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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-10
  • New version: 4.0.21
  • File size: 183.27 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

QVC Mobile Shopping (US)

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QVC Mobile Shopping (US) is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by QVC, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - QVC, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.0.21 which was officially released on 2020-11-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 342,157 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.85968 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Mobile shopping has never been more simplified and fun. Now you can watch our TV channels live by simply downloading the updated QVC app on your iPhone. Get more of what you love with the QVC for iPhone® app that can be downloaded for free. The My Account feature lets you access more order information than ever. You can track your order, edit Easy Pay® options, and manage your address book. Plus, as always, you’ll never miss our Today's Special Value®—our best find of the day, an item we believe you’ll love. That goes for our QVC2 Big Deal™ and Beauty iQ Steal™, too! NEW FEATURES • Now introducing PayPal as a payment method and PayPal Express to place orders quickly and easily! • A new look and enhanced user interface across our Home screen, Product Listings, and Product Detail pages make it easier to shop your favorites, from fashion to cosmetics to electronics • New checkout process for a seamless experience • QVC live video displayed right from the Home tab, so you never miss a moment • Quick links to our TSV, QVC2 Big Deal, Beauty iQ Steal, and more • Seamlessly browse through recent on-air items, right from the Home screen • At the end of the page? Keep scrolling to see the latest happenings, new offers, trends, and more! • For “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” rights under California law please refer to the Right to Opt-Out of Sales section of the QVC Privacy Policy EXISTING FEATURES •Watch our full 16:9 HD live stream and purchase the current Item On Air •See customer ratings & reviews on our Product Detail pages and Product Listings. Plus, view product images, information, sizing, color swatches, styles, availability, and delivery date estimates on our enhanced Product Detail pages •Find exactly what you're looking for with our full-search capability – search over 50,000 clothing, cosmetics, electronics, home décor, and other items by category, item number, product description, brand, phrase, or word. From there, you have the ability to narrow those search results •On our Homepage, find our Today's Special Value offer, QVC2 Big Deal, Beauty iQ Steal, and current Item On Air, plus Items Recently On Air, and featured promotions •Narrow the Items Recently On Air product listing by show •Share items via Facebook or Twitter •Speed Buy® to purchase items quickly and confidently! New customers can easily create an account—anytime, anywhere •Check your order status, edit or cancel orders, and manage Auto-Delivery •Update your personal information, manage your address book, and view/edit Easy Pay options •Access and shop your Wish List QVC wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you're not satisfied for any reason, our return policy allows you to send back the merchandise within 30 days of the date you received the package for an exchange or a refund of the purchase price, minus the full shipping & handling and Q Return Label fees. QVC will refund any paid S&H fees and Q Return Label fees if an item is defective or we were in error. Purchases from QVC and the use of QVC services are subject to our General Terms and Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy, which can be found at the bottom of the homepage. Award-winning Service: We've been honored multiple times with BizRate's "Circle of Excellence" distinction. QVC is committed to giving you quality service and treating your information responsibly. For details, please see our Privacy Statement. QVC is Norton Secured powered by Digicert, so you can feel confident while shopping with us. We participate in the Norton Secured Seal Program with Extended Validation of our organization. All of your personal information is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS) software when it's transmitted to us during the checkout process, just as it is on Watching QVC's video stream may significantly increase the data usage amount of your mobile device and may incur additional fees. Contact your carrier for more information.

Top Reviews

  • Every Q imaginable and the best app

    By SuzyQPro
    I’ve been a QVC shopper since I was a teen- my aunt was an avid CVN/QVC customer and I grew up in a home where “the Q” was often on as entertainment. We thought calling customer service to place orders was great. Now with this App and all the technology advancements we can enjoy the Q (and all the Q’s!) anywhere and all the time. I love being able to watch presentations and search products when I want and have time. My husband jokes that my delivery label just has my first name and county listed and the packages reach me since I’ve ordered tens of thousands of dollars worth of products over 25 years of shopping with the Q. I’ve seen the genesis of the Q and this app is one of the best out there. Hardly freezes, always new content, high production value. The app is easy, full of fabulous content from all brands of the Q (QVC OG, QVC 2, QVC 3, Beauty IQ), live presentations and archived shows, plus additional content. For a very busy person this app makes it super easy to get shopping done for holidays, birthdays, special occasions, even everyday needs like makeup, hair and body care, etc. Even food, entertaining and decorating needs! Special offers and easy returns are a game changer. How can you go wrong?
  • Go back to the drawing board please!!!!!

