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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-15
  • New version: 20.11.10
  • File size: 239.80 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Best Buy

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Best Buy is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Best Buy Co., Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Best Buy Co., Inc., with the latest current version being 20.11.10 which was officially released on 2020-11-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 226,336 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82056 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get your phone in the holiday shopping spirit with the Best Buy app–your fast, safe feel-good gifting companion throughout the giving season. Spirits, up, Prices, down. Find all the season’s coolest deals right here. → Holiday Deals → Top Deals → Deal of the Day → Deals just for you → Open Box steals and more! From big stuff to stuffers, we’ve got surprises in all sizes. View ratings and 5-star reviews as you browse our huge selection of today’s top tech and toys. You shop. We ship. Free. And what’s even better than free shipping? Free next day delivery on thousands of items. Ready when you are. Whether you want to pick up in store or have your special deliveries delivered to your car. Order online, pick up in one hour. Keep us in the loop. Use the app tp let us know you’re on the way to pick up your order, and we’ll have it ready. Imagine the possibilities. Use the Best Buy app’s AR feature to imagine the perfect TV for your home theater. Let Best Buy help you check all the gift boxes. Browse products available now at stores near you. Also get store hours, locations and service details.

Top Reviews

  • Blue Friday

    By Prometheus04
    Well I have to say this is an app that I will be getting rid of. This app caused me to miss out on a deal of the day due to not letting me sign in. It actually took 10 attempts and when I got in and added item to my cart it said I need to be connected to the internet!!! Not only was I connected the freakin app logged me in, just when I’m ready to make my purchase it says I’m not. I eventually got to a computer and the items were sold out!!! This has got to be the worst update of any iOS app ever. That was during the week, the same thing happened on Black Friday! Wouldn’t let me into the app via my saved password and fingerprint. Then if I enter information manually, it tell me “oops looks like something has gone wrong”, not only is this condescending (I know something went wrong I’m using the stupid app) it’s insulting to someone experiencing issues. So thanks for letting me know of the continued Black Friday sales that your app wouldn’t allow me to take advantage of.
  • Shipping scam!

    By Zack Daddy101
    I’m not too happy I was just shopping for some Popsockets, found what I wanted, then saw that for $5.99, I could have them delivered Tomorrow!! Heck yeah, why not?! Since I need them ASAP. So I choose this option. Then when I’m checking out, I notice it has my works address entered for some reason (even though I’m logged into my own account), so I correct it. Then it tells me “Your shipping information has changed due to a new address”. So I click on that to see what they’re talking about. Not only will it not be delivered tomorrow (Saturday), it can’t be delivered until Thursday!!! Or I have the option of getting it Monday for $8.99!!! WTH! What kind of scam is this?? What difference does it make? I live an hour from my work, not 3 days!! Extremely disappointed. Now I have to wait until Thursday, because I’m DEFINITELY not paying $9 to get it in TWO days, when you already told me I could have it in one for $5.99! Absolute craziness.

    By Vigilant72
    I have had this app less than 30 minutes and regretted it after the first 5 minutes. I tried to place an order, it said I could have it shipped the same day for $5.99 but I have to have an account. So I tried to create one. Got message “Unable to create an account at this time”. I downloaded the app and tried again using same password since account was not created. Message was “There is already account with that email. WHAAAT? Then I used another email and created an account on the app. I processed my order...this time same-day delivery wasn’t even an option. So I selected delivery by Thursday. I got a confirmation of the transaction that suddenly went blank. I tapped “my purchases”, message was “you have no purchases, any purchases may take up to 15 minutes to process”. Waited 20 minutes, still no purchases. A link said “pending purchases” message was “you have no pending purchases”. I think I have been scammed. WORST TRANSACTION NIGHTMARE EVER! Beware...
  • Difficult app access and use

    By CThoemke
    I have had the bestbuy credit card and app for a few years now and always had difficulty accessing with password. Most apps have made the jump to allowing either touch or face recognition, however, bestbuy app continues to have you type in your user id and password. You cannot even keychain it. Once in the app, it is difficult to find your statements and recent use. It is just not a good link to manage your credit card. I’ve submitted info in past to bestbuy, but they go unanswered. I have not used the card in the last year and recently made 2 large purchases from bestbuy store itself, but decided to use a differenct credit card. The benefits of rewards having the bestbuy credit card did not outweigh the difficulties i have in paying it back. I keep it because it would hurt my credit rating if i cancelled it altogether. I do not recommend this app or their credit card.
  • Slow and stops responding

