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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-08
  • New version: 33.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Kroger is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by The Kroger Co.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - The Kroger Co., with the latest current version being 33.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 881,692 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.77384 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Kroger app. It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and link your Plus Card to access all these great benefits: · Create and track Pickup, Delivery and Ship orders right from the app · Shop an extended aisle of 1,000s of products from our trusted third-party sellers · Use Kroger Pay at in-store checkout – one scan applies your Plus Card and payment · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order · View your weekly ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list · Clip digital coupons and use them to save in-store and online · Get Cash Back deals to earn money on items you already buy · Discover even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards · Refill and track the status of your Kroger Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet · Check your fuel points · Use our locator to find the closest store or Fuel Center · View your purchase history and use it to easily reorder your favorite products · Add your Plus Card to Wallet for iPhone. To use the Kroger app, you'll need a Kroger digital account. You can create one and link your Plus Card through the app. Don't have a Plus Card? You can add a new one when you create your digital account.

Top Reviews

  • Shopper 100

    By Deb frm Ashland
    I appreciate the Kroger app. It is good in a lot of ways, but also has some problems. You have to be letter specific to bring up an item in the search engine or else it says “no results found”. You have to add + to the quantity after you add an item to the cart, not the + box on the far right that you press before”add to cart” or else you can end up with a quantity of 97 yogurts. Also the categories aren’t set up right. Eggs & dairy, meats, beverages, paper products, yes. But some others, not so good. I couldn’t find a wine I drink at all. I couldn’t find spaghetti sauce or lasagna noodles. However, I do like the scan feature you have added, and the memory feature in the search engine. One more thing you have changed that is very inconvenient for me is the coupons. I spent a lot of time going through them, choosing things I may buy before they expire, only to discover those items were in my shopping cart, not loaded onto my Kroger card like they used to be. That’s why they’re coupons, not a shopping list. There’s another place for that, it’s called a shopping list. You messed it up. I had to unload all of them but one. Later when I’m ready to buy the other items that are coupons I will have to add them again. Why would you change that when it worked, to something that doesn’t work now?
  • HONEST REVIEW!! fast and friendly service!

    By Zgildner89
    AN HONEST REVIEW I ordered delivery which was amazingly fast! Using Walmart’s grocery pickup doesn’t have half the personalization/ communication/ and friendliness. For delivery they keep you up to date each step of the way and if they have to substitute an item they text you and ask what you would like instead in pretty plain as day detail! I have a condition that makes grocery shopping difficult and being the only place that does grocery delivery I’m exceedingly glad that it was such a great experience. The delivery fee is not that bad I live in the country so them getting me my groceries in a matter of a couple hours was astonishing after ordering. It was less than 2 hours from start to finish and the costs on many items were better. (Some not so much but that’s expected when you change to a new store) the convenience alone is well worth the difference which I have to say isn’t very much. Thank you Kroger’s for the excellent service you provide it’s more than appreciated while I am trying to recover from my mental health issues. I’ll be looking forward to using this app and service again! I recommend this to anyone looking for such a service. 5 stars, 10/10 service, America looks better with the ability to order burritos and have them delivered to your door lol!
  • Krogering via picknclick

    By Rusty-2
    Awesome! A little difficult with the fruits and veggies. But!! Once you realize that 1(one) banana is not the bunch of bananas, and 1 vine ripe tomato is not the-bunch of vine ripe tomatoes pictured...then it gets easier. You must select the number of bananas that you want... in the notes you can say keep in a 4 bunch medium size, small to medium length, or long length bananas etc. Green or ripe, etc...otherwise, with the counting of the bananas ... you will only receive 1 (one) banana. This has been an awesome experience!! The staff have been attentive, personal and in it for the long haul of the virus and then some!! I’ve been very pleased. Substitution have been acceptable, and have been discussed upon the delivery. Kroger should be commended for their overall outstanding rising to the occasion of COVID-19!! This is the safest way for everyone!! It also helps to keep their workplace( grocery store a safer place for the staff!! Business can continue as usual with the exception that the general public needs to be accommodating as well!! By picking up your groceries... minimizes the contact of the general public - keeping an extremely safe distance to not allow the virus to spread. Nothing wrong with that!! No One ever really wants to become ill from any type of virus or flu!! Thank you again Kroger Teams!!
  • Recent update has problems with submitting modifications to order.

    By Quiet traveller
    Usually had good experience with app in past. Now has a glitch. We put an order yesterday do about 36 items, put in our credit card number, set time for this morning 8-9 am. App confirmed and said everything available for this morning. My later yesterday asked that I add 32 oz mozzarella block. I chose modify order and that size block. App said 32 oz was not available, and asked me to remove and choose a different item, if I so wished. I instead chose to modify by choosing two 16 oz mozzarella blocks, which I added and app confirmed. This morning the app showed the last two items I had ordered, the two blocks of mozzarella. However, I had read that each modification of an order would be entered as a new transaction on our credit card, so I was puzzled but not worried. I made a mental note to tell app programmer the WHOLE order should be shown, not just the last modification. When I arrived at the store, only the two mozzarella blocks were available. The App had erased our entire order except for the modification. The staff at Blue Ash were very timely, polite, efficient and searched twice for the order, but could not find any record of the original order. I think the new software that gives immediate feedback back when a modification in the order is not available has a software glitch. Please attend to the glitch and fix it so that another shopper does not have to suffer this experience.
  • Step it up

    By Tara0209
    Kroger you have had this program long enough that we should be seeing some basic improvements by now that we have all wanted from the beginning. This stupid thing about the rotisserie chicken needs to get taken care of once and for all. If I am picking up my groceries AFTER 11:00am then you need to let me put it in my cart! If I place my order before 11 it’s a no go! I need to put my order in before I go to work and pick it up after work...and I need a rotisserie chicken or two because I am a working mom and we are the ones that use your pick up service! This brings me to the next fundamental problem with your system. Your time between order placement and available order pick up it too long!!! There are times when I need to order my groceries and I would like to pick them up in 3 hours or sooner. Why can’t that happen? And wine! I need to be able to buy wine and pick it up! You can card me when I pick it up - hello??? If I am not 21, don’t give me the wine. And if you can get your delivery system up and running - that would be fantastic!!! But for real - just fix the rotisserie chicken ordering screw up in your program and I can be patient with the rest.
  • Card information is correct and continues to say it’s not!

