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  • New version: 11.1
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Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

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Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Ipnos Software Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ipnos Software Inc., with the latest current version being 11.1 which was officially released on 2020-05-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 195,548 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.78017 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

“The most positively reviewed app in the history of the Apple Store” - Business Insider “It’s Like a GPS directing you how to fall asleep” — The Guardian Having trouble unwinding & falling asleep? We get you, and we’ve got you. Sleep to your own beat with Relax Melodies. Tune-out stress, anxiety & fall asleep easily. Mix endless sounds & music, countless meditations, and shelves of stories with our smart technology. Recommended by leading doctors and neuropsychologists, Relax Melodies helps you fall asleep more easily. Now, that sounds good. HOW ARE WE UNIQUE? Because YOU are. No two people decompress the same way. That’s why Relax Melodies gives you the freedom to create your very own relaxation and bedtime experience by mixing: - Endless sounds & music. Lull yourself into easy sleep by mixing soothing sounds & music, designed by our in-house sonic gurus. - Guided meditations. Discover your simple, go-to sleep meditation (even if you’re a novice). Let tons of guided practices like visualization, hypnosis, Yoga Nidra, and more help you calm & quiet your mind. - Shelves of stories. Lose yourself in one, or many, blissful bedtime stories. Warmly narrated and enhanced by a rich, custom soundtrack and specially written to ease your mind into sweet sleep. - Calm breathing exercises. Inhale peace and exhale the day with simple, guided breathing techniques that are paired with beautiful nature sounds to lull you to sleep. - Proven SleepMoves. Let your mind & body connect (so you can disconnect) with a series of gentle guided exercises and relaxation techniques developed with top sleep experts. Over 160+ Sounds & Music: * Nature sounds * ASMR sounds * White noise * Water sounds * Meditation music * Isochronic Brainwaves * Binaural Beat * Healing music * 3D sounds Over 200+ Meditations & SleepMoves: * Restful sleep * Stress and Anxiety relief * Tinnitus relief * Yoga nidra * Gratitude * Better sleep * Deep sleep * Napping * Dreams * Kids * Couple exercises * Travel * Cooldown * Morning Bedtime Stories : * Fairytale * Mystery * Sci-fi * Fantasy * Kids *Journey * Non-Fiction Also featuring: Bedtime reminder: Set one every night to get more restful sleep Timer: Stop the application after a set amount of time Favorites: A section to add your favorite mixes And more! Relax Melodies optionally integrates with the Health app to save your meditation sessions. ... Brought to you by Ipnos Ipnos gives you the best in the world of wellness apps. Need help with the app? E-mail Read more about our terms and conditions here : Privacy policy: Terms of service:

Top Reviews

  • Compare 5/5 Suggestion 4.5/5

    By Rose74927483
    I recently saw an app called “Calm.” It described something similar to how this app runs but you couldn’t customize your choices. The only difference is there is bed time stories. Also... Everything is locked. You have to pay $80 to actually get most things in that app. Plus it’s a membership... I could get most of that and more in RelaxMelody’s and still get the membership. In my opinion $5 a month is reasonable. $50 a year is so much better than the other. We have choices to keep our subscriptions and to buy the monthly membership or yearly. Either way we still have an easier time paying. With “Calm”, the membership is only the option for a year. That’s asinine... I was introduced RelaxMelody’s by my old therapist and I’ve never stopped loving it. I have zero complaints what so ever. Though I do have a suggestion... In an app I’ve used in the past, I got the option to watch a video and get that button/function for free (for a span of 24 hours)... You’d still get ad revenue but you’d also get people to be more interested in not wasting time on ads & just buy the membership. -Just an idea I liked. Thank you for making this app, I’ve honestly benefited from this way more than anyone could imagine. I love all the new updates, too...
  • Great Sound Machine App!