    By JMZ727
    I have many Store Apps on my phone, and this one constantly is slow, locks up randomly, and presents “Oops” errors with almost every use. Shopping with this application is almost impossible. I almost think it should be categorized as a game in the App Store and called “Angry Customers”. To win you actually have to beat all its levels. Level 1 “Search for your item”, Level 2 “Add item to your shopping cart”, and Level 3 “Successfully Checkout”. I’ve only beaten the game a handful of times, typically on my final life, but usually can only beat Level 1 on a good day. I mainly use the app to check local store inventory. Oh and then I get to play the In-Store bonus level, find the item they claim is in stock. This application needs to be fixed soon I’ve reinstalled it repeatedly, same thing with other phones I have, they all run the app the same way.

    By BroThruChrist
    I’m constantly getting an “Internet connection is required” notification when I open up the app on my iPhone X and it’s ridiculously annoying! I use this app everyday and it’s a gamble to see if the app opens up properly when I tap on it. I can’t access anything on the app every time I get that message and it’s literally about a 10% chance that it opens up fine when I want to use it. I have unlimited data so there is no reason to be having this issue. When this stuff happens I have to close the app multiple times and let like 5-10min pass before trying to open it again for it to work properly, if it even does. The only time I do not have this issue is when my phone is connected to WiFi, which is fine when I’m home, but I use the app more when I’m on the road. This has to be fixed already. I’ve had this issue for a couple of months already and I’m just fed up with it!!
  • SCAM. Will steal your money!

    By J94P
    Company offered a promotion to receive my product on sat may 16. Up until checkout everything was accurate. Once payment was accepted the send a receipt changing the delivery date with no notice being provided. I won’t be able to get my package (tv) on Tuesday because I’m not home. I call best but spent 3 hours speaking with 3 different people only to provide me with an the answer “oh well there’s nothing we can do” they acknowledge it’s their fault and even tried an attempt On their end and the results were the same. It will say one thing and then after will change the date. They then told me I pretty much out of luck. Pay the shipper $50 to arrange a different day or let the TV get stolen and call them back to file a claim and maybe see if they’ll replace or refund. I asked to speak with their ethic and corporate rep but was provided a fake number and supervisor disconnected.
  • Credit Card info

    By jacjildem
    I have had this problem before. Once you place an order and begin to process it, whatever credit card you choose is stuck in your memory for this purchase forever. I can’t change to a different card. Closing the app and starting over doesn’t help. Clearing Safari doesn’t help. Restarting the phone doesn’t help. What was there is still there. Today I added a card. The process failed because I entered an incorrect expiration date. I went back and corrected and saved the date. A review of purchase cards now shows correct date. When I go back to complete the transaction, the incorrect date is still there. And ain’t nothing going to budge it. Now I cannot order and pick up in store. I have to up there and waste time locating the item and then standing in a line longer than the pick up line. Not a happy shopper.
  • Needs to be Fixed

    By gocubs1213
    EDIT: Changed review from One star to four star. Although it pushed my shipment day back a week, after the original review, it actually ended up shipping one day earlier than before it was supposed to in the first place! Made an order for Air Pods pro online. I saw that it was available to change for store pickup so I did. I didn’t receive an email within an hour telling me my product was ready, so I called the store. Apparently it was never actually in stock and wasn’t available for pickup, despite the app saying it was. My shipping has now been pushed way back than the original date. I shouldn’t have consequences due to the app not working how it should.
  • Checking nearest store stock feature is broken

    By Timmay270
    The option to check the nearest store for an in stock item is broken in this version. This never happened in any other previous version of the app. When I go to check the stock status of a memory card, for example, the app only shows the store nearest me, not the rest of the stores in my area. There’s a matter of 5-10 miles between me and the next nearest stores and being able to check if an item is in stock or not is an important feature to me. I really regret updating my app. This is horrible.

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