    By jayr95
    I began using the Kroger click list feature a while back when it first was introduced and it was very convenient. It was something that was very easy for my family and I to do after having a newborn and then became very convenient for our work and childcare schedule. However I have not been able to use this Kroger app to order a click list since September 2018 because every time I try to it says that my debit card information is incorrect! The unfortunate truth is I don’t always have time to go and take the time to shop however it’s been convenient to be able to do it at the tip of my fingers because of this click list option. I think the click list addition was a great and convenient thing for us as working parents and in general to conveniently pick up groceries on the go. I’ve tried this with multiple debit and credit cards, all of the information being correct, but a prompt shows up insisting on saying that I have put in invalid or incorrect information when I have double and triple check the information to be correct. I’m not sure if it is just the payment feature that may be messed up but it is something that I hope someone will look into because I know for a fact the information is correct. Prior to this I had no other issues with this app it’s just become incredibly frustrating that for almost 7 months I haven’t been able to use this feature.
  • Expired replacement product

    By perma1113
    I’ve been using the app and pick up service for several months now and overall satisfied. What I am not satisfied with is my last visit. Specifically a replacement product. I had asked for was salami. I received prepackaged Genoa salami. I have never purchased this particular product but was open to trying something different. When home, I tried a few slices. It had a really fatty consistency and tasted odd. I checked the ingredients. Ingredients seemed normal. Then I checked the expiration date (which was difficult to find and see). This product had an expiration date of March 2020. My purchase date was August 23, 2020! My next step was to call the store and alert them. Thus, the frustration begins. No one would answer the phone. I tried several different extensions with the same “non-result”. As a last result, I dialed the pick up phone number, gave a brief explanation to the girl who answered and requested to speak to a manager. Long story short, I was told no manager was available. Then I filled the survey out with all of the information I have stated here. It is now Thursday and I STILL have not heard a peep. Why have Customer Service phone numbers and surveys if you don’t follow through? I’m still waiting for a call or email. I want my money back. Also, I really think I may go inside the store this week to see if the expired salami is still available for the next unsuspecting customer.
  • Seamless

    By The Phamily
    All I do is browse coupons and the weekly ad. For the coupon you can choose which is relevant to what you’re looking for, Friday freebies, expiring soon, or all. your choice! And when you view a coupon you can add it to your Kroger card or not. Bonus part is you can scroll up inside that coupon and there it will tell you the product the coupon is for, how much and what size. That’s amazing! You could also see exactly what the picture of the product you are choosing. For browsing the ad you have the option of a list of the sales, same as the coupon you can choose which to look at, produce, floral, etc. You could also view the ad itself and if you want to zoom in the photo and print of the ad it is still so clear! Amazing! I’ve only used 3 grocery store apps and this is by far the BEST and most equipped to handle everything I need in one. I’ve just tried the Click to Pickup feature (I’m sure I got the name wrong) I’ll update on that later. So far so good! Great job Kroger! P.s. omg, don’t forget the points for fuel and giving back to the school of your choice options earns an A+ in my book! Love y’all!
  • Needs work

    By Getyuio
    The search feature needs to be more intuitive. Unless you have exact wording , you get nothing. The lists feature is such a mess. It is easy to remove items and change quantities but it is never clear if item in list has made its way into your cart. It used to be simple to find your cart but somewhere along the line the cart is impossible to find. MOST IMPORTANT please improve the share list feature. I am unable to go out at this time. I send my husband who struggles to find the items on the text version of the list. The text version of the list runs in together and is a jumbled mess unless there is a link in the text that provides the same view of the items as the app and he missed it in the text? The print version is much better but does not indicate where it is located. If it is possible to print or share your list as it appears in the app with PICTURES of the product and location in the store , please let me know. If not I suggest an update to your app. If the share feature is not clear on the other end it is useless. I would imagine that I’m not the only one that has to send others to shop for them. Overall, navigation through the app could be improved quite a bit. The appears to be patched together and lacks intuition and logical flow to make it user friendly. Thanks and hope this is useful to you.
  • What happened to this app?

    By CathieR
    I have enjoyed shopping with the app for weekly curbside pickup for about a year now and loved it. The latest update makes it very hard to navigate the ordering process. I usually shop by scrolling through my recent purchases with an occasional search for something else. Now after a search my list of recent purchases has disappeared and I have to navigate the site to find it again. And now, when searching for items tonight that I know you carry, the message popped up that the items could not be displayed. After about three searches I got a message that my access to the site was denied. I closed my browser and the Kroger app, then reopened the app and clicked to go back to the order online site and guess what—my access is still denied. And it couldn’t be at a worse time, with holiday dinner and parties this week I need to finish my order! Please fix this app!!! Edited to add...I think the problems I am having are all due to everything being done in the app rather than going to Safari to order and complete purchases. Every time I go to the app it has logged me out and I have to log back in, which never happened before. So now the app is worthless to me and I will revert to going back to internet ordering, or change over to a nearby store (HEB) with a better curbside app.

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