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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-23
  • New version: 6.0.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later Earn Cash Back

This page is a stub. You can help Earn Cash Back Wiki by expanding it. Earn Cash Back is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Quotient Technology Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Quotient Technology Inc., with the latest current version being 6.0.3 which was officially released on 2020-11-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 112,758 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.70836 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Join the millions of shoppers who use the app to shop and save easily at the grocery store. Save $100s with free grocery cash back offers and digital coupons at your favorite stores like Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Walmart, Costco and Dollar General. Access 100s of cash back offers on the brands you love, making saving money on your groceries effortless. Best of all, you can manage all your grocery shopping and savings right from your phone, in one single app, without needing a printer or multiple store apps. This the only grocery saving app you need. What are cash back offers? They’re like coupons you can use to save on your grocery purchases, but you get your savings in the form of real money after your make your purchase. For example, if you see an offer you’d like to use on Wholly Guacamole, you simply tap the offer in your app, buy the item at any store that offers itemized receipts, then send us a photo of your receipt through the app. You can also link a store loyalty card once, then get automatic cash back without submitting receipts for that particular store. Once your purchase is verified, you get cash back in your PayPal account—it’s that easy! You can use cash back offers to save on food, baby and toddler items, pet food, medicine and personal care. We have cash back offers from all your favorite brands like Tide, Bounty, Cheerios, Kraft, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Campbell’s, Dole, Betty Crocker, M&M’s, Perdue, Crest, Pantene and more. Here’s how it works: 1) After you download the free app, sign in to your account (or sign up if you’re new—it’s quick and easy). 2) Next, browse through 100s of free cash back offers and activate them (which will add them to My List in the app) with just a tap. 3) Once you’ve selected the offers you want to use, choose where you want to shop. Our cash back offers are redeemable at ANY store that provides itemized receipts—you can even use them for online purchase for curbside pickup and delivery. 4) After you’ve purchased your items, simply send us photos of your receipts, we’ll verify your purchase, then put cash into your PayPal account as soon as possible. If you bought items at a store where you linked your loyalty card (e.g. Safeway), no need to send us a receipt—we’ll process your offers and put your cash in PayPal automatically. The best part: You won’t have to wait to reach a minimum amount in order to get your money. What you’ll love: • Easily earn cash back on purchases for your favorite brands with offers that are added daily. Plus, watch for offers that you can redeem for free items like bananas, coffee, or potatoes. • Add all your store loyalty cards to just one app! No need to juggle several cards or accounts. Once you link them to your app, you can use our cash back offers at any of those stores and get real money back without having to submit receipts. • Put away your scissors and never worry about forgetting to carry your coupons to the store. All your grocery savings will be in your app, making the shopping and saving process easier and more organized for you. However, don’t fret: If you still prefer to print your coupons, you can do so by visiting our printable coupon gallery at If you’re looking for grocery savings at stores like Target, Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, Winn-Dixie, Meijer, Food Lion and more, the app is the one-stop shop for all your grocery savings. Having trouble? Contact our friendly support team and we'll get you back to saving in a snap: is a Quotient brand Notice at Collection: Please follow the link ( to learn about the categories of personal information we collect and the purposes for which this information shall be used. Do Not Sell My Information.  Please follow the link (

Top Reviews

  • Integration far from functional

    By ProfNLN
    I think the acquisition of SavingStar may eventually make a good product, but it isn't there yet. I cannot tell anywhere in the app if I am allowed to use the same offer in two different shopping trips. This despite the fact that an offer still appears to be available during processing. Will my second receipt from a week ago still be within range when you finally get around to giving me answers?And where is the ‘status of my submissions’ that was easy to find in the earlier version? And, as always, processing needs desperately to get speeded up. Why does a digital process take 3-5 days on average? Another glitch just encountered! I often shop with a friend who hates her smart phone. So generally, I do the submissions for both of us. Now, even though I log out of my account and log into hers, I get an error message that a offer has been previously submitted on my device. So what???? It isn’t from the same person just because it’s from the same device. Very annoying to Think i will not only have to scan separate receipts but remember which device was used with which account. I foresee a lot of frustration!
  • Updated version horrible!!

    By Debssavin
    This used to be my number one mobile app!! It used to be easy - you go shopping - snap picture of receipt with your item - boom the money was in your account. NOW when I try to submit a receipt your new feature snaps the picture automatically- and the last four receipts I get a failed error and when I go look at my account it says action needed but when I click on action needed it is blank. It never did this before but it seems within this last month they are not working anymore. I contacted customer service they said I need to go back to the tab and resubmit my receipt but you can’t because nothing is on the tab it is blank with no place to resubmit. I am totally frustrated and ready to give up on this it is not worth the hassle. I’ll just go back to printing the coupons because then at least I will have it and know it will work. I hope you can fix whatever you changed with the taking picture part so it will work again. Like I said I have submitted multiple requests regarding this problem and I keep getting told to resubmit but I can’t - if someone in support there is interested I have screenshots of the errors failed upload and the tabs that are blank. Thank you
  • Coupons App Hits & Recent Issue

    By TRenderings
    So here we have an app that normally functions just fine... Love this and it always adds coupons so you get fresh printable choices. But here we go now ... I’ve recently encountered what I believe to be a bug. I deleted and signed in again thinking it was a glitch. To no avail ... I am stumped ... The printers are searched for but never found plus I can’t back out of it and it never completes that printer search leading me to believe it needs something ... glitch addressed ... tested to see that this problem is an across the board problem... with the lack of printability of my chosen coupons the app has now become worthless to me but I have used it for several years trouble free (platform is for use with iPad ... and I tried deleting the app then reinitializing it from the cloud. I haven’t tried an iPad shutdown and reboot yet. Help! - An otherwise very satisfied user of your app. Still awaiting a fix for inoperable app! Won’t leave the search for printers screen ... is now totally worthless! Can’t use it anymore. Developer check!
  • App is STILL not worth the time!