    By AlohaCCC
    I have never written a review for an app before but feel compelled to do so now. The QVC app is horrible. Why in the world would a company that is in the business of making money$$$ make the pictures of the items they are selling so ridiculously small?! And good luck zooming in because the picture quality is garbage. Seriously QVC, what is the deal? I am an avid shopping. Much to my fiancé and pocketbook’s dismay. But I can barely see the dang things. And another issue is the video. Even with WiFi going, you got about a 50/50 shot of watching an uninterrupted demo video. I live for those videos. So I can see the items I can’t see from the photos. And then there are the color or option sections. Ok, so even though a particular color is sold out, I’d still like to know what it was. The way it is now, once it’s sold out, you can only know what option it was again by watching the video you have a prayer of seeing. I mean honestly, usually it’s a black page with the audio playing. You guys really, and I mean really need to get it together and make an app worthy of your level of customer service excellence. Because what you have right now is not. The only part that is easy and convenient is the checkout out part. Of course, because you are collecting our money lol!!! With all sincerity, this app is severely flawed and I really do hope you read these. I mean you have to be able to see the pieces for God’s sake!
  • Me, trying to GO OUT to shop....😩

    By ArizonaRat
    I am disabled due to a car accident in 2001. To try going out shopping, eating out, taking kiddos to school or extra curricular activity is extremely difficult, for myself and whoever is helping me. Needless to s crazy! However, I found QVC one day as I was looking at the tv. I had heard about it because my Grandma had shopped for years & years. So I watched it for a bit, and by about the second hour, I had ordered my first Cooks Essentials!!! It was, I believe, a 10 piece set of cookware that I knew I would never be embarrassed again for guests to see the pot & pans I used to cook THEIR food!!!!! As I write this now, 16 years later and asked how MANY TIMES I have ordered, low - ball it at over 500 items!!!! I have shopped in almost every category. Every thing I buy wether it is for a birthday gift, a baby/bridal show, or for me, comes from QVC!!! The easiness, the quality, and the variety, is almost as important in my decision to invest in QVC!! The staff from host to online we shopping can not be anymore helpful in assisting me!! They all are WONDERFUL!!!! I will be here until I die!!!!!!!
  • I Love QVC

    By cook513
    QVC has become like a second home to me. I started watching at first because nothing on television really appealed to me anymore. TV had gotten distasteful, violent or just plain moronic. I stumbled on QVC. and found it to be pleasant, uplifting and fun! At first I was afraid to buy something without actually feeling it or trying it on, but I took a leap of faith and never looked back. That is because the Customer Care Representatives and the return policy that QVC offers is second to none. Never, ever have I spoken to a representative who was rude or disagreeable or impatient. I trust QVC and even if I’m not looking to buy something, I have it on in the background when I’m cooking, or put it on when I come home after being out. The hosts are warm and friendly and know how to present an item in a delicate way with no fast talking pitch. I have spent a lot of money buying things we love to have or gift to family and friends and I very rarely have any regrets. But if I do, I have no fears, as I said, returning an item is easy and painless. I hope QVC will be around for a long, long time.
  • Terrible now

    By SB76totheocean
    What used to be a great app with a high ease of use is horrible now. I've spent half the day trying to pull up a product and watch the video. Video goes black even though they are still talking. You can't expand to full size screen viewing on your device for the video as it will go black and freeze up. (And yes I have full signal) Search freezes. When you finally get it to come up and try to click on the item, it's like it's a dead screen. I've been using this app for years and I can honestly say that usability gets worse with each update, at least the last few. Not to mention phone ordering has issues more often than it should recently. Maybe the technology competency needs re-evaluated. When you go through a few times of not being able to get the app to work and not get a call in, you start moving to the competitor.
  • Hate the updates

