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  • Last Updated: 2020-03-23
  • New version: 19.15
  • File size: 32.37 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

PlayStation App

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PlayStation App is an iPhone and Android Entertainment App, made by PlayStation Mobile Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PlayStation Mobile Inc., with the latest current version being 19.15 which was officially released on 2020-03-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 54,664 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.61252 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

STAY IN THE GAME CONNECT TO PLAYERS AND GAMES Take your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go! Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, see who's online, and discover the latest titles on PlayStation Store. With PlayStation App, you can: • See which of your friends are online and what they're playing. • Receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations. • Customize your profile. • View progress and compare trophies. • Keep up with the latest activities from your friends and profiles you're following. • Get games and add-ons at PlayStation Store, and push them to your PS4 so they're ready when you get home. A Sony Entertainment Network account is required to use this app. A PS4 is required to use some of this app's features. Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: (

Top Reviews

  • Not as good as it used to be!

    By CoolGuyDennis
    The app itself has grown as far as U.I. For example, the Playstation Store is now easier to navigate and find, such as most everything in the app, but I give it such a low rating because, for me, the past version of this app had two really important features that kept me using this app often. The first feature is the where it allows you to turn on and off your PlayStation while connected to the same Wi-Fi as your PlayStation. I used to always do this when I was too lazy to get up and turn it off while I was laying in bed on my phone, but now this feature is gone. Not only this, but another feature with the ability to text other players and friends is gone as well. They have another app for these features, but it would be such an inconvenience to download two different apps to do the same thing you used to be able to do in one app, and thus this justifies my rating of the app. One star for one feature plus one extra star for the importance of the features.
  • Not a bad app but needs improvements

    By TheRealZcamYT
    This app is good but it needs improvements like if someone invites you to a party, and you don’t have a mic to connect to your controller. This is a repeating problem, but with my suggestion. It’s to add a function of joining your friends party or heck even having a function even having a mic setting and yet you can’t use it. Here’s another improvement that I suggest, Make sure that if you get an invite to the party, you can actually join the party and chat not giving us the option to get a mic. No doing that., just makes it a waste of time. Do the most good thing and do it. Don’t leave the people without mics. Make sure that they get the best gift from you Sony. Do these improvements and you won’t have a BAD rating. That’s why I’m giving Sony and the PlayStation app, a 3.5 stars. If you do these improvements I’ll even give you a 5.5 out of 5 for making the best app. So without furthermore I bid you a farewell.
  • 🤔

    The PlayStation app has lots of good features and helps me know when to play on PC or PlayStation. The big problem is that for user that doesn’t use the PlayStation app very often I often find myself signed out of the PlayStation app every update! Is insanely frustrating because I would love to be able to talk with people that are messaging me through my phone instead of having to turn on the PlayStation but I have to sign in again and again and sometimes my password doesn’t even want to work on here. The worst part about the app is that it’s separated from the other two core features of PSN! Communities and messages are both part of separate apps where as with Discord there are no separate apps for different features. Even Xbox is better than PS in this area. The PlayStation app needs to be turned into one app not three, And the app needs to calm down with its security settings. I’m not hosting a US nuke control server via PlayStation... or am I?
  • Needs some work.

    By Holly Cost
    I would have started at 4 stars and then given you 5, but I felt like you wouldn’t fix what I’m asking for. I think the UI is pretty good and works fine on iPhone X and I have few issues with it. BUT, there are 2 things I REALLY want changed and I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I think they would make the experience a lot better. 1.) On the PSN feature of the app, it is confusing to navigate. The part that is confusing is the back button. It is too hard to find and the X button kicks you out of PSN leaving you to start all over. This is annoying esp if you are shopping. 2.) I use the PS Communities app ALOT and I like to post photos. Offline! It would be nice if I could access my photo gallery from my phone, even if it meant being hooked up to WiFi and being in the vicinity of my PS4. Now, is that asking too much? If not, please change this. Thank you!
  • Poor quality

