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  • New version: 2020.09.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Schoology is an iPhone and Android Education App, made by Schoology, Inc.
. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Schoology, Inc.
, with the latest current version being 2020.09.2 which was officially released on 2020-09-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 74,690 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 1.30734 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get the award-winning app that extends Schoology’s powerful learning management solution to your iOS device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more! With Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere.

Top Reviews

  • Good app, but a few bugs

    By spacehead10
    The website of Schoology is very good. It is useful for school, especially during coronavirus quarantine because we have to learn from home. However, the app is not as good as the website. When I check the notifications, it doesn’t show me the new ones. Even after refreshing, it still just shows the old notifications. Then, after it finally shows me the new ones, the “notifications” section still has a red dot on it. (Even after the most recent update) When I close the app, it still says that there are a bunch of notifications. I also have trouble accessing links sometimes. Also, when a link actually works, the website it goes to always shows up in a pop-up. It never shows up in an actual browser. Another problem is that it takes forever to upload a video, which is a problem when I’m trying to submit a recorded project. A summary of my review: The website is great, but the app needs some bug fixes. Edit: Most of the links work, but there are still a few that don’t work. I’m still having problems with the notifications. When I checked the app this morning, it said that I had over 50 notifications. I did the same things: open notifications, refresh, go back to home page, refresh, go back to notifications, refresh. I repeated this process several times and I think I refreshed the page about 10 times, but there were still 50. I had to restart my iPad and then refresh 3 more times to get rid of that 50. There is still 1.
  • bad system, terribly organized

    By anonymous18273627
    Schoology seems like a great app to use for school & everything going on this year especially with COVID-19, but is it really? All the students are having a hard time trying to figure out everything with it. The due dates are too small, you can’t delete submissions you didn’t mean to send, very unorganized, and doesn’t say the assignment are done even after you submit your response. This is a terrible way to have many students focus on school. The courses you are in show up alphabetically and not in order, which can be very stressful and hard on students who like to be organized or have OCD and need to have it a specific way. The notifications are on the home screen of the app, instead they should have each class, like google classroom, with the due date and time, so you can click the assignment and it’s easy. The folders in the course class are also very hard to understand. Instead of all the assignments popping up you should just be able to click a certain folder and open it and get what you need. Also, when submitting a Google Document or a Word assignment, the assignment gets all messed up when submitted, which can ruin your students grade. This school year, needs to be organized & easy, for all our online, in school, & hybrid students. This is not an organized app for any school to use. Too messy for anyone. Even the teachers are confused on everything. Terrible app. Not recommended.

    By Chilli Chloe 👌
    THIS IS TERRIBLE, I wish my school never would’ve switched to schoology, I wish we could’ve stayed with Google Classroom. The reason this app is terrible is because it is SO SLOW, and you have to click on so many things so many times to get to 1 thing, and it’s so infuriating. Also, one thing I hate is on the computer version, it never pulls up separate tabs. This is terrible because a lot of times I need more than one tabs open for schoology, say an assignment, a rubric, and a video. This is IMPOSSIBLE because everything you click stays in the same tab, so it’s so ANNOYING to have to keep clicking back to go to something you need. I constantly just have to have different schoology tabs open just for one class! Unlike classroom where tabs would actually open when they needed too, so it was easy to go back and forth from a doc to a slide. Also, when a teacher attaches a slideshow for my assignment, when I pull it up in “my document” it is so ridiculously small! I don’t have the best vision, so all day I’m just squinting my eyes trying to see what the heck I’m seeing on these tiny slides. Please make it so when you pull up the assignment, it’s bigger. Also, the app itself looks very bad, very pixelated. It’s only the 3rd week of using schoology and I am absolutely ready for it to be over, schoology has made learning the worst thing to do, and I hope that they try fixing their app with all of these 1 star reviews that they DO deserve.
  • An “app”, ha ha

    By 1()2()3
    I used all of my dang right information in this app. I double checked it to see any mistakes or errors, and saw none. So then I did all the other information stuff to get in to Schoology, but I come to a glitchy white screen that doesn’t take me anywhere. I needed the app for an assignment on my phone, because I tried to get an example of something so I could get help with my assignment. But I clicked example, and it said I needed to download the schoology app. I went to the App Store. When I saw schoology it had a 1.4 rating. I just downloaded this app without seeing any reviews. So I did my right information, then went back to the schoology place and it said I still needed to get the app. I wouldn’t actually call this a “learning material”, or an “app”. I would call it a trashy scam that needs to be fixed. Just make a HUGE update, like fixing how glitchy the app is, and etc. I un-downloaded the app, and so it was very hard to do my assignment. I had to have two computers in my face looking at a different one about every couple seconds. If the schoology app works, my assignment would’ve been a breeze. So don’t download this app. It’s a waist of you’re phone storage. So just use a, computer because it’s a million times better than the app. And it’s confusing to get on to. Probably we should create a new app that has a big similarity to schoology. But in the mean time, I’m going to call this app a piece of hot garbage, crap, and a scam.
  • Perfect for its intended purpose

    By Hejdnksnwhskdnmsjs
    I think that many of the reviews were written by misinformed individuals thinking that this app should be their sole tool to help them work through the semester. This is a fantastic app. It is NOT an app where you should be completing and turning in every assignment, and expecting it to work flawlessly. It is meant to be a helpful mobile tool to help find out what due dates are coming up, introduce you to newly posted assignments, and submit documents in a pinch. And for those purposes the app works fantastic. If you need to see the due dates neatly lined out for you, this is perfect. You would not expect to transfer money to a relative through your simple mobile banking app, but you may need to quickly check your bank balance, in which case a mobile app is perfect. This is not a full Schoology interface. You will need to have a laptop or desktop where you are working through the vast majority of your assignments, and this can be accomplished simply with a 100$ chrome book. Do not be misinformed this is by no means a full computer software, and the developers surely know this. This is a fantastic app, and it is even easier than the full website for many purposes. 5 stars.
  • From a parents point of view.

