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  • New version: 6.11.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

CVS Pharmacy

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CVS Pharmacy is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by CVS Pharmacy. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CVS Pharmacy, with the latest current version being 6.11.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 307,317 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.65937 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Staying healthy. Saving time. Spending less. The CVS Pharmacy® app makes them all easier. Here’s how: Checking out. Easier. • Save with ExtraCare® and pick up prescriptions with a single scan (just tap “Show Card”). • Enjoy 1-tap Rx checkout after the first time you prepay for your prescription. Saving money. Easier. • Get app-only deals and access all of your offers and rewards when you link your ExtraCare® card. • Make sure you never miss a deal by opting in to notifications. Get photo and prescription updates too. • Plan out your shopping and saving with the weekly ad for your local store. Getting prescriptions. Easier. • Pay for your medications and have them delivered. • Prepay for your prescriptions then show your barcode for more private pickup. (Turn landscape to sign.) • Order refills, check their status and see your prescription history. • Check drug interactions and information. Caring for your health. Easier. • Video chat with a health care provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Find a nearby MinuteClinic® for general care and clinical services. • View wait times and schedule a clinic visit (restrictions apply). • Check available health care services and insurance coverage. Printing photos. Easier. • Order prints and more from your device and online albums for same-day pickup (select stores and products). Please note: Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease battery life.

Top Reviews

  • The app vs actual service

    By AirsoftHunter
    I am not sure if there is an app issue or employee issue. EVERY TIME I use the app and request a RX to be filled, the app states it is ready and when I go to pick it up, it is not in fact ready. Although, I usually prepay on the app. I have even received emails after I have picked up what RX is ready that an additional RX is now ready, after I leave the pharmacy. I have voiced my concerns to the employees and they never can give me an answer. Sometimes, they don’t have the product, which makes no sense. I only use CVS and have the same RX filled each month or 90 days if insurance allows. I have had to go to other locations to get my RX filled because the location that is closer to where I live, which happens to be 3x as far as other pharmacies near my home. This is unacceptable business practices. And it infuriates me when I can’t get a product filled at “my location” but yet they will call me everyday till I pick up a refill that my physician has called in. If I am using the app incorrectly I would greatly appreciate the knowledge to educate myself on how to use it properly. I am not so self involved that I think I am the only customer that this is happening to. I have spoke to other people who have stated they have experienced similar issues with this location.
  • Keeps getting better

    By Alyse Pharm Tech
    Cvs has nailed it with this app & continues to with updates. The CVS Pharmacy app provides customers with easy to use, detailed information based on their prescription history. The pharmacy portion allows you to make several different options with any prescription you have on file. You can fill from a detailed list, you can archive and remove medications into another part of your medical history, you can even scan your bottle to refill a prescription, chose pick up location & while your waiting? Go ahead and make sure your ExtraCare card is associated with the sign in information used to access your pharmacy information. Look through a variety of weekly coupons & deals, coupons specifically catered to you as well as Sunday coupons. Yes! Manufacturers coupons found in the Sunday paper that we all clip for savings, is now available paper free, through the Cvs app. You can now click and simply send to your card manufacturers coupons that can be applied in addition to your personalized extra care coupons to maximize your savings. Can it get even better? YES!! You can send all of your extra bucks you earn directly to your card, no more worries about throwing away those precious extra bucks! whether it be for a specific item, weekly deal, beauty extrabucks or pharmacy extrabucks- all acquired earnings can be digitally applied 😀
  • So Good So Far!

