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City Takeover


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City Takeover is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 2.1.3 which was officially released on 2021-05-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 40852 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the City Takeover App

How does it Work?

Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller. Grow the bigger army to crush your opponents. Strategize your moves and outgrow others!

Simple drag controls from one building to another to connect them together.

Good luck!

2 Contributions

  • On Nov 21}


    I’m level 462 and I don’t know if this game actually has a ending

  • On Nov 13}


    I used to play this game and really enjoyed it. But had to delete for more space. Downloaded City Takeover, not Town Takeover, awhile later and keep getting the game with the stupid llama and where you win buildings and build a city. I don’t like this. I want the old game. Is it no longer available?
    Downloaded many times and am still getting the game with the llama.

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    Top Reviews

    • By Izademas

      VERY FUN! But, ads, after paid for “no ads!”

      UPDATE: I fixed this glitch … (no update issued to fix the glitch). The only thing I did to make the “no thank you” option to show up constantly was turn off all SIri-related settings for the app (in settings). Don’t know if that was it, but cant argue with the result. **************** I love this game except for what appears to be a glitch regarding post-level completion ads ... I paid the money to remove ads, & this worked ... or the majority of ads ... EXCEPT ... after clearing certain levels there is a meter offering a player up to x5 extra coins ... to get the bonus, a player must watch a video ad ... This is where there is a glitch occurs ... Every so often ... there is a “no thank you” to bypass this bonus, however, this option is horribly inconsistent at showing up, forcing all players who paid for “no ads” to watch the “bonus” video ad. The developer of this app really needs to fix this glitch. After all: “no ads”, means “no ads”. Please FIX this glitch & I would be happy updating the rating of this game to 5 stars!

    • By user_blablabla

      Love it

      Despite the repetitiveness of the game, I love it! I usually hate the type of games that have the same goal with slightly different results but this is one that has me hooked for sure. The levee eventually recycle but I did start to realize around the 600s that while the lay out is the same (I’m on level 873), your building starts off in a different location. It may be an update that just so happened to start at the time I was on those levels but I have fun each time. I purchased the no ads around level 30 so I’m glad I did. I do happen to be stuck on a Z shaped level that is typically super easy but since the powerhouses showed up, this one is directly in the way of the last building and I can’t pass it, depending on how many tried it takes me before I give up, I may delete it. I do recommend it though, it’s definitely fun! PS there have been about 2 times (on the level that has 6 buildings in the shape of a crescent moon) it took me at least 15 minutes to get past that level. Enjoy the game!

    • By Prncxx

      Addictive, best game I ever played

      This game involves knocking down towers with your own cute “soldiers”. It involves numbers, no math. There are really no cons to this game other than the ads and the level repeats. This is an offline game so if you don’t want any ads you can turn your WiFi off or put your phone on airplane mode. The level repeats are not a big deal because, the game is so fun that I don’t recognize it at all, maybe 3 times and I’m on level 211. Besides, even if the level repeated you did that level so long ago that you forgot how you did it so it’s not a big deal. I never had a game for this long on my phone, so it is a must try. I enjoy it because it is very challenging, strategic and fun, which is perfect for me. There is a decent amount of skins but you can barely see them in the game so it really doesn’t matter, your players look like ants. Overrall the game is an 8.5/10 and I will continue playing forever I guess, you never get tired of it. Trust me you’ll catch yourself playing for an hour straight.

    • By improbability42

      Give back the flying levels! But still fun

      Repetitive but I’m addicted. Have a frustrating moment this game zens me out. :-). Worth it even with the level repeat. For a week there were these flying levels available. Combination of ones that walk between towers and ones that could fly over walls or ones not behind walls. Having the mix of flying character and non flying towers just added a crazy fun mix to the level variety and challenges. Def had to think a little harder. Really PLEASE add those levels back. Also please move the counter bar for how much of each character color to the very top of the screen. On the iPad that bar covers a building on one of the levels making it mostly unreachable, but I still win. ;-) To show how addicted I am. I’m at level 3,783 in spite of the repeats. ;-)

    • By ekek33187

      I was shocked.