    By swirl456685
    As a parent, I am so disappointed by this app. The concept of this app is unacceptable. It’s unreliable and extremely unorganized. First off, the layout and organization of the app is just terrible. It makes it extremely difficult to read and understand the material given. It’s always such a hassle to first find the things I’m looking for. To add on to this, the app is constantly down. Whenever I go into the app, it always has nice some sort of issue going on. The content never loads and the app itself crashes when being in the app for short periods of time. I wanted to let you know it isn’t my WiFi nor do device I’m using it on. My phone is in very good condition and I’ve only had it for a couple months now. Im for-sure it has no bugs or viruses, and my WiFi is very strong and reliable. I’ve talked to professionals about this topic and they’ve always replied with, “it’s the app, not your WiFi”. To add on, my kids have had much trouble with this app. This includes posting, viewing, and finding information posted by their teachers. I’ve tried google classroom and it’s so much more organized and overall a better app. Once again i am extremely disappointed in this app. Do better next time. You’re truly, Debbie Miller
  • A Decent App

    By rlilly905
    I am a teacher and have been using the schoology app with my classroom set of iPads for several years now. Overall I have to say it has done a good job. I love the test/quiz feature, which allows me to get instant data on student learning so I can then take action armed with realtime knowledge of where the gaps are in student learning. My only complaints are with the updates. Most of the time I don’t even notice the updates because they make improvements. However, there have been a few instances where an app update felt more like a downgrade. One such update just came out. In the previous version when you opened links within a course, the link would open in a full page window. With the latest update the links are now loading in a mini window about half the size of the screen. So far, I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to make them full screen. This mini window makes viewing materials linked in schoology much more cumbersome as you are forced scroll to see different parts of the page. In addition, if you try to move the window around the screen it often triggers a refresh, which can erase work. I am not a fan of the update, but the overall app I really appreciate.
  • Terrible

    By LunarPWolf
    I have to use Schoology for most of my assignments and now school work, and it’s just terrible. Sometimes it logs me out, and signing back in takes up loads of time and confusion. I have to open the app multiple times before it actually loads my content. Just finding how to do everything is confusing. It’s pretty hard to figure out how to do this even with teacher assistance, so I don’t know how a kindergartner can manage using this app when a 5th grader can’t. Also the notifications. If my teacher updates his post saying something important about the assignment, I don’t want to know 3 hours from know, I want it now when it’s useful. I also have emails and notifications on for Schoology, so I don’t know why it doesn't work. When you go to notifications, I have to individually tap each post to get rid of the notification appearing, and getting 20+ notifications a day, that’s pretty hard to do. What else bothers me is that you can’t edit comments on things like posts and discussion boards. I don’t want to annoy everybody with 10 comments just because I forgot to add something to my answer, no, I just want to edit my comment so my teacher can fully understand what I’m trying to say. Overall, Schoology is just a terrible app.
  • Disappointed!

    By mandat03
    Im a student and my school requires Schoology to be used as the main program for distance learning. The website is always down or crashed for hours a day and am unable to access a lot of my work in the meantime. Also notifications from Schoology come way later than the posted time by the teacher. For example my teacher will post an assignment at 1pm but I won’t get the notification for it till 5pm. Good thing I check it every hour to avoid this, but most kids won’t. Update: I get no notifications at all from the Schoology app. Also, something I discovered is that I am not able to remove submissions from being submitted. Sometimes, my assignment does not import properly and it shows “revision 1” and I have no option to delete it and re-submit. Instead, once I re-submit it shows as “revision 2” and the teacher has to go through revision 1 first to get to revision 2 and see the proper assignment. It wastes time for them and is a inconvenience for me as well. I also do not like that the portfolios are not available in the app. Sometimes I need to check my portfolios and have to long in through safari on my phone. It is time consuming and is stupid if I need to check just one thing in my portfolio....
  • Terrible for a parent managing multiple children

    By SonjasonSoundCloud
    When my school district had to change to online learning in 2 days last spring thanks to Covid, they quickly switched to google classroom. While it had its learning curve, within just one week I had figured out how to manage my 4 children in 3 different levels (elementary, middle, h.s) via the “to do” page. I could check from my phone or computer and know in a glance whether my kids were staying on track. This year put district switched to Schoology and I’m having a HORRIBLE time. The “feed” clutters out the visibility of any upcoming assignments. Submitting assignments is clunky and not intuitive or flexible (now to submit a photo of a completed paper takes 5 steps instead of 2). Maybe my mind is more traditional— I hate Facebook because it isn’t neat or orderly/you never know when you’re “done.” Modeling a learning management app off of Facebook seems like a mismatch and the messiness of it shows (endless feed of interaction crowding out the “upcoming assignments” section so you can’t even see what’s incomplete.) We should have stuck with google classroom and I’m so angry they messed with a good thing. Any school districts checking this out, take it from a parent and stay away!

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