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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-12
  • New version: 4.26.5
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Old Navy: Fun, Fashion & Value

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Old Navy: Fun, Fashion & Value is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Gap Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Gap Inc., with the latest current version being 4.26.5 which was officially released on 2021-04-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 597,898 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.87221 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

You asked for a faster, easier way to shop Old Navy on your phone and we delivered. Our all-new and improved Old Navy app is a #musthave for shoppers on-the-go. • Discover: Explore our entire assortment, from covetable new arrivals to year-round classics across all departments. • Find: Rockstar obsessed? Searching for a particular color? Find your next wardrobe must-have with our search and filter tools. • Buy: Our updated, mobile-friendly checkout process lets you add faves to your bag and check out in seconds. • Save: Easily find and apply our best offers and promos on the app. Access and redeem Rewards, Super Cash, and more with just a few taps. • Manage: Hey, Old Navy cardholders! It’s never been easier for you to manage your Gap Inc. credit cards. Check your balance, track Rewards and points, and pay your bill in our app’s Wallet section. • Know: No more FOMO. Stay in the loop with instant alerts about offers and big sales. Download our shiny new app and see for yourself. Your feedback is important to us. Tell us what you want to see in the app by emailing us at mobileapp@oldnavy.com. And stay tuned for new features on the way!

Top Reviews

  • Not so great

    By MissKitty69
    I’m disappointed with this app. When it comes to linking your old navy credit card with the shopping part of the app, it’s not happening. I have to log into the credit card thru the app, but then when I shop on the app it doesn’t recognize, or give me the option to use, the old navy card without me having to manual enter it. Using rewards is even more difficult when you check out, it chose a 20% coupon over my 50$ reward and would let me change it. Rewards are useless I guess, unless you go into the store. I got so frustrated that I cancelled my order. I paid off my balance and will probably cancel the card as well. I work hard for my money and I am not going to wrestle an app to use rewards I earn when I use this card. My last order I did pick up in store and was confirmed by email it was received and everything was in stock. When I arrived the 2 most important items they didn’t have. I walked back and picked them off the rack myself. I know that’s probably a store issue but the order was made on the app, and there wasn’t a place to leave feedback on the app itself. When I tried talking to the manager I was dismissed like A child. So all in all, I am not happy with old navy, their stores, their credit cards, or their app.
  • Sneaky with their “super cash”

    By kiradisa
    I like the store and got excited when I earned a bunch of “super cash” from shopping on Black Friday, thinking it was similar to Kohl’s cash. Not at all! Basically super cash is like earning a 20-40% off coupon for future purchases. I have to spend at least $25 in order to get $10 off... (kohl’s cash is simply cash to use towards your purchase.). And if I spend $45, I still only get $10 off. So I decided I would give it a try... and found out that the store has a 30% off sale anyway which is higher than my super cash discount. So the super cash isn’t worth using at all! Some Black Friday deal! It is all just a super hoax to make you think you are actually earning something special! Makes me want to stay away from Old Navy and stick to Kohl’s where at least I know what I’m getting and where I can read about the exclusions on the back of the promotional material. (But that’s another story... black Friday’s tv ads for Old Navy said that everything was 50% off, no exclusions, but in store I came across several exclusions and one of my items wasn’t discounted even though it was included in the sale.
  • Love the clothes but SO HARD to buy!!

    By Kellymarie0486
    Im a new old navy CC holder, 3 months approx. I’m a busy working 31 year old toddler Mom. I don’t have a lot of time to go out shopping so I like to order Christmas online on my lunch break. Every other time I go to log in it makes me change my password. Every time you change your password it tells you for your convenience we’ve erased all your credit card information... I know for a fact my password is correct. I even screen shot what I changed it to and made sure I re-entered correctly and it still told me it was wrong! How annoying to re-type all of your credit card and billing info each time you want to buy something! I don’t bring every single one of my credit cards to work with me so this time I could not check out. I’ve never had so many problems trying to buy online ever except with this site and app. I cannot stand how much work this is to try to give old navy my money so I’m considering canceling my card and giving up on them altogether at this point.
  • New items and selection- and perks for cardholders are all limited

