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Great Clips Online Check-in

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Great Clips Online Check-in is an iPhone and Android Lifestyle App, made by Great Clips. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Great Clips, with the latest current version being 4.9.5 which was officially released on 2020-05-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 36,416 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.81072 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

FEATURES Online Check In: See current wait times at Great Clips hair salons near you. Check in before arriving at Great Clips for your haircut. Once you are on the list, you shouldn't have to wait as long at the salon. Haircut Reminder: Create a profile and set up a haircut reminder at the interval you prefer. Now you don't have to remember when it's time for a haircut, we'll do it for you! Save your salon favorites: Create a profile and select your favorite salons to save even more time in the future when you check in. Create a profile: Sign up and consent to agree to receive great informational and promotional emails. HOW ONLINE CHECK IN WORKS 1. Tap the big blue button to go to the map and see Great Clips salon locations with current wait times. Location services must be turned on to see salons near you. If not, you can search by postal code or city. 2. Tap the salon where you want to check in. 3. Enter your name and phone number. If you’re bringing friends or family, tap the + to select the number of guests. Tap the 'Check Me In' button. Now that you are checked in, it’s time to get the quality haircut experience that you deserve! Estimated wait times assume you are getting the next available stylist when you check in. All Great Clips stylists are licensed, cosmetologists or barbers. You can request a stylist upon arrival at the salon but, if you do so, your wait may be longer. For safety and privacy reasons, we do not publish stylist schedules through the App.

Top Reviews

  • Great service but app needs some tweaking

    By rachael_9667
    I have visited the same salon for years, but only recently started using the app. I don’t know if it’s saving me time or mostly saving them time, but one thing that is desperately needed is a way to request a specific stylist. In our case, it would be helpful to AVOID a specific stylist who was horrible to my young son, made him cry, flatly refused to read or replicate his previous haircut instructions and instead grabbed a pair of clippers and shaved massive amounts of hair off before I jumped up to stop her. She was extremely rude to me when I was nothing but pleasant to her, even as she was condescending and argumentative. There needs to be an option to select “first available” if a customer doesn't care who cuts their hair or a drop down list (of each stylist working at that time) so customers can request to wait for one in particular. We won’t be back until that function or option is available because I value my family’s well-being and intentionally inflicting trauma on them isn’t ok. Great Clips might operate on the idea that “anyone can do it” but the truth when dealing with the uncertainty of human attitudes and abilities is that not everyone will.
  • Service

    By S911S
    I have been going to the Winchester store since they opined. Prior to that I went to the location in Tullahoma next to Peebles. At BOTH locations I was ALWAYS greeted when I walked in, and told about how long the wait would be. The wait was NEVER longer than I was told when I arrived. I have gotten to know several stylists over the years and we keep up to date on events and families during visits. I LOVE the app and the convenience of checking in. I wish there was a way of knowing what stylists are working that day. There are a couple that I have gotten to know but they are off when I come in. I understand there may be a safety issue with posting names. It would just be nice if I could go when my favorites are there. However, EVERYONE is friendly and professional. I wouldn't think of going to a different salon. {{{ GREAT JOB EVERYONE }}}
  • Dennis Perrine

    By L55D47
    Today this place give me a great hair cut. Yesterday was a different story. Yesterday I checked in on the App, it said I had a 31 min. wait. That’s cool I check in on the App. I took my time getting to the shop at 159th and 69 Highway in Overland Park Kansas. Got there I was the First name on the list, there was only two people cutting hair. Two people were getting hair cuts one person waiting. By the time they got to me ,I had been there about 45 minutes. Then a guy walk in and they told me he was next, I left the shop and I will not be back to that shop again. The shop I went to today was great I didn’t have to wait and they treated me with respect. The shop today was in Prairie Village Kansas. Someone needs to talk to the manager at yesterday’s shop. It’s such a nice shopping center but bad customer service.
  • Frustrating

    By mr. jb7
    I’m theory this app should be very helpful, but I have had too many frustrations. Recently, I planned on going to the salon after work. I kept an eye on the wait time in the hour leading up to when I would leave, and the wait time remained under 10-min, which I thought was good. I didn’t want to check in too early, because sometimes my check-in expires in as little as 30-mins which has happened to me several times. (The employees even told me that the drop-off time is not consistent but can be as early as 30-min). Anyways, I was going to be leaving soon, and so I checked in, with the wait-time estimated to be 15-min. Perfect. I arrived almost exactly 15-min later, and they told me that several of their stylists just left and my wait time will be an additional 20-min. Really?? This isn’t the first time I have had this happen. It would be one thing if I could check in 30-60 minutes in advance so that my spot is reserved on the list, but the fact that my check-in could randomly expire before I arrive is pretty stupid. And regarding employees leaving, this should be accounted for either by having the software factor this into their estimations, or by staggering the departure times for employees, or by allowing employees to stick around if there is a long queue in the waiting list. I have been frustrated far too many times and I am ready to be done with Great Clips.
  • Time left on app = different than in shop

