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  • New version: 5.31
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USPS Mobile®

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USPS Mobile® is an iPhone and Android Business App, made by United States Postal Service. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - United States Postal Service, with the latest current version being 5.31 which was officially released on 2021-01-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 604,058 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.77214 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Access popular® tools on the go with the “USPS Mobile® app: calculate shipping prices (limitations apply), find a Post Office™, look up a ZIP Code™, schedule a next-day pickup, request USPS to hold your mail, access Informed Delivery® to track packages and digitally preview incoming mail, and more. WHAT CAN IT DO? The USPS Mobile app allows you to: • Check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Certified Mail®, and certain other delivery services. Nickname your shipments and sign up for text and email alerts to notify you of the delivery status. • Calculate a Domestic or International Price to determine how much postage you will need when you ship a letter, card, large envelope, or package (limitations apply). Choose retail or online pricing, add any extra services you need, and view the total, too. • Find USPS® Locations when you need to get to a Post Office™, Self-Service Kiosk (APC®) or collection box with an easy-to-filter locator. The USPS Mobile app uses your device’s GPS to show your closest options on a map, along with their Regular Hours, Special Hours and Last Collection Times, and provides mapped results with driving, walking, or transit directions. • Look up a ZIP Code™ for any U.S. or Canadian address. • Schedule a free next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Return Services shipments from your home or office during regular mail delivery. • Request Hold Mail Service while you’re away, and we’ll keep your mail at your local Post Office™ for you to pick up or be delivered by your carrier when you return. • Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your device’s camera (Note: this function is not available on iPad 1 and iPod Touch models without rear-facing cameras). The app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number, so you can stay on top of delivery status. Link to Informed Delivery to track packages and digitally preview your household’s incoming mail arriving soon; view grayscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mailpieces.

Top Reviews


    By KerryValley
    Always have been a fan of the USPS! Since the beginning of this country the postal service has been around, and has always done a great job! Much maligned, which, has been so undeserving, and sadly for many accepted, this great institution should be revered for what it has done and can do! This great function of our government out preforms any and all private businesses that compete against it. Delivery rate is as fast and in numerous instances faster, better delivery areas, FAR BETTER delivery policies when it comes to securely delivering packages to the person who is to receive them, the ability to easily pick them up at the local post office. AND COST! A FRACTION of what private carriers charge! Why? Simply because it is a law that a government agency cannot run at a profit. All the personnel that I have had dealings with are professional, polite, knowledgeable, helpful and expedient. America and especially business needs to wake up and wholeheartedly embrace again this wonder service provided by our government.
  • Not Reliable

    By GeorgetownHerbs
    I thought using this program to keep track of USPS orders related to my job would be convenient, but I’ve learned my lesson. If you try to add tracking information too quickly, the program isn’t best optimized to handle it. Not only that, but it will decide on its own that it just wants to get rid of all the rest of the tracking information you had stored. THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME MULTIPLE TIMES. If I could rate this program 0 stars, I would. You would think with it being The United States Postal Service they could put more money into this app and at least make sure tracking information NEVER gets deleted, unless the user does so themselves. If you plan to use this program to keep track of multiple tracking numbers, just write them down. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
  • Missing features I need

    By Remnant1018
    I got this app and hoped to be able to do two things: see where blue dropboxes are and send physical money orders to any address. This app cannot do either. I’ve been trying to limit how much I have to go to the post office since my day doesn’t often take me past one. I had really hoped this app would show me where all the blue dropboxes were on my way to and from everywhere. I checked it one day after downloading it and found out there was supposed to be a blue dropbox just down the street. I got there and didn’t see one anywhere. It would’ve nice if the app’s designers added some place to show a picture of the actual dropbox so you don’t have to drive/walk all over the place looking for it in the general vicinity of the map marker. I also hoped it had a feature that would allow me to send physical money orders to whatever address I needed to send to just like you could do at a post office. I currently need to send some to a PO Box. I don’t see any feature for that at all. Smh. I hope both these features are added in the future so I can take care of my business quick, fast, and in a hurry without having to detour to go into a post office and during business hours.
  • Had a bad experience

    By Spodaski
    I got a notification from Laconia NH PO showing me car registrations for two cars that I paid for. The letters never arrived. The local post office blamed it on Concord New Hampshire where the photographs of the envelopes are taken and stated they never got it. This resulted in my having to spend $44 to have them re-printed by the town clerks ofc .So don’t assume that just because you see an envelope with a notification stating that it’s coming to you, that it will actually arrive. The post office was absolutely no help to me. I wrote the post Master an email and attached a copy of the notification with the return address from the Townhall as well as a copy of the registration and a letter from the Town Clerk stating that I had paid to have it re-printed and asked to be reimbursed for the re-printing cost since they lost my registration s. The Post Master just said I’m sorry 🙄 No explanation. this happened two months ago and it never arrived. I figured it was lost and would come after I paid for the reprints but nope 👎 very upsetting and not fair at all.

