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Apple COVID-19

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Apple COVID-19 is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Apple. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Apple, with the latest current version being 3.1 which was officially released on 2020-05-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2,374 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.28896 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The COVID-19 app has up-to-date information from trusted sources about the coronavirus disease that is impacting people across the world. It has a screening tool so you can find out what you should do now for yourself or for a loved one. And it gives you access to resources you may need to feel supported and informed. The COVID-19 app is developed in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the White House, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). • Use the simple screening tool to determine what you should do if you are concerned about COVID-19. Answer a few questions about symptoms, travel, and contact you’ve had with those who might have the disease. And then get a specific, recommended action based on the CDC’s current guidelines, such as practice social distancing or talk to a doctor. • Save previous screening results for you or for a loved one to refer to at a later date or in conversations with a healthcare provider. • Learn best practices for washing your hands, practicing social distancing, quarantining, monitoring your symptoms, and disinfecting surfaces. • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about COVID-19, including who is at risk of serious illness and how to recognize the symptoms. • Know that data you provide in the COVID-19 app will not be shared with Apple, the CDC, or anyone without your permission. Data entered will be stored and encrypted on device with a passcode. This app was developed in partnership with CDC. It is not meant as an endorsement of any Apple products.

Top Reviews

  • Great App! And it will be Greater if

    By jjandux
    I actually have a very responsable request to Apple developers or who ever is responsible for this app. I truly feel this platform can also served as a great tool if we all agree to self report if positive or negative and make that available within a 5 miles radio of my location (exact location doesn't need to be shared) My self and 50 more people (family and friends) believe that if we can have a platform where we can informed our neighbors that I have self reported positive for coronavirus or that am under quarantine due to symptoms it will allowed my neighbors to prepare better and act more responsible in my community. It will not create panic if used accordingly and with discipline. Please if this is something that as a tech company you can provide it would really mean a lot to me and my family. But am sure the same feeling will be for others when they see the results.
  • Thanks to Apple, White House CDC

    By BeachMyst
    I’m using the app to get the latest info on COVID-19 pandemic. It’s filled with useful ‘common sense’ hygiene tips, symptomatic guides, as well as data provided by CDC website. It allows me to keep up with areas where I have family and friends. Thanks to Apple, Tim Cook, President Trump, White House entire task force, CDC for creating a simple user friendly app for everyone to use. By working together they put out an app that provides updates everyone should appreciate. We all can make a difference as we battle a killer virus. I have no doubt we’ll win this COVID-19 war. It’s up to everyone to do their part. If healthcare personnel, trucking transport, Nation Guard, & grocery store personnel, everyone one the frontlines do their best everyday, I’m sure I can do my part.
  • Good idea.

    By Tylerdh12
    I had gone thru the process of the questions. I feel there are some things that could be missing. My wife works at the hospital near where we live. She had been working on one of the only floors that treat both rules out and and positive COVID-19 patients. I feel there should be a question that covers the possible exposure from the spouse that works in a facility that treats COVID-19. We do everything we can to prevent the spread but the data could be much more reliable in that case. I had to answer I don’t know on a few for that reason. Besides that this app is very nicely designed. Thank you for helping inform the masses and help to prevent the surge of unnecessary exposures!
  • Does not support enough iOS versions

    By Sherwood Forest, USA
    The apps functionality is fine, however, I had to hold back one star. If you have a older device, for example, an iPhone 6, which cannot be upgraded to iOS 12, this app will not install. There are millions of customers who operate their devices on iOS 10 and 11. Supporting only the latest version of iOS is doing a disservice to many in Apple’s installed base and dilutes the goodwill Apple is trying to create. This is not a good app to use to nudge customers to upgrade their devices. So Apple, how about regression testing on iOS 10 and 11, for the public good? I smell a press release and a mention in the annual report could be just around the corner. 🤔
  • Once symptoms start...

    By LtlRedX
    The screening questions are typical: age, current medical conditions, etc. but then it asks if you’ve been exposed without the ability to answer unless you **know ** you’ve been exposed. The virus is so wide spread many of us don’t **know** if we’ve been exposed because so many people are asymptomatic. It’s the asymptomatic people who are spreading this! I had hoped this app would allow me to input data like body temperature, breathing symptoms, etc Those of us who are immunocompromised need to stay on top of our symptoms & react before they are apparent. If we are going to stop the spread we need to find out those unapparent symptoms that show up **first** that people aren’t recognizing or are ignoring. This app **could have** been useful in that regard but Apple dropped the ball on this one.
  • Pretty useless

    By Minkette6
    Most of the info is incredibly basic—nothing you can’t Google or get from reliable news sites. I already know to stay home, wash my hands, and practice social distancing. I did the symptom test and was told that I was experiencing symptoms due to the fact that I’m aching all over—due to a preexisting connective tissue disorder that causes chronic pain. There is no contact tracing feature. The “take care of yourself” info is broad to the point of being dangerous; it tells you to exercise but does not warn that overtraining can raise cortisol, thereby compromising the immune system, and it tells you to practice mindfulness and tries to sell you apps for it without mentioning that mindfulness can make certain mental health conditions much worse and doesn’t have great empirical support. Oh, and the formatting for iPad is terrible. Deleted.
  • Covid-19

    By Kristina123money
    I am very thankful that Apple has made this app for us to help us, I was stressing out about it at first but is anybody not gonna talk about the fact that it says 4+ but when you put your real age and your under 18 it says you must be 18?! No offense I love this app so far it’s pretty good it’s helped me I’m staying home for like my whole life until this is over. But thankyou Apple for this! People say Apple is not good but they can’t get this app to help them out. So Apple is pretty good TYSM Apple for helping me and calming my anxiety with this pandemic TYSM I will be part of the Apple family forever 💖
  • Great Tool

    By AT000000000005
    I agree with the last comment, this app is not a cure but it is a great way to reduce panic. It is the flu season and people with the flu or even a common cold can get confused with the coronavirus. People, it is not the time to point out faults, it is the time to utilize anything that is useful. Maybe there are other apps that have useful features that this app does not have, but ask yourself, have you ever been perfect, nothing is. Anybody trying to help in any way, big or small should be supported...together we can protect others and ourselves.
  • Regarding the “care facility” question

    By Gomi Girl
    This app asks some good questions to help you determine if you need testing. I take slight issue with the “care facility “ question. Many people in Florida work in childcare or early learning centers. We are still required to go to work, as we’re considered “essential.” As such, risk exposure. Children present with fewer symptoms and are at lesser risk. However, they can still spread Covid-19 to adults. The “Care Facility” question should expand to include whether or not you work in childcare, as this is very relevant to exposure. Please consider updating / improving upon this section.
  • It may help people

    By alphachimp
    Needs to be a little clearer. I have a heart condition but isn’t congestive heart failure, does that mean I’m not in the higher risk category? I was under the impression I am. And the exposure questions, nobody can say for sure that they haven’t been around a sick person unless they’ve been in a cave the last few months. I had a cashier at a big chain store cough in my face last week. She didn’t have a big red sign saying she was sick so I guess I’ll be just fine. I do applaud the effort of the app though. I think it will ultimately benefit society.

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