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GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance

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GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance is an iPhone and Android Finance App, made by GEICO. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - GEICO, with the latest current version being 5.22 which was officially released on 2021-07-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2,819,889 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82806 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Life is full of lane changes. Some expected. Some not as much. No problem, because the GEICO Mobile app is here to lend a hand if you ever need a quote, policy update, tow, or you just need to change your address. Now, when life changes lanes we’ll be right there because we’re always headed in your direction. Not to toot our own horn but we’re the #1 Insurance Mobile App. Find out why below. FEATURES DIGITAL ID CARDS The days of rummaging through your wallet, past expired gym memberships and old receipts to find your insurance ID cards are over. Now they’re always easy to access right on your phone. Access them from the app or add them to your Apple Wallet. BILL PAY Now you don’t have to slow your roll to pay or manage your bill. The GEICO Mobile app makes paying on the go a piece of cake, or slice of pie or whatever dessert you’re into. ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE No one likes being stranded in the middle of nowhere – or even in the middle of somewhere. The GEICO Mobile app lets you tap for a tow anyplace, anytime. SUBMIT AND MANAGE YOUR CLAIM Let’s be real - claims aren’t fun. A fender bender, crash or broken windshield can all be nerve-racking. That's why GEICO Mobile makes it easy to file and manage a claim. GEICO VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Ever wish you had a teeny tiny person in your pocket that you could ask questions about your policy, billing or more? Us too. Just ask the GEICO Virtual Assistant. VEHICLE CARE Vehicles need tender loving care too. That’s why we make it so easy to get your car serviced, find out about recall alerts, and even get maintenance reminders. It’s like a hug for your car. GEICO EXPLORE – AUGMENTED REALITY With GEICO Explore, you can augment your world like a futuristic robot by customizing the types of places you want to see. Find gas stations or even your own car! NOTE: To log into your account from GEICO Mobile, your GEICO policy must: - Be an active auto or motorcycle policy - Not be subject to other policy restrictions NOTICE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: See our CA Notice of Collection:

Top Reviews

  • Not easy to navigate

    By can I use the app now?
    My policy was about to be canceled because the expiration date on my debit card has changed. When this happened in June I updated the account for all of my bills and online purchases. Including Geico! I had assumed my bill was being paid automatically as it had been in the past and there’s absolutely no reason it should not have been. But I received an email that I was about to be canceled so I logged onto this app.I went to pay my bill and I noticed popped up that I must change the expiration date. Easy enough right? No no no no no no no not easy at all! I repeated this psycho about seven or eight times where it allowed me to change my expiration date and then I went in and clicked pay bill and it said the expiration date has expired change your expiration date and I played goofy again and again and again!!! I went to the settings but I couldn’t find payment methods. I finally found something that gave me the option of a credit card or checking account but not the option to change the expiration date on my debit card. Finally by random and I mean random not intuitive clicking and clicking through and clicking through I came to a page that allowed me to put in a new expiration date. My bill has been paid the entire process took me about 20 minutes. I gave you another couple minutes of my Saturday to write/dictate this message in hopes that you improve your system for other customers. Thank you
  • Amazing

    By DJ Gadget NL
    My mind is honestly blown. I called because of a incredibly minor error on our policy, my last name didn’t reflect my name change after getting married, and I wanted to make sure it matched my license. I called Geico’s number from the mobile app, due to me calling from the app all of my info was automatically available to the representative, SUPER convenient. There was no wait time (I known thats not always possible but I’m very happy about it) the representative was professional, knowledgeable, and quick. Most importantly he was in a fantastic mood, and really seemed to enjoy his job, from a customer standpoint this was my favorite thing about this call, it was so refreshing. He changed my last name to the correct name and sent out new Vehicle ID cards and I was off the phone within 3 min. I have honestly never experienced customer service this helpful and efficient!!!! I only wish I asked his name because if I knew it I would be calling Geico to talk to a manager to tell them how great this employee is! I am new to Geico, and all I have to say is so far so good!! Thank you so much for making this easy!
  • Great app, great service except for claims

    By Northern VA customer
    Have been a GEICO customer for many years. The service and app are great. Had a minor accident a couple of months ago. Initial processing was great. The car was towed timely and we were given a rental for a month. Unfortunately, the claims process soon became absolutely painful. The underwriter was not responsive, used an inappropriate comp, and created a nightmare for us. Delay tactics and stonewalling were used to force us to accept a low settlement amount. We had to return the rental after a month and GEICO dropped the dismantled car in our neighborhood to avoid paying garage charges and without our consent. After almost 2 months of no response and upon escalating the claim internally, we were able to reach acceptable agreement. Even then, the underwriter didn’t clearly explain what we need to do nor was interested to help. I hope this was an isolated incident. Our claim processing has left me deeply disappointed in a company that I thought was a leader in the space and one of the best. Fairness and customer service for claims should definitely be reviewed and improved.
  • Very busy retired woman, with very active family of kids and grandkids.

