone is great. The only limitation is the number of participants, but then again the businesses need to be willing to give rewards to make the APP work, so you really can not blame the APP for that.
  • 💜❤️💜 this app...BUT!

    By MsPurple-ABW
    I would give it 5 stars, but the reports feature doesn’t work! If I try to put in a date range (<2 weeks) or any range, it just spins. Even if I select one of the links that show a date range. It is so frustrating because this used to work great. I could easily compare by going to a range last year. Please fix! UPDATE....this issue has gotten even worse! Please put this at the top of your list to fix!!

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