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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-15
  • New version: 21.04.10
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.1 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sam's Club

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Sam's Club is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Sam’s Club. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Sam’s Club, with the latest current version being 21.04.10 which was officially released on 2021-04-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,146,149 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.87936 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Sam’s Club Enjoy all your membership perks with the Sam’s Club app. Save time and shop easier every day with the Sam’s Club app. Make the most of your membership with these best-loved exclusives, including free Pickup, Scan & Go, Pharmacy and Free Shipping for Plus members. Save even more with Instant Savings and track your Plus Cash Rewards. Use the tabs at the bottom to find Home, Scan & Go, Account and more. Scan & Go™ Checkout Now you can pay for gas with the Scan & Go™ feature to save time at the pump. In the club, shop contact free and skip the checkout line. Just shop, scan and pay, all in the app. Pickup Shop in the app, then schedule a free Pickup time that works best for you. We’ll have your order ready when you arrive. Your Lists Start your cart and easily reorder your favorite products, directly in the app. Pharmacy Transfer prescriptions, request refills and manage prescriptions for the whole family for maximum convenience. Membership Card Quickly find your membership card in your account and access other membership details. Shipping Shop and ship directly to your home or workplace – Plus members get free shipping. Download the app and get the most from the club today.

Top Reviews

  • Application performance and suggestions

    By Map guide.
    I have recently started using click n pull and noticed couple of issues. 1. Whenever I reach club and open app, it shows my order and ask me to enter my parking spot. Once I enter my slot, it gives me error saying “Something went wrong, please try again”, but in reality it worked internally and notified the associate. This is very confusing and it’s happening repeatedly for me. 2. We have family membership and it would be great to be able to see other person in click n pull and add rather than typing names etc. 3. In family membership, there should be option to share “click n pull” orders with other members of family (at least who are registered and have sams card) so that either person can use the pickup. Currently my husband is not able to view any order that I make for click n pull. 4. This app has some serious issue with internal memory or CPU utilization. Once I was using scan n go feature when it suddenly cause my phone to turn off and my phone stopped working. It wasn’t charging or turning on. Apple support told me that your last app caused gpu to crash and impacted working image and it had to be hard reset.
  • Love the free shipping for Plus members, but...

    By Chellsgram
    Love the convenience of shopping from home, in addition to the free shipping for Plus members and the safety factor during this pandemic. Being able to order many of the items we use online means I can get get in and out of the store much quicker when shopping for fresh foods, thereby reducing my risk of being exposed to the virus, though I sincerely miss being able to take my time browsing up and down every aisle in the store. My only complaint with shopping at Sam’s online — and it’s a serious enough matter to have caused me to deduct 3 stars from my rating, is the careless packaging of my orders for shipping. Multiple times when ordering canned goods, the products were shipped in a box that was much too large, with only a small sheet of loosely crumpled paper to “fill” the expansive void, such that the cartons of canned goods get thrown and bounced around inside the box during shipping (likely beginning with these careless workers at Sam’s who probably throw the boxes once they’re packed for shipping, considering the fact that they’ve already shown how little they care about protecting the products inside) resulting in a torn carton with some of the cans spilled out on one occasion, and badly dented cans on several occasions. This is unacceptable and indicative of possibly poor training and little to no supervision, but most likely due an insufficient number of employees to handle the workload.
  • Jdjr2020

    By JeffJr2020
    It was suggested to me that I download the Scan n Go app and bypass the long lines at “the” register or the slow moving, when working, self check lines. So I did. I couldn’t wait to try it! It was heavenly, the first time. The second time was a waste of time. Every time I’d scan an item the app would blink and end up back at home screen. It soon became too much like work so I got in one of the few working self check lanes and back to the way we were. Now I would expect this from a little fledgling operation just trying out some new technology, but this is a multi billion dollar company. All I can conclude is that Sams Club at the highest level just doesn’t give a d*#m. You can’t tell me they do. Spend a few dollars and pay somebody to make sure that the world’s largest retailer has working self check systems. Pay them to tighten up the screw that holds the credit card scanner so I don’t have to hold it in place while inserting my card. I thought self check was going to replace employees. I now see that they too are at work and not working. I believe if Sam Walton we’re alive and he walked into Sams Club on Covington Pike in Memphis and saw 9 self check systems and 3 with “Out of Order” signs on them... I believe he’d raise hell and put a prop under it! Sams, Operating like an under capitalized mom and pop. Sad.... Gonna uninstall app....
  • Check Before Ordering Pickup!

    By Hate coming up with nicknames
    The app lets you order pickup but NOT ALL STORES OFFER PICKUP! First and ONLY time I’ve ordered with in store pickup. I use Walmart Grocery app often and it works great. Same company so it should also be a decent experience, right? The app lets you order and then sends you direction that tell you to pull up next to the “Club Pickup” sign and someone will bring your order out. Yeah... They have a sign but there’s nowhere to park anywhere near it. So we drove around the parking lot and looked around. There was a cart associate so I asked him. He says, “we don’t do that.” His attitude was “duh, why don’t you know this?” So we parked and went inside. We were directed to a kiosk to check in. Because the app tracks your location, it marked the order as picked up and I couldn’t access my order. I couldn’t find an associate. Took about 20 minutes to figure out where our order was and how to get it. The associate that we finally talked to said that it happens all the time because the app feature launched without the stores being ready and able. It would have been faster to go collect what I needed and then check out.
  • No Notification of order not being fulfilled

