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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-19
  • New version: 9.45.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Yahoo News: Live, Breaking, US

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Yahoo News: Live, Breaking, US is an iPhone and Android News App, made by Yahoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Yahoo, with the latest current version being 9.45.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 43,190 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.42431 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Focus on what’s important with the newest version of the Yahoo News app. Now you can customize your news with your favorite topics and publishers, while our expert editors curate top stories from trusted sources. It’s time to reframe your newsfeed around what matters to you. • Trusted sources - News from The New York Times, USA Today, TIME, Politico, the AP, Fox News and more. • Customize topics and sources - Personalize your newsfeed like never before. • Search across all news sources - Easily find what you’re looking for. • The 360 - See all sides of important topics with a variety of viewpoints. • Exclusive and live video - Watch trending news, press conferences, the day's soundbites and more. • Expert editors - Get curated top stories of the day and premium content like our Skullduggery podcast, highlighting scandals and investigations in the Trump era. • Breaking news alerts - Never miss an important story. • 2020 election - Coverage from across the political spectrum.

Top Reviews

  • Yahoo news app

    By Archaeologist03
    The only problem with the app is that it often will not allow one to access the written article. Press the close “X” on the video & it flashes written article then flashes back to video. Also when I finally get to written article it automatically returns to video while I’m reading. Closing video takes me back to “Top stories” page so I can’t finish my read. Very frustrating. Otherwise stories are great & I would love to be able to finish them.
  • Swipe Controls Horrible

    By Puck269
    The new swipe controls to exit an article is too close to the motion used to simply scroll through the article while reading. It is so annoying to be reading an article and the app closes because it thinks you are swiping to go back to the main page. It is so frustrating the app is almost unusable at this point. I don't usually rate this app because its just a news aggregate. But this change has enraged me so much because of the habit I have in using this app and is a increased level of stress because of the frustration of simply "reading the paper". It is the equivalent of reading a newspaper in a tornado. Get rid of this feature immediately.
  • Not a good product

    By Puggly 22
    There are countless problems with this app. Here are a few. The app highjacked My Yahoo news feed. I understand that it is a Yahoo product, but there really isn’t any better way to describe an abrupt change in format of a different app without a way to toggle back to the original app. Another problem is that the Privacy statement is in Spanish. The entire legal package including all the weasel language is in English, except for the Privacy statement. Oath seems to be involved with the Privacy statement. However all I can find is a hip hop ad trying to tell me how cool Oath is without telling what Oath does. An additional problem is that there is now way to track your comments.
  • Too much crap!

    By Maddog666
    Too little hard news, narrow range of news topics, old news - stories stay up for days or are already out of date material, tons of clickbait, single sentence news bites with no substance. People have complained for months about these issues, the app often asks for feedback, but doesn’t really care what you think. Don’t waste your time. Just a trashy app. If you like it, you probably are a knuckle dragging trailer park denizen. Bring back the comments. That’s what makes the app worthwhile. Yahoo! dumber than a box of rocks for removing that function. Used to spend hours on it; now 5 minutes and I’m done, if I bother at all.
  • Works Fine for Me!

    By NapoliKid
    I don’t really get the negative reviews. Works well on my end, although I think I preferred the previous layout. I haven’t had any glitches that have stopped me from getting the news with the latest version. The coverage doesn’t strike me as “fake news”. Love the little comic break video after the first 9 or 10 major stories. Some days it saves my sanity.
  • The Details

    By Goldengugguga
    I have enjoyed my search for news even more over the last 3 months ... thanks to Newsroom..The coverage they offer is broad , correct and they search for all the details. It’s been a pleasure to have read the story days before it gets to TV. When asked where I got my news or where they can find out what is happening. My response is check the NewsRoom . Cass
  • Okay, too many video only articles.

    By NYJMM
    The recent changes seem to throw a lot of video at readers in articles. Many times I like to just read article,then maybe watch associated video. Would be nice to be able to pause the video. Video uses a lot of data and even though many have unlimited plans the data is slowed down after a certain amount of data usage.
  • Glitches to different story when clicked

    By Olliesgirl
    The app often opens an entirely unrelated story when when I’m trying to follow a different headline. Then when I go back, I can’t find the story I was originally interested in reading. It also switches articles. Often, when I’m in the middle of reading a long story it will suddenly switch to a different article with no way to get back to the story I was reading. The only option is to spend 5-10 scrolling through the feed hoping to find the headline again. This is especially annoying when I’m 15 minutes or more deep into a long read article.
  • Variety and less biased

    By joeshazam
    Yahoo offers a much broader look at the news with many articles about human interests and not just political views about every aspect of life. Yahoo news is more enlightening and less anger. I like the news Yahoo offers. It is one of approximately 15 news feeds so I am able to see many viewpoints of what is happening in United States , from around the World.
  • New version is annoying

    By Un-origin
    There was nothing wrong with functionality of the old version. This update has made stories not load. It's also slow, choppy and unreliable. The main page doesn't seem to work very well. Update: the app continually freezes opening and closing articles to the point where I close and reopen it. Frustrating and annoying. I’ve almost stopped using it in favour of just going through safari. The web is more up to date and no issues with responsiveness.

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