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  • New version: 5.43.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Vestiaire Collective

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Vestiaire Collective is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Vestiaire de Copines. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Vestiaire de Copines, with the latest current version being 5.43.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 10,556 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.68122 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

GIFTS THAT DON'T COST THE EARTH Join our global fashion community who are using Vestiaire Collective to buy and sell pre-owned designer items from brands such Louis Vuitton, Celine, Gucci, Hermes, Rolex and Cartier. Every week, thousands of carefully curated new bags, dresses, shoes, watches and more are added to the site! With the Vestiaire Collective App, you can: BUY · Browse over thousands of unique second-hand pieces. · Shop with peace of mind. Our sold items are checked for quality by our team of experts before it is shipped to you. · Search by brand, category, new arrivals, size, price and more. · Create alerts to receive notifications when a specific items land on the site. · Payment is secure and hassle-free . We accept card payments and Paypal in €, £, $, SEK and DKK - Split the cost of your purchase with interest-free payments SELL · Give your wardrobe a second life by selling the items you no longer wear · List an item in less than 60 seconds with our quick and easy-to-use deposit form. Simply snap a picture of your item and fill in the relevant information. · Manage your sales on the go. Wherever you are, receive notifications of your sales and keep in contact with potential buyers. SHARE · Keep in touch with the Vestiaire Collective fashion community. Make offers to sellers, add items to your wishlist and share the products you’re currently coveting. · Follow members whose products and style you like. · Follow us for behind the scenes action, events and preview top products before they go online @vestiaireco on Instagram. *Commission is free for the first deposit of an item from October 20, 2020 to November 3, 2020 inclusive (GMT +2 Paris time), and sold at the maximum price of €300. This offer is only available for private sellers, cannot be used with any other offer, and is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Top Reviews

  • Great App!! With recommendation.

    By catnrolly
    I have had really good experiences with this app. I have purchased several items and I love having access to designer items from across the world and knowing that it goes through Vestiaire for quality inspection first. One item slipped through the inspection process (was listed as good condition but received a bag in fair condition)…customer service handled it very promptly and I was able to return it for a full refund. I like being able to negotiate with sellers as well. I have started listing my own designer items here as well. The only thing I would add is the ability to flag replicas or mis-represented items that may have slipped through quality control. Sometimes customers have a better eye than the pros!
  • If only there was a 0 star button...

    By Someone who plays this gamr
    I ordered three items all in my size according to Vestiaire’s size chart. One was completely wrong, and the other two were stretched out to the point that I could not wear them. Two of them also did not meet the quality of what was stated in the description. I have been trying to return them for 3 days. They have been in contact with me, however they “are waiting to receive the pictures of the discrepancies in the items.” I sent in multiple pictures for each item WITH the original request to return the Items. I spent $70 on items that I can not wear and to resell them on Vestiaire will cost me $60 in total! I am very disappointed not only in the quality of the items that I received, but in the customer service practically refusing to let me get a refund OR simply return the items. Of course I want a refund, the size guide ON THE APP was incorrect. I did not just spend $70 on items that are useless to me, just to take time out of my schedule to contact them and be refused to do anything about it. I AM DONE. Ps. If the issue is fixed in the future I will gladly remove this review.

    By keungka
    l got a pair of shoe mentioned VERY GOOD CONDITION but when l received them they had two parts of leather peeling off and the seller didn’t mention it. l emailed Vestiaire collective and they asked me to send some photographs clearly showing the problem areas. FINALLY GOT A GREAT REPLY “Vestiaire Collective does not exchange or return of items bought from individual seller. l have gone ahead and enabled the put back on sale button on this item. Which means you can put it back on sale with just a few clicks and at a lower price than the commission would have been for this item. l hope this is helpful, but don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have any questions regarding this. Alejandro for vestiaire collective” So, why did they ask for pictures if they weren’t even going to do anything about the problem? They charged me for authentication and control fee when they didn’t check the product before sending it to me. When l find the problem, it’s my fault. Nobody can use this app to buy things with that service.
  • May be good for buyers terrible for sellers

    By Dawnnreneetm
    Extremely difficult to use. Sometimes they will request more photos but will not give any further information so you don’t know which ones were not good or how to improve them so they can list your item. (Made even more ridiculous by the fact that they were the same photos that they had accepted previously). Extremely low suggested pricing on NWT items and if they deem your price too high they also will not accept it. If someone makes an offer on your item and you accept it the offer is not binding and immediate payment does not happen they give them 24 hours to pay with no repercussions if they do not meanwhile all other offers have expired while you were waiting for nothing. Tried to pull my items and it wouldn’t delete them so I ended up just deleting my entire account. Definitely will not be using this app/site ever.
  • Designer Heaven