    By UpsetClubMember
    So I ordered supplies from sams club in Dallas and go to select a pick up time. Seeing as it was 4:00 pm and they stop doing same day pick up after 3 (per app) I select a time when I can pick up my purchase after work the next day . I submit a pick up time for the latest time they have the next day because my job was far and I was anticipating traffic. So Now it’s the next day and still have not received an email stating my order was ready. So I get to sams at 6:55 pm and still no order ready email. So I go in so someone could check and after waiting find out that the items I ordered sold out earlier that day ( scheduled pick up day) I asked why my order was not gathered before hand since they were already holding money from my account. The club member proceeds to blame the system. I asked why I was not notified that my items were not in stock ( would have saved me a trip) again brings up the computer system. I asked why it wasn’t pulled earlier to make sure since I already had paid for it (still blames the system). All this to say that this app is pointless for ordering because it’s not accurate , doesn’t inform you of ordering problems and you still might not get your order even if you order days ahead. So I asked the club member to cancel the order( in which they did), but funny enough received two automated cancellation emails.
  • Great app

    By KPsparkle
    I’ve been using scan n’ go since it’s inception & love using it in store. It saves time at checkout, & no more loading & unloading items in checkout lines! Also have done online ordering on my Sam’s Club app for curbside pickup since it started & love the convenience of having the shopping & delivery to my vehicle done for me. However, I wish that when I choose to place things in my online order cart for “pickup at store”, it would stop putting several of the “pickup” items in my cart for “shipping to me”. I have to double check my cart before checking out as there’s always items that end up in “shipping list” instead of free pickup at my local store! And NO, I’m not placing them there nor are they items that are clearly marked out of stock in store or online only! I’m looking forward to using scan n go app for fuel also. All in all this is a great way to shop at our local club without needing to actually enter the store. So convenient in store or out. Just need to fix a few glitches in app, but not something a quick review by me when ordering can’t address. I highly recommend!
  • Order not showing in app for pickup / Forced to use location “always” and notifications

    By 3211234:(asp
    Updating previous review to include problems with seeing order in app. Twice now I’ve went to pickup my order curb side and opened the app to notify store that I had arrived to pickup my order and the app showed no order - very frustrating since it had shown the order ready for picky a few hours earlier. Makes the app rather useless to me and I have to use phone to call customer service to relay that I am there to pickup my order. I had previously used the app and was able to only make my location known when using the app and was also able to decline notifications, but now when I try to use the app to notify the store I am there for my curbside pickup, I am forced to have location on always and also forced to receive notifications through the app. Otherwise, the app won’t let me proceed in alerting the store I am there for my pickup. Obviously, I will either have to reset these settings each time, since I refuse to have app developers force me into setting settings I don’t want or I will just call the store customer service each time. This also frustrates me to the point of being less likely to ever use the app at all. Who designs these functional flaws and then gets it approved? If it’s unintentional, it’s disappointingly terrible quality control.
  • The App lies...

    By Tessyatl
    I tried to place an order at 1:00 pm today. Right on the page where it tells you to select a date & pickup time it states, “All orders places before 3pm will be ready for pickup the same day.” But every time I tried to select the time and date that was shown as the ONLY option in dark blue, it kept telling that time wasn’t available. I tried it several times. Finally went out, closed the app and then went back in to my cart. When I get to the select date and time for pickup the only valid time listed was tomorrow! It was approximately 1:30pm now. Still before 3pm and I’m in the eastern time zone. I even called the store and they said yes the order would only be able to be filled tomorrow. Again the app clearly states order by 3pm & pickup the same day. The lady on the phone told me they could transfer me to someone but they were going to tell me the same thing. REALLY??! Please update the app to state if you don’t order by 1pm you’re outta luck trying to pickup your order the same day. 😡
  • Problems with the scan and go!!!!!!

    By Denni Eagle
    I have to agree with the scan and go app! I have used it many times and loved it!!! But the last time I was in the store and use the scan and go app, it was horrible!!!!! I was doing the same thing I always do and when I payed and was goof out the girl who checked my receipt found a hand full of items that hadn’t got on the receipt. I have never had that problem before, but the people who went through my cart to check what didn’t ring up made me feel like I was a thief. They went through my cart and and transferred all of my stuff to a different cart. The things that had gotten on the receipt the first time was set aside and they watched me to make sure it paided for on a separate receipt. I had no problem making sure that it all was paid, but I was still treated like a criminal. Then being as I’m disabled I asked if someone would help me unloaded the cart for me They said yes, but no one came to help. She just stood in the front of the store watching me. So I m not sure if I m going to come back anymore. I afraid that they would watch me to make sure I didn’t do it again. I have never stolen anything in my life and don’t think that I would start now. SO I AM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO. MAYBE JUST GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO DO MY SHOPPING. Sincerely Denette Eagle Plus member for over 10 years
  • App 👎

    By BornFree@112
    I started using the app a few months ago and liked it for a while. Then suddenly it wouldn’t let me log on; saying my user name and password didn’t match, which they did. I stopped using the app for a while, kept trying to log on from time to time, just to see if the issue would resolve itself, it didn’t. Finally I thought I would try changing my password, my account number wasn’t being use and I couldn’t do it. Next I tried calling the customer service number on the back of the card and was assaulted by an endless string of offers that I could get passed. Then I went back to the app and found another number. Finally I was able to get on a chat and got re-registered. At that point I thought I was good to go. So I went to the store, got on the app and scanned my purchases. When I tried to check out, my credit card information was missing and it took me a half an hour to figure out that to re-enter it. I have lost all my purchase history and don’t have any receipts because they were on the phone. I’m about ready to give up on the app.

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