      Not gonna lie, when I saw the ad for this I was like, “No WAY does this have more than 2 stars this game looks so stupid.” So I legit downloaded it just so I could laugh at how terrible it would be. Well.... I couldn’t believe it. The game really fun. And I am reluctant to admit it is now my favorite game on my phone right now 🙄. Good job developers. For those still reading, it’s a fairly challenging puzzle game—much more challenging than I thought it would be (some levels more than others). If I could recommend one thing to the developers, it would be to make the computers a bit more consistently smart. Sometimes they make the most obviously wrong move, and then what could have been a fun puzzle turns into an unsatisfyingly easy win. Other times, I’m expecting the computer to play dumb when all of a sudden they make a really effective move and I’m actually compelled to sit up straight in my chair in order to have a chance at saving the win. Oh, and if you want more downloads, make the ad better. Unless you’re hoping people will be so curious to see how terrible the game will be they are tempted to download it. In that case, it totally worked. 👍🏼

    • By _lexi257_


      1) The deal with the ads I personally was shocked by how many ads there were and by that I mean there isn’t a lot for me. I get made 1-2 ads between games BUT I’m on level 250 so the games are longer. While in the first few levels they are short and easy 2) I saw a review saying some that that level 25 is too hard and that they tried over 100 times beating it. Although this game is made for 12+ yr olds. It’s a strategy game. Very strategic. That’s is why I am so fond of this game. 3) I’m not making fun of this person that can’t pass level 25 but level 25 is passable. Same with 100,150,200,250 and so on so forth. Though some of these levels are repeated. But that is completely fine because you can experiment different strategies to defeat the enemies.

    • By Quigonrules

      The ads man.....

      Okay so I LOVE this game. It’s super fun, and a bit challenging, but not so challenging that I want to quit. There are quite a few ads but honestly I don’t mind it. The ONLY reason this is getting 3 stars instead of five is because there is a series of ads where it says “Know More” at the bottom and the exit button doesn’t at all. Every time one of those ads pops up I have to close out the game and restart it. So if I’m in the middle of a round, I lose that progress. This has caused me a lot of frustration as it has happened a couple of times right before I am about to beat a particularly hard round. If y’all could fix this bug that would be great. I’m ok an iPhone if that helps.

    • By BoucherSD42

      The ADS!!

      Before this last update, the ads were already infuriating. Seriously, an ad pops up in the middle of every single game! I don’t care if it is a 5 second or 30 second ad. It is infuriating and disruptive. After each game, you had an option to get extra coins by watching an ad, but you could choose not to watch it. Now there is still an ad right in the middle of the game, but now you have no choice but to watch an ad after each game for extra coins, with no way to opt out of it! As someone who has thousands of coins and has already bought everything in the game possible, it makes no sense to waste my time watching ads for extra coins! Even if I didn’t have the coins, I shouldn’t be forced to watch an ad when it had always been an option. I understand the need for ads in the game, but right in the middle a level?? No. Dealing with this has made me stop playing several times. I am up in the thousands with the levels. I really do love this game and would love to keep playing, but the ads are extremely frustrating. Different levels would be fun as well.

    • By NickNomdePlume

      I like it, but there are problems.

      I really like this game, but as usual, a great game is ruined by ads. It’s very annoying playing a game and then having it interrupted multiple times while you are trying to execute your strategy. Also, it’s cool that you can “freeze” your opponent, but there are issues. You don’t have to use the freeze, but the prompt is often placed right in front of a box and you are unable to do anything on a blocked box until the prompt moves. You can’t close the prompt, so you have to wait until the timer runs out to regain access to your box, by which time you have lost valuable time and resources, causing you to lose the round. You get so frustrated that you just end up pressing the “freeze”, but doing this seems to put your opponents on freeze permanently, which takes the challenge out of winning. So you either easily win or unfairly lose. I would really like to see improvements to this game because it is a lot of fun. Currently, though, I’m about two seconds away from deleting it.