    By Judiemk
    Update: After using it a few days, I like this app so much that I decided to pay for the lifetime subscription! There's lots of customization available: there are many sound options (both ambient and musical), you can control the volume of each added element and you can even add binaural beats or isochronic tones to enhance your experience (e.g. deep meditation, relaxation, concentration). I've been looking for a good sound machine app and this app is a perfect fit. I use it mainly to concentrate & focus at work. But I used one of the meditations before bed the other night & fell right to sleep. So it's great for concentration AND relaxation. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to add some of my own recorded sound bites. I thought I could because it allows you to use your own music, but I have some clips of my dog barking, my phone ringing, background office chatter, etc, that I wanted to mix in with the included sounds and I don't see any way to do that. Other than that, it meets all my expectations plus there are some nice guided meditations. :) Previous review: I've played around with it a little and it seems great. You can mix custom ambient sounds and listen to them along with guided meditations. I'm looking forward to using it on a regular basis.
  • Not convinced

    By Keka90
    Upon downloading this app I was rather excited more so after reading a couple reviews on how this app really helped soothe, calm the mind and maintain the body at a peaceful state. But Im disappointed that the app doesn't even allow the user to listen to some of the program boxes within the Meditations section for a trial run. How am I going to pay for something I cant even have a glimpse of? On some Im really interested in listening to like the Kids, Deep Sleep, Insomnia and Napping, for example, they're all locked. One should be available for each of the sections, at least. I don’t understand this concept. Something else I have noticed is that it doesn’t save my favorites ever. I have made sound mixes and it doesn't save them . The app doesn’t even let me trial run that to see how it works! Also, if it was a one time payment for the app in order to have full access for life that would be better. Whatever the price they decided was decent for their company to sell it for on the App Store would be more reasonable than what theyre asking you to commit to paying to have full access forever. I was hoping for a better experience with this app but nothing convinces me to get it. And it’s seriously such a great idea for those who have trouble sleeping and relaxing or who need a pick me up, seems to me like it would work but how am I even supposed to confirm this? Gonna consider just deleting soon.
  • amazing!

    By Socksneakagal
    immediate restless relief, it makes me go to sleep as soon as i press play. the sounds are great, and personalized- YOU pick the sounds YOU want! the downfall is some sounds you have to pay for which absolutely disappointing. i would have given it a 5 star review if there was no premium package that costs anything plus. the meditations are great- again, they are also personalized. the timers work wonderful- if you don’t want to drain your battery you set a timer for, per say, maybe 30 minutes and after you are sound asleep it will shut off and not drain your phone battery. this app also lets you set alarms that i can always get up too, i never have once heard it go off at any other time or not go off at all. if you don’t have an alarm clock or any clock where you need one, there’s an option where it says alarm clock and you can chose a style, and there’s a clock that stays open on your phone while you sleep. so if you have to get up to use the restroom or grab a drink, you can easily see the phones alarm clock on your nightstand. Love the app, just wish it was all free. This is the best sound/relaxing app on the markets right now! Would definitely recommend!
  • Super customizable

    By Avid Policy protector
    The best app that I could find. Number 1 option for me is that it stays working when it doesn’t have focus. I use it on my family vacations. So even if I do wake up early in the hotel room, I can check the weather or read the news and the sound keeps playing. That way the family can still sleep. Believe it or not, many other sleep apps can’t do that. Awesome feature... You can mix and match different sounds AND individual volumes for each sound. Ever get a sleep app with a pattern? Where the white noise or fan app is starting to chant at you? Like “there’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge.... There’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge.... There’s an open jar of kosher dill pickles in the fridge....” Being able to mix and match eliminates all that. You can mix rain with rain on roof, rainy day, heavy rain, and even throw in some ocean waves. Who doesn’t like to take a nap on a rainy day near the ocean? You can save your mixes. There’s a shut off timer and wake up alarm. I’ve never tried the alarm feature. I just use the IOS alarm on my phone, which completely overrides the sleep app. I sleep to my rainy day mix and wake to Walking on Sunshine.
  • It Works!

    By Mandy10625
    I am a self-diagnosed night owl. So when I graduated college and got into my first big girl corporate job that starts every weekday at 7am sharp, I quickly realized I was in serious trouble. I had to be up by 5am to be on the freeway by 6:15am to be at work by 7am, but I could NEVER fall asleep before 12am. I usually have Netflix on in the background while I try to fall asleep, but Criminal Minds infiltrating my dreams wasn't helping me and I was not sleeping well until a friend recommended that I meditate before sleeping. Naturally, I googled meditation/sleeping apps because there is an app for everything and I stumbled upon this app. I absolutely LOVE it. Granted, you have to pay for the nicer things, like life coach and dreaming meditations, but what is available for free is more than enough for me. My favorite sound mix is called "Afternoon on the Porch." It has wind chimes and soft rain and gentle thunder in the background. It's a perfect mix to help me fall asleep. What's also nice is the timer, which exits the app after 30 minutes (or however many minutes you choose). I usually play the sound effects on my iPad and stand it on my bedside table. Perfect replacement for background Netflix—so glad I found it!
  • The best of the best! Perfect in every way!