    By B00tY Licka
    My family has carried Geico auto insurance for over 15 years. The representatives over the phone are extremely pleasant and polite, reassuring and most helpful, clear and accurate. We’ve had it all, over the years, a few fender benders, luckily most serious was whiplash and policy paid all medical expenses for medical care. Someone did sue is for damages and after several years of refusing to accept settlement case dismissed. Geico assigned an extremely competent lawyer who kept us well informed. In the end they were not awarded anything and case was dismissed. Cost of coverage is cost competitive. They provide easy, quick access both online and over the phone and it only takes a call to make any type of changes to coverage, add or remove vehicles. The customer service and claims management never disappoints. The auto repair shops they refer to are A+. We have several vehicles including dump truck and large trailer, 3 cars, and a motorcycle. Everyone in my family from age 16-75 recommends Geico without hesitation.
  • Geico cares

    By Jeff made the switch
    Geico already has some of the lowest rates out there are all of the transit employees. So great of them giving customers across the board an additional discount with their Give Back program. It’s refreshing to know big business cates about its clients. I’m not one to jump around to different carriers for better rates but when my policy came up for renewal with my local agent I questioned if I was getting all discounts I was eligible for . I had been with them for close to 14 years. When I started digging into my policy I found that I was not getting any of the discounts I qualified for. Then it hit me that because I was a loyal customer I took it for granted that they had my back . Foolish! I was out all those years of discounts. In comes Geico . When I compared rates I was in disbelief. Almost half of what I was paying , close to $900 less! Still in disbelief I went over coverage and one for one all was the same. I called my agent and was told it’s a smaller company and I was getting personal attention to my policy. Needless to say I immediately switched to Geico and so glad I did!
  • You really know, until you know!

    By Nickorific!
    Getting to know you have Great Insurance the Hard way. I switched to GEICO at the end of 2018, coming from USAA after 11 years. Had a flat tire on my motorcycle, just needed a 5 mile tow to work, put a new tire on when I get there, called they said you don’t have towing, what? I’m fully covered, yep...All except towing, we no longer offer in Ca? Then 2 months later, my insurance jumps 300+ for my policy, why, more expensive now. Welcome GEICO, blessing. I had you for 3 months, 10ft from my driveway, 10 mph and 30 ft away from putting down the kickstand, swerved missing a coyote and bam, hit my neighbors suv . You guys effortlessly take care of my neighbors vehicle, process my bike in less than 30 days, I’m very impressed. A year later heading home from work, lady makes an illegal left turn in front of me, launching me 35 ft over her car a landing in the road. Again, there for me again handling it flawlessly. So, you never really know, until you know! I have been sending you all my friends and family any chance I get, why...because I know.
  • Great experience

    By ValyaSantos
    I called in to find a cheaper premium for my car insurance. The quote I originally got online was a very low number (my driving record isn’t the best) so I was very skeptical about the amount they provided. Of course after running my license number the premium went up a lot! It was going to be more than my current payment amount. My agent was very quick to find me a solution and make sure I got what I needed for a good price. She made sure I got all the discounts I was eligible for and I was was soo grateful for the 15% the company is adding to clients payments during this pandemic, in addition to that my payment for the second month was only $39. I am starting school that month and won’t be working so that helped A LOT! Overall she was amazing, friendly, helpful, understanding and really gave me the best experience I’ve ever had with an insurance company. She really cared about giving me everything I was looking for. I am excited to be back with Geico.
  • Good but needs work

    By mostPeoplerRdumb
    Overall the app is good. It’s a little slow and somewhat clunky to use could definitely use some updates to the UI. My biggest gripe is with the vehicle maintenance tracking feature. It’s a great idea and I like that I can track all my maintenance in one place but it’s a pain to use. Half the time I try and access my records I’m prompted to register for a free car fax account. I then have to go back and forth until it will finally take me to “my garage”. I ended up registering for a free cardiac account thinking this would eliminate this but it lead to a bigger problem. I had been tracking oils changes etc., which I do myself, with the app which states powered by carfax and even had some records in there from previous services but, after registering a free account and adding my vehicles none of my tracked maintenance showed up on the carfax history. I double checked this on the carfax website with same result. I also had some receipts and invoices uploaded to the app and although they are there and I can view them I can’t download them to add them to the official carfax maintenance record. What’s worse is I can’t find where I can access this info on the actual GEICO website to download them.
  • The GEICO App is great. The company is NOT.

    By PrudentDriver
    I managed to buy an auto insurance policy with no Bodily Injury Liability coverage. Meaning I’M personally liable for injuries I cause in an at fault accident. FL law actually doesn’t require this to be carried. But it’s a mess: A financial responsibility law does require it. In any case no respectable insurance agent would EVER write a policy without BIL, and if they did, it would be after jumping up and down and getting signatures, because it’s CRAZY. But I didn't understand and somehow ended up without it. After a car ran a red light, hit ME, and fractured a vertebrae and other injuries, I ENDED UP WITH A BILL FROM STATE FARM FOR $50,000. Totaled my Corvette. There were no witnesses, it was going to go in as 50/50 fault wise, which I had major heartburn with. State Farm decided to just make it all my fault, and GEICO was TOTALLY CLUELESS. Nice and polite, but clueless. Didn’t help me at all. For a $2,000/year liability only policy. So high because I accidentally let it lapse so they could price gouge me. I am currently suing State Farm and the other driver. A lawyer is doing it on contingency. Note that GEICO raises your rates for “interactions” with the police. Get a warning for speeding, and a ticket for an old address on your DL? Your rates will increase.
  • Thank You

    By Joe M. Fitzpatrick
    After getting into a very serious accident, which can be so upsetting, the professionals at Geico took extra care to make sure I was ok, did I need any help, any services before even discussing my coverage and the next steps. And the concern was genuine; some times it sounds as though a company rep is reading from a script; with Geico staff, it seemed like I was talking to a concerned friend. And at a time like this, when your head is spinning and you don’t know which way is up, a kind, gentle approach like Geico’s makes all the difference in the world. Every other aspect of the process was just as professional and I can’t say enough about Chloe, John and everyone I had the pleasure of working with. But it was the human warmth and genuine kindness offered at such a frightening and upsetting time that really stands out. And please know that I am very grateful, and hope I can pass on the kindness to another who may need a helping hand. Warm regards, Joe Fitzpatrick

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