    • By Test16253536

      Hypnotic simple game

      Level 938 is unbeatable. Green always attacks, forcing you to defend with your only building, or die. Meanwhile, yellow always goes for the neutral shield building next to you. You can only delay the inevitable. You cannot win. Edit: i found a way... by exploiting a bug in the game. You can wait until yellow weakens the shield next to your start. Then abandon the green stalemate and try to steal the weakened building from yellow. You will have a couple of instances of trading off the new building before you lose the game. Direct traffic from the contested building towards yellow start, but dont release until yellow owns the building. You will be able to stop their attack this way and your last two soldiers will claim the shield with no further opposition. At this point, you may be fast enough to reclaim your origin before it falls to green. If so, further luck may turn the remaining green and yellow against eachother, sealing the win.

    • By Stop Toying With Me

      Mostly minor differences

      The minor things consist of one gameplay mode, becomes repetitive, premature victories accompanied by commercials and (not so minor) the bar indicating the level gets in the way of seeing/managing the cities at the top. The thing that really interrupts the flow is the commercials. Not the fact there are commercials, but they literally interrupt the game. It could be a particularly hard level and you’re swiping to defend a city, but a commercial starts and you don’t know if it’s a long or short one. And while the commercial is playing the game is still going on. When it finally ends you’ll find either the city is (barely) clinging on under your control, you somehow grew that city with whatever was already headed there, or the city was completely overrun. Cleaning up the organization of the commercials (ie- telling the algorithm to only play commercials between levels) will greatly improve ones enjoyment in the game, imo. I don’t mind the commercials unless they come up during a level, which seems to happen often.

    • By Zeblue12

      Great gameplay, horrible ads

      These are hands-down the WORST ads I’ve EVER seen in a mobile game. Not just ads to double your rewards, or ads at the end of every level, nooooo that’s not good enough. We need an ad EVERY THIRTY SECONDS while you’re in a match, WHILE YOURE TRYING TO PLAY THE REAL TIME STRATEGY GAME!!! You’ll be playing the game, actually enjoying yourself, then BOOM, you’re subjected to an ad you’ve seen 50 times already in the last 15 minutes. It’s such a good game too, the gameplay is really solid, very fair, and genuinely makes you use your brain. But these ads are unforgivably bad. I’ve lost a game because of how intrusive they are, I was juggling resources down to the split second, then right as I was going to adjust my formation, I get hit with an ad. I come back to see all my forces completely swept. I am not hyperbolizing when I say these are the worst, most intrusive, most numerous ads I’ve EVER seen in a mobile game. Without them I’d easily give 5, but they hamper the gameplay so much I can’t bring myself to give more than 2.

    • By itwas funfruth

      Shameful lack of support and follow through.

      I purchased no ads. Still had to watch adds until I got to level 300 and something. Had the ability to use boosters. They were on timers. Would regenerate after use kool! As soon as they make them available to purchase with coins. Boosters disappear to never be seen again! Yet if I fail a level you bring up the booster purchase screen and still do not allow me to use said purchased boosters. Will someone please remove their head from their rearend and fix this. Other than the fact that there are a handful of different boards that don’t take long to begin repeat…. I love the game!!! But I’m extremely disappointed with the developers keeping up with it. I’m on level 938 I believe and because I can not use my boosters I can not proceed past this because I’m being attacked right from the onset of the level. Not nice so sad…… if these issues were not present I would without hesitation give five stars. But I can’t do that in good judgment. Two stars it is.

    • By patobiz

      Super fun game, however

      I have had this game for a long time. It USED to be VERY enjoyable. Strategy, challenge, fun all well balanced with minimal ads for a free game. Maybe every few levels an ad. Since the most recent update the ads are out of control. Takeover a tower BOOM AD TIME, lose a tower BOOM ANOTHER AD, just finished a level BOOM another ad, just finished watching an ad how about another ad!! It used to be if you wanted a 2x boost for a tricky level you could watch an ad. Now it’s whether you want it or not it’s ad city. Sometimes 5+ in one level. I’m well beyond level 150 and getting so many ads the game is unplayable. Fix it!! Another small gripe I have is after level 100 the levels just repeat. No end, no additional challenge just the same basic levels over an over. And the scenery switch for coins is totally pointless. Where’s the gain? What’s the point of coins. This game would be ALOT better if they added different towers, and new levels and reduced the ads back to the original amount.

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