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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-15
  • New version: 6.1.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Forever 21

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Forever 21 is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Forever 21, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Forever 21, Inc., with the latest current version being 6.1.2 which was officially released on 2021-04-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 331,268 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.79484 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Welcome to the incredible world of Forever 21 – in your pocket and at your fingertips. Features: - APP EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONS: Get exclusive access to sales and discounts first! - MANAGE YOU F21 CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT: You can now manage your Forever 21 Credit Card account on the Forever 21 app! - SHOP: Explore, browse, vertical swipe to more images, horizontal swipe to another product, and buy on the go! - SCAN & SHOP: Need another size? Looking for more info? Just scan an item’s barcode to get details, read reviews, and share your finds!

Top Reviews

  • Feedback

    By Cansin16626
    i couldn’t find where to send a feedback so i'm sending from here. I think it would be a great idea to have a voting section on the website and app and people could vote on what they would purchase. this way you guys will produce products your audience likes. I heard that some F21 stores were closing down and as a teen i know what my peers think about your store. some products on your website are not stuff young people would wear (teenagers) so this way you won’t sell things people don't like and you would make more money. Also personal tests can personalize your app to have things you like. Such as, asking their clothing style (edgy, casual, basic, etc) and this way the app/website will show more of their style on their main page. Points could also be used in the app/website. many online shops do these (romwe,shein) and by sharing about the deals or completing surveys the customers could earn points. every 100 points could deduct 1 dollar off their purchase. Another way to earn points could be by reviewing products (10 points for a review or 20 point for a review with photos) There could be giveaways where you guys could send products (30,50,100 dollars worth) to participants. Many people would join And they should have an account in order to participate. this will increase customers and cause people to look through the website more often. Thanks.
  • UI could use some work

    By EbCai
    I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I’m sure it exists! All I wanted to look at were the totes. But I scrolled aimlessly through Womens and seen a couple small backpacks before I gave up. A page for bags and accessories would’ve been perfect. Or even a search bar with the ability to search the entire site, or search the tab/current page would’ve been helpful! I even tried to filter by category and that didn’t help because the categories are the same as the original menu of options on the homepage. It’s very possible that I just wasn’t using the categories correctly. If that’s the case, if someone could tell me how to narrow my options to this extent I’d be grateful. Otherwise, this app isn’t really functional in my opinion. But again, from what I could see the catalog selection is nice. (And varies greatly!) But to scroll through the Womens and come across earrings and crop tops and a backpack and bengals and jumpsuits and beanie hats and necklaces and... phew! It was a tad bit overwhelming and a little disappointing because I’d been talking about finally having the time to go online and make a couple of purchases. (I looked forward to this one particularly the most because I’ve never personally shopped here for myself.) The selection is nice! The discounts are there! The items are endless! It’s a great app to start, definitely has potential!
  • Love the app but missing a few things

    By Brit627
    App is really easy to use and never messes up on me. There are a few things that could change. The most annoying part is why aren’t there item measurements in the product information? I’m pretty sure there used to be and it was 1000 times easier to pick out my size. The only info is what size the model is wearing and that doesn’t help at all because all the models are all a size small. So really I’m just guessing at what size to get. Because I really do range from small to large in F21. Another thing, what is with the 5 word product reviews. How is “love it!” going to help me? F21 should have a word count minimum for customers leaving reviews. People please... when leaving a review anywhere— please state your height/weight and what size you ordered and if it fits. Even better is explaining how the fabric feels, how it washes, etc. Telling me “super cute” is not helping...AT ALL. Ok on to the app— it used to be easier to sort through categories. For example: jewelry—->earrings—->studs. But now I can’t even find “jewelry” section. It’s all under “accessories”. So that’s a bummer. I know it seems like I complained a lot but I really do love the app, fix these things and it’s 5 stars all the way!
  • Do not shop at F21 online/app

    By Melissa9625
    I don’t know if this is because they are going out of business or what but I have never had an issue with shipping until now. I live in California, only a couple hours away from where forever 21 ships out their packages and I have always received them in a timely manner until I placed and order 11 days ago. I received an email the next day that it had shipped but the tracking information said that the carrier had yet to receive the package. After a week I contacted someone via chat and they said I should be receiving it in the next two days. Those two days come and go, still no package, still no update on my tracking. So I attempt to call customer support and it was an unbelievable hassle to even get a REAL PERSON on the line. Took me about 15-20 minutes, and a few transfers to finally reach someone. Only for them to tell me the time frame for them to figure out what happened to my package has expired and they are deeming it lost. It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s a joke. They said I will receive something in my email and I must fill it out and upon sending that back I will receive a refund because apparently they can’t just send me a new item. I’m so frustrated with this whole process. I have yet to receive a refund. I will never order from their app again. So, buyers beware.
  • App Review

