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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-29
  • New version: 1.4.9
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100 Years - Life Simulator


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100 Years - Life Simulator is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.4.9 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 21658 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the 100 Years - Life Simulator App

How does it Work?

Make choices and take charge of your life story. How old can you become in this 3d life simulator?

Play through all the stages of life in this interactive adventure, from baby to old person.

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    Top Reviews

    • By great game playing guy


      This game is great. I was laying in bed one day and I saw an ad for this game. I downloaded this game. This game is great. This game really makes me feel like I have a life. Having a life is great, just like this game. If you had to pay money for this game, I would definitely pay money for this game because it is great. I’ve played a few games in my life but none quite like this one. If I had one word to describe this game, it would simply be “great”.

    • By chinbfssvnipbf

      Kinda engaging

      I was pretty amused for a while the game is creative and addicting. The first level was awesome with the guy and everything but the next thing where you started as a girl for some reason it didn’t let you change the race as it did With the mans life anyway I thought it would go back and fourth with the man and girl but after I died early with the women it started me with the same story and girl so I did the different choices thinking I did something wrong and it ended up the same death out of no where and jus keeps starting like that. So great game jus doesn’t last forever

    • By Kle Kle.

      Just OK

      The game is fun at first, and it reminded me of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from the 80s, but it turns out you have a set list of right and wrong options to pick from. If you chose what the Developer considers incorrectly, then the game will force you to start over from that very same age until you chose correctly. Also, you always begin as male and are able to name the first baby. Strangely, with every milestone you’re given the option to change his race. After he dies, you’re turned into a female baby named Kira - this one has no leeway for change like the first baby. The game continues in a loop with these two never ending characters.

    • By BeFierceBeYou

      Needs more

      Game is fun but wish I had the option to purchase without ads like most free games offer. I get hit with an average of two ads for every level and it gets old quick. Update: Just completed girl’s route and replayed and like some other reviews say your life path is already decided and you can only make a few choices that affect a few things. Guy is 60 years old and girl is 39 years. It’s a fun game but unless they updated with more play throughs and choices affecting which path you take you can only play the game twice. With an ad or two popping up every level I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s worth playing twice.

    • By Sayvoy

      Not much choice

      Life simulators should be about choice but at each stage in life there’s a “wrong” way to finish a level and you can’t proceed through your person’s life until you get it right. What’s the fun in that? It makes each playthrough predictable. Also some of the levels are kinda ridiculous like going to church and choosing either “god isn’t real” or “world peace” lol. As if you can’t wish for world peace if you’re not religious. How these choices affect your person shows more about the developer rather than just being a random life sim.

    • By Khalan's cats

      2nd Female round is just boring…

      I played this game 3 times and honestly the female round is just boring, your choices don’t impact anything, no different scenes at ALL. Even when you actually get to pick 2 choices, you get the same scenes. The game only felt fun with the first round, where your a male because you actually get different scenes, especially with the girlfriend/boyfriend choosing. Honestly I think the game shouldn’t force you to pick one decision and slow down with the ads that are some reason overly sexual towards women. Honestly right now the game is boring but if you just want something to play for a few minutes, I recommend this because the first 2 rounds are kind of entertaining. Though this does not deserve the rating it has AT ALL. The only reason it’s somewhat popular is because youtubers like Gloom or Laurenzside have been hyping it up trying to make it look fun with the whole “trashy 3D game trend”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were being payed to play their game.

    • By ⬆️up

      Meh I wish you had freedom

      Ok lemme explain I was in the game my girlfriend ditched me then I got a job where this women used me as a simp and I didn’t like that so I said I was busy got fired then arrested for being homeless like what and then I just was in prison escaped blah blah blah I became a comidien and plane blew up landed on a island survived but I didn’t choose that I just didn’t want to be so controlled by the women that was using me as my job because I felt like a simp just for that I fell into this stupid rabbit hole I don’t like the fact that there’s no freedom like I didn’t choose to be a comideian or choose to be a simp for a girl so why did I do all that just to get a bad life and then there was god that looked weird and killed me??? Ok man this game was ok but the lack of freedom killed it and use airplane mode to get rid of the ads overall potinal killed by lack of choice

    • By ramtin93

      Endless Loop ?!?

