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  • New version: 7.6.0
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Stop & Shop

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Stop & Shop is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, with the latest current version being 7.6.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5,204 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.00769 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The best of online and in-store shopping — Stop & Shop® is here for you now more than ever. We've enhanced our digital grocery shopping experience to help keep your family safe and comfortable. NEW: One App for Pickup, Home Delivery & In-Store Shopping • Order your in-store favorites for home delivery. Contactless delivery keeps you and your family safe. • Or choose convenient curbside grocery pickup at your local store. • Spend less time in the store by planning ahead with digital coupons and our weekly ad. • Sign in to access your Stop & Shop® Card any time. Lots of Rewards Are Waiting, No Matter How You Shop • Earn 1 Stop & Shop® Go Rewards™ point for every $1 spent online or in store • Redeem points for fuel and grocery savings and special partner offers. So. Many. DEALS! • Shop coupons, your local weekly ad, specials and much more right from the app. • Save it all to your account and automatically redeem. Experience the Mobile App In Store, Too! • Sign in to access your Stop & Shop® card and save it to your phone's wallet. Scan the digital card in store to use your clipped coupons and rewards. • Experience the enhanced Deli Order Ahead — stop waiting in game-day Deli lines. Your satisfaction is our #1. Our family always takes care of your family like our own.

Top Reviews

  • Great App!

    By Alkel
    I shop at Stop & Shop weekly and go through the coupons on the app weekly. Not sure where other reviewers are going wrong using the app. The coupons get loaded onto your Stop and shop card. If I load a coupon and use my card to buy that item, my sales receipt shows the discount. The cashiers do not have to apply any type of discount, etc. It won't show right away when I scan the item, it comes off once I start the check out process. Some people probably have an incorrect Stop and shop card loaded on their account. Not sure but it always works for me. My only problem with the app is that the coupons aren't always the greatest. They do put a lot of coupons for free items too. Which is great to try something new. This app is definitely worth a try if you shop here.
  • List Envy

    By 57889993
    Developers need to implement the list system the last version had, specifically the ability to add custom items to any list. It’s great that I can “browse the aisles” virtually and add a specific brand of butter. But sometimes you just want to add “butter” to a list and get on with living your life versus scrolling for 2 minutes through pages of butter product and still not find the one you’re looking for. The old feature, allowing you to tap/circle a weekly flyer item and have it automatically populate your list was fantastic. From what I’ve read in reviews, that’s missing from the new version as well? I will comment on one positive feature, being able to look at your shopping history and add previously purchased items to a list for re-purchase. But the list system is broken by contrast to the old app and competitor apps. Feels like a lazy job overall in that the app is basically the existing website ported over to mobile. It all looks new and slick, but if you can’t manage a simple list function with the new system, then I have no use for it.
  • Time consuming, faster to look through the flyer

    By LisainCT
    This app would be nice if it worked well. Problems: You can’t walk in the store and select coupons as you shop. You have to select them the day before in order to be sure they will be in affect by the time you get to checkout. Coupons are listed in any old order so it’s difficult to find any without viewing the entire list. Olay coupons are nestled in with Tide and Prego, come on developers, at least list them in some sort of order—all the Tide products should be listed together—this week we see a tide product listed every 5-10 items. Alpha order would be helpful if you can do departments. A dollar amount of “expiring soon” is on the main page. I believe it’s the total amount of all coupons that will be expiring “soon”. I don’t find that particularly helpful and a waste of prime real estate on the screen. Tell me details about my gas point expiration.
  • Please

    By Ckinsella
    Wow what a bunch of impatient crybabies we all are. They are updating the app and it seems to be a major change. So for Stop & Shop we will now get the store sale prices which were always better than Peapod Of course there will initial issues during the transition. I have lost no rewards points, I was actually given 100 more. The fact that everything was not 100% correct in the first 22 hours of a huge system switch is no reason to have hysterical reactions Chill out people
  • Horrible, virtually unusable

