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  • New version: 7.16.2
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This page is a stub. You can help - New & Used Cars Wiki by expanding it. - New & Used Cars is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers -, with the latest current version being 7.16.2 which was officially released on 2020-10-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 389,490 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82304 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Shopping for a new or used car or truck? Ready to meet your match? Download the free app to find the perfect car for you today. Shop the best deals with immediate access to 4.9 million listings, 5 million driver reviews, and various tools to compare pricing on cars you like. Focused search filters help you zero in on the best new and used cars and trucks for sale near you. Research and find dealerships, compare car models, read car reviews, calculate loan payments, and connect with car sellers. Already have a car? Use our app to sell your car or find your vehicle’s value. 4.9 MILLION CAR LISTINGS: Scroll through detailed photos and get to know all the vehicle’s features before visiting the dealership. See what special offers are available, including cash back and special financing from dealers and manufacturers, to save you money on your new or used car. 5 MILLION CONSUMER AND EXPERT REVIEWS: Not sure what car to buy? Read unbiased reviews from our expert writers as well as drivers like you to help you make the right choice. MATCHMAKER EXPERIENCE: Meet your perfect car match! Answer a few short questions about yourself to get nearby car recommendations tailored just for you. SHOPPING FILTERS: Car shopping is easier than ever with our extensive list of filters. Narrow your search by price, mileage, year, exterior and interior color, fuel type, transmission, body style, and more. Add specific keywords to search for must-have features. CAR COMPARISONS AND REVIEWS: Search popular side-by-side car comparisons and read reviews to find the best options for you. Or create a custom comparison of up to four unique vehicles. DEALER REVIEWS AND DIRECTIONS: Easily find a five-star dealer in your area. and DealerRater have more dealership reviews than any other source. Read reviews from real shoppers, find hours of operation, and get directions to the dealership. HOT CAR BADGES: Our "Hot Car" badge helps narrow down which vehicles you should act fast on, so your dream car doesn't sell before you have time to take it on a test drive! DEAL BADGING: Deal badges represent how well a vehicle is priced within the market you're shopping in - Great Deal, Good Deal or Fair Price. Our deal badging considers several different factors impacting a vehicle's value, such as: condition, ownership history, popular features (like Bluetooth and memory seats), along with other market factors. All this data is used to compare similar vehicles so that we find exceptional deals for you. PRICE COMPARISON: Use our price comparison tool to see how the price of each car listing compares to similar vehicles in your area. CHECK AVAILABILITY AND PRICE QUOTES: Call, text, or email dealers or private sellers right from the app to request a price quote or schedule a test drive. SAVE FAVORITES: Save your favorite cars, searches, and dealerships. Set up price drop notifications to be alerted any time one of your favorite cars drops in price. PAYMENT CALCULATORS: Available calculators include a car loan payment calculator to estimate monthly loan payments, an affordability calculator to find your max budget price, and a cash back calculator and low interest rate calculator to see how different dealer incentives affect the overall cost of a vehicle you are interested in. SELL YOUR CAR: Ready to sell? Post an ad directly on our site. DEALERSHIP LOT TOOLS: Our VIN scanner allows you to quickly pull up the listing of a vehicle while you are at a dealership by simply scanning the VIN. This car shopping feature gives you the knowledge you need to buy the perfect car at the cheapest price. The team is committed to creating an enjoyable car shopping experience that will help you find a car you love. If you experience any problems or bugs, use the Feedback button in the menu or send us a message to Please include the device and version of iOS you are using. Thanks!

Top Reviews

  • TMI

    By Nobellnate
    When it works, it's great! Too bad it only works about 10% of the time. Crashes more often and works more slowly than any other app I have ever tried. Maybe the volume of information they provide is just too much for my little phone to handle. UPDATE: Not sure whether it was an upgrade to the software, or the fact that I got a new phone, but for the past several months (other than having the app freeze when you first open it, presumably while it is connecting to the remote servers) there has been no instability or any other issues. So, to quote myself, "When it works, it's great!" UPDATE 2: Really wish they would re-develop the app for iPad. Nice that the old version still functions. It’s just kind of odd to view because the iPad version looks as though you have set your phone on top of your iPad screen.
  • Making car buying even more of a headache

    By Harleyd317
    If they would simply put the necessary fixes into the app, this would be invaluable. But pictures never load, and the sorting of info is terrible. It must be the method the sellers input info that doesn’t get detected when you filter. If you choose you want a sunroof, well it will narrow down 500 vehicles to 10. But if you don’t filter that way, there are waaaay more vehicles that actually have a sunroof than it showed through the filter. So you’re forced to manually search through hundreds of vehicles, and pray to God a picture will load showing whether it has the features you’re looking for or not. There is also a tooooon of shady business practices done by dealers here. They consistently mis label vehicles, say they have features they don’t, and out ridiculously low prices ($1000 on a brand new vehicle) just to get them to show up in every search. It’s clear this company is just collecting money from the sellers, and pocketing it. The app has been this way for years, it’s nothing new. Autotrader has its own issues, but it does at least work the way you’d expect it to.
  • The ups and downs of ever changing software!