      So I played this game, finished 2 in game life time and the weird thing that happened for me was being trapped in and endless loop from the 3rd time. On which I start a life time with an auto-chosen baby and it is always a girl that which shows up from a dumb stare and no matter what you choose you are tied up to the same ending. If it is part of the level design, than I have to say it is the worst… Also no matter what you choose the game always pushes you to choose what the designers wants and always pushes to the same result If i want to sum it up : All I can say is it is a nice idea with a very sad execution…

    • By hydn.s

      Don’t bother

      I downloaded this game out of pure boredom, I also thought it would be some what similar to the game “BitLife” and it’s not at all. It’s like a “level” game similar to Candy Crush, or any other game that you have to pass levels to continue on in the game. You have a set path the game WANTS you to take and you have to make the right choice or it prompts you with a “Try again” button AND you have to watch an AD too. This game is also FULL of ADs so if you get mad over interruptions after every decision you make, then don’t even bother reading past this. I wouldn’t even bother at all with this game. I got to Year 20 and i quit after the game continuously keeps making me choose one decision they have set, because they were too lazy to make a poor game over all. I would be okay with the poor graphics and bad animations if the game actually let you go on as if it were like and made it so you actually had two choices and it would continue the game on a different path over the other. But as any other poorly made, cash grabbing, free-to-play game that the app store has all over the place nowadays (which is very sad) they didn’t and were lazy.. i’m super disappointed but not surprised..

    • By BooMallow

      Trashy ads, repetitive

      First time going through either gender was alright and there’s a certain charm to the style of the game. But that’s immediately drowned out under the overkill of cheap and raunchy ads catering to some angsty teen’s hormones, somewhere. Every other ad is some trashy ‘de-cloth the busty woman’ app or game and it’s non stop. I’m talking EVERY time you move up or tap the screen you are just bombarded with ads to the point that you can’t even enjoy the game. It’s literally 60% cheesy scams and overly sexualized women adverts. It’s a shame because the game itself has potential…. Even if it’s less than half the actual content you’ll see in the app. Second round, choices get repetitive and your decisions don’t really impact anything. It’s basically a one off game unless you want to sit through the spam and gimmicky adverts to get to a fork in the road that may or may not impact the rest of your characters life.

    • By Zackkkkkgffgg

      Creative game but..

      This game has a lot of potential I’ll start off with that, but if you’re thinking about installing this game, don’t. Not until these developers change the name from 100 years to 10,000 advertisements, it is really wack that they do this.. I understand they have to make money for their creation but this is just blasphemy.. Besides then fact that this game is unbearably unplayable it is quite creative and is a underrated genre of moving through time level by level. There should be more pathways and understandable words for one. As well as actions that could lead to more currency, more fit/less fit.. consequences that can impact the game later on without the only choice of get it right or restart which, you guessed it, leads to another advertisement, get your game right developers and maybe I’ll play your so called game again.

    • By jayemarie222


      So you can only be male. You can choose your skin tone and even change it as you age, but you can’t change your clothes? Also, you can be Black & have a Black father but you can’t have a Black mother. And you can’t have Black or Brown romantic interests. That’s definitely not a coincidence, and seems to be a norm in this space, as the other life simulation game being advertised in this app is all about a young Black man with evil Black female relatives who is seeking “success” (aka a white wife and increasing disdain for his Black female relatives). But in this game, you can be a happy little toy to white gold diggers who throw coffee in your face as you long for their acceptance, and you can enjoy every minute of it before being hauled off to prison for being poor! Yeah. It’s like a racist’s wet dream… Because racists are secretly obsessed with Black women ;)

    • By my dude it time to stop

      Really bad

      The Quality in the was very bad which I mean I guess I don’t mind it but once you start it is is some what entertaining but after a while it gets very boring. I wish you could also restart your game and you could chose which gender you wanted. Bc once you die and stuff you get a boy again or a girl again. If you also play the game again and you have played female and male it just repeats its self. Which is not fun. There is also a LOT OF ADDS they also base them on female which they are very sexual. I don’t like it. You also can’t die in the game if you want to. In the game I jumped of the building and it made me do the other Choice so pretty much i didn’t die. This game makes you chose what it wants you to. Over all this game is really bad I don’t like it and I thinks others won’t either.

    • By Jordantoochillrosario

      Don’t download this app

      Do not download this game, it’s just waste of space on your phone and your time. To start off, this game is loaded with ads, literally every decision you make, it’s an ad. I wouldn’t even mind paying $1 to just remove ads, but they don’t have that option. Second, you don’t have many options to this game, if you chose a “wrong” option it just makes you restart the level until you’ve chosen the right option for that level. Third, sometimes this game just quits on itself and cancels out the app, which is quite annoying when I’m actually trying to play the game like I anticipated to do so. Those are the main reasons to why this game is so bad, other than that it works and it’s quite fun.

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