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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-15
  • New version: 1.3.8
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Step Younger+

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Step Younger+ is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Smillage. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Smillage, with the latest current version being 1.3.8 which was officially released on 2020-05-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 21,143 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.53554 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Step Younger+ is a free pedometer app that helps you monitor your physical activity and progress by accurately counting and recording your daily steps. Download and activate Step Younger+ to start tracking your daily steps now! The app will count and record your steps automatically, as long as your device is with you. Highlight Features for Step Younger+: - Real-Time Step Counter Records your fitness activity (number of steps, distance, speed etc.). Synchronize your activity data via Apple Health or built-in pedometer.Step Younger+ will track your walking or running step activity every day and generate your personal daily steps report. Make every step count! - Continuous Encouragement One of the primary purpose is to encourage you to walk more. Please do remember that every step you walk would transfer into energy in the games, which you could use to play multiple entertaining games. - Win Free Rewards Win rewards by collecting puzzles as you walk or run. Keep motivated knowing that the more you travel, the closer you are to claiming your prize! - Intuitive Design Step Younger+ offers a clean and easy-to-use interface for an excellent user experience. Note: All tasks, prize and rewards given by Step Younger+ are not affiliated with Apple Inc. The offers are solely sponsored by the Step Younger+. You don’t need to keep the app running all the time to track your progress, just open it at least once a day to sync your states. To give suggestions or get support, please contact us at: Our Terms of Use: Our Privacy Policy:

Top Reviews

  • I just want to make it clear

    By Flaber..Shook
    So I downloaded this app recommended from a dice game that claimed to make money. Just like the comments below I didn’t have any expectations so I didn’t play that much. This month I took it seriously since I had a lot of time to gain puzzle pieces. (Puzzle pieces are a mini game that provides 100 dollar gift card once you get 16 pieces) which seems to be the only way to earn an income in game. I recorded it like gameplay everyday and if you watch it you can see that I was gaining a new piece everyday. I had 15 pieces by May 1st and the event ends on May 21st 2020. I had 20 days to get 1 piece. “Easy” so I thought. As of today May 9th that I’m writing this review if you played this I tried the lucky wheel 16 times a day I played the knife day to level 50 and I got 2 to 3 pieces and a lot of “try agains” as and now from check in I used 2000 life energy in attempts to get this last one, and still nothing. This is way more effort for the past 9 days that I ever had to exert for any other piece from a game that advertised making money easily. I don’t know what benefit there is to playing this game even if the players do not win but I will keep playing and keep recording and if I don’t win anything in the next 12 days or the event all of a sudden ends early, I will post my video on all social media and label this game false advertising to defame this game so no one else put their time into this.
  • It’s a scam

    By ZombiefoodR.T.
    I walk a lot! So I figured hey why not try to win some stuff while I’m getting fit. I knew this wasn’t going to make me rich but even a few dollars here and there would be nice. First off you don’t get paid for your steps. The app has you win puzzle pieces at random playing mini games. The goal is to win all the pieces that add up to a gift card, sounds easy right! Would be but it’s really at random and what I found is even if I do win A piece half the time it disappears or the screen freezes making your close out so you can’t claim it. You can also earn a chance towards a piece logging in daily but again it doesn’t always work. I logged my days several times and it wouldn’t show up. Today was the final straw after watching millions of ads just to play the mini games I logged in for my daily prize and won two pieces, super excited as this is the most pieces I’ve won in a day or even a week LOL I clicked to claim them and the screen froze making me hit the X to close out which for some reason that still worked but the claim bit did not and a loading icon popped up. so I then lost the two pieces I even let it “load” for five min. You also do not get any money for your steps unlike the add shows. Lastly the amount of adds you have to watch is insane especially since you earn nothing from it. I have deleted the app completely now.
  • Not what it seems like