    By BLT41567
    I use this app daily for the past 6 years. I’ve seen it improve to the point of being a useful tool and then it goes the wrong way. I’m wondering if they are using a different software company? Anyway the most effective tool for me is the filter/features after defining the make and model. Currently the most popular vehicles in the US are pickups, SUV’s and crossovers. The software does a pretty good job on SUV’s and crossovers. However, on pickups the features options available are missing some very important options. First, on half ton pickups we need an option of long or short bed. For example, the f-150 crew cab can be configured in 5.5 bed or a 6.5 bed. If I want to find a 6.5 bed, I’m SOL and will have to look at every single truck to find the few 6.5’ beds out there. It would also be nice to specify max trailer tow options or max payload options. These are important options and should be part of the options list.
  • App is ok, please update

    By jonmoore7
    Picture loading time takes too long. This could possibly be due to too many posters have too large of file size they’re uploading & it’s doesn’t compress properly. I feel that allowing a user to select multiple models from a manufacturer (or from several manufacturers). For instance, let’s say I’d like to only see Toyota: 4Runners & Landcruisers as well as Jeep: Wranglers all in one feed. That’d be nice. Perhaps another feature would be to allow to shop for engines without models. Meaning, maybe I wanna see any auto which features a GM LS3 motor. Or anything with a Cummings? Furthermore, you’ve a lot of post which are incomplete. There should be a fail safe that a seller cannot post a listing if the form isn’t complete. Too many, “unspecified” vehicles in here. This could also allow for potential user to discover/search for a feature which they may be unaware of as an available option on other autos. For instance, a rear (back) window which rolls up and down. Some Tacoma’s, 4Runners & Tundras have this feature but another manufacturer has a model with this feature too (I’ve forgotten who & which model. See, this is a useful feature to have). I’ve more ideas, but you get it. I’m not putting it in blast. It’s a decent app. It’s my ‘go to’ when researching rides. It’s not been updated in...forever. Perhaps some of these things are in the next version.
  • Bug report

    By Paul1662829285
    Devs, when you select multiple features, it treats it as an OR operator instead of AND. That means that searching for cars with heated seats and a moonroof actually returns more results than if I just search for cars with a moonroof, since searching for both will return any car that has heated seats OR a moonroof. It doesn't work this way when using the website so I assume this is a mistake with the app. Also, it becomes more difficult to specify price as a filter after the initial search. While these bugs make the app less usable, it's overall much better than other apps. Not just because of better design but saved searches, alerts, and filter by auto-emergency braking are hugely helpful features that I haven't found elsewhere.
  • Subtle paid searches

    By mwfreezeii
    Overall this app is a great companion to the website. I have found the calculator tools especially useful in helping myself and friends find cars within our comfortable price range and being informed walking into a dealership. However, recently I have noticed that when I go to search sometimes the search terms (new/used, make, model, price, etc) change when I do my search, and typically these are cars I would never consider buying. For example, today I started a search for a Honda Accord but was confronted with search results for a Buick. The first time this happened I thought it was just an error, but in the numerous times this has happened since I have noticed that whatever my search changes to happens to be the same make and model of the ad displayed at the bottom of the main search page. An interesting, subtle, frustrating, and very unwelcome way to force advertisements on your users.
  • The app is incredible and makes finding the best vehicle easy to find

    By 565456
    This app is so slow / glitchy that every time I scroll through I almost inevitably click on the wrong car or on one of there MANY ads they have playing all the time. I get the need to make money but every time I click back another full screen ad pops up. And after 5-10 I have to watch a 20-40 second long video about a game I will never play in my life. They keep adding new features and the app keeps getting slower. I would recommend just using the online version as it is much easier to navigate and much better functioning.
  • Bad update

    By lamblamb65
    Whatever update y’all just did totally ruined the efficiency of the app and created bugs. Having to go back and choose the manufacturer before being able to choose the model , every single time, is ridiculous. It worked great before, with the manufacturer and model in 2 sections, why change it? I also noticed that since the update you can’t select the mileage option under the filter section, you have to go all the way back to advance search to use the mileage criteria. I’ve used this app nearly every day for the past 3 years and usually the updates are helpful and y’all seem to listen to your users, I hope you’ll listen this time when I say, you’ve made the app worse with this update. Also, side note, an iPad specific app would be great, just a thought.
  • Stop abusing the app with excessive ads.

    By Odinu
    Nothing feels better than finding what you’re looking for and making a satisfying purchase. The app is very intuitive and compliments the desktop version, but the latest updates makes the mobile experience horrible. There are ads within the search listings, there is non removal banner ad at the top and there pop up ads when you press a button just to navigate through the app. This is ridiculous. Bombarding users with non relevant ads is very annoying and counter-intuitive. I recommend creating an ad-free “Pro” version for those who enjoying querying through your database of a million plus listings without the headache. It’s only a matter of time when users will realize this and uninstall this app, while going to competitors who offer a better experience, or simply use a mobile ad-blocking alternative.
  • Best App to search for cars!

    By JMahs4Life
    I have been using this app and a couple of competitors apps for some time now searching for a car to get at the end of this year. I can say with 100% confidence this is the best/easiest app to navigate. The UI is incredible with all of the different filters you can add to your search. I love how it narrows it down and tells you how many cars are going to be in the search based on which filter you select i.e exterior color, year, etc. I don’t typically write reviews so, obviously this app has given me a great experience!

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