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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-10
  • New version: 1.8.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Bubble Buster 2048


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Bubble Buster 2048 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.8.1 which was officially released on 2021-06-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1484 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bubble Buster 2048 App

How does it Work?

Welcome to a bubble blasting 2048 puzzle odyssey like never before! Shoot and merge the balls to win! Drop the balls to match numbers and colors, solving puzzles as you go.

Featuring new puzzles, challenges, and obstacles on every level, this 2048 game is more entertaining than ever before.

How to play:

• Swipe and aim the ball!

• Shoot and hit the ball with the same color and number!

• Merge them all to reach the target!

• Smash barrels and boxes to complete the levels!

Watch out, the balls bounce around just like in real life!


• Complete goals and win stars on every level.

• Win Star Chests and get great rewards.

• Aim and shoot balls to destroy obstacles in your way.

• Use dynamite, rockets, and other boosters to level up.

Combining a classic game with an original twist, this is a unique 2048 odyssey! Can you shoot, drop, and smash your way to victory by merging all the balls?

Ready for the challenge? Download now to start playing! Gotta merge'em all to win!

Drop balls and merge them! Craft mighty powers and use them wisely pass each level!

1 Contributions

  • On Aug 10}

    What’s with the “village”?

    I don’t understand the point of the village and buildings with amusement park rides, etc. What do you do with all of it??? Little bubbles pop up over the little white guys’ heads showing coins or rockets, or ??? But it seems I can’t do anything with them.

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    Top Reviews

    • By Livvy8103

      Gameplay Ideas/Preferences

      Hey there! I just got this game today and have played around with a lot to see what all I could do BUT I do have a few suggestions: if there isn’t already, could the creators possibly make a setting or store for changing the theme or color for the bubbles? For example, sports, fruits, grayscale, etc. Also, is there a way to move the buildings after placing them? If there isn’t, could they maybe add that too? I’d mainly like to move them for aesthetic reasons :) I hope to see some updates in the near future!

    • By zero_endorphine

      Cool game

      Not sure what other people are saying about impossible levels, I passed both levels 230 and 238 on second attempt without using any help (I’m not using them on any level). Cool game, finally something challenging

    • By Bluebird Beatrice

      Not fun anymore

      I love the simplicity of it. It's easy to understand and it's fun and rewarding to build this town. But I'm stuck on 238. I've rushed through 1-237 in two weeks and I've been stuck on this level for a week on it's own. It's pretty much impossible and it's infuriating because I've been one grass block away but the game just abruptly ends?? Seriously? If this is the creators lazy way of making sure I don't finish all the levels, they better fix it. Otherwise, I think it's a good game. Simple, pleasing to the eye (animations are simple and adorable I could watch those little people walk around for hours), and doesn't bombard you with ads.

    • By Sarahliz28

      Overall opinions

      So I saw the ad and thought why not. Got it and it was pretty much like the ad which was surprising and I have been enjoying it. There are ads but they aren’t to bad/ annoying. The one thing I find the most annoying and the only reason I not giving it 5 stars is I play this in the evenings after I put my kids to bed so that’s when I do the daily reward. I can not or it will not let me get past day one and I am on every day around the same time and if I miss it it automatically says I did it when I didn’t. So other than that it’s a good a game.

    • By JonDirk

      Fun game but needs some work

      This is a really fun variation to the “match two balls” game style. I like that it has different objectives to keep it interesting. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there are some small, but annoying issues. On the daily bonus, there are 30 tiers which would mean you could come back each day to receive a free bonus until the 30th day and then it would reset. However, it only allows for about a week or so and then resets you back to the first tier. I know this is a bug because I play every day.

    • By klNikki

      Fun with some issues

      The puzzle levels are fun and satisfying. I haven’t encountered an impossible level yet but other reviews mention that you can be stuck for weeks with no way to get out until you get lucky. Not sure how I feel about the town mechanic because it doesn’t really do much? You beat a level, you get a building you go to the next level. There are ads between levels which can get annoying. Thankfully there are no banner ads.

