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ParkMobile - Find Parking

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ParkMobile - Find Parking is an iPhone and Android Navigation App, made by Parkmobile USA, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Parkmobile USA, Inc., with the latest current version being 9.14 which was officially released on 2021-05-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,164,905 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.75284 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

With over 20 million users, ParkMobile is a smarter way to park. Easily pay for street, lot, or garage parking right from your mobile device. You can also reserve parking ahead of time near garages and stadiums across the country. ParkMobile is available in over 350 cities including New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Why Use ParkMobile? • Skip the meter and easily pay for parking right on your mobile device • Extend your parking time remotely from the app • Get alerts so you know when your parking session is going to expire • Reserve parking spots in garages ahead of time to save up to 50% off drive-up rates • Find areas of the city where there is available parking and avoid areas where there’s no parking • Available in more than 3,000 locations coast-to-coast including stadiums, airports, universities and more. How It Works: • Streets, Lots, and Garages: Enter the zone number on the posted signs in your area. Select the amount of time you want to park, and start your session. Extend time in the app if you are running late. • Parking Reservations: Search for where you want to park and select the specific parking facility. Choose the date/time and complete your reservation. Follow the instructions in your confirmation to redeem at the parking facility. App Features: • Customizable notifications delivered via email, text and/or app • Save your favorite parking locations for next time • Store up to five cars in your account • “Find my car” feature directs you back to the location where you parked • Turn-by-turn directions to the parking garage where you reserved your spot • Multiple payment methods available including ApplePay, PayPal, VisaCheckout, MasterPass, ChasePay and most major credit cards • Parking Availability feature shows streets with open parking spots in your area Looking for Help? At ParkMobile, we’re serious about customer service. We process over 250,000 parking transactions every day and we know that every now and then, something might go wrong. If you have an issue, we will do everything we can to make it right. Our customer service is available 24/7/365. If you need help, here’s how to get in touch with us: Web: Online Help Center: Video Tutorials: Twitter: Facebook: Thanks for downloading the ParkMobile app and discovering a smarter way to park.

Top Reviews

  • Good at the basics, two annoying issues

    By Decadeindc
    ParkMobile seems to be the most popular app for municipal parking around me, and it works pretty well for what it is. Seems to sync well with whatever technology the authorities are using. A handful of app-specific annoyances in the last year or two: 1) there are more often than not popover ads or popover promos that appear as soon as I open the app that I must dismiss in order to input the parking zone and start parking. I imagine most people are like me and in a major hurry to input the zone number and start the clock. The ads and promos are a HUGE annoyance. I’ve cursed the app more than once standing in the rain after finding the zone number and trying to start parking. 2) I turned off app notifications for time remaining and session expired and now they will not turn back on for me. Every time I hit the radio button in the app, I’m redirected to the iPhone setting menu for the app, which doesn’t help - two different types of settings. All of those iPhone settings are correct, so I don’t know what the problem is turning notifications on in the app. I really don’t like text or email notifications, which are now my only options. 3) I had to log out and log back in to the app to see an updated parking history. The app stopped showing parking history in real time for a couple months.
  • Terribly unreliable - caused me a parking ticket l

    By Jwillfisher
    I don’t even have time to list all the things all the things that went wrong with this terrible functioning, unreliable app. I parked my car and walked off, opening to app to pay for my parking. The app then bugged out and had issue after issue. First, it would randomly sign me out and and wouldn’t let me sign back in, telling me my info was incorrect, or simply loading forever. Once it finally started realizing my info WAS correct, I tried to click on a zone and it wouldn’t load it. Then, when it finally did load it, it kept telling me I didn’t have a payment method on file, despite having used it before. When I went to add a payment method, it showed that I did indeed still have a payment method on file. I continuously opened and closed the app, again and again trying to get it to simply function properly, and every time it was a different issue, different bug. Eventually I became so frustrated with it that I went and grabbed my wallet, walked all the way back down to the parking space to pay manually, and upon arrival realized that I had received a parking ticket in the time that I spent trying to simply get to app to function. The app fails at the simplest levels, and is just terrible and unreliable in general. An app like this is supposed to be reliable - that’s the whole idea. Don’t waste your time on this.
  • Ticket Vulture Scam

