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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-06
  • New version: 4.6.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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GameStop is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by GameStop. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - GameStop, with the latest current version being 4.6.3 which was officially released on 2021-03-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9,684 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.23977 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The all new GameStop App puts everything you love about gaming a touch away. GameStop is evolving its Shopping App with numerous functionality and feature updates to help provide our current and future customers with not only the best videogame shopping experience, but the richest gaming content ever delivered from a retailer perspective. Your personal information is collected and handled according to the GameStop Privacy Policy and can be found at The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides certain rights to residents of California and can be found at CCPA defines sale broadly and California residents may opt out of the “sale” of their personal information as outlined at

Top Reviews

  • Good app, but...

    By BetaPreacher
    It works great when I want to get to something quickly, but it acted funny when I went to buy something. I went to buy a game, and it said my card had an error, saying it basically wasn’t working. Now this is probably my error because I didn’t realize I didn’t have enough cash; however, when I realized it wasn’t working, I held off and let it be, but I got an email later on, saying it went through as a pending payment for the same order, saying it may charge me THREE times for the same order that said my card wasn’t working! It hasn’t gone through, but still, don’t make it go through as a pending payment and scare people of being possibly given a penalty for something that wasn’t 100% their fault.
  • GameStop Secretly Steals Your Points and Money

    By Megfgkkdjf
    Do not get the pro membership it is not worth it you will save a few bucks on pre owned games, but half the time those discs will not work and GameStop will not let you return the game even if you bought it on the same day. As a pro member your points will be secretly used for 5 dollar coupons as you increase more and more points. You will not be notified about this happening. I had a total of 109 thousand points all of which I was not able to use, since GameStop was stealing my points. I bought a Division 2 game and GameStop was giving ten dollars cash which goes onto the account (for buying the game); this too disappeared. Even if you try to deactivate this automatic funding of point it will be activated once you start earning enough points. Simply put, GameStop will do anything in order to keep them from losing they’re money - i.e. they will make sure you don’t get a free game, or discount, even if you’ve bought tons from the company and have been a long time member. The only plus about GameStop is that you can buy a cheap disc game quickly since this chain is placed around the country in convenience. I, for a fact, will be buying directly from Microsoft or Sony from this point forward, both of these companies are a lot more organized and customer service respondent.
  • Okay App but has glitches, needs work

    By Ike2100
    As a consumer I have had nothing but great experiences shopping at GameStop for all my video game related products and the team at the store I shop at is 5 Star Good! The app however is a different story and unfortunately the App isn’t fully functional and though it recently received an overhaul it still is not very consumer friendly and I have experienced numerous glitches and problems with the app! One issue that has been extremely frustrating as a consumer is that the “Pre-orders” tracking feature has not been working in I don’t know how many months! I can’t remember the last time I was able to track my pre-orders without having any issues! Currently, when I select “Pre-orders only” under the “My Orders” section of the app all I get is an error message that says “No connection to server” and as such the app is incapable of displaying my pre-orders :/ I have even had trouble placing orders through the app and instead have resorted to visiting the website or calling the store in such situations. Overall it has a decent interface but GameStop still needs to fix the functionality of the app!
  • App is extremely unreliable

    By Squeekyfoot
    This is my first ever app review which means you can see that there was something I clearly needed to get out of my system. Put plainly, this app is extremely unreliable and a complete waste of time. To be honest, I believe you should always start at Gamestop’s website to get what you need...definitely not this app. If you forget your password, and try to click the ‘send email’ link, you will be pointlessly mashing a dead button that never sends an email. Also, their error messages are extremely vague and don’t give you direct info on what went wrong. Lastly, I can never see my account reward info on this app—it seems to crash every time it tries to fetch this information. Just to explain that I’m not writing this out of a single, bad experience, I’ve been encountering these issues for months...even after updating. Usually 10/10 times I have to switch over to their website. I am a software developer myself, and I just wanted to say that the current release of this app is simply unacceptable. I love the Gamestop store and I enjoy my membership with them.. but to make lives harder for your members (instead of easier) is just bad for business.
  • GameStop

    By Mookie Da Goon
    Let’s be realistic, we all know we love GameStop but also hate them at the same time LOL ! The reason why i say we also hate GameStop is because their really cheap !!! A perfect example of this is i can buy a brand new game for example a Xbox game for $6o and let’s say i open the brand new game infront of them. Even if i didn't play the game and i open the wrap in front of them and try to sell the still brand new game just without the wrapper, GameStop will probably give me around $3o the most and that’s just me being nice to GameStop. How does that make sense? How do you give me $3o for a game that i literally just bought not even a few seconds ago and opened it in front them and tried to sell it back to them? All you had to do is put another wrap around the game and bang it’s a brand new game, & and give me what i actually paid for. But since GameStop will forever be cheap there’s probably no changing their policies! But i also love GameStop because they do sell their games for cheap too.
  • Love the company but the app needs work