    By CBearTree
    1. Except I Would Like to Get My RX’s Sooner than the Time Space Shown & Only Allowed❣️When I Could Actually get Through on the Phone, Via Recording, or An Actual Person, I Could Get Them Within 2 HRS.❣️Please Make That Possible Again Either Way❣️❣️❣️ 2. PS: As of the New Year, Your App. Is Worthless, if Your Employees Can’t Read the RX’s Correctly❣️So Far This Year (Jan. 2018) They Have Screwed Up 2 of My RX’s in Both Jan. & Feb. & Promised To Fix Them in Feb.!❣️They Have NOT Done So, & are in The Process of Screwing Up March, & My Dr. Is Too Busy & Frustrated to Take the Time & Fix It, & Unfortunately Her Nurses Can’t Understand What is Going On & Now Your/My Pharmacy Won’t Admit There Mistake & Just Fix It❣️😱😤 I Found the Mistake in Black & White, & It Was the Original Person Who Filled Them in Jan.’s Mistake; a Human Error❣️🙀I Can Forgive If It Can Be Fixed Immediately❣️I Have MS & Now I Am Too Old & Tired To Keep Messing With This❣️😔 I Have Been Filling the Same RX’s at This Location for 18yrs.!❣️🙀 There Have Been Problems with RX’s & In’s. Etc... Since Current POTUS Has Taken Office & I DON’T NEED ANYMORE❣️PLEASE HELP❣️❣️❣️😫 Your Faithful Customer Since 1990, & at Current Location Since 2000❣️👍✝️ Sincerely, C. L. Nelson
  • Terrible Buggy, unnecessarily cumbersome

    By Katz's Itunes Accounts
    They payment feature never works and the people in the store don't have a clue what to do. It’s nearly impossible to figure out how to change your form of payment when your credit card expires except during a check out. Naturally I don’t want to hold everyone up so I wait to do it afterwords and you can’t find on the app where to do this. All the special offers and coupons should automatically be added to your card which they aren’t. This is an unnecessary process to have to go through. Adding this to my earlier review. Why can’t all of the coupons automatically load onto my care card. It’s so such a complete utter waste of time especially when I’m standing at checkout trying to go through them so I never get to add them until it’s too late. I don’t have time to plan my shopping experience at CVS I kind of go there cause I have to because my insurance company I would never go to that store the way that I make this so difficult. It also stinks that half of the things get printed on the receipt which I don’t want to save why should I have to save it if I have it app? What do you think they could add a setting where everything automatically gets added to your cart and not print it out on the receipt and that you don’t have to review it all? This has the potential to be a very good useful up and it’s just way too cumbersome and not worth the effort
  • Horrible since iOS 14

    By Flyby777
    I paid $50 to get the $10/month & it while it was on my card, it wouldn’t apply to my purchase. They email me coupons & I don’t know why!!!! I go to send them to my card & get a “ooops something went wrong. Try later” & I get that message EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I tried to uninstall & reinstall but now “technical difficulties” won’t let me sign in. I call & on the one time someone actually answered, it was a moron who was only able to parrot a few words she’d been taught “uninstall/reinstall app”, “make sure your account matches” “have you tried turning your phone off & on” “I’m a pretty bird squawk squawk I don’t know squawk” A parrot would have been more useful especially when I told this woman what I’d done before she gave me the parroted answers “Why not send me to someone who knows what they’re doing?? Why not stop wasting MY TIME if all they can do is squawk what they’ve been told before saying “I don’t know. Have you talked to someone at the store?”🙄 I couldn’t help but think “did this idiot just ask me the dumbest question anyone could ask? That’s like calling Apple with a question about your phone. They have all the info identifying it as an iPhone & ask “are you sure it’s an iPhone”. That’s not ever happened with Apple but that’s how stupid the question was & I ended up with a we’ll give you a 20% off coupon to use by tomorrow since we can’t give you the $20 we stole from you. They’re useless.

    By 57ked
    Before The App!! Longs Drugs then / Now CVS HAS from day 1 more then 20yrs TOP Notch Quality Customers service has always been a 5 Star and above and be on !! My only problem with part of the app it the managing your med after filling the information and I get error my email is used ? And it wants a new email. Call customer service had something to with old phone with a different email? I forgot the old email !! We decided to start over new card.... Problem still unsolved??//!! MY SECOND comment has to do with the phone system and it’s not about being put on hold!! THIS IS THE ONLY THING ITS THE MUSIC ITS NOT EVEN A STAR THE SOUND IS CRACKY MOST OF THE TIME IT’S HORRIFIC AS SPECIALLY WHEN ITS A REALLY BUSY TIME AND THE STAFF IS SHORT HANDED??? Please don’t get me wrong I love CVS !!!! That music cruel and unusual punishment 🤢 I don’t mind waiting my turn 5,10,15, but please do your customer a favor and the employees that answer the call? I can almost guarantee for the part customer would be hole lot nicer😊!! That music for more than a few min could be the straw that breaks the camels back!!! Thank you CVS always on the CUTTING EDGE!!!!
  • Disappointing

