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AutoZone is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by AutoZone, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - AutoZone, Inc., with the latest current version being 3.0.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 27,888 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.70525 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

With the AutoZone app, it’s easier to take care of your vehicle than ever before. Order the right parts and accessories for your car or truck with just a few taps. Get the parts you need fast with same-day store pick up or convenient ship to home delivery. Track your AutoZone Rewards balance and get information on your local store straight from the home screen. With AutoZone on your phone, you're that much closer to getting back on the road. BUY ONLINE, PICK UP IN STORE OR SHIP TO YOUR HOME Easily get the parts you need the same day with store pick up or have them shipped directly to your house. STORE LOCATOR With over 5,500 stores across the United States, the Store Locator helps you find the most convenient location no matter where you are. Set your store to see hours and check pricing and availability. VIN DECODER Use the VIN scanner to add your vehicle automatically and find the right parts faster. BARCODE SCANNER Shopping in store? Use the barcode scanner to check pricing and specifications for any part in the store. MANAGE YOUR VEHICLES Keep track of all of your vehicles in one convenient place. Track every job with the Service History feature, view DIY suggestions with Maintenance Info and check your vehicle's specifications. REWARDS Track your AutoZone Rewards balance right on the home screen. Not a member? Sign up today to start earning money for your purchases.

Top Reviews

  • No Loyalty

    By MundaneChaos444
    I have been shopping at 86 Boston St AutoZone since I have been old enough to drive. I get my fluids there my parts myAccessories even my batteries!!! In the last 6 weeks I have spent probably $1500. Some of the tools I bought have already broken, they have sold me the wrong parts and I’ve had to walk back only to be given an attitude and rudeness over a receipt. The people that work there do not know much about cars or the things they sell. I hear “I don’t know” from the employees more than from my 3yo. So today I am broke I get paid tomorrow and after calling and being told they had a part yesterday I walked the 3 miles there to be told “we don’t carry that” I asked who the hell told me it was there over the phone?! “Oh me! He says. I didn’t look I assumed we carried it.” Excuse me??? You made me walk 6 miles because you didn’t want to look in the computer?!. Today I needed to press a ball joint. He told me even to use the tool in house I had to pay $120 plus $7 after all the money I spent and what happened yesterday. He’s standing right next to the guy that won’t let me use the tool. They also refused to give me my core refund for an axle I literally bought from them. I’m done I can have an better experience at a junk yard. I have given them so many chances and i still haven’t heard back from corporate on the matters. AutoZone is a joke and will never get another dime out of me. I’d rather spend the extra money at Oreillys
  • Satisfied customer

    By TexasCountryGal
    I would like to compliment one of your employees at branch #6371, Mike Lee for the excellent service he provided for me last week and the week before. I have always been pleased with the service I receive when he's there. He helps me out all the time in getting me all the right parts and advises me about my vehicle. He’s professional and very kind. He goes above and beyond to get me the right price and services needed for my vehicle. This type of professionalism AND commitment to the highest level of customer’s satisfaction has to be acknowledged. Having in mind such a pleasant experience with your employee, it would be my pleasure to continue doing business with AutoZone. Thank you.
  • Staff really went above and beyond to help

    By 2noob2bTrue
    *update* After writing this review I called up my local shop and the manager offered to deliver the bolt to my home himself, which he did. Autozone might have errors in their inventory system but their employers do their best to make it up to consumers. *Original review* I needed a wheel bolt and my order confirms it is in store so I drove 60 miles to pick it up. Turns out they don’t actually have it in stock and I wasted an hour of my time chasing this bolt from autozone. Never again, I’m done.
  • App has serious functionality issues

    By Philliywilly
    I suspect this app will be nice for ordering parts, or even just looking them up, however there are some issues with a couple features in the app which I noticed within the first two minutes: 1. A pop up opened asking me to sign up for auto zone rewards and link the accounts. I attempted to do this, however after entering information, when you click the sign up button, literally nothing happens. It just stays on that screen and you don’t get an email or anything. 2. The TSB list for specific vehicles is a nice feature that I’d like to use, however all it does is show you the name of the TSB, when you attempt to click on one literally nothing happens, it doesn’t show you any more details other than the name.
  • N Henry Blvd. Stockbridge Ga Autozone is the best!

    By Tazcon77
    I noticed the Autozone in Stockbridge Ga where I work had a 4.5 stars avg rating! So I called it after being told at 2 other stores they did carry the part I needed! So I called the N Henry Blvd location and the guy told me they didn’t have it, but he would be glad to order me one! I was so happy with this I only go to this the location now since all the people working there also gave great service as well!😄
  • Not as good as website

    By Mikeezy512
    It’s better to go to see the website. I can see nearest store, I can track my rewards, and I can add my vehicles. I would say the best feature is you can scan products in store and learn a little more than the tag in store. Searching for products not great at all. I search “ Valvoline” it returned no results. I searched “ engine oil” and then it return with results similar to using the products tab. I can go to the tab of products and then narrow down what I want but seems like extra work. Also the app doesn’t show any saving, bundles, promotions that they have available. Again the website seems to make more sense.
  • Does not show the right products

    By twicker
    Interface appearance isn't bad; not the best, but would be worth 4* - if it worked. I tried looking for a battery for my car (2018 Subaru base trim of my model). It showed me options "For your car" - which were either Specialty batteries (just want to look at battery prices; don't need Specialty), or were truck batteries that the app says don't fit my car. Yes: it showed me batteries "For my car" that are explicitly NOT for my car. That's a waste of my time, and that's the kind of shoddy programming that is sending me to other companies. There's no lack of competition in this space; use one of the many, many other options so that you can actually get what you need.
  • I'll never shop at Autozone again

    By TMC28
    I'm in the process of improving my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500. Autozone was my go to parts store. Brakes, water pump, hoses, belts, bulbs, tools, electrical parts and many fluids, were all purchased there. I earned two $20 credits over the last year. One I used on my front brake rebuild. The other, which I earned in May, was going to used on rebuilding the rear brakes. On 9-2-19 I checked my account and find I have zero credits available. Before the credits were good for a year. Now they expire after 3 months. I wasn't notified of any changes to my account. My 20 bucks just disappeared, as I have from your store. This review is aimed for corporate headquarters. I always received excellent service at the store.
  • Wish list??

    By Seangoulden
    I enjoy using the app rather than going to store and browsing isles I do not know by hand. But i really really wish y’all would add a “wishlist” on the app. I keep on having to move stuff to the cart so I won’t lose it, but then when I’m ready to buy something I would have to delete the items I am not buying then add the items back into cart after my necessary purchase. It’s frustrating and time consuming and I really wish there was a “wishlist” or “Save for Later” or something like that.
  • App is ok, but needs features

    By dulac93
    Need the ability to buy online, and pickup in store by another person. When we tried to pickup in store with another person, who had the order on their phone and the pickup barcode in their Apple wallet, they were told that they needed to show the credit card used for the purchase. It was purchased via PayPal. There is no credit card. The only option was to contact customer service and cancel the order. BIG miss on this feature and a policy that contradicts their own app: PayPal to purchase, but need credit card to pickup.

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