    By WILLL____
    When I first started using the PlayStation app it worked very well because I would only use it to check which of my friends were online when I was away. Now however I want to be able to look at what I have clipped on my PlayStation to be able to show people. But sadly that is not a feature on the PlayStation app. Another thing is that PlayStation makes 5 different apps (messages, second screen, vue, the actual PlayStation app and communities) when all these could just be one app. On top of this is have 3 of the above apps and every time there is a update I have to log back in on all 3 apps and go through 3 different spam tests which are just downright annoying. Finally when I go to access the PlayStation store I am taken to a website that for the most part is hard to work and confusing. In the end until Sony makes a better app that works well on iPhones and is all one big app I and many other users will be forced have limited use.
  • (Updated) Worked okay at first, completely bugged now

    By Kevinthegreatest8463
    Update: This app basically listened to me and many other who also made suggestions. As I said before, this app needs to be similar to the Xbox app but I believe they made a huge improvement beyond my expectations I have to say, it’s easy to use, clean, smooth, no more bugs, and an excellent app in general This app was working fine, even though it had its moments where it signs you out many times, now I can't even sign in anymore, i tap sign in, loads, and does not do anything. I believe they need to look at the Xbox app as a great example of a console app for your phone, everything is very clean and easy to function.
  • Good but not perfect

    By CarrollNewby
    Only thing the feed lacks is having people’s game clips saved and being able to download those clips from the app to our phone which is what Xbox allows and does. If it did that or could be added that would be great. Hopefully when the PS5 comes out the trophy system will improve showing progression, like when u got to get 10 of something have a meter, or say the amount I collected, so u know ur progress. Steam and Xbox both do this and that would be a cool add on which would affect this app as well. Also making messages and ps app one app would be nice. I hated that when Facebook did it and not a fan of having multiple apps to keep up with. Other than that, great job and I’m liking everything else that’s being done thanks PS peeps for the good times.
  • A Great Start

    By seanhsmith
    Finally, we can see who's online, add and message PSN friends, and control PS4 directly over the network. I would give this app 5 stars but there are two things I'd like to see before I do. First, it would be great if the app were universal and had an iPad-specific user interface. As of right now, it runs on an iPad but only as a "blown up" version of the iPhone app. Second, it should make use of push notifications for messages. Right now, the only way to know if you've received any messages is to manually start the app and check. If they add these two things, I'll change it to a 5-star review. UPDATE: This app used to be decent. Now, I have to sign in over and over and over again anytime I try to go to Family Management. If it weren’t for 1Password being able to fill in my login details quickly, this would be absolutely intolerable.
  • Bruh

    Have any of you people played the Empire City Night stage on Sonic Unleashed? Or the Eggman Empire Stage in that game? Of course in order to play Sonic Unleashed, you need to have a PlayStation Now subscription, right? I’m just playing on any stage and it always, EVERY SINGLE FRICKING STAGE, INCLUDING THE WEREHOG STAGES, it kicks me off because of my internet. I have perfectly, smooth, internet at my house(It’s AT&T internet, so I don’t if that’s the problem, I’m only 12). One moment it’s fine, 1080p 60fps, then it goes down to like 240p and less than, like 20fps. Again it might just be my internet but please look into it and try to see if anything can be fixed. This app is amazing by the way.
  • Sony secretly disabling ”Players you may know”

    By NickerPL
    The ”players you may know” functionality is no longer working, at least for me, both when using my ps4 & ps app in Europe. It used to always suggest around 40 people I might know but all of a sudden they all disappeared and now I’m hearing there isn’t anyone I might know. My guess is it has either something to do with the GDPR regulations being rolled out or with Facebook being under fire recently over privacy concerns (I’m assuming the ”Players you might know” feature worked using Facebook’s API in some way, and it’s now blocked) and having to bend on some policies to the European Union. It’s ridiculous a useful feature like that could go through I could best describe as a dark-deprecation in some regions and players aren’t informed it’s happening. It makes PSN and this app worse. Sony Twitter support wasn’t helpful at all and was elusive in their answers when asked about this. Shame.

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