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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-05
  • New version: 5.9.51
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Gift Cards & Rewards: Shopkick

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Gift Cards & Rewards: Shopkick is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Shopkick, Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Shopkick, Inc, with the latest current version being 5.9.51 which was officially released on 2021-04-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 63,851 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.65241 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Earn rewards and get FREE gift cards with Shopkick! Use the Shopkick app to earn rewards for the shopping you already do by scanning receipts. Earning free deals & discounts has never been easier! There are many ways to earn reward points (we call them kicks!): -Walk into stores. Yes, as simple as that! You can earn kicks at the entrance of select stores. -Scan barcodes of select products. Use the in-app scanner & find the right products. -Purchase and submit the receipt through the app -Earn kicks for every dollar you spend at select partner stores when you shop with a linked credit card. This way you can earn points for the shopping you already do! -Make online purchases. Perfect if you want to stay indoors. -Watch videos. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch. -Invite friends to join the Shopkick craze! We made sure getting gift cards is as easy as it can get. Millions of users use Shopkick every day to discover new products, plan shopping trips and earn rewards online. The savings you earn will help keep your grocery, dining or shopping budget healthy & happy: no more need to feel guilty every time you shop. To create the best shopping experience for our users, we partner with major retailers & brands including: Amazon Starbucks Walmart eBay Groupon TJ Maxx Marshalls Lowe’s Sephora Nike Best Buy GameStop & many more! Download the app now to start getting your kicks! Exclusive deals and jaw-dropping discounts! Shopping has never been this guilt-free. The buzz about Shopkick: “This app is addictive.” –

Top Reviews

  • The best app on my phone.

    By puzzle lover 109
    It's basically all free. I go to Walmart a lot and I easily get a 100% free $5 gift card every time. It's so easy it's like a scavenger hunt, all you do is click on the store your at and turn on Bluetooth then boom great your in the store, you can get up to 200 point (they refer to them as kicks) just by walking in. Then you can take your phone off Bluetooth and click on any item and scan it you can get up to 500 points this way. If you choose to purchase the item you can scan your receipt and then you can get up to 5000 points. If you link a credit card (Your choice) for every $1 spent you get 3 points plus the receipt you scanned. After you leave the store you can click on the number that indicates your points then then click rewards and a whole online store of gift cards will pop up. Once here you select the gift card you wan then the amount of money you want. Afterward it will ask you to verify your phone number this will only take one text then type in the number it gave you and your gift card is on the way. (Once you verify your phone you will not have to again) The gift cards are online so after it is fully developed all you do is click the number of points you have and click gift cards and all your cards are there.
  • Great but could use some improvements

    By my Mustang
    The overall experience is great. Don’t get me wrong. But the 2 improvements that I can see happening to make it even better are: 1, letting you scan some special events/bonus products at any store that carries it. Like during the recent “football/Superbowl” promotion, there was a few items that were available to scan. The issue was that the items were “locked” to certain stores. I was at my local store (the other stores are roughly 45 minute drives each way and personally don’t like shopping at those couple of places) and tried to scan the items but it wouldn’t allow me to. The 2nd improvement could be the addition of scanning most to all receipts. Even if you can only get 2-25 points per receipt. Like 2 points for restaurants, 6 points for businesses that aren’t qualified in the app yet, 10 points for each business that is available in-app, 18 points for spending $100 or more at places that are in-app, and 25 points for $1,000 or more at the same places. And maybe the addition of Uber and Lyft receipts for points too? Not a lot of points but it could be something. But anyways the app is great and no issues with it other than the 2 suggestions.
  • Banned?

    By Anh-Duy Ha
    I’ve been using this app for a long time, telling others to use it too. But recently my account got banned for no apparent reason. I went to walmart far from my house because that’s usually the one with almost everything to be able to scan; however, I got a pop-up saying that my account was suspended while trying to scan something. All the people that I referred also got banned which is around 10 people. So, I contacted the support team explaining my situation of how a lot of people got banned because of something that is not explained to us. I haven’t gotten a response back which upsets everyone around me. I really enjoyed the app but when I tried to contact them, there was no response. I would like for the people that got banned by me to at least get unbanned or let them redeem their points. I also tried to create a new account because of something happened like a bug to ban the old account, it shouldn’t affect any new accounts, right? Apparently I’m wrong because my friends and family that got banned cannot create another account without getting it suspended like me. I don’t know why any of us got suspended however i would like to able to still use the app even if the account that got destroyed is not in my possession.
  • This app attacks those who work hard to get Kicks

    By Citystudent2019
    I’m a college student in a large city with many stores. When I found out about this app I downloaded it and started taking the transit often to get to these stores. The best part is that some stores are really close together like BestBuy, Ulta, Target, and Walmart are at walking distance from one another. As a result I gained a lot of kicks, I was so close to getting a $50 Walmart gift card to buy food and essentials. Than out of the blue I get my account suspended. I don’t understand I followed the rules and the comments before me also mentioned that there are problems with checking in on the app. I used to love this app and was about to reap the rewards for dedicating my time to going into these stores and scanning items. This happened today and I want answers as to why my account was banned and why many accounts that work hard to get kicks are getting the boot too. I am afraid of getting terminated. I’m scared because I don’t want to get banned and lose my ability to use the app. I want to save as much money to pay for college and this app was reassuring that a Walmart gift card could help with getting food while the money I make from my job actually goes into college. This app is not student friendly. Extremely Disappointed
  • Good first then gone downhill

