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  • New version: 1.6.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later 3D

This page is a stub. You can help 3D Wiki by expanding it. 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.6.0 which was officially released on 2020-06-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 172,657 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.56639 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Discover the smooth drawing experience of now in 3D! Create your zone, avoid others players and colors unique 3D shapes! Collect stars as you play and reach 100% to unlock new levels and bonuses!

Top Reviews

  • Better Before the Update😐

    By 💕Unicorn💕
    I got this game around the time it first came out and I was having a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I had trouble beating the levels, but it always felt like they were possible. Once I got the update I thought that the new skins were really cool and I liked how stuff appeared in your land. I do not like some of them though, because the stuff is too big and distracting. I also like that now you can choose your zone shape, however, I wish there was a random button so if you didn’t want to choose you could do that. I feel like ever since the update the other players are much more aggressive and hard to beat. It’s okay to have a little challenge, although, now I feel like it is almost impossible to beat the levels. The players can still be challenging, but, right now they are so hard that it annoys me and makes me debate on wether or not I should keep the game. The last thing that bugs me is how the game is so glitchy. Sometimes the game won’t let me get more land until I’ve gone out of my land and back in like five times. Also, sometimes it glitches me out of the game when I have covered a lot of the shape and then I have to restart when I get back in. I honestly find that this game is more glitchy with WiFi than without it. This game is really fun, but, sometimes it frustrates me. Please take some of these ideas into mind so that the game can be better.
  • Loved it until...(also PLEASE read this)

    By super ashley #1
    I loved this game and it was totally my favorite for, like, two weeks. It is super glitchy, and one time, I was playing then got killed, so I watched an ad to revive. Well, when the ad was over, I had 0, literally, 0 percent of the shape. My line was gray and I could not kill myself and couldn’t be killed. So what do you think I did? I killed 30 people and got the wolf/dog character I really wanted. Then I got out of the app and went back in, and did a few games with the wolf/dog for about 15-20 minutes, until I was called for dinner. When I came back the next day to play it, it loaded and said VOODOO as normal, and then went to the home screen loading place of the game AS USUAL, with the square going around the circle. Then, it kicked me out of the app automatically. It got out of the app, and i was like, ‘huh!’ So i went in again, same process. I didn’t have WiFi for 20 days after that, but, then I came back, and guess what? It still kicked me out. I have thought about deleting the game and then coming back, downloading it again, but then all my characters would disappear, then I’d have to start my progress all over again. So please, could you fix it so you needed less WiFi to play it or SOMETHING, so I can change my review to 5 stars again and go back to it being my favorite game again. -With all due respect, Ashley the Prodigy
  • Great but Glitchy

    By 🤫🤗😁
    I really like this game, it’s one of my favorites, but it glitches a lot. And it has way too many ads. I hate when it has ads in the middle of games, which it has a lot. It also glitches a lot, in multiple ways. One way is that sometimes when I cover up a lot of land, it’ll close my game and then I’ll lose all of my progress. Once, I got 100% of a satellite that was really hard for me and then it glitched and I didn’t get the prize. I love playing on the satellites, they’re the best part of the game. I also love the cute skins, especially the wolf, meat (literally, ham and bacon), and unicorn skins. This game also glitches when you kill people. Sometimes when I hit people they don’t die. Also, sometimes when no one is around I take big loops and then a little guy spawns right there and kills me. I don’t think that that is fair. I also wonder if I’m playing against real people or not. One of my friends said that they were probably just computers programmed to go in a certain pattern, but I honestly don’t know. I would give this game 5 stars if they fixed the glitches, but so far they have not. It’s still a great game, and I totally recommend downloading it!! Thanks for listening!!
  • Really though.

    By Olivia hizon
    So I love this game it is so fun and just a super satisfying game I know that sound weird but I just love how everything flows anyway I like all the skins but, I was at 97.3 almost done with the cube map using the unicorn avatar and the game went completely dark and it removed me from the game and to my home screen. I thought it was something with storage cause I have the IPhone 6 and my storage was at 12 out of 16 witch if you know is pretty low considering all the pictures and texts I have and seeing how low it was made me realize it clearly wasn’t that so I logged back into the game thinking “maybe it saved my progress and it just glitched” but when I got there the high score was still at 70 which was my old high score and it wouldn’t log me back into a game. I am very disappointed with the app knowing I love the game and I don’t know if this is a constant problem or if there trying to fix it but I just thought it was a bit unexpected because the game had been working fine before NOTED it is still doing this and this was published on APRIL 30th 3020 so if your playing the game and you don’t have this happening to you don’t blame me please they could’ve fixed it and everything else overall I love the game just the game quality could use some work.
  • Good game with terrible glitches

    By OnurTLegoboy7
    I know this game is new and all but the glitches in this game can make people rage quit. First of all, the worst glitch of them all, the most annoying thing in the game is,.. THAT YOU WAIT 15 SECONDS FOR AD THEN YOU DONT GET EXTRA LIFE!! Imagine getting 75% on a shape then somebody kills you. The game says you can watch an ad to get an extra life. Half of the time the game decides to not give you the life, which means people will decide to not play the game😕. Second, minding your own business, making your area bigger, the game decides to kill you. Yes, you read that right, it just kills you. It's really annoying, or sometimes the game takes away some of your area. I don't know if this is a glitch or a hack but try to fix it. And third, when you are playing, the screen goes black then you are on your home screen (with all the other apps). This is probably a glitch but I can get really annoying because if you get like 85% or something and that happens it doesnt even save what you did. ALL of that progress, goes in the trashcan. That's annoying. If you fix the glitches, a lot of people will be happy.
  • Problems

