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Trivia Planet!


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Trivia Planet! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.11 which was officially released on 2021-05-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2870 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Trivia Planet! App

How does it Work?

Discover this geography quiz which takes you on a journey around the world!

You will be challenged to find and ping many cities, countries, pictures of famous places and riddles!

The most skilled players manage to score perfectly 5 cities consecutively! If you are lucky enough, you will fall on your city ;-)

Have fun!

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Top Reviews

  • By MiraculousCrazy

    Good but...

    I love this game! But why earn coins if you can’t buy anything with them. Also, my name is stuck as Player! And I wish you could change the color. Please please please change this! There will be adds in the middle of playing this game. You neeeeeeeeed to change this!

  • By Chace111

    Pretty good

    It’s fun for a while and accurate, but my only complaint is it’s not the most detailed with the words it gives. It gives you a name and you try to get as close as possible, one time it said “Washington” so I went to Washington state and it wanted Washington DC but it never said DC. So I guess be careful.

  • By Samwise the Brave13

    Great fun!

    I have been having a lot of fun with this game! It’s been challenging my geography knowledge of more than just countries with the new update! One minor bug though is that when it asks for North Korea the pin is placed on South Korea. Otherwise that’s the only issue I’ve found!

  • By sane b

    Good, but it’s broken

    I have lots of fun playing this game, but it just started to freeze on a random screen of a half sky and something else. It won’t work with whatever I do. Besides the unfixable glitch, it’s a good game.

  • By HugoJaxon

    I like the concept

    I like geography so I like the concept of the game but it makes it almost too easy when I can see where my opponents land so if I don’t know the location I can just go where my opponents go.

  • By BrennanStew

    Great Bones - Suggestions!

    This has the bones to be a very solid game! But it feels like a Beta version still. - What do we do with coins??? You’ve given me currency and I want to SPEND it! XD - Can you remove getting the same country twice in one game? Small tweak. :) - It would be nice to select difficulty or have to use coins to buy game modes - ie Emoji mode or Flags mode. - more obscure countries with advanced leveling - don’t just give me UK and China every game. - if there is difficulty leveling, let me know where I’m at! Will losing a game set me to an easier level? Will winning five in a row place me harder? - Down the road, of course online play would be a compelling addition This is a very good and polished start to the game. A few tweaks and I don’t think anyone would mind the occasional ad. Very educational! Thank you for putting this together. :)

  • By roundsie143

    Fact check, please

    I was having a lot of fun until I started noticing that we need some clarification. For example, in the “celebrities” category , are we talking about country of birth? Freddie Mercury is originally from Stone Town, Tanzania, but the game places his location in the UK while other celebrities’ “correct” locations are where they were born. Additionally, in the “countries” category, how do you know where to be in a large country like Russia or China to get points?

  • By Daddy (si papi)

    Decent game just too many ads

    Don’t get me wrong this is a pretty fun game... if you exclude the ads. After every round there is an ads (just like every other mobile game on the App Store currently). Theres so many ads that you should just go play the actual geoguesser game. So in conclusion, just skip past the 20 second long ads (Or go play the actual Geoguesser game) and it’s pretty fun.

  • By battle 777


    The game is ok I guess without WiFi so many ads but there’s more too it first off they are missing like all the Polynesian islands second off we’re is Lesotho I know it sounds like a nitpick but I love geography and history if you really want something to use to learn use Serena online that’s what I used to learn all the nations.

  • By Amy Nouson

    Decent idea, worthless execution

    TL;DR: just go to Sporcle dot com and look through their map quizzes for a better experience. This is boring, dishonest in marketing, and overflowing with ads. The basic concept is interesting but there are several fundamental problems. First, you’re not actually facing other people, your opponents are an AI intentionally designed to be idiotic, so there’s no real competition. Second, the game only seems to quiz you on a small number of very large countries like France, Japan, the US, etc, and it’s exceedingly generous with boundaries, so it’s not challenging. Third, it’s not even accurate – the flag for “England” was clearly in Scotland, for instance. Fourth, you can’t choose the game mode. And fifth, the whole game is just a cheap excuse to bombard you with ads. Not worth your time.

  • By Nibsum

    Very innacurate

    I really wanted to play this game to test my geography knowledge and overall just have some fun, however it’s really shows how stupid the developers are when when to get a perfect score you have to know exactly where in China or India the developers placed the victory point even though it’s not consistent with it’s capital or anything else involved. I am very ashamed of playing this game where i’m the 2nd round I was the closet to Justin Bieber’s birth place (in Ontario) however the game said I was the farthest because this dumb game counts him being from Canada and no places it in the middle. If you know anything about where the population is distributed in Canada you would know that it is probable that he is from somewhere in the Ontario region, I mean thah is what I thought. Regardless, I know nothing will change from this message and I doubt the developers would care to change it. Even though this crucial mistake needs to be fixed, the devs aren’t going to change anything. In the end, I am the fool.

  • By Sheila3434


    This is a great game but there are ads all the time! There is an ad before, during, during, during, and after. Did I mention there were ads during the game? Get a location, AD, move to location, AD, check to see if you correct, AD, get your score, AD, finish the round, another AD! There are really no instructions that I found, but they could have been hidden by ads. This could be lots of fun as the options for country identification are great; but the ads are annoying.

  • By hdmfbsonsvrkdkabric


    So, this game is fun. You get to test your knowledge on several topics while playing a fun game. The downside you might ask? Ads. I’m 1 game there is 5 rounds of trivia and a final battle. Each round can take about 5-6 seconds to complete. Within 1 game, there are three ads that play when you click “validate”z. These ads take longer to get through than the actual round on the game. I spent more time on ads than I did even playing a a full game. Super disappointing.

  • By Final Fantisizer

    Don’t buy the ads free version

    It’s not ad-free. You still have to watch lame ads every time you want to change a category. There should be a way to stay on whatever category you want to use. If they did that, this game could be pretty educational (learning countries and flags, etc). But instead, you have to cycle through things you couldn’t care less about (like what country a celebrity is from) ... or just keep watching ads ON THE ADS FREE-VERSION!!!

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