    By RotInHellChristinaAbreu
    I downloaded this app after watching a few advertisements on it and the app itself is not what you think. The advertisements show that you get a dollar for every 100 steps you take, but in the app, there’s no feature that includes that. The only way you can get money is through getting puzzle pieces from either walking or getting lucky in one of the mini games the app has to offer. You need 15 puzzle pieces to get a gift card which may sound easy, but there’s the catch. All the ways that you can get puzzle pieces through the mini games are through pure luck and there’s no guarantee that you will get a puzzle piece. This feature could easily be rigged as the developers could easily make it so you cannot earn any puzzle pieces. Another feature is to get puzzle pieces through walking. Now, this isn’t luck based so it would seem easy, but the catch is that they would give you a puzzle piece and other times they wouldn’t even add a puzzle piece to your puzzle. Even the times where you do get a puzzle piece, you can get the same puzzle piece for the puzzle so again, it is luck based. This app seems too good to be true, and you would be right. The literal only reason I am rating this two stars is because it encourages fitness. Thank you for your time.
  • Lots of disappointment

    By this needs some rethinking
    I have given this app a real and concerted effort to prove itself but it has failed. There are two way to get money for steps the Cash For Steps portion which awards you an amount of money and if you reach $10 in a 10 day period you can cash out, and the puzzle piece portion in which you have 30 days to collect puzzle pieces to win the $100. So the cash for steps portion starts out great it awards you like $5 the first day and then awards a progressively lower amount each day after, but the amount they award you has no connection to the amount of steps you walk it’s literally random. I have walked 10,000 steps and gotten 28 cents and the next day walk 7000 and get 37 cents. They have it set up so it doesn’t matter how many steps you walk you will never reach $10 for cash out. The puzzle piece I have given this three rounds to prove itself, you earn puzzle pieces until you have one or two left with a significant amount of time left to earn said pieces and you will never earn those last pieces. The app claims people have won $100 but none of them are leaving reviews, all I see are negative reviews and no money being paid out. It’s not like you don’t have the revenue there’s an ad to watch with every single click you make. Will be deleting.
  • The Puzzle Piece

    By Mysterious-L
    So the price here is a gift card they offer by collecting all the required puzzle pieces to earn the reward. Playing the little spin wheel to get a puzzle piece is practically impossible and for the knife throwing the more pieces you get as you check in to the app the more often you will not get any new pieces or any at all. So all you have going for you is the walking and checking in which doesn’t seem bad but it’s actually a scam. You are given a week for your check in goals and a daily step goal to reach. The step goal is easy enough but often you will end up with duplicate pieces. Then for the check in you only get piece rewards for 3 out of the 7 days you are supposed to check in. If you happen to miss a check in day naturally the check in reverts back to zero which seems annoying but is actually better than checking in everyday. I say this because after you hit seven days the check in doesn’t reset or give you more day’s even if you miss a day the puzzle stays at seven so all you can do is rely on the age goal. If this was an app that just promoted fitness it would be fine but promising a price and then having so many loopholes for the app makers to wiggle out of having people claim the prize is shameful!!
  • App needs TLC

    By kitkatpolywack
    So I’ve been playing this for about two weeks or so now. I’ve maxed out the 7 day rewards bar but now it won’t renew for me to do another 7 days? I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not. I’ve also come into a snag where I’m down to my last puzzle piece needed to cash in my reward, I’ve been stuck for about 3 days now with no movement to be able to purchase rare pieces. I’ve also noticed that I’m not receiving all of my energy and I’m getting a ton of Network Error messages when trying to watch an ad to receive double energy or to receive the puzzle pieces that I’ve earned. 3 stars for now. Update: I’ve been waiting on the very last puzzle piece for over two weeks now. Puzzle is set to reset today sometime and I’m about to have to start over. Still tons of network error problems and ads will just start randomly. You don’t get paid or puzzle pieces for walking except for walking the 200 steps (which is easy) and it’s always a puzzle piece you already have. The seven day check in still hasn’t reset. I’m really contemplating deleting this app now and I recommend that everyone do so as well because I truly believe this is a scam just like any other app that promises a payout of some sort.
  • This app is a scam

