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Healthy Together - COVID-19

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Healthy Together - COVID-19 is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Twenty Holdings, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Twenty Holdings, Inc., with the latest current version being 1.5.2 which was officially released on 2021-03-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 59,980 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8475 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Healthy Together helps stop the spread of COVID-19 through: - Real time in-app test result delivery - Access to testing, vaccine information and appointments - Symptom assessments that are shareable with your doctor - Daily passport for clearing employees, students and faculty for work or school - Augmented and guided contact tracing - Notification center for public health announcements User Data, Privacy & Security - There is no mandate to participate in this effort, users choose to opt-in. - Users are in full control of their personal data. They decide what they share and can reverse those decisions as well as delete their data at any time. - All symptom data is automatically de-identified after 30-days. - Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The use of this data is limited to COVID-19 response efforts, public health & research purposes. View our full Privacy Policy at

Top Reviews

  • Way to go, Utah!

    By qwikstep
    In a sea of negativity and bad news this has been a welcome reprieve. As a healthcare professional it’s been disheartening to see the health and economic devastation that COVID-19 has caused. Like most Americans I’ve been wary of opening the economy too soon. However, the initiative that Utah has shown, in ramping up testing, in making more PPE, and now in the creation of this app, give me so much more comfort that we will be able to strike this balance and continue to both fight this pandemic and restart the economy in responsible ways.
  • COVID-19. Results

    By games for seniors
    I have had new results on my latest COVID test. I wrote a poor review about this website at that time and have deleted that review. Some comments where made in anger because of delays in getting results and difficulty using the site. I returned to the testing site and spoke to an agent and was told my new results would take 3 to 5 days I received the new results and returned to the app. I had better results using the site this time with no problems and was satisfied with using the app. I still feel the app could be improved but I changed my review to a four
  • Okay app

    By Krismort
    I got this app hoping it would let me know if someone I’ve been in contact with has been diagnosed. But I’m assuming all those people who refuse to wear a mask to the grocery store are also among those who are paranoid about this app invading their privacy. Without the majority of my neighbors using it, all I get from it is a somewhat annoying daily reminder to check my symptoms. Unless some new symptom is discovered, I don’t need an app asking me every single day if I have a cough or loss of taste. Pretty sure I’ll notice that on my own. I’ll still keep the app for the slight chance I come in contact with someone else who has the app and tests positive.
  • Great app

    By AngieSweetz
    So much information on who to call, what to do, statistics, tips on how to stay safe, and your past test results. Some people refuse to test or they just don’t care and then when they get symptoms, they brush it off and continue to go on and not knowing infect others. We need to all do our part by following guidelines to protect others. Get tested! We of course can’t live in Fear, but by Faith. We also need to remember and be considerate of others and do our part!
  • Easy way to do my part in keeping this virus under control.

    By Wheeler626
    Very easy to do with daily reminders. I have no problem answering the generic questions and I feel safe with my personal info. I wish more people would jump on the bandwagon of using an app like this. Being high risk, it’s just another way I feel I can stay safe and know I can be informed if I come in contact with someone with the virus.
  • Map doesn’t render properly.

    By LTrevor
    Map doesn’t render properly on iPhone. Currently using iPhone 8 Plus w/ iOS 13.5 would also be nice to see hot spots on the map. Note this app doesn’t use Apple or Google contact tracing capabilities of your o/s. So for instance this app does not let you turn on contact trace logging within iOS settings privacy health and is not currently supported by state health departments. Also not sure how it reports people who had the virus but are now safe. Sounds like it requires everyone to use it to be effective. As for me I’ll wait to see what app the Virginia Health dept recommends for Virginians.
  • Not worth the trouble.

    By Bret.Utah.801
    First, is the symptom checker. I answer yes to a scratchy throat and am told to get tested - no consideration for the fact I have terrible sinuses and with all the fireworks it’s got them draining like a goo factory! Don’t we need some follow up questions to see if it’s normal? For this reason I quit doing the daily checks. Second, I’m told Utah turned off the location tracking because they thought fewer people will use the app. Wasn’t that the main value in this app? The need for contact tracing? Where is the value now? The only value now is finding testing - I can do that through the Internet. I will be deleting this app. Thank you Utah - good use of my money!
  • Testing

    By mnanc
    The nurse who RAN out of the door to test people in cars testing quickly and jovial then RUNNING back to the door WAS FANTASTIC ! I was close to a van filled with children. He was so kind and patient as he tested each family member. After testing he RAN back to the door of the clinic, Canyon view Medical Center in Spanish Fork. This testing area is not on you web sight. WE PARKED IN PARKING SPACES IN THE BACK OF THE CLINIC. It was so slick!! I don’t know his name but I would like the thank him and all the medical workers.
  • Very proud of you healthcare workers!

    By jvdcd2009
    My father-in-law was taken to the hospital. He passed away. Yet, the hospital still tested him for the coronavirus. The test was available in less than two days. I feel relieved that the test came back negative. The hospital staff was very professional and respected the protocols in place for the coronavirus. We pray that Jehovah God will bless you for your hard work. We are wishing many blessings and joy to all healthcare workers!
  • Don’t get fooled by the fake reviews

    By FTW28
    It’s amazing to me Utah would flood the reviews section with a ton of 5 star spam. Read through all those reviews and tell me they don’t seem suspicious. The first day this app was out it had thousands of 5 star reviews and people praising the state for a lot of stuff unrelated to the app at all. Utah needs to use the Apple & Google contact tracing API, full stop. There’s zero excuse to be collecting citizens’ locations, names, phone numbers and everyone they come in contact with in a centralized database. If the company who makes this app gets hacked, the hackers will have every movement you made since you downloaded this app.

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