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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-02
  • New version: 11.37
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

HSN Shopping App

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HSN Shopping App is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by HSN LP. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - HSN LP, with the latest current version being 11.37 which was officially released on 2020-11-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 148,021 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82455 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Shop thousands of products from your favorite brands—anytime, anywhere. The award-winning HSN Shop App puts the best electronics, cookware, home, jewelry, women’s clothing, skincare, cosmetics and more, right in the palm of your hand. Shop the latest styles and trends, find product details and read customer reviews for the products you love. Key Features: Watch Live Shows Livestream HSN and HSN2 wherever you go. Use the Program Guide to find upcoming shows with your favorite brands. Convenient Customer Service Call our Customer Service team and speak to a representative right from our app. FlexPay Manager Track and manage all of your current FlexPays, from anywhere you are. Auto-Ship Manager Easily manage all of your Auto-Ship orders. Skip a shipment, change frequency, update your address and more. Easy Checkout Complete your checkout with a single touch using Apple Pay. Available on iPhone 6 and above. Touch ID lets you speed through checkout, quickly and securely, with just your fingerprint. We’ll save your email address to make signing in to the app easier. Or choose the ‘Remember Me’ option to save your password, making future sign ins a breeze. Exclusive Savings Opt in to push notifications for early access to the best deals. Receive exclusive offers and coupons in your HSN Inbox.

Top Reviews

  • Imperial pearls are the spectacular

    By jewerlygirl
    I have purchased jewelry all over the world from Hong Kong, Italy to Australian and in here in the US. I must say that the quality of the merchandise that HSN has been selling in the last few years has increased in quality. I ordered some imperialmpearsl in white and peacock and in 2 different sizes thinking that I would return some after viewing the various colors and sizes. I am motivated by the sight of merchandise and it is difficult when I am not actually present. I understand that with organic prices each is unique so I thought I’d take my chances and select the best prices that motivated me. Well I ended up with all 4 strands of pearls. I wear the them everywhere. The size was perfect and they don’t feel like your mother’s pearls. They truly have the south sea look for much less the price. I highly recommend this item. And the prai line of skin care is also a keeper I have been skin care fanatic all of my 60 years traveling abroad for the latest products. Prai line ranks right up there with the best of them. Your buyers are on top of things in their respective fields. The shoe line seem to be coming quite well also with some nice upscale brands. I have ordered a few pairs and have been quite pleased. O could say some other nice things abt your soft lines but out of space.
  • Mobil scooter

    By mobile scooter
    Purchased one last October for husband it came was broken was going to send back got a letter from hsn to not send back and to disagree it and they gave a credit meanwhile the scooter company made arrangements to send new one to where we were at vacation so it was still in month we could have returned it or broken one as it turned out it was never used and now almost a year later hsn has decided to recharge for the scooter which we could have returned and now charged for it and not even on extended pay so max out card said they would take it back but only give a credit for other merchandise not credit for scooter so that means they get scooter I still pay and have to trade out cost anyway didn’t expect not pay for scooter but they should have never issued credit then months later in pandemic charged again whole amount still pondering what to do but thinking not buying anything again from them oh and by the way first manager was very courteous and nice her manager was not so if I contact president wonder how they will be service is usually from top down. Thanks for listening
  • HSN card——failure

    By 123hapoy
    I have both the HSN card and my debit card on file. I bought an item and put it on the HSN card and forgot to switch it over to my debit card. I’m on auto pay with your card. I was buying items on flex pay and it all went to your card. I must have gone over my limit. Why was I allowed to complete a purchase if I was over my limit? Either HSN or the bank should have immediately stopped the purchase and directed me to the bank or customer service to let me know I was over my limit. I could have charged something really expensive and you would have let it go through? Either way, I’m on auto pay and payment comes from the same account as my debit card. Every credit card I know of will decline a purchase on the spot if your over your limit, or at least refer you to call customer service. I’m now feeling like a criminal with nasty letters saying if I don’t pay right away, it’s being turned over to collections. I’m on auto pay on everything to keep my credit in good standing and never be late. I have shopped with HSN since the 80’s and I’ve never experienced something anything like this. Are you trying to ruin your customers good credit on purpose? Even a phone call to my house would have been nice..... I expected more from you HSN and I’m ditching your card. If I were in charge, I would definitely change what bank handles your HSN card. Sharon Holiday

    By lovinhsn
    I love everything about HSN. Your website is perfect and easy to use. The only thing I would like to be able to do on the order page is sort a list of items I have sent to other addresses. I like sending gifts to my Son and I don’t remember everything I have already sent. One of your reps was so kind to send me a list of the current items sent. Which brings me to the next praise for all the people I have talked with have been so friendly and helpful. I love watching all the hosts. They make it so much fun and entertaining and I appreciate everything all of you do to put on this show. The only thing I would like to see improvement in is the returns. I prefer to have my returns applied to spendable kash but this is not an easy task to accomplish. I mark the return slip to apply to kash which never works. I call to ask to have it applied to cash and have gotten many different replies. Sometimes I’ve been told it will go to kash but it doesn’t. This is really the only issue I have and would love this to be improved. Thank you
  • Buyers Beware!!!