    By nikkie0101
    This app would be worth the time if they actually paid you for walking. I can walk 2,000 or 16,000 and the amount they pay doesn’t add up like why would you give me $.39 for 2,000 steps yet when I walk over 16,000 in one day I only get $.13 oh wait maybe it was because I was almost at $9 and the cash out is $10. Oh and every time I get right at $9 they reset it back to $0 saying I didn’t make the cut off time to withdraw the money....that is a scam there is absolutely no set amount that they pay to you for a certain amount of steps they just lead you on til you get close to the $10 and then reset it. Not to mention the false advertising videos that they have out with people claiming that they get $1 for every 100 steps they walk. Oh and don’t even get me started on the ads that pop up non stop even when you hit the X button to opt out of watching an add for “extra energy” they then still show you one and don’t give you the extra energy. Oh and the little games half the time when you try to do them they freeze or don’t work at all. And I am pretty sure the puzzle game is rigged it let me get all of the pieces but one... I am going to guess that it’s the one that no one will ever get so they don’t actually have to pay anyone.
  • Step younger+

    This app is just like any others apps. Yesterday I got 10,000 and when I went to get my cents reward it tells me yesterday’s steps were not enough to redeem for the rewards. Note that you need only 200 steps to get the reward I got 10,000 how is that not enough steps? Every time I get to $8 they always say the same thing that I don’t have enough steps and my steps are usually over the maximum to get the reward. If you are reading this try another app this app will not pay you THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU. For the puzzles I will finish the 15 puzzles in less than two days and you have a month until it expires, so if I finish 15 that means I have one more, it will repeat those 15 maybe like 3 times and I won’t get that one piece left to complete it, and when it expires they tell you we are increasing your chance of winning, They won’t pay you PLEASE DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN STAYING HERE . You watch the ads for them they make money and you don’t get anything out of it. Thank you for laying to us but this App is fake.I have played the puzzle 8x and I never won anything. So my people go invest you time doing something more valuable.
  • Deceptive. Glorified pedometer

    By CFaz2427
    The ads for this app from other apps will lead you to believe that you will get $1 for every 1000 steps you take and you’ll be making $300/mo “Just by walking!!!!” F. A. L. S. E. ! I took over 8500 steps one day and got $0.13. The other reviews about a timeframe are true and you have to race to get as close to $10 as you can before the period ends. Good luck with that. After your period ends, they will seed you almost $5, and the first few days you’ll get good return like $.45 (no matter how many steps you take you’ll never actually get $1 per 1000 steps), but as you get closer to $10 to cash out (have yet to break $9) and the end of the period draws near, your cash for steps will drop immensely to levels less than $.20 and then boom. End of period and all you’re left with is your steps. No cash, just counted steps. But maybe that’s their point after all. But jokes on them. Chasing around twins gets me plenty of steps than stepping for actual exercise. Also the ads, ads, ads, ads, ads. No matter what you do or where you go in the app, expect an ad with every Single Click you take.
  • Since the last update

    By Mrwright1983!
    Has anyone used the cash for steps part of the app yet that lets you cash out when you reach $10 but you have to do it within ten days supposedly and earn money each day for the steps you did the day before I don’t know , how it works out how much it is giving you each time for steps could someone please post how or could the developer give full details on how it all works the collecting puzzle pieces just didn’t work out for me I got the final puzzle piece and the app froze up and completely crashed my phone I sent an email to the developer but never heard back , I do enjoy using the app and setting my own goals to beat each day but if you advertise cash rewards like with the puzzle collecting you should honestly follow through with your promise that is my main complaint really is all I would rate it higher if it actually did what it says it would , but I’m going to give it another chance with the extra part that was added just to see how it works and if it actually does

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