    By game_slave26
    I absolutely love the app and the store it’s the only place I shop for games and other related items. I also love the fact that I can order this stuff online but I’ve noticed that the app is not accurate when it comes to what the store has in stock. When I go to my local store and see the games and other items then look on my app over half the things in the store are not listed on in the app which really brings down the profits and it makes people not want to use the app. Also the app is very glitchy every time I try to order something for pick up I press the check out and pay option then it glitches out and says there was an error in my transaction which is really annoying and also when I preordered a game it took me 1 hour to finally get it to go through because it kept glitching and saying that there was an error. Over all I really love the store and will still shop here but the app definitely needs improvement and updates for me to use it. I have had multiple times I was going to buy some games then it says error and I just give up and not buy them at all.
  • Complaint! Since I won’t be helped!

    By Chrisgonzal3z
    I placed an order for Pick Up on an Xbox one X Fallout bundle in white that was on sale for Black Friday at $430+taxes. That was on a Sunday, they had already closed the store so I passed by on Monday to pick it up, and the cashier tells me that they cannot hold any products that are on sale. I said fair enough, they have plenty of them in stock so there should be no problem, BUT when it came down to the order I had placed, he couldn’t do anything about it. Instead of just checking that order online since I did place it and it went through, they made me spend ANOTHER $430+ tax at the store to get the Xbox. I placed it on a Sunday, it was processing until Tuesday where it changed to “Ready For Pickup” and that they’re gonna hold it for 7 days. Doesn’t make any sense, they’re gonna make me wait about 9-10 days or more for me to get my money back instead of just canceling it and having the money be refunded within a few days or so. I emailed them twice but got no response. I also called and I wasn’t helped at all, I was just told the same thing, “You’re gonna have to wait until it cancels itself.” Are you kidding me? Def not a good experience at all
  • Stop Making Things Worse

    By MangoShade
    Normally I’m one who believes GameStop is the best place for gamers overall, but I’ll admit I’ve been generous in the past with that. This new update, though? Complete and utter trash, and it makes me look like a fool for defending this company. First the app/website went down a week ago without warning, and when they did manage to work again it was a horrible mess. Trade in value checks not working, the weekly ad disappearing or not loading, the pre-ordered list all but breaking completely.... The list could go on, but the main thing I’m beyond frustrated with is how completely messed up the pre-ordered section is. There is at least ten things missing from my list when I try to look here, but the website’s not much better with it saying everything has been released already (and since this GameStop-wide “update” I can’t access my preorders on the website at all!!). How and why are we supposed to trust a company with our money when they keep pulling these moronic moves? Fix these constant server issues, guys, or I’ll be deleting this app and cancelling every single one of my preorders so I can take my money to a competent store.
  • Failed app by a failing company

    By somedude543
    The app rarely works, but when it seems like it is, the info it supplies is wrong. An item I searched for wasn’t available to order but was listed available at a GameStop 45mins away. Google says their hours are 10am-9pm. I leave at 9am, double check the app one more time and it says its in stock. I get to the store and a sign on the door says opens at 12pm. So COVID-19 I get it. I go grab some food and wait until 12pm. I come back and there is 2 people waiting out front to get in and the doors locked. I ask them if they’re there for the item I came for and they say no, so great. We wait for another hour and a half and the store “manager” comes out and says he can’t open because the system is down and IT told him they can’t fix it. I then ask him if he has the item I came for and I’ll pay cash. I know sales tax is 7.5% so I’ll just add 10% just to be safe. He then tells me that he doesn’t have any in stock and when I point out the app he says, and I quote “The app is garbage and never has correct information”. So if the companies own employee says it’s garage then one star it is.
  • Don’t shop here

    By vprma
    Not to mention the fact they are bordering on bankruptcy, I waited three days to get a response to my inquiry and still haven’t received any info. They also shut down their phone lines as soon as they announced store closings. After that, I spent an hour on hold waiting to have my question answered, and was immediately hung up on after ‘hello?’ I then waited another hour and was told to ‘go to a store location’ for a refund for my preorders. THEY CLOSED THEIR STORES. I understand coronavirus is leading to expanded measures, but for the people in your call center to TELL ME TO GO TO A STORE THAT IS CLOSED, WHILE THEIR IS A SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER IN MY STATE, not only is IGNORANT but DANGEROUS. I am not risking my life for your company to do their jobs. You promised me I when I preordered I would be able to pick it up. Then, when you told me I COULDNT pick it up, you told me to go to the same location that you announced was CLOSED. Terrible company, shop somewhere else. Just declare bankruptcy so all your employees can work for a company that deserves their time. If I could leave a zero star review, I would. I have already filed BBB complaints. Good day.

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