    By booger16!
    I was doing quite a bit of scanning almost everyday I went to stores, even ran to other stores I didn’t intend to shop. Was collecting around 4 to 6 little gift cards from Walmart regularly. Then it started. Suddenly there is hardly anything to scan around the area I live in. Figure part of it must be because I’ve not bought or scanned anything for the big points. Sorry people, don’t know about y’all but I don’t buy 99 percent of what they have customer scan. Plus the walk in points dropped dramatically, very scarce now. If you want walk in points now have to drive farther. I’m very disappointed and hunting for better more transparent apps. This is now second review. Strange it won’t let you start another separate from others. Anyhow thought I’d give it another chance. Well it’s worse now because as before the scan points have basically dropped off. I noticed the excuses they are feeding the public but anybody with common sense knows it’s a lot of crock. Friends and I stand along side each other and compare our apps. We see the difference as in how the company favors someone who can afford doing everything thing on this app verses someone who is financially limited.
  • this app needs to do better at communicating to the people

    By Four gym tomorrow
    So i’m rarely on this app tbh unless i’m actually going grocery shopping and if i see things i need them i’ll use it and i’ll scab my receipt to earn some points. So the first time i do it i submit my receipt and it says it’ll take 48 hours to process so i can receive my kicks tell me why it took more than 5 days and i had to send an email too. The first email i sent NEVER got answered so 2 days later i sent another one and another 2 days they finally responded and they gave me my points. I’m just confused on why you’re gonna say “you’re kicks are getting processed and it’ll take 48 hours” when it takes WAY longer. Like please be more honest or precise on how long it will really take because it came to a point where i was like do i really even want these points and wanted to stop using this app. Also when i sent my emails they always say we’ll get back to you when we’re available and i’m just confused do you guys only have 2 people working like there should be someone always available waiting to help or serve others JUST LIKE ANY OTHER APP OR BUSINESS. Please do better because i’m tired of sending emails.
  • Randomly Banned for collecting Kicks “too fast” I suppose

    By Bob Sandusky69
    Just as I was about to cash out on a $10 PayPal gift card my account was suddenly “locked”. I happen to work right next to three stores (CVS, ACME, TJmaxx) all literally in the same shopping center as me. Naturally it became very easy to collect my kicks daily as I know where exactly to go for each store as some scans will allow you scan again for kicks the very next day. As I’m about to cash out I get a pop up that my account is suspended (literally just as I acquired 2566 kicks for the $10, go figure). I have sent multiple messages and emails to customer service about the account suspension but no response in weeks to my situation. The irony of this is they usually respond to inquiries in about 2-3 days whenever I had technical related questions when my account was in good standing. But becoming wrongfully suspended they don’t seem to care or respond. Bottom line if you happen to be located near a shopping center and collect Kicks at a quick pace they’ll just outright ban you out of fear you’re cheating. I thought I had a good setup for myself being my job is conveniently located to their partners, but I was obviously wrong. Don’t waste your time.
  • Very disappointed

    By Jaborida
    I have now realized many users went through the same thing as me... never saw it through the years of usage until today. Without warning, my account was terminated. I just so happened to be a few stops away from a $50 gift card today... odd coincidence? My account was terminated without me violating any rules! I have had trouble collecting kicks at the stores... walking in and around stores without being credited for walking in. Certain scans would mysteriously disappear as I arrived at the stores... those are a small amount of issues with the app. I let those all go because it was free and I was grateful for the gift cards. Today after walking through three stores and working toward this gift card and being robbed of my reward, I realized it is all a scam. This app has had me in places I didn’t plan to shop at - had me running around getting tempted to buy unnecessary items- which I often did. All for nothing. I do not recommend this app any longer. After convincing a handful of friends to join, I now warned them to close their accounts since they most likely will not collect their rewards. Nothing in life is free. Mama was right.
  • Many Getting terminated

    By lang1007
    Read the reviews of many people complaining about a sudden termination right before a large payout; most are getting an email about the termination but are not provided a reason of how they violated the terms. The fact that I keep seeing the same generic response from the developers, that they have to maintain this policy to keep the app free, but STILL doesn’t offer any way for users to find the REASON for their termination, shows me that these complaints are legit and a major red flag. It’s not right to withhold points and not give a reason, hiding behind “this is how we keep the app free” excuse; fine if they terminate, but the very least, they should still provide a reason. And their response that “you violated the terms” is NOT reason enough. It is pretty obvious from these developer responses, that their customer service is horrible; it’s like they don’t bother to read. One customer complained about “server errors” despite having wi-fi, and the developer response was, “this sometimes happen if the person doesn’t have wi-fi.” Beware of this app; many have already stated that they wouldn’t be surprised if there was a class-action law suit later.
  • Was amazing!! But several glaring problems.

    By Version2
    Absolutely love being able to earn gift cards for shopping at my favorite stores!! But the last several updates have had a few glaring problems that haven’t been fixed yet. After scanning items, even though the points have gone through, the items still show up on the screen as not scanned. (But if you try to scan them again, it says you’ve received points) Unless you are SUPER organized or have an incredible memory, it is very difficult to remember exactly what you’ve scanned and what you haven’t when this happens; especially since the stores are never organized exactly how the items are organized in the app! The scans used to either turn a different color or be removed in the past when items have been scanned. Also, now whenever you scan something, and X out of the item, unless there are more than 5 items to scan, it starts you back at the beginning instead of where you left off! (Which is a total pain if you’re scanning things at the bottom of your feed!!) Please fix these! It would make the app SO MUCH more user friendly! PS: it would be really user friendly as well if the app had a function where if you scanned an item, it would move down to the bottom of the category. That way the unscanned items are more readily available and allows us more time to shop instead of rushing our shopping trip because we’re stuck scrolling! Love the app other than these three issues!! 😊

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