    By elusivesnake
    Ok I’ve never had good experience with usps. Unfortunately it is the only way I can receive some of my packages. The tracking is decent but the customer support is probably the worst I’ve ever had to deal with is you can even get it. The expected delivery is always wrong. I have to base it off of where my package is actually located and not the “expected delivery date”. My current package Delivery is what brought me to write this review. My package got to my local post office at 12:31pm Saturday. The mail women obviously already started her route so didn’t have my package. The tracking changed from expected deliver on Saturday July 28th to SUNDAY THE 29th?? Why would it even be updated to the only day of the week usps doesn’t deliver? So for fun I check the tracking the morning of the 29th to find a message saying “attempted deliver. Package left at post office by request of customer”. I’m just wondering when this package was attempted to me delivered since I was home to get my mail and I never requested it to be left at the post office. Overall they are fine for delivering mail but if available UPS is my number one choice for packages. Again their customer support doesn’t exist.
  • I am not able to set up mail tracking

    By zzz97
    With this app we are supposed to be able to be alerted about every letter and parcel that will be sent to us. But the process to get that started this so difficult on this app, it’s basically impossible. You’re supposed to send me an email or text message or phone call, but you don’t do that. I’ve given you my phone number several times, but you do not save it for my profile so every time I try to complete the final step to activate my Mail tracking, it says you don’t know my phone number even though I just gave it to you 10 seconds ago. You need to login profile so that you can store my information and then use it once I need to start the mail tracking that way you will have my number on record - with a user login. It would be better if I just gave you my user login and address, and then I don’t have to sign up for some extra special feature, just have it be a basic standard primary function of the app so that anyone who has the app will always be able to track their packages if they can prove who they are. That would make it so much easier and less exclusive to “the eligible.”
  • So so at best!

    By GoodNews1029
    I can’t believe that for all practical purposes all you can do is track packages in this app. In today’s day and age you should be able to do everything in the app from shipping labels and scheduling a pickup to managing your mail as well as checking informed delivery, all of these things require you to be routed to the website. They haven’t made any material changes to the app since it’s launch and that’s just pathetic. At the very least if you have a USPS account you should be able to login, but I guess seeing how you can’t do anything besides track packages it doesn’t make a difference. All of the above are prime reasons why the post office lost market share to the likes of FedEx and UPS. That said the app is a necessary evil so you may as well download it seeing as it’s free. Update: several years have passed since my original review and yet nothing has substantially changed with the app. I am still disappointed overall with the lack of options with this app, yet I still consider it a necessary evil given that it’s free.
  • Get it together

    By BabyGurlBG
    Come on now. At this point, there shouldn’t be as many issues or lack of options on this app. USPS, you’ve been in this business so much longer and have employees who probably give you insight on things that can help, maybe someone needs to start listening and implementing these ideas. Hire some new techs or something. My tracking numbers disappear and reappear when they feel like it. I’m currently tracking like 5 packages and for whatever reason only one started to show up and when the page is loading, it says you’re already tracking this number. At some point during the day, it switched to another one of my packages I’m tracking. What’s going on? Where’s the option for customers to create an account and any tracking numbers that are sent to that email address just appear in the app for the account holder. UPS and FedEx does it and it’s a great convenient tool. Please get it together. Put out a better and functional application for your customers.
  • Malicious, conniving data collection

    By Illuminate7
    This is not an app. It’s merely a fancy bookmark placed on your Home Screen. I only started using this when the dedicated Informed Delivery app was discontinued. At first I had issues with having to constantly sign in. But then I realized, that it’s not an app but a bookmark which launches and uses safari (if you’re on iPhone) and accesses the USPS using your web browser. The issue with this, is that places cookies and tracks all your internet usage, sites you visit, etc etc continuously, after that. I just want to get a preview of my mail. I don’t want the freaking USPS collecting all my data on every other site I visit. The most infuriating thing is that on the App Store, it says “this app does not collect any personal data”. Well that’s true for two reasons. One, it’s not a stand alone dedicated app to even begin with. Two, it doesn’t have to track you via the “app” because it uses Safari to access services/info, and THAT tracks you. I am deleting immediately and I guess I just won’t use Informed Delivery anymore. It’s things like this that give me no mercy for the state the usps is in.
  • It’s basically a web browser and not a good one

    By iosbizdev
    This just basically opens the USPS website like you could on safari. EXCEPT ITS WORSE THAN SAFARI! I have to go through the login procedure for everything, everytime, even if I was just in that section 3 seconds ago or a section that the same login is valid for. That is, unless you navigate in the browser page that pops up when you click on a button from the homepage. Again, why not just use safari and bookmark the page. The only plus about this is because it’s literally a webpage in the app, my password manager app instantly recognizes what the appropriate password should be to login. I currently use the informed delivery app which worked well because in an instant I could see what was coming and going. This thing is supposed to replace it but I just use the USPS site because it’s faster as a homepage bookmark than this app. I’m not surprised about this app though, it’s typical government garbage, somebody knew someone that had a cousin that donated money to someone and they needed a couple million to slap a browser in an app and call it useful.

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