    By DEP845
    You should look at you competitors apps. Have you tried looking at your flyer on a phone. There should be the option of looking at a list by departments, and not take you to the flyer page. Also the main thing you sell is groceries, so that is all just 1 category. I want to see canned goods, meat, breakfast, etc. I end up giving up and waiting to find a flyer. The only use I have for it is coupons and my card. You can't scan smoothly. I drag on the screen and get all the way to the end of my travel before it starts to move. It doesn't scan 1-1. One full swipe and you get may 1/3 scan eventually. It isn't smooth I go to my shopping list and can't see my coupons. Look at Shoprite's new and old apps. The old is great for a quick scan for sales by departments. The new is fantastic for coupons and items because you can select them and see just what the sizes and what items they apply to are.
  • Valued customers?? I don’t think so

    By not so valued customer
    My entire family has been stop and shop customers all of my life (54 years old). If I’m such a “valued customer” why do I have to jump through hoops to get coupons or sale prices? The idea of the app is great but it seems every time I use it I get so frustrated that it isn’t worth the money I’m saving. Why can’t “valued customers” automatically get sale prices like every other store does? I go through the trouble of selecting the coupons I want to use and after I check out I realize that I didn’t get credit for any of them. I got a notification about a free Friday item , went to the app and spent 10 minutes trying to find it and load it to my card. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I didn’t end up getting the free item and wasted 10 minutes getting frustrated for nothing. Maybe it’s time to find a supermarket that is less stressful
  • Does the trick but is slow

    By Stonefish1
    This app does what i need it to do - order groceries online - fairly well. The problem is that browsing the aisles is a chore. When you tap a selection when browsing aisles, the app takes a few seconds to respond. In that time, there is no indicator that you actually made the selection, so you might be inclined to tap again or put your finger on the screen and slide to make sure it was still responding. But the app did register that you made a selection, and now it has registered that you made a selection (now, two selections) and ignores the first. So you go back and try again, 5-10 seconds to respond to each entry. Then once you finally get to the “frozen blueberries” subsection, nothing loads. Blank! Frustrating.
  • many obvious small fixes needed

    By kurtispj
    Cant see coupons by date added is the big one, but other problems include: “Load Coupons worth $100’s of savings directly to your Stop & Shop Card -Hundreds of coupons, no clipping required.” There’s totally clipping required. You have to select what coupons load when you scan your phone. Also, you can’t remove a coupon you don’t want to use anymore until it expires. This expiration date is sometimes months later, I don’t need an accidental $.30 off coupon for a seasonal misclick staring me in the face constantly Guess I shouldn’t complain about money saved. They have a decent selection and nice people, so you’d think stop n shop could make better than this .... slopp app, but said British so it rhymes with itself and stop n shop
  • The worst

    By Alli4NF
    The old version was bad enough In that you had to load coupons a day prior and spend time going through tons of coupons to fix the ones you want if they are even there - who has time for that. Now with the new version, you have to clip coupons but then how do they get applied. It seems like it is for ordering online and picking up your order only. How about a tutorial on how to use the new app. No one in the store knows how to get the coupons. It’s ridiculous waste of time and extremely frustrating. They probably make it so frustrating so You end up paying full price. I’ll just go to shop rite instead. It’s out of my way but I rather just use my card and get the price adjustment without all the hassle. Make it easier for customers stop and shop not harder. Been a customer for 20 years I’m done.
  • upgrade no good

    By suzutzu
    pls go back. this new app is horrible it is not intuitive it take triple clicks than before to add somethg to a list - and so many other negatives that i would be glad to share feedback with someone. it seems to be heavily based on the ONLINE shopping experience as opposed to the coupon, list “in store” experience. which is what i do. which is why i think it now stinks. it’s as if you took peapod and joined it with the old st n sh app, u get a glorified peapod under a new name but all the ease of use of the original st n sh app is completely gone. so disappointed. you're loosing a regular customer in this because acme just updated their app and it is so much better and easier. i have both stores equal distance from me and honestly i find myself going there more now. again i’d be happy to go thru my thoughts in detail with someone.

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