    By Dizzy_Dragonfly
    I am fuming mad & highly disappointed! I was trusting. My 1st order was a pool, along w/ my 2nd order a ladder. A family member recommended HSN for their flex pay options. At check out I carefully reviewed my order as I always do; I used PayPal (as always for secure checkout). I carefully reviewed what HSN claimed to bill me.. after clicking ok & feeling happy with my order, I checked my bank account to realize not only did HSN bill me both flex pay amount for the 2 items, (which I approved), but also a 3rd amount for the order total of both items, nearly wiping out my account. In a panic I immediately contacted HSN customer service.. hoping desperately they would immediately fix this. Nope. They told me all they can & will do is email PayPal to release the 3rd amount, but that could take up to 72hrs (mind you also a holiday approaching during same time).. so from HSN it was.. sorry about your luck, nothing we are willing to do. Not only did this break me, but now will create significant problems w/ my auto payments scheduled to come out, & put me in a financial pickle. Nowhere on confirm order on HSN checkout or PayPal checkout did it show, let alone did I approve the whole amount. Make sure y’all check your accounts shopping with HSN. They obviously double bill, and don’t do anything to rectify it. 👎🏻👎🏻
  • So convenient!

    By Love Me Two Times!
    As a disabled shopper it’s so nice to be able to pick up stuff I need at my HSN App so my actual shopping is so much less burdensome... that way I get to enjoy shopping at home without having to carry everything or have to ask for help; and for those misc item type shopping at a store is more enjoyable bc the majority was done with HSN. I have the time to spend exploring. Having to walk with one hand occupied use to make shopping a chore instead of fun... now even a trip to Walmart is quick and gives more independence bc large and heavy stuff was delivered right to my door by HSN. I can now carry small and light weight stuff with my other hand like other people do. It makes me feel normal now. I always get my HSN gems and treasures faster too!! A 3-7 Day always turns out to be 3😄Love love love HSN! Quality items with convenience. Customer service reps are all very nice and helpful too. And so many items have made my life safe and secure... I. E. Sound exercise equipment, security cameras and a shredder etc😘
  • Annoyed and disappointed

    By Not worth the 5$
    First of all after I completed the order, the total was supposed to be 20 something dollar, when I checked my account I was charged 40 plus dollar. I didn’t even sweat it. When I got the delivery confirmation, it said it will come in the 3rd, two days later I checked it said it will come on the 4th, no big problem. I needed it by the 4th, so I went and checked on the 4th to see what time it would reach by. The dates was changed to the 5th. This was really annoying and frustrated as I needed for something important on the 4th. Today the 5th it finally came, when I opened the box it was missing the part of the order , I had to double check to see if I order the right cause I know I did, which I did. They only sent half of a whole piece. What am I suppose to do with that? I called customer service, first of all bad connection, I couldn’t hear a word that the lady was saying it kept on having these static noise which I thought was really sketchy. The lady said she’ll send out another order and all I have to do is resend the one that I have and I’ll receive the correct order in about 3-7 business days. As I’m typing this review I got an notification saying that my order was cancelled at my request???? I’m so confused and annoyed
  • The best if the best

    By 73 going on 43
    For some reason I was unable to write a review for Doll 10 Foundation. Sez haven’t purchased it. Au contraire mon amie! I not only purchased it from you but gave away my Lancôme, Malley, Chanel etc. This is the foundation I’ve been looking for my whole life! Years ago I used one for athletes. It stayed on but did nothing for my skin texture. Doll 10 has created a miracle in a tube! I’m seriously old but must have a hormone or two left because I have very few lines. But what I do have is enlarged pores, hot spots on my skin and the occasional bump. This foundation has total coverage but even more than that it has smoothing properties that gives the appearance of a flawless complexion! I’ve been “hit on” numerous times at concerts etc by men who could be my grand children! It’s hard not be flattered while totally ignoring them!! Hah! Point being, this is my new one and only foundation! I’m done experimenting in the hopes that one of them will live up to the hype. This one does all that and more!!!!!
  • Very very unfair and just WRONG

    By Not Righ
    Last night I tried to place an order for the today’s special and then again this morning and when I called customer service and told them there was an error message the customer service rep told me that my account had been blocked because someone else in my household had placed an order and was late on their payment now they have their own account has nothing to do with mine I am a very regular customer and have even paid my flex payments up in advance I hold and Hsn Card which I do the same I then wrote an email and received a email back saying that there was nothing that they could do until that person paid their account up current again I think this is very wrong it has nothing to do with me my account catching we don’t use the same bank account catch up all we do is share an address and that’s only temporarily again I am very very unhappy catch up and feel this should be taken care of right away since again can their finances has nothing to do with mine
  • HSN

    By BeStyling
    Reliable, honest, easy to order and returns made simple and timely. Customer service is remarkable, and always prepared to resolve an issue if one would occur. Hosts are personable without being giddy. Attitude, Attention and Appreciation for your business. Thank you and you have my business! PS: Would like to note EXTREME DISSATISFACTION with sister company QVC since several unsatisfactory transactions regarding returns have occurred. Please keep your return receipts (from post office and/or UPS) and be prepared to contact them to get refunds-they don’t do so automatically even though proper forms are submitted. Also after contacting customer service immediately upon noticing an order on my account that I did not make or authorize payment for, customer service could do nothing and could not confirm how this occurred. Any/all association with QVC has been cancelled and account closed. Please HSN continue your stellar method of home shopping experience. TY

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