    By Chris9642469094
    Avoid park mobile spots, find a parking garage. I put 30 minutes on the spot as we were just grabbing a quick bite. At 29 minutes I tried to add more time but it wouldn’t let me. I looked up from my burger and the meter maid was already hovering over my car. It took me 45 seconds to cross the cross walk and by the time I got to my car she had printed the ticket and said once it is printed there is nothing she can do. I paid for the spot through 12:45, the ticket was issued at 12:46. The car in front of me was smart enough not to pay at all. It was there before I parked and was still there 8 minutes after I got the ticket. Because they didn’t pay, Park Mobile didn’t send a message to the meter maid and they didn’t get a ticket. As soon as she pulled away she did a U turn and parked next to a car on the other side of the street and waited 3 minutes until their spot expired. Over $100 of fines every 5 minutes for the city. That is easily $20k per day per meter maid. Not a bad racket when the spot is only worth $7 per hour. I paid more for the credit card “convenience” fee on the ticket than it cost for 30 minutes of parking. This app is not about making parking convenient, it is about reporting exactly when your spot is expiring to ensure you get ticketed and cities get their ticket revenue. I wonder how much commission they make on the tickets???
  • User error?

    By stranded 2
    I paid for the wrong car and got a parking ticket. Mea culpa, but the app makes this error easy. How? The app spontaneously rearranges the vehicle list order when a non-default vehicle is chosen. How is this intentional? It is confusing and misleading. ParkMobile has created a payment system that is structured to benefit itself and its contracted municipalities. Its users are simply revenue generators. The app's structure ensures that users always pay for more time than they use, allowing one parking spot to generate overlapping revenues for multiple vehicles. Some users belatedly realize they selected and paid for the wrong car and effectively double-pay for their parking when they catch their error and correct it by paying again for the correct car. People making my error pay both for their parking and for their parking ticket (if unresolved). My experience with customer "support" indicates that ParkMobile disavows any responsibility for contributing to profitable user error and thereby protects its revenues. ParkMobile's regrets for my inability to use their app and apologies for my frustration are a condescending approach to customer service. I did them a favor by presenting my concerns, and they rejected them. It's called stonewalling. I will confine my use of ParkMobile for when I might need to extend parking sessions remotely, otherwise I will just pay at parking stations directly.
  • No-help Desk

    By Namaste CaliMan
    Update 9/18: in response to ParkMobiles apology and offer to assist via email, I sent my third email support request on 11 August (previous emails on and 21 and 29 June) and not one email has been responded to. Stop acting like you have customer service when you clearly don’t. Bottom line: good app, convenient, but you’ll never ever get a refund should anything not work perfectly! And no one from “customer support” will ever respond to your emails. ====== The app is good and does what is says, but customer support is non-existent. The app warns that the service is merely a financial transaction tool between municipalities and the meter so the app developer will NOT process refunds. However the app offers an opportunity to forward your comments to the city to request a refund. I received an automated email once the ticket was opened, then nothing. I’ve sent follow up emails and not even an acknowledgment, nothing. The original email says it was from the park mobile helpdesk, but I’m pretty certain one doesn’t even exist. Why offer to facilitate communication with the municipality if you’re not going to do it in the first place and then not even get back to the customer with any update(s) much less an actual resolution. It’s been over a month and nothing.
  • Glitch caused me to get a parking ticket, but developers ultimately reimbursed me

