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  • New version: 7.1.2
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JOANN - Shopping & Crafts

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JOANN - Shopping & Crafts is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Jo-Ann Stores, Inc., with the latest current version being 7.1.2 which was officially released on 2021-04-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 598,330 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.79057 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

JOANN - Shopping & Crafts Browse, Shop & Get Inspired Shop in the app, join our rewards program, shop the weekly ad, get coupons and personalized deals, or browse thousands of projects for inspiration. Express your creativity & share your own DIY projects.
 FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE SHOP WITH EASE * Browse and search thousands of products * Get product details * Scan product barcodes * Ship to your home or pick up in store GET REWARDS CRAFTED JUST FOR YOU * Enjoy our free JOANN Smiles program and we'll send you personalized rewards, coupons and offers. * Present and scan your JOANN Smiles Reward code barcode at checkout to track your purchases and earn more rewards. * Take advantage of bonus discount days, birthday rewards, and other special surprises along the way. SAVE MONEY * Receive exclusive, app only coupons to use in-store or online * Browse and shop weekly ads. Now, view weekly ads with pinch and zoom. FIND AND SHARE INSPIRATION * Browse projects or create your own how-to project to share with the #handmadewithjoann community. * Share your Story with the Joann community. Explain how and why you live a handmade life. * Create your own shopping list and begin your next project Browse our class catalog to learn something new JOANN is the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer with a great product selection, knowledgeable customer service, and class offerings for all ages. Download the latest JOANN app and be part of a community of people who love to make things with their hands, hearts and minds.

 This app uses background location to deliver exclusive coupons and sales for your favorite store. Continued use of background location may decrease battery life.

Top Reviews

  • Availability of products

    By Irish Jilli
    I live in a somewhat small town and it seems that a lot of the items I want to buy aren’t at my local store. I understand because they only have just so much room but it would be nice if the items that are on sale in the flyer we’re available to see and get a hands on, well, it would just be nice to see the items even if it’s a sample of the real size or swatch of fabric or something along that line. I know that I would be a much happier shopper and probably be a better customer if I knew more about the items. That’s what it is supposed to be what it’s all about, Right! Customer Satisfaction? There is another Jo Ann’s store in Silverdale, WA but when I checked, they also did not carry the items I wanted. The lady on the phone was rather short tempered and I wanted to ask her if the store was just out of the items or if they don’t carry it at all. I didn’t get to ask. I think she was having a busy day and no harm done. I will just order the selection online and have it shipped to the store. It’s not to far away and after being in “Quarantine for so long” it will be nice to see other people out there, at a safe distance of course! I wish you all safe travels wherever you have to be in these times. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones that they ARE your Loves! Jill Pritchard
  • This app is a complete disappointment and frustration

    By SFDW
    Still even more disappointed. I’m adding to my previous review. Although I don’t know why... No one even bothers to respond to these reviews! It is really rare that I’ve seen a response from someone who addresses an issue. I was hoping for help to address my problem. Don’t bother with this glitchy app. I’m super sad because I love the store and I live 40 min to the closest one. I was hoping to be able to buy from as well as use coupons from their app. What a complete disappointment. Previous review from October 2020: All kinds of bugs. Even after being updated in a timely manner. I already have an account, but this app wouldn't let me use my current account. I was in a loop of not working pages over and over again to try and complete the process. So, I figured I would just create a new account. Same. Stupid. Problem. Endless loop of continual pages that don’t complete the process or crash the app. I really like to shop Joann’s and would rather use the phone coupons. I guess that’s not an option for me. I have a current phone and keep it updated in a timely manner. I am super disappointed in this app. The main reason I wanted to use it is for the coupons. I live a far distance from the actual store and a lot of times my coupons expire before I can get there. Which is why I thought the app would be a great thing for me. Guess not.
  • App has potential...frustrating in current form

    By Quiet Right
    This app has the potential to be a real winner of a sales and marketing tool for Joann. However right now it is so frustrating to use it could (is?) actually be driving customers away. Hook your app developer up with an actual crafter! It's hard to program if you don't understand the subject. Get some beta testers who can work with you. Links for store locations, coupons, latest offers, weekly ad, and SHOPPING, go on that home page. NOT tutorials. A news app returns you to the main menu each time--so does your app. Your users want to look at other items in the same category. While I'm in the store I might want to know if you actually sell the item I can't locate. On the other hand, maybe I don't have a local store. Crafters are a creative and spontaneous group...they are going to head to your store to grab supplies, as a first choice the minute that ah-ha hits them. Online shopping is a good second choice if there is no Joann's available or your local store doesn't stock what they need. Use your analytics--if customers in an area are ordering stuff not stocked in the local store, use that to customize what that location offers. Tutorials will not generate business if the app doesn't work properly to begin with. Keep in mind the size of screen a typical phone has. Get the basics working first.
  • Your app’s cart has been difficult

    By La-dee-dah!
    I love being able to pick up my online order at the store, but lately it has been difficult to remove items from the cart as it continued to show the items I removed still remained in the cart. I thought maybe if I just continued shopping/adding/editing the cart it would eventually correct itself, but no! As I tried to check out the cart just continued to add up and up! I deleted app then redownloaded the app several times, but the cart stayed the same. The same problem persisted. I eventually had to go into the store, and try make my purchases in person. I tried to tell the cashier this, as I was trying to express to her that I was trying to shop online because the price of an item I wanted was $5 less online than it was at the store and I wanted to use the 15% off entire purchase coupon as well which I understood was for online purchases. But I could not use the online price nor the coupon bc the cashier insisted they were exclusive online price and coupons. She did not seem to want to work with me and understand that I could not do my purchase online, so I left without my any of my craft supplies. And now there is a 25% off shop online pick curbside coupon that once again I cannot use! My phone setting is at automatic update software and so is my App Store. It is not my phone’s fault. It’s your app!! Joann’s please fix your app!!!
  • Awful App

