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myAT&T is an iPhone and Android Utilities App, made by AT&T Services, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - AT&T Services, Inc., with the latest current version being 7.5 which was officially released on 2021-06-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3,277,491 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.1356 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Now, staying on top of your AT&T accounts is much easier with the myAT&T app. • Check data usage: Want to keep tabs on your wireless or Internet data usage? Open the app to check usage on the overview screen. • Pay your bill: Never miss another payment. View/pay your bill in the app. Tell us how and when, and we'll let you know when your bill is ready. • Upgrade your phone or plan: Pick it up in the store, or have it delivered to you. You can also make changes to your plan right from the app.

Top Reviews

  • Horrible customer service

    By lanie mart
    Just spent an hour on the phone with 2 different customer service reps trying to find an order that was placed over a week ago. Couldn’t find the order, kept telling me that I was giving them the wrong order number but I was reading it right off an email from AT&T about my order. Finally told me they were switching me to mobility customer service to track my order and finally someone answered only to basically tell me, after I repeated everything I had already told the rep about 20 times, that he didn’t have any access to my order and maybe I should try to go online to find my missing order. Wait time to talk to someone else was another 15-20 minutes after I’d already been on with AT&T for an hour. So now i’m on your website and can’t find anything relating to my order. Now i’m so angry that I will drive 45 minutes to the nearest corporate AT&T store to have my ordered canceled and I will look into changing my provider as well. We’ve been loyal customers for more years than I can count and my father worked for and retired from Bell Labs. After today, i cannot recommend AT&T to anyone and I will probably be selling my shares of stock in the company too. I have absolutely zero confidence in AT&T’s ability to even serve the customers they have. I really hope someone who gives a crap about their company reads this and does something but i’m not gonna hold my breath.
  • Can't download PDF copies of bills and beware of "upgrades"

    By VonHagenstein
    You can't see all the little (and sometimes not so little) extra charges and fees they always find a way to sack you with when viewing your bill in the app itself. If you want to see those, you have to view the PDF of your "paper" bill. But anytime I attempt to do that it just sits there loading infinitely and it never loads. No, it's not my connectivity. This happens no matter whether I'm on WiFi or cellular, and regardless of whether I'm on home WiFi, work, etc. etc. Guess they really don't want you keeping tabs on those charges. Speaking of extra charges, I recently needed to replace a family member's older broken phone. Out of convenience, I did so through the apps "Upgrade" option since they were eligible. I reviewed all the charges and actually took the time to read all the fine print, because I'm OCD that way. When I was eventually billed, (I had to view the bill on a PC since the app wouldn't download it) there was a $30 "Upgrade fee". There was NO MENTION ANYWHERE that I would be charged such a fee for "upgrading" from a broken phone to a more recent model. I would have just bought the friggin phone. Contacted their customer support about and you can guess how that went. They wouldn't budge despite there being no reference anywhere that I would be charged such a fee. So beware of using that feature in the app.
  • Are you kidding me? Customer disservice

    By munnster2
    I recently received my bill with a $250 error charge for long distance calling. I tried the ‘chat’ robot’ that frustrated me and not able to help me (waste of 20 minutes of my time) before transferring me to a human who went thrall of my information before announcing she wasn’t authorized to help me with the issue (8 more minutes wasted). She tried to transfer me to a different department and waited online with me before disconnecting me (25 more minutes!) which then prompted me to fill out a survey if I was SATISFIED...NO! One star so it asks if I want to speak to a Reprsentative...SURE, why not. 40 minutes in and I still have no resolution! Next Representative comes on and understanding the situation transfers me to billing. 27 more minutes on hold before another Representative comes on and asks all my details again. OK. Explain and she puts me on hold to go and investigate. Comes back and clarified the issue...YES SHE UNDERSTANDS CORRECTLY THAT I HAVE BEEN CHARGED $251 for something I shouldn’t have. Puts me on hold again. Comes on and confirmed that the charge is incorrect, but isn’t authorized to approve this large amount and needs her supervisors approval to correct this company’s error. Finally resolved after 52:15. So...over 2 hours of my time to fix their internal billing issue with service people that aren’t authorized to correct the issue. That’s a problem leading to customer dissatisfaction!
  • Confusing and not accurate

    By BuckeyeBorn1219
    This app is confusing and not accurate. Confusing in the way your monthly charges are broken down on the statement it provides. I have one package on this account and my statement is almost 5 pages long in charges and credits all of which I have no clue exactly what for. Everytime I look at my balance owed it is NEVER right! This month it said I owed over 500$! Granted I did miss Marches payment because I couldn't get through to an operator because THAT bill was incorrect too. March I owed 54$ but my bill said 94$. April I owed 189$. Add those two up and it's $243 not $500! Of course everytime you call At&t you are on the phone with them for a MINIMUM of 1.5 hours but I did and 2 hours later they ended up giving me the credits to make it right. Then when I go to pay on the app it says my balance due is $223 not $243... I'm not complaining in paying less but now I have to worry about my next bill being off because THEY CANT GET IT RIGHT! Oh and not to mention the app said I owed $223 right? But after I put my debit card info in and hit submit a window pops up and says that $223 payment does not meet my past due amount and I should reconsider the amount to pay off the balance. But once the payment posted to my account it said I had a zero balance.😩 I am so done with AT&T. Disconnecting everything and never doing business with them again.
  • Horrible experiences with an S!