    By Believes-in-integrity!
    I agree with others that they mislead you into buying a product and do not honor the coupon. It is almost impossible to contact them as well. One time I actually got through and received a generic response that resolved nothing. One example is Orgain has had a rebate on there for almost 2 months now with an expiration date of August 1. I have bought the item and tried to claim the rebate 6 times ($9 worth). The reason they give for not honoring it is I either purchased it before the rebate was valid (how is that possible?) or that the rebate is expired. Again, the rebate is still on the app and it still has an expiration date of August 1. There are much better apps out there with customer service that actually wants to resolve issues and do not sucker you into buying and not honoring the coupon. Try ibotta and Checkout 51. You will not be disappointed with these two and actually save money. Update: there is a rebate for 2.50 on eggs. I have experienced the same frustration on trying to redeem that rebate. Over and over I submit my receipt and a photo of the egg carton with the UPC, and it gets denied. Again, no one contacts me and you never receive the money.
  • Where are my rebates. App is useless

    By Gransaidican
    I never had problems with this app until the changes. I received emails my receipts were received then excuse after excuse. Do this, do that, verify phone and what they tell you to do you can’t even do in this app. Where are my rebates? My receipts don’t show. If you try to read FAQ it is faded out so you can’t read it. Sometimes they say go to the website, I don’t use that I use your app. I seen a notification flash that said something about they removed my email or something. I didn’t request that and that notice disappeared so I couldn’t read it again. All I get is a run around. There is definitely a problem with this app. Take it down until it works properly and quit wasting people’s time and making them buy products that you don’t pay them for. What’s going on here? You should have left it the way it was, at least it worked. I do expect my rebates and so does everyone else. Where are they? Don’t waste your time entering receipts to this app until they fix this problem. Complaint after complaint and they still expect you to put up with the nonsense. I would have given you 0 stars if I could have.
  • Did not get paid for several items

    By Rsy126543
    I had no choice to switch to this app when they merged with SavingStar and I had money in that account they make you switch over to get paid which I didn’t appreciate! SavingStar was great and I always got paid when I bought items. This app is very sketchy! I selected multiple items and linked my loyalty card. I also noticed a couple days later all the offers had been I selected so I had to go back and do it again before shopping. Now 2 days after shopping, I get $2.75 back and it was well over $20-$30 in rebates I was supposed to get! I bought things I usually wouldn’t have bought at the moment just to get the rebates back because I knew I would eventually use the items. So when I went back to look at my list also tons of offers have just completely vanished and gone so I have no idea how many or how much there were! Also, multiple items I bought and should have gotten paid for are now not selected again mysteriously. Not buying it, scam! Waste of time and money not worth it!
  • Don’t even think about getting a phone call while printing

    By Sq86
    Seriously, whose idea was it to not allow anything to happen while you are printing? You can’t exit the print screen, and if someone calls you forget it! The printer will stop printing and you’ll lose the coupon you were in the middle of printing. You can’t re-print it either because you’ve then reached your limit. I tried contacting the company and they answered with a ridiculous auto-generated response. When I responded and said that their response had nothing to do with my issue they replied and told me to reinstall my printer drivers or send to email. What is the point of sending my coupons to my email?? Then I might as well just print the coupons from the website, printing them from email would require my computer then, also it would count towards the limit on my computer browser, thus limiting the amount of coupons I can print period. This app is pure junk until they fix the issue, which is they NEED TO ALLOW MULTITASKING AND PRINTING IN BACKGROUND!!!
  • Frequently not worth the hassle

    By Shopping Angela
    I have never had more trouble getting cash for my coupons then with this app. If you are shopping at Walmart it works ok but if your receipt is from Target, forget about it. Every single receipt that I have uploaded for the past month from Target says “Action Needed” but the screen is blank and no way to resubmit they receipt. And if you qualify for one of Target’s “coupons”, like spend $20 on beauty and get a $5 gift card, forget about it. Since the way Target prints it’s receipts says “category coupon” this app denies your submission request. This app is a waste of space on my phone and I am considering deleting it. I had issues with it last year and stopped using it, then they started having more coupons so I decided to try again in hopes things would have improved, but they haven’t. It doesn't even have a good customer service mechanism in order to address these concerns.
  • Better than print

    By Leena.D
    I’ve seen a lot of reviews complaining about print but frankly I like the new app way more than before. Printing was painful and digital is the way to go. Scanning receipts is easy and I scan it in my car right after shopping. I could setup my account within minutes and was on my way to redeeming offers. There is no threshold like Ibotta to get paid and you get paid out for every offer you redeem. The offers now seem to be of higher value too. I would like to see some more grocery offers.
  • Hmm...

    By 🐯 The White Tiger
    I like this app or what it is (I’ve had it on my devices pretty much since its launch), but have never been able to use it because the brands I buy are NEVER available (Lactaid, Glutíno, etc.). I’m a vegetarian, and allergic to peanuts and soy, and intolerant to gluten and dairy — none of allergy-friendly brands have coupons; if, by (very) rare chance, there is a coupon, it’s usually a “printable” coupon... I have not owned a printer in quite a few years, and don’t know anyone that does. It’s just a bit frustrating that there always coupons for cheap/lower-priced products, but not for ones that people need to buy for health reasons, which are always more expensive i.e. a gallon of Lactaid milk costs $5.60-$6.00. Also, I have NEVER been able to link my PayPal account to this app (my credentials are not recognized — this is the only app I’ve had this issue); I really wish I could add Pay Cash or Square Cash as an alternative.

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