    • By Minska Catral

      Good but needs an exterminator

      I’m very much enjoying the game, but I’m getting some bugs. I understand that lever 229 is supposed to be hard, but balls turning invisible and phantom rockets that aren’t really there make it ridiculous. I’m not finding an easy way to contact tech support so I figured I would put my issue here.

    • By Mustlovebooknerd

      Some complaints

      This is an enjoyable game but I downloaded it thinking it would be the fruit merge game in the ad. Further, if they’re going to give you finite balls and extremely difficult levels, the last they could do is design the game so you get the balls you need at the end. I would rather lose bc of my own incompetence than because the game screwed me over by giving me three 16-balls when all I needed was an 8. Also the town building part is unnecessary and a time waster you have to sit through in between every level. And you can’t even ignore it bc they want you to participate! If I wanted to play Sim City I would download Sim City, not Bubble Burster.

    • By Sk8brdkd

      It’s good but so many glitches and No sound

      So I Was loving this game but there is several issues. 1. No way to earn coins to help advance yourself in levels. All games give out coins at the end of completed levels, but not this game, so you’re forced to forever play a hard level. 2. Glitches - game force closes often, when I’ve landed on a bomb or rocket, instead of it exploding, it just goes higher up in a ball number (very unhelpful when you’re on a hard level). 3. I’m currently on level 118 and have been stuck on this level the past 5 days. It’s extremely difficult and there’s no way to advance. Also, when the rockets do set off, they hit something that isn’t helpful. 4. There’s NO sound!! Not extremely important but this is the only game I’ve ever played with absolutely 0 sound 5. When I downloaded the new update, I noticed I replayed a few similar levels that I had passed previously. Please give us a way to earn coins, maybe give out rockets or bombs as extras on hard levels that we can choose to use.

    • By kindara is better

      Not the game from the ads

      I downloaded this game from a playable ad - the one where you match the fruit. It’s similar, but it’s a completely different game. And in between the puzzle part is a stupid town you build up. Lame attempt at SIMS or something. The game is fine - something to play on the subway or just to waste time, but it’s not the game that’s advertised.

    • By Sclusive


      New update puts ads in the MIDDLE of a level now which isn’t how it used to be. At the end of a level, I understand, but this!? Makes me close the app in the middle of a level due to frustration. Why don’t developers understand that too many ads equal less plays? I enjoyed the game 4 times more a month ago.

    • By Anon mo fo

      Fun until you hit an impossible level

      I enjoyed the game until level 230, after a few days of trying to beat it I used all my extras (which I rarely use, so I had a lot) and even using all those I was pretty far from all the goals. Most importantly the level just doesn’t give you enough balls to get to the required number on the goal balls (even with all my helps I wasn’t even close!). Also the daily rewards is broken and you never get above day 1. And, you can’t replay passed levels for fun. So I will uninstall, no reason to keep it now.

    • By doggos rock

      Not at all what the ad shows

      I am only writing this review because I was very disappointed with what the game actually was and if you feel the same way, I want you to be able to get the app you actually wanted. The video part of the ad shows colorful blocks with no numbers being dropped onto each other to merge them together, the game that is actually showing is Color merge block who ch is a different game. Then the part of the ad that you play to try it out was merging fruits that is the game Fruit merge. The game that you download if you download this game, is where you merge together bubbles that have numbers on them to try and complete levels. The levels have barrels chains boxes and more that you need to get rid of in order to finish the level but once you get to the levels in the 100s, they are pretty much impossible to complete. I am very sorry if you had to go through what I did when purchasing this app and if you did I hope this helps you out.

    • By 20HHH27

      Stuck on ads

      This looks like a cool little game but after playing two or three levels I got stuck watching ads. It went on for about 10 minutes. I tried closing the app and restarting but it took me right back to the ads. I tried it in airplane mode but still no luck. It looks like some people of had a good experience with the app and that’s cool but it’s absolutely not worth playing or even opening if you can’t get out of the ads at some point.

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