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Yelp Food, Delivery & Services

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Yelp Food, Delivery & Services is an iPhone and Android Food & Drink App, made by Yelp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Yelp, with the latest current version being 12.77.0 which was officially released on 2021-01-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 390,091 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.12085 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Yelp features: Food Near You - Find Restaurants • Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area • Make reservations, order delivery or pickup—all from your phone • Filter restaurant search results by price, location, open now, and more Search for Nearby Businesses, Services, & Professionals • Discover great local businesses, from hair salons to trusted doctors and movers • Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community • Home need repairs? Find the best rated contractors and handymen • Find great deals offered by local businesses, get quotes instantly, and book appointments Beauty - Pamper Yourself • Find highly-rated salons, spas, massage therapists, and more • Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations Search Filters • Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and hours of operation • Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app Other Features • Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business • Write and read reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews, and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp. Need Help? Contact Yelp at Note: Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life.

Top Reviews

  • USPro Moving Company

    By Herestothecrooks
    This appears to be a scam. I’ve just been taken for $1400 and four days extreme stress as well as all the money it cost me to get another truck and find people to help me load and drive it. Never want to do this to yourself. In my opinion US pro moving is a scam out of Florida where they have a list of drivers in different states promise dates and then whoever shows up may show up or they may not in any case you’ve already paid $1500 retainer which is nonrefundable cleverly and signed a 15 page ‘we have all the rights form leaving you with no truck no movers and no money. When you call to complain and ask where your truck is, they tell you a story about the dispatcher and the last truck and claim no responsibility for what happens between you and the truck in fact they say it’s not an emergency when you ask where your truck is. When you insist that you are now 71 years old standing in the driveway with all your stuff and have to have a truck and that’s an emergency for you, they don’t care. I survived this experience, but I hope you don’t make the same mistake of reading the online recommendations on the webpage and on Google because I’m not sure this company really existsExcept to scam people like me who don’t do their homework well enough.
  • Love it!

    By LauralynCaramagno
    Being Yelp elite, I use Yelp everyday, everywhere I go. I cannot go into any new business, or consider visiting an already visited one,Without first reading reviews or my prior review. It saves me a lot of time that would’ve been wasted frequenting a restaurant that I have had multiple bad experiences at!I’ve also shared many new places that my followers have enjoyed checking out for the first time as well as I have checked out places of people that I follow what I’m looking for something new or different. I’m very picky so the details are important to me. I need to know how the services, how clean the restaurant is, how they’re practicing Covid measures, if their food is fresh or they’re just reheating some frozen food, is it affordable, do they have any specials that are worth getting, etc. Without yolk I don’t know how I would find many businesses when I need something, anything! AC /appliance parts? Check! Good mechanics ? Check! Good home inspectors? Check! Good place to take the kids on a Saturday morning? Check! You just can’t go wrong!
  • My go-to app for food!

    By 098Drift
    I’ve used this app for years l, and it has always served its purpose. I hate how it’s more social media-centric now, but it’s changing with the times I guess. Yelp makes it easy to find any business, from restaurants to barbers and electricians. There are so many complaints about Yelp, particularly about reviews being “hidden” or business owners being “bullied” into paying for advertisement. I agree; the latter is wrong, especially during these times. Here’s a solution, though: If you don’t like Yelp, then get your business off their website! People love to complain but are doing absolutely nothing about it. By removing your business profile from Yelp, you don’t have to worry about reviews or fake 5-star reviews from being hidden. Find another place to advertise your business! If that isn’t the problem, maybe the food or service you offer isn’t as good as you think after all!
  • Soul’s Towing

    By athenom
    Bought a vehicle here . Told me he is a Christian and he is telling me truth the vehicle is in immaculate condition. When I drove it it said 178,000 on the speedometer and after I bought it the next day I went to change the tire and the truck started stalling when I got it AutoZone the put it on the machine and all of a sudden the speedometer jumped to 278,000 miles . Not only is this questionable but when I went to buy the truck he only wanted to accept cash. He called me to ask my name he said he would have paperwork ready if I was sure I wanted it. I gave him my name and address he wanted. I got to the office and even before I gave him all the money he had the title signed over and put in my name without me signing any contract or paperwork etc. I didn’t even sign the back of the title. It was all done so now I question the notary in his office . Their is a ticking and the engine and transmission needs to be replaced so much is wrong with this car I can’t list everything. Stay clear of them it isn’t worth you loosing and dealing with this fake Christian man he is a liar and unscrupulous business man.
  • A Visionary Foodie Chef