    By UnwindThink
    My latest Louis Vuitton dream has come true, the bag I purchased on this site is in NEW condition and the latest model. To top this off it was at a lower cost than on any other internet seller or site. Believe me, it was the lowest cost and best condition I shopped this handbag for months. When I saw the Louis bag on this site, I sealed the deal. The seller sent the bag, along with receipts to the company for authentication and to make sure it matched the description. It is an A+++ bag, in diamond condition, the company inspector tagged it and it was sent from France to New York, the handbag is flawless. I hope you find what I did; the best quality and price on a high end item. What more can be said? Fabulousness on all fronts.
  • They are simply the best.

    By Naples, Florida.
    The best Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and mink coats on the planet. The best for the least amount of money. They do not get mad if you tell them like it is. Fast shipping. Easy returns. Chat with us is extremely easy and fast. I cannot get enough of it. Some glitches on the software. All over the planet you can buy from. I wished I would have known it sooner. I love the premium subscription. You get free shippings. One for each month. Keep it up Vestiaire collective. You are simply the best and of course European. The cream of the crop.... Muah!!!!!!
  • Vestiaire needs to hold sellers accountable

    By Lsbakermathews
    It’s great that Vestiaire authenticates for you so at least you know that what you’re getting is authentic when you get it. The problem is that Vestiaire allows sellers way too much time to ship items out once the item is sold, 30 days is a ridiculous amount of time to allow someone to ship something! In what world other than Vestiaire is it okay for someone to pay for something and then have to wait 30 days for it to come if it comes at all?! Vestiaire do better! Hold your sellers to a higher standard, the buyer has no recourse in this system other than to wait for a seller to respond or flake out! That is just wrong! If sellers are flaking or taking 2/3 weeks to ship flag them as non complaint sellers so the us buyers can avoid them!
  • Big Scam

    By marjoriemoreau
    I am giving one star because it deserve it. I am having a message saying “hey, our shipping fees has decreasing ! start shopping” I said ok, let’s see this wonder happening, and when I try to put some item in the shopping cart, the actual fee it’s higher than before :)) I am sending them a message to ask them why they do this, why they lie in this way and I get a message “we’re sorry that you are not happy with out shipping fees”. Now they said that their commissions has decreased but they raised the shipping fees for the customers which is the most expensive shipping that you can find on any other shopping platform. I would recommend to anyone who want to sell anything to go to ebay or whatever something else because VC it is a big scam and money waste for both sellers and potential buyers. Very disappointed !
  • They sell fakes!

    By faithvorite
    I’ve done a lot of research on realisation par dresses specifically, comparing details on the authentic ones vs the dupes made by Chinese manufacturers, in order to safely buy them second hand from other apps. However, I was excited to begin using Vestiaire Collective with the assurance I would 100% receive authentic pieces. Very quickly, I realized there were many obvious fakes listed, and one particular seller was labeled “expert seller” and had sold multiple fakes. I contacted their customer service and they denied the possibility of one of their specialists ever letting that many fakes process and said they would leave a note for the warehouse... what about all the poor buyers that have already been scammed?? This company has built false trust and clearly has no validity. I’ve even heard of other buyers receiving fake LV bags. They are a scam.
  • Not user Friendly, quite bad service and unprofessional vendors.

    By valerie_t
    A month in, and I’m using the Affirm app to pay for my purchases (3), here to say that I have a chunky loan to pay for 3 months now. After all the processing and such coming from overseas, and it still hasn’t arrived, yet I still have this loan. - Finally a response back saying one of the items are disclosed because it doesn’t ship to my location, yet the payment arrangement has been intact. (Not sure how I can get my refund). - One vendor aparently has sent the item to ship back to their location...which is a definite scam...once again, my payment arrangements are STILL in tact. Have yet to hear back if they’ll actually ship it to me this time around. - One other item hasn’t arrived just yet. On the other hand I really do hope my experience will change, I spent a chunk of my paycheck on small items. Cons: Bummer for me. Either processing takes awhile or there was some type of error that’s been overseen. Very long wait time. Not really great up to date updates on the processes, processing, or processor. Better yet not detailed enough. Not the best app out there. Pros: Easy app, easy fish, easy payment options.

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