    By Mission worker
    I am so tired of this worthlessness of this app. I do not want my scripts on automatic refill because I pick up at different stores. Last night was a perfect example of the problems I have. I ordered 3 scripts for me, 3 scripts for my husband and 2 scripts for me that needed to be renewed at the doctor. Today the three for me are ready for pickup. The three for my husband show they were last filled yesterday but they are labeled “in process.” The two that needed a new script show they were filled today but I have to call the pharmacy to get them filled. This happens EVERY time! When I call the pharmacy I wait for 10 minutes or more and no one picks up. I tried going to the drive through and it didn’t move for 10 minutes. I know they can’t help being busy but if the app were fixed to automatically release scripts when you have requested a refill from the doctor it would help. It would also help if “in process” had more info, sometimes that means they didn’t use the coupon so th e script is being rejected by my insurance, sometimes it means they are waiting for the medicine to be delivered to the store and sometimes it means it is just sitting there waiting to be put on the system. It it wasn’t for the fact the CVS I normally go to is right where I turn I would have switched to Walgreens long ago.
  • Unhappy

    By StarWar12
    Very unhappy with the cvs app. I send their cvs coupons and when I go and pay for the items, coupons do not pull up on the cashiers screen and nothing can be done on their end so you lose the savings. I call the cvs 1800 number and I have to call 2 days later and it takes them another 3 days to give you the credit. Months ago they added manufacturer coupons to the app and when I send them to the card and go make a purchase at the store , most of them do not go through . The cashier says they are having problems with the coupons not showing up on their end and therefore no coupons work. I call the 1800 number for cvs and they have no clue how it works either. They tell me I need to call the company from the coupons that didn’t go through myself. They don’t know the numbers to them either. After cvs adds all these coupons for the customers convenience to use, they make it hard on us with them not working. Then when I call they are no help . Cvs needs to fix the problem . If manufacturers coupons were added to the cvs app, cvs should fix them and not tell you to call the other company. I don’t want to go through the trouble of calling all these different companies because my coupons sent to the card do not work
  • CVS customer service is soooo bad!!!

    By J8Peace
    I ordered “online” 2 items; after I completed (payed for my order) I realized the color I selected “brown” was incorrect I wanted “dark brown.” I called CVS customer service to “see” if I could change the color. The support tried and couldn’t, so she said let me “cancel” your order and “reorder” your items. When she “cancelled “ my order she didn’t realize my care pass credit of $10 would be lost. She lied to me and said I would get my care pass $$ back in a week, that was May 21. Ive called every other day asking “where is my care pass $$$?” I get a representative that isn’t in the US, they don’t give me accurate information, I ask for a supervisor they transfer me to one of their co-workers. I’ve been a care pass member for over a year ( i pay $5 monthly for CVS MEMBERSHIP, it’s a great deal.) I am supposed to get $10 every month to shop). It’s a $10 discount, it’s a great incentive to shop CVS). CVS has been My go-to, mySisters go-to, My friends go-to, because I’ve raves about the pleasant, customer service oriented staff at the stores. I can’t believe CVS is allowing “issues/customer problems” to be handled by people who are not trained to resolve their problems. CVS DOESN'T CARE and they lie !!! I asked to speaker to someone in the United States, guess what happen, they put me “On hold” and then hung up on me.
  • The app has problems and freezes when using for Rx;

    By LittleChef2017
    Using the app is frustrating. It’s unreliable, freezes the CVS pharmacy computer during the checkout process, takes so much time to load, and often requires doing checkout the old fashioned way, verbally sharing private information. Also, for coupons and rewards, it doesn’t make sense why customers have to click on every coupon to “send to card.” It’s hard enough trying to earn rewards. The time it takes to compare offers and make sure the criteria are met to earn rewards is not worth the effort. Even with the savings, the prices are still too high at CVS. Walmart has lower prices. And the coupons you get in the mail or via email expire too quickly. They never seem to be available when you need them. Rewards expire as well. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because I can view prescription details on the app which has been handy when I’m at the doctors office or completing medical forms. Also I can refill Rx on the app, however I tend to refill via text messages where I get text reminders. The text reminders aren’t 100% reliable but it helps to have occasional reminders. Please fix the bugs for the pharmacy checkout and send all coupons and rewards directly to the card.

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