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Whole Foods Market

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Whole Foods Market is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Whole Foods Market Services, Inc., with the latest current version being 11.1.6 which was officially released on 2020-08-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,986 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.2583 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The grocery store sidekick you’ve always wanted. Browse deals & sales Discover Prime member deals and weekly sales in your local store then save them to your shopping list for an easy reminder on your next trip. Prime members get an extra 10% off hundreds of weekly store sale prices (excluding alcohol). Just scan your Prime code in the app at checkout. Create a shopping list Easily build your grocery shopping list by adding all the items you need -like milk, bread, eggs – to your mobile list. Items are automatically grouped by department, so you can quickly find them in store. Find what you need Search for specific products and filter results by sales and deals, local brands, special diets and more. You can also add products directly to your shopping list while browsing. Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market app.

Top Reviews

  • Write a better description for this app

    By Rissahoo
    As of this time, the short description for this app is “Get the most out of every shopping trip.” That’s a sweeping promise, and it’s understandable that people who are looking to save time, not money (a major target audience for Whole Foods) would be miffed to download the app and find that it’s useless for them. I’m looking for an app that will let me minimize my in-store time during the COVID epidemic - thanks to all the negative reviews, I looked at the reviews before downloading and know this doesn’t have the functionality I need. But I’ve apparently downloaded it in the past, which means it would take less time for the marketers to fix this than the time I, personally, have already spent figuring out that their idea of “get the most out of every shopping trip” is very limited compared to mine. The app for Aldi does basically the same thing as this one and is rated 4.8 stars, because the short description accurately describes what the app does. Years worth of negative reviews, and Whole Foods still hasn’t made this simple fix?!
  • 2013 style grocery app

    By Qwaeszdxcftgvhyubnjimklop
    You can pull up your prime barcode. You can view some sales. That is all. Half a decade ago, I might’ve not wanted more out of a grocery store app. These days, I’m used to shopping at Target, Walmart, and H-E-B. They all have apps that let me make shopping lists, check whether items are in stock at a given location, check prices for each item, AND view a map of the given location to see which aisle each item is located!! Whole Foods is dreadful, because I just end up wandering around their unnumbered aisles, hoping to stumble into the correct one. I prefer certainty and efficiency. I love the selection, and prefer the quality I can find at Whole Foods, but wow do they make it difficult. I mean the whole brand has this holier than thou vibe, and I get it: maybe I should let myself feel a bit superior for taking care of my body and the planet with my purchasing decisions, but I’m gonna be totally honest... GROCERIES ARE A CHORE, AND I DONT LIKE LINGERING ON CHORES. Please add some more functionality to this app.
  • I second the 2013 style app review

    By Swapply
    The previous review had my lol! Totally agree - especially the chores part. I don’t want to be food shopping, I want get this done and get the H E double hockey sticks up on outta here - all due respect, it IS lovely store and all. :) I got logged in, scrolled through the prime deals and then was trying to figure out how to get to the other features. Then I was like ok is there ANOTHER app I’m supposed to use? The apps for Sprouts, and Safeway, and Fry’s all let me actually shop and place my order for pickup or delivery in the app. That’s what I’m trying see happen here. Come on guys, what gives?
  • Does what it’s supposed to do

    By Mll625
    Scan the barcode for deals at Whole Foods. I appreciate its minimalism because I don’t need or want the extra features people are requesting (and giving 1-star reviews owing to the absence of), especially since they would require memory and processing power from my phone. If you need an app to help you find the app, write a grocery list for you and order your groceries, download those. This doesn’t do that and I don’t want it to.
  • Works great for weekly sales

    By Wsckky
    Love Wholefoods but hate it’s regular high prices. Don’t shop there except for items on sale. Use it to check for weekly deals before heading to the stores for my shopping. Don’t need to make a trip there if I don’t see something on sale that I would buy. Works great for my purpose. Those reviewers expecting this App to give you a price in everyone item the store stocks is simply unrealistic. It’s not online shopping -lol.
  • Poor design

    By Rhigftjdk
    Shop at Wholes Foods once, leave your email address and you’ll get all emails the you need for sales and deals. What I really hoped I’d get from the app was the ability to browse the store and easily make up a shopping list. What I got was the totally useless and frustrating ability to add groups of items (only a few at a time) to a separate column and select from it. They are said, by who’s are said ,by who’s opinion, to be grouped by what’s most common. The groupings make no sense and there is no way to know how many groups you’ll have to add to finally find everything needed. And to make matters worse, the groups are not alphabetized which means scrolling up and down the ever-increasing column to add a new item if it’s missed when first presented. Clever way to force browsing the aisles even on the web I guess. Thumbs down.
  • Basic info

    By paripassu
    It’s good for just seeing what’s on sale. However, the app from other grocery stores allow you to search an item to check out the price and see if it’s in stock. I have to use instacart to see what the price is at my local Whole Foods. Furthermore, I use the apps to compare grocery prices, and see who’s selling it for less. The price difference between Whole Foods and the other markets can be from .10¢ to several dollars unless WFs is having a sale, and even then it might still be higher.
  • Useless

    By Djsjdhehdh
    I went to the Whole foods online site in hopes that I could brows items and add things to my cart. You cant. So I downloaded the app, thinking it'd have more functionality; it doesnt. Its the exact same thing as the website. All you can do is BROWSE. Actually, you cant search items on the app, so its WORSE than the website. Whats the point of the app? I want to be able to search items also with seeing deals, read details about the items, add things to cart or wishlist and even scan things if I need to. Is WholeFoods too superior to make a decent, functional online experience?
  • Good enough

    By jacq087
    I already have a shopping list app I like (that lets you sort by store, btw), so I don’t need or want this app to get bloated like my other grocery & drugstore apps. I like that it shows Prime-specific deals, but it’d be nice if they showed the regular sales, too. If the developers add that plus a sale/coupon clipping feature, instead of the weak shopping list the haters whined for, then this app can get 5 stars. Please keep this app as small as possible!
  • Extremely Limited Functionality

    By JerseyViolet
    I have several apps for other grocery chains that have much more functionality than this app. There’s no ability to make a list and see what prices the store might be charging for certain items. Sprouts, Wegmans, and even Target will show me the prices I’ll pay for my pantry staples, produce, and other items. So what if I get a 10% discount for being a Prime member? Doesn’t seem worth it if I can’t see if my budget allows me to shop there. Might be time to cancel my Prime membership.

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