    By Touch Hocky Champ!
    I have walked away from my computer several times and bought nothing because I was so frustrated with the app and accessing the website on a PC is not any better. It won’t give you a quick preview of the item description. If you click on the item to see more details and then hit “continue shopping” it takes you back to the home page rather than back to where you left off. If you had narrowed a search for a specific group of products you have to re-enter the search terms all over again. When you actually click on something with an intent to purchase you really need to double check what the app put in your cart. I ordered one can of spray adhesive and got 7 cans shipped to me. I took them back to the store and they would only give me store credit which the app apparently doesn’t recognize. When you call customer service regarding an issue with a refund, they give you a long recorded diatribe and then hang up on you or ask you to leave a message and don’t return your call. I have been a loyal Joann customer for decades. The sales have always been great but this new level of inattention to customer service makes me not want to shop at Joann. It takes me no less than two hours to struggle with the app to place a moderate sized order.
  • 1 problem with the app

    By LorynV
    I use the app FREQUENTLY especially the scanner portion of the app when I am in the store doing price checks. I have often been confused upon arriving at the register when my total does not add up to what I totaled while shopping. Finally a manager told me when you scan items in the store for price verification it gives you the online price not the in store price. I think that is ridiculous and confusing to customers. I am a super crafter and I am in my Joann’s at least two times a week. I try to stay on a budget. If there are not price checker machines in the store and customers are advised to use the app scanner.... it should be accurate or the stores should honor the scanner price. The register price is always more than what the app scanner states. Please find a way to correct that. Maybe when you scan an item it gives you the in store price not the online discounted price. Or have the stores price match the online prices if customers can show the cashier the price difference on the app (although this will hold up the line). Thank you !
  • Misleading stock numbers

    By klcrochet
    I have been having a particularly hard time trying to find a certain color of yarn to finish a project. I saw there were 3 balls in stock at a particular store. I drove 45 minutes out of my way to come to this store. I arrive and I can’t find the specific color I’m looking for. I bring up the app and sure enough it says there are still 3 balls of that color yarn in stock. I find an employee only to have them tell me that those numbers aren’t correct and they take 24-48 hours to update. Why even have this feature in the app if it’s not always updated?! Also what would have happened if I bought online to pick up in the store? Would no one have known this actually wasn’t in stock until an employee went to put the order together? Also, many stores don’t carry this color so my only option is to order online, which the shopping is $7.99 for a ball of yarn that’s roughly $5.....and there’s no option to have it shipped to the store. And the only online coupon is for free shipping with an order of $75 or more.... This is a poor excuse for an app. With the technology available to us now there’s no reason why the in stock numbers aren’t updated in real time! If this can’t be accomplished then don’t even bother with this feature. Thank you for wasting my time.
  • Frustrating to use. Needs improvement.

    By Itsmyhamburger
    This app is okay. It’s basic at the most. What I really dislike is when I click on the “shop Joann” button, it gets super glitchy when I try to search for an item. I have to click on the dang “enter your search” box 4-5 times in order for it to actually click on it. On the first few tries, clicking on it brings up a text box for you to type in whatever you’re looking for, but it disappears back to the main page when I try typing. What the heck?? Sometimes I just give up and go on my regular web browser. All the app is good for is coupons probably. I would also appreciate it if they could update the pages in a more timely manner. The coupons and deals often expire at 11:59 PM EST so why am I still seeing them when I obviously can’t use it after? I’m on PST time so they might be waiting for midnight my time to roll things over. However, this is confusing to customers and frustrating when I want to see the new deals or coupons.
  • Best crafting store in Las Vegas

    By amarbledog
    Sometimes there are lines to wait in and this is Las Vegas so lines are a normal part of everyday life. But, the long line at Joann’s with crafters and quilters snapping up the latest deals flows effortlessly and before you know it your back home. You’ll actually see three or four checkers working instead of the 8-10 empty check lines that Hobby Lobby shows off unattended. The sales people are always friendly and helpful. The seasonally stocked items are already on sale and easily fun and unique projects seem too good to pass up. Sure there are a couple of competitors in town but you’ll be happy with the enhanced fabric choices and books with ideas and actual classes you can take learn and make things in. The others can’t be compared. When did you last take a class at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Their classrooms are always empty. I support the Best of the West location at Rainbow and Lake Mead. Thanks guys and gals you’re the best of the best.
  • Old reviews list problems still same

    By kiku92
    I just read several old comments from 1-2 years ago. I’ve experienced them over the COVID months 2020. I select a category of fabric and each and every time I pick a fabric color/print and want look at another I’m back at the beginning. WASTE OFMY TIME. The other thing about your app is passing it off as an iPad app, NOT. I prefer my iPad (in it’s case with the physical keyboard) horizontal to use it. Your app is LOCKED vertical. Now let’s talk about one of today’s daily ads. Lion brands 1 ball to make a project. Click yarn, click brand, click color & a list of 1/2inch pix comes up with a color name. Click color a “little” larger pic to see the jade, click back to check another color ,we’ll we’re back home. Click click another color to see how different from the 1st hmmm pic is same as 1st choice ?? But different name I tried another color (looked blackish totally unlike 1st, repeat all the yayayastuff 3rd pic same as first but name corresponded to my 3rd selection. Now if I’m looking for yarn with jade & all the green/blue yarn along with ALL of the colors in the 1ball makes a project pop up as the same color would you gamble on it or shop elsewhere?

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