    By Thesmokinfox
    For sleeping, have you ever wished that you could find the right sound or mix of sounds and at the right mixed levels for each of the various sounds and select variations of those sounds and also not sound like a loop?! Have you wished that you could have a large list of sounds to pull from that are all over the place, like from trains, to cave water dripping, windy trees, birds, highway and street sounds, monks chanting, crickets, Tibetan bowls, ocean waves, camp fire, on and on?! Have you wished that that you could do all this and save numerous labeled mixes? And, have you wished that you could have complete control over when it stops? Have it play for say 30 min, 2 hrs, or never stop? Well, this app has all of this and more for free and without any signups, or asking for personal information, right after loading / installing the app! And, you could even go way beyond that by buying great extras that is has to offer! — Which pays for their various ways of working on this fantastic and appreciated app! I’ve loved it for years! It’s the best! Straight out perfect! Download it now! _Fox
  • Loved it, so disappointed now

    By Vegbian
    Edit: after doing some research I found the app developer’s website and emailed Ipnos. They got back to me so quickly with easy instructions for restoring my premium features. I am very satisfied with their customer service! I hope everyone who had this problem realizes that they can restore their lost functions, perhaps Ipnos should send out some kind of notice that this is happening. But anyway I am so glad for the help and that I can once again use all the sleep aids I paid for!! — Like another reviewer said, I had purchased the pro version of this app for $9.99. I believed that to be a permanent part of the app that I owned. The purchase included access to a huge variety of additional sleep sounds and meditations that I used regularly to help get to sleep on restless nights. But suddenly, those are no longer available to me at all and the app wants me to pay a whopping $99 to have these things accessible again?! And for how long this time? This is a really nasty way to treat the people who supported your app when there are many similar free services out there. Do not recommend.
  • Loveqly Respite

    By vishwarupa
    Given the disharmonious discord of those challenging personalities or situations (that actually help us grow in ways unimaginable), the demands of competitive productivity, overwork, worsening traffic commutes, oppressive sufferings and ill-health in cultures, tribes and peoples in lands across the planet, even in communities immediately surrounding us, and driven by high velocity 21st century speeds and supersonic technology--with just a fingertip selection of one or combination of natural, vibratory elixir of sounds--a moment's respite may occur inviting taking a few minutes to breath slowly, deeply; creating a calming prelude to meditation or entering yoga practice may be invoked; or enjoy a companionable enrichment to a soothing cup of tea. All is easily invoked when listening to the variety of natural sounds offered on this app. It seems one is not at risk of insomnia, affects of blue light, radiation or other hazards of long hours and exposure using electronic equipment caused because a user is not required to look at the app long periods once sound features are selected. Just listen and enjoy the stillness in the moment, and comforting succor the natural and harmonious sounds of the earth can create within.
  • Finally!

    By Fire Fairie
    It’s so hard for me to find sounds soothing enough to fall asleep to. I can’t stand the sounds of rain, crackling fire, crickets, or waves on the sleep apps. The hair dryer and vacuum are so high pitched. The oscillating fan noise drives me nuts, it’s pinpoint (narrow opening between the bars of the fan), high pitched, and inconsistent volume with the movement of the fan is so irritating. I get distracted by noises easily while trying to sleep because it’s already hard for me to fall asleep as it is without noises. I like lower frequencies or tones with wider opening sounds. I have found the underwater sound on louder volume with the Jupiter sound on low volume very soothing enough. I also like the thunder mixed with a couple other ones too. I like that you can change the volume of each sound individually. I found this app looking for sounds more like a clothes dryer (full of towels 😉) sound or air vent when the heater is on full blast. I found this and decided to try it. I’m still going to try to find an air vent sound or a clothes dryer sound (without the clanking of zippers or large items in it!), but until then, I’ll use this app.

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