    By 2thebeach
    Hate it! This had been an easy-to-use app up until the latest updates. I Do Not Want a video to start every time I make a selection! This need to be an option I can turn off. I dislike scrolling for colors and sizes. Look at the HSN app. On it I can see all the colors and available sizes on one screen. Not like this app where I'm scrolling and trying to find a combination that's available. This is now a mess and I hate it! Jul7 update and it's still awful. I'm going to save money because I hardly look at it anymore and I used to look at it several times a day. And make regular purchases. It's weird that QVC would choose to show so few items on their home screen. Moved app off my home screen for first time ever. Nov11 OK don’t look at HSN as a good example. Overall their app is now even worse than QVC’s! Although I do still like their product pages better for viewing available sizes and colors. QVC what happened to the show preview pages? I used to look ahead to see what products would be shown in AM Style and other shows. I can’t find this feature anymore.
  • Lack of information and I’m left wondering after purchases!

    By Proud American 316
    Ordered a few items for the first time ever on the easy payments method. Arrival date for shipped items are non existent. All of the items I have ordered aren’t showing up in my recent orders! They don’t break down your payments so you can view what is owed monthly per item, all you see it a grand total. No email that items have shipped. There is an estimated shipping date on my unshipped items but nothing on my shipped items. Am I supposed to sit home all day everyday and wait so no one steals things off my porch because of no delivery date on shipped items?? This is a disaster!!! I’m a super online shopper and this has me all stressed in every way possible. Very unorganized! When checking out, it didn’t even tell me what they charged me. Just a grand total for all items. The no break down of payment amount is so dumb!! We want all the info on all of our items! I’m left in the dark here and why aren’t my items in purchase history?? Just 2 items are showing. HELLLLLPPPPPPP
  • Still no sound!

    By kdbull
    Come on QVC! Every since I installed this app I have had no sound on videos. I have deleted, reinstalled and deleted again and again. Even with updates, the sound never works! This is a buggy badly put together app and QVC (as with other major companies) should be ashamed for these low end apps they continue to put out and refuse to truly fix. Have you figured out how much revenue you are loosing out on? Or, do you make so much money, it just doesn’t matter as long as you have some sort (crappy) of digital presence!! I don’t want to open my QVC app only to have to go to the web version to listen to a video! And, what kind of low security do you have to have that I have to sign-in with every action I want take! I signed-in at the start, unless my login time has expired ( which it shouldn’t after 1 or 2 minutes ) why do I have to sign-in to purchase, to check my order status, to check my account etc???? Instead of saving money and fixing ( or not fixing ) issues as they come up, how about trying to really invest in your company and higher some true tech professionals and make an app that works!!!!!
  • Ordering everything in one order! Crazy shipping!

    By Aloha & Mahalo to you!!
    I took time, lots of time! To go back-and-forth to order six crazy expensive items, Vionic, Earth Origin, And a robe for $40 so two pairs of ionic slippers, three pairs of Earth origins clogs, total of order was $300 which included shipping on each individual product of $5 or more each! Prior to that I ordered a pair of boots with the six dollar shipping charge, I called back and asked if I placed an order with multiple items with the shipping charge be just one higher price or higher individual prices or what? She said well ordering all in one order would be one shipping price but might be a little bit higher so that’s what I did however I paid a total of $30 or $35 shipping on this order! Plus the six dollars on the previous sorry! This is totally unacceptable! My first time on QVC probably will be my last period now so if these are Christmas gifts she told me there would be free returns on Christmas gifts if they didn’t like them. We will see how that happens. I am totally frustrated! I could’ve bought another whole item for that amount of money. I understand shipping charges $35? NO!
  • App is unreliable

    By Blue Ky Girl
    I LOVE QVC, but the app for IPhones—not so much. It’s slow, doesn’t always load the “front page” where the on air video is, etc. I wasted s half he today trying to order an item that had been on air about 10 min prior, but I had missed the item #. Went to the app to find the item and couldn’t even get the “front page” on the app. The app “dropped” my login, but then popped up with my account info. ?? I ended up having to call QVC (which is what I was trying to avoid as I needed to do more research on the item first) just to get the item number. This is fairly common for me to have problems with the QVC app—not very easy to use. If you want folks to use the app vs callers, someone needs to step up the app performance. It’s costing you sales—sometimes it’s so frustrating I just quit.

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