    By to do @ doctor office visit
    Forever 21 app is great because it’s user friendly for all age groups, including my grandmas generation! The app guides you through your selections, making your shopping experience fun and without any stress!! My favorite shopping apps include having a personal favorite section, so u can very quickly check on a particular item & prices without troubles. So far, the app doesn’t have technical issues. There are a couple technical issues I have with another clothing stores app, which makes me leave the app before purchasing something bc it tends to freeze after u select another item to add to your favorites. So, thanks FOREVER 21 for nailing down technology within the app!!!!!!!! There’s one thing I haven’t experienced yet within the app, so I’m not sure whether or not it’s a possibility to receive text message alerts or email alerts when an item from ur favorites goes on sale. I actually really love that option within clothing apps.
  • Poor Service

    By Snnssbbava
    The website is overall easy to use but I was not happy at all with the shipping. I ordered a few items hoping that they would arrive before school starts so that I would have a few options when it came to choosing my outfit for the first day. I had a little over two weeks before school started so I went with the option for my clothes to arrive within 3-5 business days to avoid spending extra money. Well, my order status said that my package would arrive a few days before school starts even though that would take over five days. I was fine as long as I got my clothes before school. Then, the package was supposed to arrive today so I checked my order status just to see, but now the delivery date changed to the day that school starts. This is angering because not only did it take a lot longer than it was supposed to to deliver, but I won’t have my clothes in time for school. I would have just paid extra for two-day delivery if I had known it would have taken this long. I don’t know what needs to change but it would be convenient if the website put more realistic delivery times on their website. I love this store but I doubt I will order online again.

    By XxCoronaVirusxX
    This year, even through quarantine, I’m making summer outfits using this app. It has so many cute tops and bottoms. The prices are amazing! I would recommend to a teen or a young adult. I am a teen myself, and I am IN LOVE with their shorts! The app makes it so much easier to put all your stuff in your bag, and I love how smooth the app runs. If you need good quality clothes at a low price, shop here. One concern I have is how do add stuff to the wishlist? Anyways, if you are in search for an amazingly cute summer outfit, or a fresh fall outfit, this is the store! I also love how it has everything! Shoes, accessories, makeup, socks, everything to complete your outfit. Thank you if you are reading this, and make sure to get this app if you need a good fashion choice! 💅
  • Love the products BUT SHIPPING

    By imthatpaige
    So I love Forever 21. I do. I shopped there all the time before COVID. The reason I am rating this 3 stars is because SHIPPING. Was supposed to get my stuff on a Thursday, got delayed until Saturday. Okay, not ideal, but I’ll deal. Now, they tell me it’s delayed until Wednesday to Friday! When it’s a hour and 30 minutes away from me. I had to call to even figure that out because it wasn’t even showing a date anymore. And they didn’t even offer me anything for the inconvenience. I get we are in a pandemic and the weather comes up but Victoria’s Secret offered me something when it was delayed but like 2-3 days and my Forever 21 stuff is supposed to be delayed by a week. I’m not saying I’m owed it, but it sure would have been a nice gesture considering this was a late birthday gift to myself. And this doesn’t look good on their part when I tell my friends that this has happened to me with their shipping. If you wanna shop there, I would! Their clothes are honestly great at a great price. I would just go in person if you can because shipping is a nightmare.
  • Disappointed

    By Jaylah2
    I placed an order on the 7th worth of $148, was supposed to receive it a week after. Two weeks passed by, I didn’t get my order, when I went to the site, it said wrong address which I never had problem with before. So I decided to call them, waited on the line for thirty minutes to get them telling me that the address was a little confusing so they sent the clothes back. I told them I wanted a refund, they said the clothes have to get back to them first which would take weeks. A week after, I called them, after ten minutes of waiting on line, it told me to give my phone number so they can call me back, I never received a call back. A couple days later I received an email saying that I have till the 29 to let them know if I still the refund which there could be additional charges for fees, or get the refund. I called them told them I want the refund, they told me I actually have to wait till the 29 for them to process it. Today I received an email saying my refund is gonna take 8-10 days. So, just to get a refund I basically waited for a month. I will never ever waste my time on Forever 21 again.
  • Horrible App Update

    By stephygrl123
    Wake up! There’s so many negative reviews here for this app recently and Forever 21 needs to do something about their app. It’s obviously not working. I usually don’t write reviews and was hoping that they’d work through these bugs but it’s been months now and no progress! Whoever they hired to update their app should get a new job. I used to shop on their app all the time. Towards the mid-end of 2020, they did a big app update and it’s been months now and the bugs are still not fixed. Search bar doesn’t work, saved favorites sometimes disappear, and it keeps asking me to create a new password every time there’s an app update. Why fix something that’s not broken? And if you are going to undergo a huge update, make sure that it’s actually up and working before you require your customers to do the update. I like shopping using the app through my phone/iPad. However, I’ve been shopping a lot less here ever since this app update change, way too many problems. In this era, where online shopping is superseding in-store shopping, Forever 21 is only hurting themselves by ignoring these issues.

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