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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-26
  • New version: 8.9.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Chipotle is an iPhone and Android Food & Drink App, made by Chipotle Mexican Grill. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Chipotle Mexican Grill, with the latest current version being 8.9.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 66,984 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.1551 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Order real, delicious food for pickup or delivery & earn points towards FREE Chipotle with Chipotle Rewards. All with the tiny Chipotle that lives on your phone. •About Chipotle Rewards• - You’ll earn points for ordering online or scanning when you pay at a restaurant - Use the app to SCAN for points and use your Rewards at a restaurant - You can get points faster with Bonuses (like extra point days) - Let’s just say, we won’t forget you on your birthday - Forget to scan? No sweat, just keep your receipt and submit a points request - Points and Rewards can take up to 24-48 hours to show up in your account •App Features• - Create and join Chipotle group orders - Skip the line and pickup at our pickup shelves - Get your order delivered straight to you door with delivery - Check out our exclusive Featured and Lifestyle Bowls - Your saved favorite and recent meals are on the menu too - Swipe to customize your burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos to perfection (no limits) - Make checkout a breeze and pay with saved cards or Apple Pay - Save your favorite Chipotle restaurants and delivery addresses

Top Reviews

  • Overall great but with flaws

    By Curban222
    Overall I love the convenience and layout but there are some essential flaws that really aggravate me. 1. The gift card management is AWFUL. Seriously awful. If the gift card you apply is insufficient you can’t use the gift card along with a credit card. You can only use one payment method. I’ve had a $2 balance on my gift card for months because I haven’t been able to use the full balance. Similarly you can’t add an additional gift card to the balance. I have a new gift card but the app won’t let you add to an existing gift card balance. So I can’t use my current gift card or new one unless I pay in store...which defeats the purpose of ordering via the app. Honestly this is the main reason for my low rated. It’s just stupidity and it’s the only restaurant app I’ve ever seen so this. It’s just DUMB. Did I mention it’s dumb? 2. The app always defaults to a certain location, even if you set a certain location before going to order. I have ordered from the wrong location after the app defaulted without me realizing. There are multiple locations on the same street in my area so I thought I had the right location until o got to the store and they didn’t have my order. The people were understanding and gave me my order with no additional charge.
  • Your App Earns an F- , zero stars

    By 1.6B6T
    Why? Your app was designed to order food, no? It FAILS MISERABLY at it. On top of that, management in store FAILS to make up for your colossal App failure. Double whammy. Why bother with an App when they say I should have ordered in store? Defeats the purpose. I eat at Chipotle every week. I try to simply add my birthday reward to my mobile order pickup. HOW DIFFICULT CAN THIS BE? Apparently it confused your App so much it gave me the “We’re having some technical difficulties. Our bad, not yours” Yeah no kidding. After that it kept on giving the message “Sorry your bag does not meet the reward or promo requirements” when it clearly did. I have screen shots to prove it. My order was for a chicken bowl $7.95 (clearly exceeds the minimum $5 requirement) I explained my issue when I arrived at Chipotle, who could have easily remedied the problem and saved the day but no. They say the only way to get my reward was to place a completely new order in store and then they can add the reward to that order. You gotta be kidding me. Basically I have to place my same order twice because of your App’s horrible design that can’t even follow its own rules it was designed for. Like I say why make an App when it fails and they make me place a complete new order in store for the same darn thing!!! Instead of a birthday reward it is more like a birthday Slap in the Face. Either fix your App or get rid of it.
  • Very frustrating