    By Chef Ap
    I absolutely LOOOVE Yelp. I’m a Foodie first Chef second and Analysis third. If ever I go out somewhere I write honest reviews which is great that you can do I feel whether good experience or bad when dining a restaurant should always know how they’re doing. I seriously won’t go to a place without visiting Yelp first no matter the day or time I always need to see a visual of the menu, what I may want that’s described on the menu see what it looks like, see how it’s plated. My friends call me crazy for being so intense but as any chef knows you eat with your eyes firsthand. My friends also will call me and say I ordered from wherever and I should’ve read the reviews and saw visuals because I wasted my money. Yelp isn’t to be taken lightly you can get a lot of insight whether it’s Food to A Therapist to Auto Shops it’s helpful. I hope it never changes
  • Highly recommend using Yelp

    By CianneMcG
    I use Yelp constantly to help me look for a specific type of restaurant, to check hours that a store is open, to try to find the nearest auto parts store, to hire a handyman, and especially to check reviews on a business to help me decide whether I want to go there or not. The only problem I ever have is not the fault of Yelp, but a lot of businesses do not keep their information current. I have checked posted hours that the store is open, and drove all the way there only to find out that it is closed. That is very frustrating and would prevent me from going there again because I can’t trust what their page states. Businesses are doing themselves a disservice by this and I highly encourage them to update their Yelp page any time they make any type of change that affects a customer.
  • Ruins conservative business allowing Leftist slander

    By PRFaust
    Yelp allows faux reviews with no way to correct or challenge the review and Yelp doesn’t allow good legit reviews of genuine customers. For example: three one star reviews of my business were from three people who genuinely were never customers (I.e., they live in other states and stated explicitly that they wrote their views for political reasons). Their words are slanderous and politically motivated and don’t even have anything to do with my business. If I try to correct the review, which I tried to do, Yelp holds up these three one star reviews as legitimate (“We don’t take sides”) and hides two five star reviews from legitimate actual customers. But if the reviews are about “experiences” that never actually occurred, then how does one correct it? This company needs to be more fair. (Not to mention 5 of the 5 star reviews by actual customers was suppressed and not calculated with the other reviews and would have created a 4+ star rating instead of a 2.5 star rating. Get rid of the “Fake News” of yelp, it hurts businesses).
  • International House Of Prejudice

    By Franky Giovanni
    Very rude and difficult people not willing to work with you. They will not provide you with a mask if you do not have one, which is part of the CDC Guidelines, because “they don’t have time to hand them out” the lady working the front said, as she was standing there looking around doing nothing. The only guidelines they follow is that you need to wear a mask to walk 2 feet to your table. The lady at the front was very rude, she would not allow me to sit down with my mask and have my son bring my mask outside to my wife who was waiting patiently so she can walk to the table and sit down because “it doesn’t follow the guidelines”. Also walking back and talking about us with other employees. At that point it was clear that she was just going out of her way to make it difficult for us to be able to eat there for obvious reasons! They do not want the business of someone with out a mask on, even if you are willing to comply and cooperate. They make sure of this because they won’t even give you one, they only choose to follow the CDC guidelines that suit them.
  • Lane Bryant

    By Ginacalautti
    Taken advantage during COVID ordered online Purchased three blazers figure I return at store if one don’t fit. Went to mall to return or exchange for smaller size. Found out store closed 1 1/2 years ago. I called the customer service asked to send shipping label for return was told they don’t do that. why is there not a return label enclosed with the order. They said they can email me one that’s great but I don’t have a printer and I don’t have a job at this point so I can exchange it at another store luckily 6 miles away for a total of $17 to go to another state for free and I wouldn’t have to pay the six dollar return fee. I ask Lane Bryant to mail me a return label they refused. They kept using Covid as an excuse at one point I had to tell them everybody is dealing with Covid not just Lane Bryant finally getting nowhere I am getting ripped off I now have to pay $17 in tolls to return items I purchased plus the gas plus the aggravation and inconsiderate attitude from the customer service representative be careful before you order they do not offer return labels.
  • If you like getting treated like garbage, go there!

    By AnonymousReviews2895
    If you’re a beginner, I beg you do not go to this store. They will literally laugh in your face when you ask them questions, trying to get help with a product. I actively try to avoid this store to the point where I drove 2 hours out of my way to get a compound bow somewhere else, as a Christmas present for my brother. The store will not be named as this is a review and not promoting another business. When I first went there a couple years ago I was treated with no respect and I jotted it down to the employees having a bad day so I didn’t write my review then. However, today my brother went to the store with questions and as I stated above was laughed at by an employee. As stated in other reviews my brother was greeted by a nice short blonde woman that treated him with respect. Unfortunately, one strong link in a chain, doesn’t save the chain. So seeing as how nothing has changed I have written this review in hopes that it reaches as many people as it can. Thank you to everyone who has read this and have a great day!

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