    By ArianaLaton
    So i gave this game 4 stars because there needs to be fixed some bugs I don’t know if it is that but in every game I die in an stupid way and when I want to revive it’s not working...nothing is popping up like the revive thing like nothing I just die and then i just have one button to press and that is to continue and then I can just start all over again and I can’t even get the parrot or the unicorn because they are for 5-10 revives and it’s really stressing me then because I really want it to work even tho I had so many steages unlocked and everything I download the game again and it’s not working again... I thought it would be working by this time but it’s not so then the next day I ask my friends is there a problem with my phone cause on their phones it’s working and they have a parrot and they are going for the unicorn next and I just can’t get why it can’t be like that on mine.. I know it’s a well rating game but pleas fix that I beg you..I also have an iPhone so I don’t get why it wouldn’t work for me and my friend has an Huawei pleas help and get this bug fixed...thank you🤕

    By ????mystery man
    Ok so when I first saw this game I was like I NEED IT I asked my mom bc I can’t download games without her putting in her email and so I was like MOM I NEED THIS GAME she said, “not until you get your room cleaned “so I said, “OK IM ON IT “ so I ran to my room and started making my bed and I share a room with my lil sis and she can’t make her bed so I made both beds started to pick up books, clothes, toys and stuff and put them away I told my mom I was done and she said ,” CHILD GET IN HERE “I forgot to dust and so she went and she got me dusting spray and a broom she THREW them to me no joke and when I was done my Great Dane JUMPED ON MY BED SO I HAD TO REDO IT NEXT THING YOU KNOW MY MOM COMES AND LOOKS AROUND AND SO SHE DOWNLOADS IT FOR ME AT LEAST I THOUGHT SHE DOWNLOADED A GAME CALLED TYPE IT IT WAS BESIDE IT SO SHE THOUGHT IT WAS THAT, and I said “mom...YOU DOWNLOAD THE WRONG APP” she said “ I know you need to work on this for school “ I’m just like”mom...WHY?!?!?but guys this game is awesome I hope you enjoyed my story my next one will be on animal jam!!! Also plz trade me ancient dragon wings on animal jam my user is wolfyuniverse123!!!tysm if you do!!!
  • Minor Glitches but AMAZING game.

    By Kay.luhxo
    This is an AWESOME app and it’s by far the best! I’m so addicted and can play this game for hours! However I do want to mention a couple glitches I JUST experienced in the game. While playing on one of the boards (specifically the whale one’ I was making my circle to color in, and random specs of the picture began to show I colored right in the middle of my area, no matter what I did it didn’t color in. So I continued coloring and then (literally) about 5 seconds later the picture glitches and showed me having colored it at 100% when I was only showing at like 16-17%. Also while in the Heart picture and coloring it randomly glitches as well and showing some spots uncolored right in the middle of my colored area. Then while I was within my color area randomly killed me. Hoping these bugs gets fixed soon, I don’t want to quit playing. Also, if I may make a suggestion, I love that this app has more picture and coloring options, but it would be awesome if it had it like .io2 has with the achievements and getting a certain skin pack for coloring. Like the duck, or pink plaid, or car, things like that. 😌🥰
  • Amazing game 😘😘😍😍😍

    By arina lol
    this game is amazing i would be honored to give credit to the person that made this game! You can unlock new skins and beat levels and have a lot of fun!! This game has lot of good characters like polar bear and bird and more and they make pictures and everything is soo much fun!! 😍😍 i really recommend this game its easy and relaxing but not sooo easy i would recommend it a lot it helped me with my anxiety. The game vibrates so even better. i really hope you get this game it’s just fun relaxing and great 👍! And all the other games i played have so many ads and with this game its not even a problem! it’s just fun and helps you deal with stress! so i really recommend you getting this game cause it’s great 👍 it’s just awesome 😎! and whoever created this game did a very good job! And u really should download this and try it i fell in love 😍 with this game because it’s soooo awesome 😎!!!
  • Glitches

    By definitely not worth it
    After the most recent update, the game often glitches. For example, when you die after having a higher percentage than last time- say you had 54%. If you go immediately back into the map you were on it’ll continue as if you never died, defeating the purpose of the “dying” at all. It can even happen when not playing for ages, as well. Also, when did y’all start playing ads randomly when playing on a map? I’ll kill someone and then immediately it plays an ad, which can often get ME killed bc I often have sound off so I don’t realize when the ad is over. Also when you “complete” maps? I was just on the clock one, had about 65-70 percent of it, killed someone who had about 20 percent or so, and it immediately said I completed the map. Um.... no I didn’t? I have to say the game was MUCH more fun before the update- that includes the new skins. I tried using them but they move at different speeds than the original blocks. Please take my review into consideration!! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore this game- I just want it back to normal so I can enjoy it again. :)

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