    By NM2112
    I parked and saw that parking could be paid through this app. I downloaded the app, entered my vehicle and payment information, entered the zone where I was parking, set it to pay for two hours ($2.85). I got confirmation and even saw the clock start counting down. I go to lunch, then come back to a $42 parking ticket. I check the app and somehow there is nothing in my activity history. Edit: I have sent the information as they requested. The event happened exactly as described above. I will update my review to include how this is handled once it is resolved. Edit #2: I've upgraded my review to 4 stars. The app didn't work and I got a ticket, but I was surprised to find that the developers actually responded to this, they investigated, and ultimately reimbursed me the price of the ticket. That's excellent customer service, which unfortunately isn't common these days. And for the record, I used the app again a couple of weekends ago (I made sure to take a screenshot this time) and it worked fine, so I'm not sure what happened with that first one.
  • I like it

    By TinyTBS
    I’ve only used the app a couple of times but it’s always worked well for me. It’s fairly straight forward and easy to use. You can add any vehicle to your account quickly from anywhere. (I even added my daughters best friends car from home when needed to park, because they are teenagers and don’t always think ahead.) You can have multiple vehicles on your account. All of the info you need to know about a space (hour and minute rate, maximum time allowed in a space, etc) so you don’t accidentally get a ticket is given in the app when you chose a space/parking zone. I often use the app before I even get out of my car (and I counsel my children to do the same) which gives me a greater sense of security. I like that it warns you when your time is going to run out and I find it very convenient to be able to extend my time in a space from my smartphone rather than having to run out and feed the meter.
  • Good app, bad business practices

    By ads-are-aids
    Edit: as an addendum to my review, there is a way on the website to change your membership to free. However, i was forced to add a new payment option just so it would let me into the personal tab. This is what led me to believe there was no way to cancel the membership, as there is no way to opt out of this, you have to add some payment info before it will let you on. Currently, my review still stands, it took one click on the app to sign up for pro, so it should be just as easy to do it in the same place on the app, not hidden away in some submenu on the website I used Park Mobile throughout college to park on my campus and never had a problem with it, I even signed up for park mobile pro. Now that I’m out of college and moved away, I wanted to cancel my pro since I won’t be using park mobile anymore, and I can’t find anything about how to cancel it, not on the app or the website. This is wrong. If I have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get an app to stop charging me money, then I see that as a scam. I’ve had to contacted customer support to cancel it, and I will not be using this app again
  • Got me lost trying to find my car

    By jtbeetle89
    Downloaded this app when one of the downtown Indianapolis parking meters had buttons that weren’t working at all. Used it to pay for my parking, entered the associated info, and took note of the number of the parking spot. I even looked to see and was pleased to see a “find my car” option for when I was done. After a work dinner downtown in a city I’m unfamiliar with, I fired up the app and told it to lead me via Google Maps to the car. I knew it felt off when it told me that my ~5 minute walk TO the restaurant was now going to be a 17 minute walk BACK to my car. But I followed it, thinking perhaps I got myself distracted and hadn’t realized just how far I’d initially walked. After reaching the destination, I discovered I was nowhere close to my car. Through trial and error, I eventually found it — first by walking 17 minutes back to the restaurant, then by systematically eliminating other directions. Ended up completely lost for nearly 45 minutes before finally reaching my car and then driving an hour home. Lesson learned: don’t trust that particular feature. The app gets two stars because it allowed me to pay for parking and I didn’t get a ticket.
  • Going Downhill

    By JL 5285732
    This app has historically been excellent. Recently though a ton of bugs have been introduced. It seems to have lost my account information; I can login with my phone and password and it has no history no payment methods and someone else’s vehicles. I tried to log out and log back in but when you log out it leaves “sign in with faceid” on, so you get stuck in a logoff-logon loop. Had to cover my faceid sensor to get out of it. Added credit card as only payment method but it tried to use PayPal instead on check out. When that failed, it lost all information and I had to start over at a map of the US. I did it again, the second time for same location it wouldn’t give me the max/all-day option, only duration. I selected the max 13 hours on the menu and when I hit save it set to 8 hours. Did it three more times and third time it kept 13 hours. Went to checkout and it was back to 8 hours. I hit “change” on the duration and it started me over at map of US. I eventually succeeded (I think) but total time elapsed fighting with the app was 14 minutes; incredibly buggy and disappointing given how great and smooth this app used to be.

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