    By VML214
    This app would not let me move on until I selected one of 3 ways for The App (not me) to select which location I want IT to chose. None of the 3 are how I want to place an order. I would prefer to manually select a store each time because if I’m picking up I am out for work and may want to pick up either close to a location I will be, close to my office or home. None of the 3 options will let me do this. AND mark my words I guarantee I will place an order, glance over it and miss something because I’m in a hurry and the order will be sent to a store I did not intend (because I have done this before on similar apps). I know that’s ultimately my fault but it wouldn’t happen if I could manually select the store location I want. Also the app should tell us if the location is out of something or the team should have a way to update it to remove options they don’t have. I order crunchy tacos only to get there and discover their fryer was down and had to make a different choice. Clearly not the end of the world but i didn’t find out until I went up to the counter to pick up so obviously the order wasn’t ready, the point of the app is to save time when I’m in a hurry and if that can happen it would have been faster for me to just go through the line and place an order the regular way. That way it easy to say light salsa too. I’m not sure I’ll use the app again...
  • Pathetic Chipotle app

    By SoCo ATX
    Chipotle’s app is pathetic. I have been going to Chipotle for years and the food when you dine in has most been very good. I’ve never bothered with the app before Covid- 19. The app is not intuitive. It is not robust. It is ridiculous for a company like Chipotle. Covid - 19 has been looking for ways for food with the least contact possible. I have never been a patron of Chick Fil A prior to Covid - 19. I thought a drive through might has less human contact. I downloaded the Chick Fil A app and tried it. The food was surprisingly good. Their app is the best food app I’ve ever seen. It makes everything easy. I won’t review that here, but their flawless app, friendly service, easy rewards and perfect execution of the whole experience has had me going there 10 times in the last two weeks. On top of the terrible Chipotle app, when I got home my chicken bowl had no chicken. It was a bowl full of rice and I don’t like rice. It was also cold I got there 15 minutes before my pick up time. I called the store to see if I had been charged twice. The first two times, the phone IVR transferred me to a screeching horrible mess. On the 3rd try, I reached an apathetic man who knew nothing and cared not about my inquiries on whether I was charged for two orders or not. After two or three questions he couldn’t answer, he offered to give me some chicken if I drive back up to the store. Chipotle just lost my business.
  • Frustrated

    By memom2four
    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️this place & eat here so much That I switch restaurant locations at times cause i go so often! I love getting points each visit they build up fast .. but that’s about all I can do with the app is scan at the check out . I can’t order from app , can’t put a favorite in off the menu into app even after I’m home page its an option because it does not store my orders in its memory! Never any specials in my area EVER( to get faster points) Even with ordering from 3-4 places in south jersey and two places in Manhattan.. almost daily ! IF I could place an order with my app ... when I go to check out in app ( I think you can pay with a card only) it charges me more .. says ordering for the first time $2.50 or a little more . Another way for getting faster points .. “try something new ... or favorite something new... well that’s stated on the home page only but no place in the app opens that offer up to use. I’m ok with walking in to order If I had to rely using this app to order.. I would Not be able.. like what if .. who Knows if something happened and I was unable to walk in and my cell speaker was broke .. i could not call an order in .. I couldn’t order via the app .. I’d miss chipotle hugely .. I’d have to go elsewhere! Thinking 🤔 how many missed costumers... due to issues with this app ?
  • Lacking basic functionality

    By Taleci
    I love the convenience of being able to order food by an application and have it ready when I get there. However, the chipotle app leaves a lot to be desired.I had purchased a gift card and loaded it onto my app, but when it got down to only seven dollars, it proved to be very frustrating because I couldn’t make up the rest of my order with another payment. I had to go to the store and have them scan the app in order to remove the remaining balance on the gift card and clear it out. The problem is, the folks in the store are not that well trained and it took three times of doing that in order to make it show properly. Also, even if you have more than one gift card, you have to remove one before you can add another. Once again, very inconvenient. It’s also very frustrating that you can’t order a vegan salad without the guacamole and get credit for that. If you aren’t ordering a two dollar add-on, then your order should be two dollars less. And finally, you should have the option to make something light or extra for every option. Sometimes I can and sometimes it says I have exceeded the number even though I basically ordered the same thing almost every day.
  • Continued Gift Card Issues