    By bJAKEd
    This app needs better time structure. I checked in to the app and it told me 36 minutes till haircut, so I went home and periodically checked the app to make sure I was on time. I checked back the first time and it said 25 minutes left, then 18 minutes left, then 8 minutes left, and finally 1 minute left. I then went to the great clips location and they informed me that I was first in line for the past 20 minutes and so I was booted from the queue. I now am behind 4 people and have a 25 minute wait....... while waiting for my first check in, I had push notifications turned on and was checking the app every several minutes and still I got no notification inside the app or from the push notifications that I was first in line. There must be a way inside the app that it tells you when it bumps you because there was no way of me knowing it was time to come in! That is until they took me off the queue.
  • Easy to understand and use

    By Asilmser
    Easy to understand and use. You choose the Salon from a map with wait times displayed for each, choose the number of people to check in, arrive within the estimated window, and you are usually number 1,2,or 3 on the list. It’s not an exact science, because haircut times, staffing, and other factors can affect the estimates. As long as people realize they might have to wait a LITTLE BIT (0-20 min), this is a great system. Way better than walking in and hoping for the best. On rare occasions, the system goes down or something odd happens with the app update, but I’ve been using it since shortly after it came out and only had that happen a couple of times. I always feel bad for the walk-ins who have not checked in online.
  • App saves so much time!

    By Medreeze
    First and foremost, my stylist, and the entire team at the Avondale fiesta store are awesome, engaging, and full of positive energy. As for the app, it is a MUST! You can check in a whole hour before you plan on getting there. And when you arrive you are most likely at the front of the line. It is advantageous to those on the move, balancing time around errands, that you’ll begin to laugh under your breath when the stylist asks arriving customers if they’re checked in online only for the customer to reply no. The time saved is priceless! You’ll see your wait, if it’s short you can go immediately. If it’s long you can take your time getting there knowing your place in line is reserved.
  • Need to extend the amount of time an online check-in is held for

    By JHAZ69
    I checked-in yesterday via the app & when I arrived, my reservation had been removed because it took me "too long" to get there. You need to extend the time that an online check-in is held for. Also, factor into the wait calculation the stylists schedule, not just how many are on the floor at the time of the reservation! I checked to one location that was 19 minutes and by the time I arrived 15 minutes later the wait should have been about 4 min, right? Wrong, 2 stylists had just left and now the wait was 38 more minutes. So, I check the app again and another store 2 miles away was only 5 minute wait. By the Time I got there it was 14 minutes; a stylist had just clocked out again and left with 5 people in the waiting area and a total of 9 checked in. Or, the stylists should stay until the que has gone down; not leave with 10 customers in line...
  • Who cares?

    By .,.,l.,k,.,
    I called in and was placed on their wait list and when I arrived I checked in with my phone number and waited a short time for my turn. My name was called and the hairdresser read off my desired hair cut, she thought, I said I don’t know what a #3 is but, I would like it cleaned up or something to that effect AND then it went down hill. I jumped out of the chair and shouted, “That’s not me!” as the young lady took a huge chunk of hair off the side of my scarp just above my ear. I found out then what a #3 was. Apparently, there was another person with the same name as mine who was also waiting. I was in a wedding in 2 days. “It won’t grow back that soon” she said. That’s when I chucked the chair through their window (not really). It was the manager’s comment that worsened the ‘mistake’ and really caused me to overheat. I was standing in the middle of their salon, still wearing the apron, while three of them were at the counter trying to figure out why I was getting a ‘buzz’ cut as everyone else in the salon looked on curiously. Then the manager walks over and says to me, “Are you ready!?” Am I ready? I sure don’t think I looked ready to sit back down in ‘that’ chair. Maybe an apology would have been more effective. I know I would have felt a ‘ting’ better. (Am I ready?!) A long story: (Just make sure they know who you are.)
  • Awful app, great haircuts

    By Levieten 3
    This review is split in two. First criticism of the app. Second suggestions. The haircuts are great but this app is awful. The reminder feature has never worked. Each time I click remind it pops up a box “opps something went wrong. Please try again” I’ve tried several time to leave feedback on the app itself when it asks for a review it pops up a box “Too many characters. Please try again.” This same box pops up no matter how many characters you leave. Even when you place just one letter. Suggestions: I wish it had more functionality. 1) I want to see my profile. Maybe a tab where I could see the cut they give me and the notes they left for the next stylist. 2) I wish I could submit a picture for the stylist to view when they pull up my profile. 3) There could also be a tab to view all kinds of haircuts and styles, like the books they have that way when you go into the shop you already know what you want and can show it to the stylist. 4) What if it sent you a notification when they had the 5.99 cuts sale going on. 5) It would also be neat to view the last date you checked in. This app has a lot of potential but it doesn’t utilize any of it. I have had the app for a while and to be honest it seems like the same app as when I first downloaded it. Nothing really new.

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