    By kwestonjr1
    It seems for the last couple years the clothes haven’t changed at old navy. I see the same stuff and it’s redundant. For cardholders there aren’t really enough perks to justify having the card, the sales are the same and the cash bonus bucks are more than the points given and anyone can get that- even without a card. Another issue is cardholders should have free shipping and not be expected to order 35 or 50 to get it! I’m disappointed with old navy because the clothes are generic at best with old navy emblems. There’s nothing better about the quality and I’m most likely going to close my card and shop at Burlington or Marshall’s- they have more of a selection and prices are better! The alternative is gap and they are generic also but twice the price. I see a problem in the near future for this company if they don’t step up their game.
  • Horrible customer service

    By Someone who lost 100$
    I have been an old navy shopper for many years. I usually just go to my local store and have never had an issue. But due to Covid the store was closed so I decided to order online. I ordered 7 things. 1 of the things I received in my shipment was the wrong thing. I called old navy customer service after ONE HOUR of being on hold. I FINALLY got through to someone. They told me they were going to send everything again and that they would also send me a postal sticker to return the items I had received. Fast forward 2 weeks I get the new shipment of stuff (IT IS STILL WRONG) fast forward a month and I STILL HAVE YET TO RECEIVE a postal sticker to return my Original order. It has now been 8 weeks. No sticker in the mail. Very very frustrating customer service, it is virtually impossible to get ahold Of anyone to fix this and now I have double Of everything . Cool. I’ll be canceling my old navy card because of the lack of customer service.
  • App Faster than website

    By Msjenita08
    Much more easier and faster to access especially for major sale days. I found the website via mobile lagged so badly especially around midnight. I downloaded the app and it much easier to access the checkout than it failing to get there. Makes my shopping experience smoother. I can add my favorites on the add and keep track of them when new color come or whenever they’re on sale. Pixie full lengths and pjs are my favorite. I can locate what’s available locally and online at the same time. I like the local pick up option as well. Promotional codes always visible. Never hidden or feeling cheated.
  • App needs MAJOR improvements. STILL.

    By Ytruda
    I’ve been shopping Old Navy for years and while I love the store, the app is a problem. It constantly stops working mid shopping leaving you with the “Oops, something went wrong” message which then prompts you to “refresh.” Hit refresh only to not have it work so you have to back out of the app and hope what you put in your shopping bag is still in there. A lot of the times it not. And I’m on WiFi when this happens. This has been going on with this app for sometime and still not fixed. Another issue was that my info is saved in my old navy app. Yet I had still had to enter it every time. Not too big of a deal but if you are going to offer a feature make sure it works. I mainly got rid of the app because I got tired of it kicking me out multiple times while shopping. Fix that and it would be great.
  • Long Tall Sally

    By H😝neycomb
    I like the app in general. It’s one of the best I used. I realized after placing an order the other day that I forgot to apply my rewards points. It would be helpful if it asked if you wanted to use rewards points upon order completion. And then when I tried to cancel the order and place it again w rewards points I couldn’t figure out how to do that. That could be user error but it could also be easier to do so I didn’t have to call customer service to do it. The customer service rep was very helpful. I was frustrated to have to read off all the serial numbers for my rewards points. I felt like the customer service rep should’ve had access to my rewards points certificate numbers. But I love Old Navy and that they carry “Tall” sizes for us long legged girls!!
  • Never remembers me!!!

    By Love*pineterest
    I LOVE OLD NAVY but the application needs lots of work. Like boat loads of work. The buying, browsing, shopping aspect is ok. Most times. If you’re like me when you shop you browse, save and come back. Well, when you returns to your favs only to find their gone. Need to manage your account? Too bad! No cards to show. Past order you need to check on? No past orders to show. I JUST ordered a $175 worth of merchandise 4 days ago and I have no past orders?? What gives Old Navy? I’ve had this card for 5+ years and I always shop and pay my bill via the app. Why is it always losing my information?? Constantly having to change my password like another reviewer said. So over this frustration! I’m a busy mom of 3 kiddos all under 4 years old. Give me convenience or I’ll delete my app and shop somewhere else!!!
  • Great App but deceiving prices

    By hiphopananoumys
    Love shopping online through this app. But beware, during a sale, online will have huge mark ups on items to make it seem like a “better deal”. I’ve gone in store and have been told this is what they do. I’ve even spoken to managers over the phone about this and their “super cash” savings scam. You’re required to spend a certain amount to even use the money they reward you with for spending so much already. So if you really want to make sure you are getting the best deal when they do have “sales”, go in store and compare prices by using the search bar to scan Bar codes. I’ve saved hundreds- thousands of dollars. Just a tip from a fellow Navyist.

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