    By Onthemove2thechi
    The app just doesn’t seem to want you to use gift cards. There has been a problem for weeks of it not showing any gift card balance, which support told me was going to be fixed. Still not fixed. The bigger issue for me is that I can’t load multiple gift cards. I LOVE Chipotle, so family and friends often give me gift cards for birthdays or Christmas. But when I have a $5 balance on a card thru the app (when it was actually working!), I can’t load another gift card to get it high enough to actually make the purchase, and there is no ability to split the payment between the gift card balance and credit card. The “response” to this is to use the small gift card balance toward a purchase in store...which makes the app pretty pointless! If I can only make 50% of the orders I would like to via the app, and the app itself is apparently unreliable, what is the point of the app? It is not a tall task to add the capability to load multiple gift cards or split the payment between a gift card and credit card (in fact I think the early versions of the app HAD that ability), so why is this still not a thing? I will eat Chipotle either way, but the point of the app is the convenience, and I find the continued neglect of the payment portion of the app supremely disappointing.
  • the app itself is pretty cool but chipotle do better.

    By xokenya
    we ordered off of this app only to realize 30 Minutes later our order had been canceled... no notification or explanation as to why. I had to click on the “where is my food?” Option to see (since it hadn’t came even past the estimated time!) where it was at. When we investigated further we saw that the app had charged the money anyway?!? Like what? If the order was canceled, refund the money. We then called up the chipotle we ordered from and they told us, a door dash employee had came to pick up the order but the chipotle location said they didn’t receive it...🤔hmm. How could that be, if the door dash employee received it & went to that chipotle to pick it up... how could they not have received it? If Chipotle is the one billing us.. how could they not have received it? come to find out they did have it in their system. They were just lazy and didn’t want to take the time to search for our order or make it. We ourselves had to leave the house to pick up the food/ get out money back. all in all Chipotle make sure your employees don’t try to scam people and act as if it’s all door dashes fault when in reality, they are at fault. Period.
  • Good thought, poor execution

    By Tp3115
    Generally speaking, I love the app! However, the app should reflect when the store is unable to fulfill an order due to being out of an item or ingredient. Several other restaurant apps have no issue keeping up to date what’s actually currently in stock. Chipotle on the last several orders has called me to say they’re out of white rice, out of a specific drink, or even out of tortillas. There’s also no way to get a refund through the app when my whole order just got jacked up due to poor stocking issues at the store and a complete lapse of communicating that to customers. After tonight’s experience, I’m seriously considering scrapping the online ordering or delivering until some major changes have been put in place to remedy the refund issue as well as notifying customers what’s unavailable. I shouldn’t be able to place an order when the store is missing half of it. Especially when I can’t be reimbursed for it. Great concept, but a LONG way to go. Definitely am sticking to Panera at this rate who has an actual functioning delivery platform and exceptional customer service when they do make any errors. They certainly aren’t robbing people by refusing to refund food they quite literally can’t serve you.
  • Bare bones works well

    By Vandykeb
    Overall that app is OK - because at the end of it I get my Chipotle! 1.Frequent issues with Chipotle app needing me to log in again. This is quite inconvenient considering the only time I’m using the app is when I’m about to pay for my order and get the rewards; this ends up with me either furiously trying to figure out my password again in the moment or just saying “screw it” to the rewards points. Solution: might be helpful to have a TouchID option for sign on - or reduce the frequency you have to log in to use the app. 2.You can only load one gift card at a time! As a hungry healthcare worker trying to get some food on the fly for my family and me, this is impressively silly because I usually need to pay in amounts larger than one gift card, but also have other gift cards I can add if only I was able. So now I basically always have to pay with my credit card some small amount, even though I have gift cards available...which is an upsetting flaw. Other large chains like Starbucks and Chick Fil A have figured out how to keep a sum of money on the app accounts. Solution: might want to try to do the same thing as other large chains

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