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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-22
  • New version: 1.34
  • File size: 135.59 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets

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Themify: Icon Themes & Widgets is an iPhone and Android Graphics & Design App, made by AIBY. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - AIBY, with the latest current version being 1.34 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 20,291 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.51373 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Themify is a magic wand that will miraculously transform your Home Screen into a chic art gallery, mysterious rainy Gotham City, or ancient ocean with neon jellyfish. No spell needed! The app offers all-in-one solutions for a complete redesign of your iPhone – “icon, wallpaper plus widget” packs that are carefully selected and perfectly matched to make your phone screen "aesthetic AF". The best part? There’s always something new! Check for special holiday and seasonal content renewals and change widgets as often as you wish! ■ 3-in-1 themes We created exclusive widget packs with an icon and wallpaper coming together to make a complete stylish look. Dive into boundless designs to choose the one you like most and set it up on your Home Screen with a few taps. Perfect matching made easy! ■ Icon packs and widgets Dozens of icon and widget designs will suit any mood of yours – bold, romantic, or calm. Or you can choose from a rich variety of shapes, fonts, and backgrounds to make your own original widget. And for a truly unique widget, use your favorite photo! ■ Time and date With Themify, the access to all the information you need is easier than ever! To improve your time management, you can set up a calendar widget or create one handy time-and-date widget (with both time formats available) and put it on any Home Screen page. You can also leave only time or only date on your widget in case you don’t need both. ■ Quick setup Just follow the simple and clear instructions to set up widgets or icons on your screen. Once you decide on the design, it should only take a minute! Forget about complicated setup through shortcuts! A few taps and voilà – your screen looks superb! UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION • You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Themify. • Subscriptions are billed weekly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Top Reviews

  • Just App Information!

    By hickhickhickc
    It’s an ok app, wasn’t expecting anything better but the reason I gave a 3 star review is because I liked this theme of widgets but when I looked at the list it gave me there wasn’t everything to match the widget with, like example when I hit the setting widget the settings app wasn’t on the list they gave me. Another things is that when I wanted to add a big widget for just some photos on my Home Screen I didn’t know how to apply it to my Home Screen, when I hit the help button it didn’t really tell me how to add it to my Home Screen it just simply said to hit “Set” and it’ll be there but it wasn’t. Just wanted to come on here to give you guys some suggestions to change around the app so myself and others can be happy with there Home Screen and how it looks! Thank you for hearing me out, if anywhere in the review you can help me please do, Thanks You! A more detailed review I would say is there aren’t enough apps on the list or as the widgets, I want my whole phone to have a widget, if that makes since! And for the picture widgets to add space on my phone is to add more detail to the help button in the corner, so I can apply the larger widgets, Just reply again if you need MORE detail!
  • Works perfectly

    By wergdfgejghj
    For me this app worked great! They had tons of color options for me to choose from and there are a lot of reviews about not enough icons for each color section however there were enough for me to use! I wanted to have one full page of them and I was able to do that. This is a great app and saved me a ton of time. I like to change my icons a lot and this app was so much more efficient that the past apps I tried. Note: If it’s crashing for you then that’s not the apps problem lol it’s a personal problem not one from the software.
  • All they want is your money from the get go.

    By MrGuyBroDude
    I kept seeing this app and their crazy 3D looking themes on social media. After weeks of annoyance, I decided to try it. Turns out the first thing you have to do is agree to pay at least a weekly subscription to even view the options. But there is a free week so sure why not. The app is absolutely terrible to use and then to top it off, absolutely none of the themes or assets advertised are even on this app. I decided to try 2 other apps and they are the same story. All of these apps are ridiculous with their up front fees and subscriptions, very little offering, false advertising as to what you can do and find, and not to mention, all 3 apps have pretty much the same inventory of themes, icons, and backgrounds! It is nothing but just a circle of most likely stolen content. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother with this shady and terrible app.
  • Worth zero stars

    By Annacular
    First off I only downloaded the app Because there was an ad that popped up on my Facebook showing Harry Potter widgets and icons.I signed up for the trial (3.99 a week. Come on!) but none of the icons or widgets that were advertised were even in the app! So I decided to choose a different theme to decorate my phone with. Well, I went to download the shortcut and they weren’t even the same icons as advertised! I mean I would choose a theme I liked, click on it to download it and it has completely different icons. No only that but you can only choose from a limited number of apps to connect the shortcut to instead of choosing any app you have downloaded on you phone. This is seriously the worst app. I’m surprised it has any good reviews at all because theres more problems than just the ones I’ve written about. Seriously awful.
  • Icon choosing

    By K. Humes
    I love this app and the options it gives but I would love it even more if it somehow synced up with your phone to see every app you have and coordinate that with the icon design options. For example I have a lot of random apps like the abc app or door dash. There is not an option for those when choosing the icons. I know when you scroll down further you can choose and icon and pick which app you would like it to go to but not all my apps are showing in the list. Also, I had saw on Instagram the Friends themed icon. I found some of them but not all. This was very disappointing as it’s the reason I downloaded the app.
  • Please take the lonely off

    By boyHzjxhdhudjsns
    I really like it but would you please take the money thing off I really want to do more of them like a pink one I saw and j have to pay for it :( and I don’t have money for it :( please take it off if I pay my parents will be super mad and i want to do this one I really really like but I can so please take the money off:(
  • nice but missing somethings

    By Nat Larson
    I personally really love some of the options of the icons and widgets and think that they are very nice and easy to tell apart from one another. Only thing from giving this 5 stars is that some of the icons on some of the themes don’t have the matching app to choose from to make the widget, so i was a little upset/disappointed because I LOVE the Christmas Eve theme widget/icons, but some of the icons don’t have the matching app to go with it (venmo, facetime, etc). If that can be fixed so we have all of our apps on our phone downloaded available to choose from, I would appreciate that and that would make this a 5 star app!!
  • Time-Consuming and Not Worthwhile

    By Regina Moores
    I wasn’t happy with this app because when changing your design of the app, first of all it doesn’t work for all apps, and second you have to manually change each and every app. When you click on the icon you want to change you are taken to a safari page where you have to download it then add to home screen. You have to do this for every single app. It is certainly not worth it for what you end up getting. It is time consuming and not worthwhile for the result. If you wanted to change your theme you’d have to delete everything which would take a while and then download a whole set of other app icons and I just don’t have that kind of time.
  • It’s a good idea but...

    By chloe penny
    It really is a good idea and it was really fun for the first hour that I took on this project. I was really excited to be able to do different themes for different times of the year but after about an hour of kind of playing with the app, it started crashing. Basically what happens is I go to the app, go to where the app “covers” are, look at the choices, and then my phone goes black and there’s that little circle in the middle of the screen like it’s dead. Then it goes to my Lock Screen. And that’s it. But it has done that at least 30 times. It’s getting really annoying so I don’t suggest this app. Save yourself the annoyance of it.
  • Nice, but could be better. Needs bugs fixed.

    By Caleb Browm
    If I’m being honest I saw this app advertised on SnapChat and I went for it thinking it would be great. Then I was let down tremendously. The payed subscription is not a favorite for me, and there are a lot of widget icons to pick from but there is no app available to open them. Such as the camera app, great widgets but no way to program the widget to open the camera app. PLUS ever since I downloaded and started using this app my iPhone has been shutting down and restarting like crazy anytime I try to do a task that requires a little power. I don’t know if this bug came from the app or not but it’s very annoying.

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