    By stillstillpissedoff
    I have and still am experiencing so much trouble with AT&T. Not only the app my at&t. All over a simple change of billing. (And as I am going through a very contested nasty unwanted divorce) my wife who is divorcing me for unknown reasons and has been changing passcodes in all my accounts and claiming I did this or that she doesn’t know but has come to just not respond and is in communication with everyone but me. She falsely filed a restraining order on me and it was granted to her and I had absolutely no say in the order. I have had a temporary number for 5 days then finally got my number of ten years back. I payed most of our bills though she licked the stamps and the acct. was in her name. Now att is not recognizing that my ten year number I got back is connected to my email, name or any other info I give them. I went through an act of Congress to get to the point I’m at and I’m just about done knowing I’m far from it. Mother f&$@! I bet you that my user Id, email, is still connected to the temporary phone number that is no more (to me) and my new (10 year) number is still connect to my mean mean soon to be x wife and she has access to my call log while I still pay the bill for that.... any takers on that bet? Att? How much would you wager? Not only that I had to give them at least one star to send that part of my review of them!
  • Wish I could give it 0 stars

    By Lemur07
    1. ...and this is just AT&T n general... they give you this stupid email address as login. Unless you are 10 or 80 years old you already have an email address and will never remember this stupid thing. Yes I know you can create a login using an alternate address and that brings me to point number 2 2. I’ve been trying to log in for the last 10 minutes. I tried the password I thought I used, it took forever, didn’t fail, just came back to the login screen. I tried again, it did not ask me for the password this time, but I assume retried the one used earlier. Since that one (and I’m only assuming that, as I have no way of really knowing) failed, it just keeps retrying a bad password and I cagey s password entry field. I tried Forgot my password option and that got me nowhere. 3. This one is AT&T in general, my bill keeps going up without notice. Every time I cancel something to lower my bill, they increase increase the price of something else. 4. One might say... “call them”... have you ever called them? Their left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Their offshore teams lie all the time. They agree to anything you say and are very polite but have no clue what they are doing so they just make things up. Dare I say I have dealt with government organizations that function better than AT&T
  • Horrible and Deceitful Customer Service

    By Afmail504
    I went into an AT&T store West Chester, Ohio and received what I THOUGHT was good customer service. But now as time has passed I see that I was deceived when I was asked to start a business account. Everything that was supposed to happened did not happen. My monthly bill was supposed to be lowered and all of the phones would automatically be transferred under the business account. I went back to the store to inquire if these things and I was told it should take effect within the week. It’s been two months and now my bill is higher and all of the phones are not under the business account. My account was in auto payment prior to this, but I didn’t realize that it was taken off auto payment when I made the change to the business account. I asked these guys (three in-store sales reps) repeatedly if my bill would be lowered. They failed to tell me that they were taking off my insurance for all of my phones (4 phones). I really believe they were being deceitful! I came in and asked about another phone number that was on my account, they said that was an accident and that the phone would fall off. I still see this phone on my account. I am desperate to see this issue taken care of in my favor. I’ve been with AT&T too long to be treated like this!!!
  • Very Poor Service and You Lie !

    By Kyote 1
    I took my plan out 2 years ago and you tell me it’s outdated. I have little or no service for my phone or data. I have been a true loyal customer since 1990 but no more as I will start looking at the different plans of different carriers Tuesday. I have asked you to call me back after I called in 2 different times on your supposed recorded line after getting past your automated computer figure, to record the lies your agents told me when I called. One told me the first time I called I had 11 data and two weeks later on the second call after my app hadn’t updated the person told me I had almost 11 so use my phone as the app I have hasn’t updated yet ! Poor service and you lie twice in a row ! Then I get a text that tells me you will slow me down and I had no roll over data. The poor tricks you play on customers just to make more money. I can’t even get you to call me back to prove what they said. All I get is surveys to tell how good your doing and no phone call. Is AT&T that impersonal ? I think you do not have a recorded line or you would check it to prove they lied to me just to get me off the phone and shows your poor almost non existent service ! You are losing customers right and left and you don’t seem to care. No wonder your business is doing so poorly. Brad Whitlow
  • ATT Service

    By the sykos
    I have a complicated ATT bill because I pay for services in another town than mine in addition to all those I pay for in my own home. Fortunately I live close to an ATT store which is like the main hub in my area. I use the 661 number for easy questions but I have gone to the store to purchase new phones or change anything about the services. I have found every single person to be polite and considerate. They are also patient in explaining anything to me that I question. I am not a “techy” person, as I was middle aged when computers came out and as everyone knows, the technology has expanded exponentially. I am happy that I can use an IPhone and operate my computer. The last time I was in there the lady went over my entire bill in minutiae and wrote it down on paper for me. She was able to find savings for me which I appreciated of course. I did not require new services at this time because we are waiting for service that will replace the satellite which I am not fond of. This is why I stay with ATT. The people, the service, and the outstanding quality of the products.
  • Everything is terrible with AT&T

    By Arun reddy
    I’m astonished to see how and why there were positive reviews about app or even the company. The service is bad - calls just drop for no reason, calls sometimes just don’t show up but end up in voicemails. There is hardly 1 bar at my workplace when I can see the AT&T corporate office from my window (even people working there may not have proper service) The support is terrible - call their support about anything, you will speak to 5 CSRs in an hour and the 6th one will ask you the reason for your call. So, obviously you being frustrated give up and they consider that the case is resolved. I had to argue several times and just give up when I wanted to combine my wireless and Uverse so I can get a discount they promised. These two departments operate completely separate (pretending as if they are from two different planets) and kept transferring me between the CSRs for 3 hours straight. Finally their app is the most terrible thing I have on my iPhone. I wish I could share screenshots or screen recordings of the app not responding at all. I keep forgetting the app is a waste and still fall for it, open to pay bill and realize my mistake and end up using PC to pay bill anyway. I’m switching the network, disconnecting home internet as well and soon and my problems are over.

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