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  • Last Updated: 2020-07-29
  • New version: 5.9
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Apple Store

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Apple Store is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Apple. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Apple, with the latest current version being 5.9 which was officially released on 2020-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 46,199 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.57664 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store. Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries. How your data is used To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

Top Reviews

  • Fortnite update #4

    By litboy114
    Apple. I owe you an apology. For putting these reviews. On why I hate you. And how fortnite should be back up. I have been looking into it. And I think both Apple and epic games are wrong. Idk which one more. So my rating is meh. First Apple is wrong because they are being completely unfair with the payment method. Ik it’s ur job. But as a person who works with apps. I can tell you that that is an unfair amount of money your taking off of apps. But Fortnite/ epic games is wrong as well. Instead of handing in like normal people. Taking it to court not doing anything at all. They just removed the payment method. They broke terms of service. And for what. Their case? This shouldn’t be affecting us mobile players. That’s all I really want to say. Fortnite is not going to win this case. I am 99% sure. And I think they know too. So who knows. Maybe they will give up. Also they know if they win, they will have to deal with people like PlayStation, X box, Stream, Switch, and more. So hopefully they give up. There is no hope for them. They should’ve won this case but unfortunately they are outnumbered. Thank you all so much. Peace ✌️
  • Changes your billing address when changing stores

    By Marcos El Malo
    I’m from the USA, currently spending time in Mexico. My bank and credit card billing addresses are in the U.S. While in Mexico it is necessary to change stores (within the app) and shop in the Mexico online Apple Store. However, when I tried to complete my purchase, I found my billing address country had been changed to Mexico, with no way to make it correctly reflect that my billing address was in the U.S. I’ve previously made purchases while in Mexico, with a U.S. billing address, so this seems to be recent update problem. Sadly, because all the physical stores are closed due to the coronavirus, there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.
  • Still badly broken for some

    By Arkanjil
    Someone had the bright idea of having this app automatically sign into tour local iCloud account on the device. Well & good, but some users still have a separate Apple ID for iTunes & purchases, and we always will apparently, as Apple won’t let users merge accounts. There is no way that I can find to sign into a different Apple ID if you use one for purchases. There are directions at one point, but they are literally nonsensical. There’s a place in your iCloud settings where you can control which apps use iCloud- but again, this app doesn’t follow the rules and is unlisted. There is no way to send apple feedback on this issue besides reviews, as on the Apple feedback webpage, this app is not listed with the other apple iOS apps. UPDATE: you can now submit feedback in the app. Convenience over usefulness seems to be the working mantra for Apple these days, but this issue is especially aggravating. Punishing older customers for issues that they can’t control is extremely bad form.
  • I love it, but please allow a way to add gift cards from Wallet.

    By ScottN
    I love this app, buying items by scanning with my phone and not having to wait in line is incredible. The only bad thing about this app is there’s no way of linking a gift card in your wallet with the app (even two Apple employees at the store confirmed it). In wallet, a gift card has an Apple Store icon but clicking it does nothing but open the Apple Store app. It doesn't apply the gift card to the purchase.

    By robeddie
    As another recent reviewer noted, this app now require you to sign into icloud to use this app. This, even though I am signed into itunes and the app store (just not signed into icloud). When I try to open the app, a dialog box opens up saying I must have an apple ID (which I do and am signed in) but when I click on the tab below that message, it takes me to settings where it asks me to sign into icloud! I dont use icloud and never will, and this app, until the update, never required me to use icloud in the 5 years I've been using it. So its either a bug, or an asinine move by apple to try to shove icloud down our throats.
  • Wasted an in-store trip

    By Spektak1
    You seem to have everything else covered in these days of COVID-19. At the very least, your app could’ve made clear on an individual store’s page that you need to make an appointment to shop there in-person. Just wasted a morning coming in to purchase an item that your app said was available and gave me the store hours, but didn’t mention it’s by appointment only, even for items that don’t require a specialist to set up (it DOES say you need an appointment for anything that you’d need specialist assistance with). So while it’s nice that you outline that I need a mask to enter the store, the appointment necessity could be clearer.
  • Most Recent Reviews Option Gone?

    By lagunabob
    When I am trying to decide if I want to download an app update I am not interested in reviews from 2 years ago, I just want to know what the current reviews reveal about the update. Does that make sense? The Apple software developers need some guidance. I go to open the "Apple Store App" on my iPad Air 2 and it says there is an update. I click the button, the app has already been updated on my iPad and reads "OPEN" in the App Store. The is the beginning of an endless loop between the app and the App Store. Nice work people. So I have to use the Apple web portal anyway. Duh?
  • Military store in Apple store app

    By Fox McLain
    I’m only writing this here because I cannot find a place to make suggestions for the Apple Store app. I’d like to suggest that you add the capability that when you sign in with your Apple ID, that you can link the military site to it so people that have verified their credentials can shop that site via the app verses opening a browser window in safari or firefox. Other than that. It’s a great app.
  • Very modern

    By ElliottPro01
    I love the Apple Store app. It’s so convenient and simple. It’s very stylish and engaging. Making purchases is so simple and I love that I can use Apple Pay. You can learn about the product you are purchasing directly from the app. I love that I can track my orders right from the app. The only thing I would like to see is that if I want to use two credit cards to make a purchase on the app I can do so.
  • Better than Real Store

    By Bonnies biggest fan
    Basically you can customize every reasonably modern apple product for the lowest to the highest prices, you can customize an imac all the way from $800+ dollars al the way to $10,000+ and you can customize in every way possible. Its something you cant get from the actual store. Its also very good for people who are middle class lower class and rich. It is all fully customizable

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